three tier cake

Well to utilize my headcanon that I definitely need to expand on later that there’s no way in hell none of Mary’s contacts met a tiny Nathaniel without immediately thinking “Shit that’s the cutest human I’ve ever seen and I wanna protect it”:

I like to believe that like a month after TKM a large box is relived to Neil’s dorm, and when he opens it he discovers a three-tier red velvet cake with Congrats on your father’s execution written on it in pink frosting.

Magic, Shance Fluff Week Prompt 6

June 9th: Magic/Tech

“A wizard, Pidge! One of the most powerful the country has ever seen!!! And he constantly stops by my shop! He always buys the ice crystal jars I make, and he’s so polite and sweet and I have a huge crush and I don’t know what to do!” A man in a blue and white apron wailed, sitting at the edge of a pond, a forest nymph patting his back sympathetically.

Pidge fluttered her wings and laughed at her distressed water mage friend, amused by the human male’s crush on a fellow magic user. “Honestly Lance, you humans are kinda hopeless at courting sometimes. If you like him, just tell him! It’s really quite simple.” She offered, only for the water mage to shake his head sadly.

“Pidge, I told you, he’s the Champion. Princess Allura’s most powerful wizard, able to bend the sky itself. And I’m… just a simple water user. My special skill is making glass things out of unmeltable ice or making shapes out of liquids.” Lance murmured, blue eyes dark with sorrow as he lifted his hand and pulled some of the pond water towards him, shifting its shape to resemble the man he so desperately loved from afar.

Pidge hummed quietly and then looked up at the sky. “Hey, it’s almost time for the summer festival to start. Are you going to go?” She asked, moving to stand in front of him with a raised eyebrow.

Lance chuckled and merely pocketed the pond water in his canteen for later. “Nah, I’ve got more stuff to make. Hunk needs an ice sculpture case for a cake he’s delivering to the Castle. Something about keeping it chilled so the frosting won’t melt in this heat or whatever. A delivery for the Castle needs an extra special ice case, since it’s a cake for the Princess.” He explained, getting to his feet and dusting off his pants.

Pidge lit up. “Hey, I’ve never seen you make an ice case before, can I come watch? Please?” The forest nymph begged, tugging at the taller man’s jacket.

Lance ruffled her hair. “Sure thing, Pigeon! Come on, if we hurry we can get there before noon rush.” Pidge jumped in joy and grabbed the water mage by the arm, tugging him along to his shop.

A few hours later, the young nymph was watching in fascination as Lance skillfully weaved water in a crisscross motion over the cake that had been delivered only the hour before, golden brown eyes wide as he held the water in place, hands sparking with blue magic that steadily grew lighter in color as the water began to freeze.

Neither noticed the doorbell jingle, nor the purple and black robed wizard that stepped into the shop. Lance stuck his tongue out a bit, concentrated on the weaving pattern that whirled around the three tiered cake, sweating only slightly as the water began to freeze.

The newcomer stayed silent, wide eyed, and shyly ducked behind a shelf to keep watching. Lance froze the entire case, a beautiful latticework that sparkled in white and blue.

“Right, one half down, one half to go.” Lance sighed, Pidge jumping onto the counter to circle the cake, tracing the patterned ice with a shiver and a smile.

Lance shooed the little nymph off of the table. “Pidge! It’s not done yet! Hunk said someone from the Castle will be here to pick up the cake soon, I need this finished before they get here!” He scolded, turning back to summon more purified spring water from his stores.

He turned back to the cake and swirled the liquid through the latticework, curving the water to cover the exposed gaps in beautiful ice flowers that resembled juniberries, the favorite flower of the Princess. He clapped his hands and froze everything together in a shower of gorgeous blue sparks, finished.

He jerked away from the cake when he heard a soft gasp that was definitely not from Pidge. He looked up, startled, to see the very wizard he had been crushing on watching him from next to a shelf full of summer potion bottles. Pidge observed with fascination as both men turned bright red, giggling.

“Uh, hello again. I was, well, sent to pick up the ice coated cake for the Princess?” The Champion asked, stepping out from behind the shelf, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

Lance gaped until Pidge leaned over to gently shut his mouth, snapping him from his funk. “Oh! Well, you’re just in time, I just finished sealing it up…” the water mage stammered, face still red.

The Champion moved forward, smiling. “Thank you. The Princess appreciates your work, and frankly so do I. It’s beautiful!” He praised, silver eyes not exactly focused on the cake.

Pidge smirked as Lance flushed an even deeper red. “Ah, you’re welcome, uh, I mean thanks, I mean, umm, I’m glad you like it?” The water mage stammered, flustered.

“Hi, I’m Pidge. Nice to meet you, Champion!” The nymph decided to, and she was totally going to tell Hunk about this later, break the ice herself and held out a hand in greeting.

The Champion smiled and shook her hand with his human arm, mindful of the iron and steel prosthetic as some metals could hurt Fae and Nymphs like her. “Please, call me Shiro. It’s nice to meet you too, Pidge.”

Pidge nodded and nudged Lance. “This here is Lance, though I’m sure you know him already. I’ve heard a lot about- Mmph!” She was cut off by Lance’s hand over her mouth.

“Pidge!!! That’s a secret! Shush!” The water user hissed, face such a red color that even a fire mage wouldn’t be able to replicate it.

Shiro laughed at the strange duo, amused. “You two must be quite close, are you going to the festival together?” He asked, tilting his head to the side like a curious puppy and damn it if it wasn’t the cutest thing Lance had ever seen.

Pidge tugged Lance’s hand away and shook her head. “Nah, we’ve only been friends for a few years. As for the festival, I’m taking my brother while my icy pal here has nobody to go with, poor seedling.” She cooed, patting Lance on the head as if he were a petulant child.

Lance pouted and batted her hand away. “It’s fine! Not like I wanted to go anyways…” He muttered, sulking.

Shiro seemed to perk up at that. “Well, if you’d like, after I drop this off at the Castle… I could take you? I happen to have nobody to go with either.” He explained brightly, watching Lance practically sparkle in excitement.

“Really?! You’d do that?” Lance asked hopefully, grin widening as Shiro nodded with a fond smile.

“I’ll be back in an hour or so?” He asked, and Lance shook his head up and down rapidly, thrilled.

“Of course! See you then!” The water mage beamed, Shiro grinning in return as he easily levitated the cake with a wind spell.

“It’s a date then!” The Champion called as he exited the shop, unknowingly leaving behind a shell shocked Lance and a gleeful forest nymph.

Pidge pressed a hand over her mouth, a proud smirk easily spreading across her face. “Did he just ask you out?” She prompted, elbowing her stunned human friend. Lance opened and closed his mouth a few times, still processing the information.

“Oh my gods. He just- He said- a date?!? With him?!? Pidge! I just got asked out! To the Festival! By the Champion himself!” Lance screeched, hands flying up to dig into his scalp in astonishment.

“Yes, you did. Now, shouldn’t you get changed into something more appropriate for a date?” Pidge asked, struggling to hold in her laughter as the human shrieked in panic and immediately looked himself over, eyes wide.

“Oh my gods! Pidge! You’ve gotta help me out here!!!” The water mage yelped, grabbing Pidge by the arm and yanking her upstairs to the living area of the shop, the nymph rolling her eyes in exasperation as the human practically tore through his wardrobe.

Meanwhile, at the Castle, after dropping off the cake to the kitchens, Shiro practically burst into his workshop, both his brother and the Princess already there to talk about fireworks for the festival.


Keith glanced over at the Princess with a smug grin on his face. “You owe me 100 gold, I believe.” Shiro was too busy panicking to notice the exchange.

Allura sighed defeatedly. “Darn. I have to hand it to you and Pidge, you two really know how to plan these things.”

Keith smiled. “That girl has a terrifying mind, I’ll tell you that.”
Don’t worry, the date went super smoothly thanks to Allura giving Shiro wardrobe advice and Pidge telling Lance to play it cool. They had a second date a week after ;3 I hope this turned out alright!

Some Doomworld/post-Doomworld headcanons because why not honestly: 

  • They end up just chilling in Nate’s basement all the time and Nate’s mom is happy because wow he has friends now. 
    • Malcolm and Darhk have nowhere to go so?? They just end up joining the Legends to try and figure out what to do about Thawne. 
      • “Aw, Nate, you have two new friends, how nice.” 
      • Nate and Damian: “He’s not my friend.” 
      • Malcolm: *already into his 5th sandwich* “These are delicious, Mrs. Heywood. 
  • Axel the Rat is enjoying a life filled with sandwiches and tiny pastries and Mick will randomly make kissy noises at him, which earns him weird looks (except from Ray, who’s happy Mick loves his present). 
  • Doomworld Stein is just really confused about everything. The guy witnessed a murder and a bunh of time travelers fighting; at this point he goes home and when Clarissa asks about his day he shrugs, says, “the usual” and goes immediately to sleep. 
  • Even Janitor Ray knew his true calling: vlogger. He would end up vlogging about his life, the best cleaning methods, hopes and aspirations. Thawne found his vlogs one day and groaned. 
    • He subscribed though. And he liked the videos. 
  • Rip knows how to make the best cakes so now every time someone has a birthday he spends the entire day making a cake specialized for them (and lord help the person who tries to help him because Rip will hole himself up in the kitchen making this cake). 
    • Ray tried to lick the frosting and Rip almost killed him.
      • “Ow! It’s my cake!” “It’s my masterpiece!” 
      • He’s petty and puts in “Happy Birthday Mr. Palmer” instead of Ray and also puts Ray’s real life atom suit on top. 
        • “Aw, is that a little mini m-wait is that my suit?”
    • Nate got a Star Wars theme and Ray cried for him. 
    • Amaya’s has a cute animal theme and she freaking loves it okay.
    • Stein’s is probably like, universe related and has formulas written on the side in frosting and he spends an hour pouring over the formulas and explaining them while everyone else half nods. 
      • Sara tries figuring out if she can just eat some cake without Stein noticing. He does, and pulls the cake away and tells her that he’ll be happy to let her eat after he explains every formula.
    • Gideon even gets her own mini cake; Rip designs the cake for a week before he finally uploads it and the team sings her a happy birthday. 
    • Mick’s is big and has literal donuts in the cake because Mick requested it. Rip is a little horrified but does it anyway. 
      • He also made a pizza cake because Mick said he wanted meat. Mick ended up eating the whole thing and didn’t share with anyone else. 
    • Rip couldn’t figure out what he wanted for Jax’s theme, so he made the cake three tiers and put in a different thing for each tier: the bottom layer was green and looked like a football field (with it’s own football player and football), the next layer had tiny cars and looked almost like a racetrack, and the top layer had sparklers and was fiery red. 
    • Sara’s has knives all over the cake. Literal knives. She almost tears up when she sees it. 
Hold My Veil

A very fast, un-betaed, semi-crack fic about the likely turn of events during the CS wedding. Based on this post. @high-seas-swan, @optomisticgirl, @thegladelf

On her 28th birthday Emma Swan made a wish on the solitary candle of a small cupcake and now she is standing in front of a white three-tiered cake surrounded by her family and friends. She blinks back the tears that threaten to ruin all of Goldilock’s hard work.

“Alright there, love?” Killian whispers in her ear.

She turns to him and smiles. “Yeah. I just never dreamed–“

“I know.” The hand around her waist gives a gentle squeeze and she leans into him. He did know and that was the miracle of it all that she had found someone who could understand what it was to be lost, alone, and broken, someone who accepted all parts of her, someone who–

A sudden crash interrupts her thoughts and every head turns toward the sound.

“Seriously?” Emma groans as the Black Fairy strides into the room. They had expected her or Gideon to show up, had thrown up protection spells and put out fairies on the perimeter. She hadn’t crashed the actual ceremony but it obviously hadn’t been enough to keep her away forever. The guests watch the fairy with wide eyes as she stalks toward Emma and Killian.

“What a happy occasion, Savior. I do hope I’m not interrupting anything important?”

“Actually you are. Maybe you can come back later? Perhaps after my honeymoon?”

Killian chuckles beside her and Emma stands a little bit taller.

The Black Fairy gives a mock pout. “Oh. I’m sorry but that just doesn’t work for me. You see I am rather anxious to get this over with and begin my happy ending.”

Emma knows she should be scared but the strongest emotion she feels is annoyance. Because she just wanted one day, her wedding day, to be free of monsters and drama and life or death situations. Out of the corner of her eye she can see Regina and Zelena moving into position and her parents approaching behind the Black Fairy. with sword and bow in hand. Somewhere she knows Elsa is also ready and that half her guests are heroes in their own right. Killian is tense beside her, his hand on his sword, waiting for her cue. She smiles. She has her whole family behind her.

“Fine,” she says and reaches up to pull the veil from her hair, it was some kind of magic spider lace that her mother’s, mother’s, mother, had worn and she wasn’t about to let it tear. She turns to her husband. “Killian, hold my veil?”

He takes it with a wide smile and an intense look in his eyes that tells her he trusts her completely, that he would be with her no matter what.

“As you wish.”

And it’s not really the time or place but she can’t help smiling and pulling him in for an intense kiss. A kiss that makes her even more determined to get to their honeymoon. She sighs as they break apart and then turns back to the gate crasher.

“All right, Voldemort let’s get this over with it.”

Everything happens at once.

Regina, Zelena, Elsa, Maleficent, and Emma all shoot their magic, light filling the room as it streaks toward their target who is already disappearing in a puff of smoke. Half the guests run for cover and the other half pull out swords, knifes and guns. Emma hears Killian calling out orders. Then there is a rush of sound and the room is filled with the Black Fairies minions. Everyone begins to fight and it’s complete chaos. Emma conjures a sword to her hand and dives in.

She is making her way toward her parents, slashing at the magical creatures and occasionally using a burst of magic to blow them away. At some point her dress gets ripped, which really pisses her off.

She keeps an eye on Killian who, with Elsa’s help, is clearing a path to an exit and trying to herd those who are unable to fight. She loses sight of him when something that looks like a small ogre attacks her dad and it takes her, Regina, and her mom to help kill it.

They barely have time to shoot each other satisfied smiles before the roof of the building shudders and then disappears as it is ripped off by a large, green dragon.

“Oh dammit–“ Emma starts.

“Mal? I a little help?” Regina calls.

“On it.” Maleficent returns as her body begins to stretch and grow.

The dragon shoots a molten stream of fire that Emma just watches as it hurls toward her, her brain not quite comprehending the danger.

“Emma!” She hears Killian scream and then the fire is met by ice.

“Stay away from my friend.” Elsa yells as her magic erupts from her hands. Steam hisses in the air and fills the room. Emma grins and pushes the wet tendrils of hair from her face. As the roars of two dragons sound overhead she turns back to the battle around her. Killian is suddenly there beside her. His suit jacket is gone and his hair and white shirt are wet and clinging to him, a streak of green blood runs down his arm from whatever creature or creatures he had killed. He is grinning and she rolls her eyes at him. He brushes a lock of her hair from her shoulder with his hook.

“Hello beautiful.”

She knows she looks as bad as him with her hair a mess and her wet, stained, and ripped dress but the way he is looking at her with awe and wonder she feels more beautiful than when she walked down the aisle not two hours ago.

“I love you,” she says. 

He only has time to smile in response before they both turn to meet the next threat. And Emma knows that after this fight there will be another, that the Black Fairy is waiting for her but with her husband and her family and friends beside her she knows she will win.

Tomorrow was your birthday. Jax and you hadn’t dated long so you weren’t sure he would even remember, but deep down you hoped he did. You didn’t have any family here. You moved for a job. You weren’t close to anyone in your family anyway. So you didn’t expect cards and presents being sent your way.
Getting up early you drove to the salon Gemma told you about and decided on getting a new look. You weren’t sure about trusting Gemma at first. I mean you were the women who started dating her son and spending time with his boys. To be honest she scared you a little. Wendy had told you to stick your ground with her or she would walk all over you, but the funny thing was you never had to. She told you one night over dinner while you two were cleaning up. That Jax and the boys hadn’t seemed this happy in a long time.
Telling the stylist that you wanted a new look you trusted her opinion and leaned back for a relaxing visit.

“I got everything planned for tomorrow night.” Gemma said walking into the clubhouse
“How is she suppose to know when to get here.” Lyla asked walking out of the back
“Jax is suppose to pick her up and bring her here. He’s going to pretend he has forgotten her birthday and they are just coming here to hang out.” Gemma said putting her purse on the bar.
“She’s going to be so pissed that he forgot.” Lyla said laughing
“He will make it up to her, but I have to go finish some paperwork. Meet me here tomorrow and we can get the others to help us to decorate.”
“Sounds good. See you tomorrow.”

Walking out of the salon you couldn’t believe how good you felt. She had done a great job on your hair. The sun was out and the highlights from your hair was brighter then ever. Taking out your phone you text Jax to see if he wanted to meet for lunch.

I’m done getting my hair cut. Want to meet for lunch?

Walking over to the little restaurant that was next to the salon. You walked into get a table. Even if Jax didn’t want to meet for lunch a girl still need to eat.

“How many?”
“I’m not sure. It may be me or could be around six.” You didn’t know if he would come alone or with someone of the guys
“I’ll give you a booth and we can move if needed.”
“That sounds great.” You said following her to the seat.

Y/N “Would love to but got some club business. Dinner tonight?”

Looking down at your phone with a smile then feeling it leave as you read the text.

Sounds good.

“My name is Stacy and I’ll be your waitress today? What can I get you to drink?” The prettiest women came up to take your order. You wanted to hate her but she was just to sweet.

“I’m going to get this to go. I don’t want to eat by myself.” You said ordering

“You don’t have to leave. We won’t kick you out.” She said smiling at you.

“I appreciate that Stacy but I’ll think I’ll head on home.”

“I’ll be right back with your order.”

While you waited for your food to come. You looked out the window getting lost in a day dream. It was a beautiful day out for February. It had been so raining a lot and to actually she the sun was a blessing. Your mind went to Jax and seeing him tonight. If the boys stayed at Gemma’s tonight then maybe Jax could stay at your place and then when you woke up you wouldn’t be alone on your birthday.

“Here’s you food and it’s on the house.” She said smiling at you.
“What? Really?”
“I always try to pay it forward and you seemed so sad. I really hopes this makes your day better.”
“Thank you.” Getting up you left her a tip on the table.
If only everyone was as nice as she was.

Walking outside and getting to your car. You had just unlocked the door when you looked up and couldn’t believe what you saw. Getting out of Wendy’s car was her and Jax. They were laughing and talking like he had no worries in the world. You watched as Jax opened the door for Wendy touching her lower back as she walked inside. All you saw was red. You couldn’t believe this. Throwing your food into the seat. You slammed the door getting in and pulled out. Between the tears and driving to fast you weren’t sure how you even got home.

“Why did you want me to come with you?” Wendy asked as you two walked into the store.
“Just wanted a women’s opinion.” He said walking over to the jewelry counter.
“I thought you could her name tattooed on you?”
“I did but want to get her something else. What do you think about this?” He said pointing to the locket.
“Mr. Teller we just finished the necklace. Would you like to see it?”
Taking the necklace from the man he opened it. On one side was engraved the day he asked you to be his old lady and the other side had both of your initials.
“Think she will like it?”
“When in the hell did you come so damn romantic Jax?” Wendy said taking the necklace from him.

Pulling into the drive way you just got more pissed at him and pissed at yourself for thinking he would be faithful. Maybe you didn’t fit in the whole mold of a bikers old lady but you thought he really liked you. You where in love with him and he thinks your stupid enough to cheat on. That’s when your phone started to ring.
“Babe what’s wrong?”
“Babe, I’m just peachy.”
Jax knew you were pissed but couldn’t figure out why.
“I’ll be over soon. Then we can get dinner.”
“That’s not a good idea. But why don’t you have dinner with Wendy.” With that you thru the phone.
He couldn’t figure out what you said that. He didn’t bother to think you had saw them. You weren’t even around there or where you.
Picking up the phone to call you again.
“Leave me alone Jax.” You said hanging up again and this time you threw your phone across the room.

Wanting this day to be over you went to take a shower. While you were taking a shower Jax showed up but you didn’t answer and he didn’t want to push it. Tomorrow was your surprise party and he would have to talk to you before then if possible. He wasn’t sure what it was about you that made him feel like this. He was a badass biker but you had him running around like a teenage boy. Knocking on the door again a little harder this time. Getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around you. You hurried to the door. Looking thru the peep hole you saw Jax standing there.
“What the hell Jax. I said to leave me alone.”
“You’re upset and I don’t like that. What’s wrong?”
“Did you and Wendy have a good afternoon on club business?” You asked wanting to get sick thinking about it
“It’s not what you think?”
“Then why lie to me about anything?”
“Can we talk inside Y/N?” Jax said as he stood on your porch
“Not tonight. Go home Jax.” You said turning out the light
Sitting down on the floor with the towel still wrapped around you. You cried and when you heard his bike take off you cried even more. You weren’t sure how long you stayed there. You didn’t move till your heard you clock hit midnight.
“Happy Birthday loser.” You said softly
Getting up you walked into your bedroom and put on the first shirt you could fine. As soon as you slipped it over your head you could smell him on the shirt. Falling on the bed that you had shared so many nights together you cried yourself to sleep.

You could hear your phone ringing over and over again. Getting up and trying to remember where you threw it. You finally found it behind the plant in the corner of the room.
“Hey babe. I need a favor?” Gemma said
“Of course you do? What can I help you with?” You figured no one would remember your birthday so might as well stay busy.
“Can you come over and get the boys?”
“Why can’t Jax or Wendy get them?
“Jax is out with Chibs and Juice taking care of something and I don’t want Wendy’s help.”
“Sure Gemma I’ll be there soon.”
“Thanks doll.”

What the hell is wrong with me. I’m mad at Jax and then agree to spend time with the boys. I am so stupid and continue to ask for heartbreak. You thought to yourself as you pulled on some jeans and a t-shirt. Grabbing a jacket you headed over to the club.

“Okay everyone she should be here soon.” Gemma said turning toward everyone
Jax had his gift in his pocket. He would give it to you when the time was right. First he had to make sure you two were okay and explain why he lied to you.
Everyone was laughing and getting a bear when Tig walked in saying you just pulled up.
“Everyone hide.” Jax yelled over the noise
Getting out of your car. You locked the door then headed inside the club. Opening the door you thought you could hear people whispering but it was so dark you couldn’t see anything.
Not wanting to walk in on anyone in the middle of something you didn’t want to see you yelled.
“Surprise!!!” Everyone yelled
You screamed and held your chest.
“My God.”
“Happy Birthday babe.” Jax said coming up and hugging you.
“I can’t believe you guys remembered and did this.” You said hugging him back.
“If you could have seen your face.” Tig said coming up to you.
“Well I could hear whispering so I was worried what I was going to walk into.” You said laughing.
“Happy birthday princess.” Tig said moving Jax out of the way and giving you a hug.
“Thanks Tig.”
Walking more Into the club house you stopped to talk to everyone. People told you happy birthday and have you hugs. Gemma was the last to hug you as you walked over to the cake.
Sitting on the table was a three tier cake in Teal icing.
“Happy Birthday Babe.”
“This is so awesome. I love it.” You said hugging her
“You like the cake?”
“It’s beautiful.”

Jax watched you as he leaned on the bar drinking a beer. You looked over your shoulder and smiled at him. He smiled back then walked over to you.
“Mom we will be right back.” He said taking your hand
“Hurry back for we can have cake.”
“My mom seems to like you.” He said as you walked to his dorm
“I’m not sure if I should be scared or happy.” You said laughing.
He closed the door behind you and all of a sudden you got really nervous. You had forgotten for a moment that you were mad at him.
“Think maybe I can explain yesterday?”
“Yeah. I mean I’m here and everything.” You said smiling at him.
“You have a beautiful smile.” He said walking closer to you and touching the side of your face.
God you wanted to kiss him. One night with out him and you are acting like you haven’t had a glass of water for a week. Trying to get a grip you walked over and had a seat on the bed.
“I just needed her opinion on something. It was a gift for you. I got you two actually.” He said putting his cut on the chair then pulling off his shirt.
You started to say something when he turned around and you saw your name tattooed on his chest. Getting up you walked up to him and traced your finger across your name.
“I love you.” He had never said that to you before this day.
“I love you too.” You said leaning up and kissing the tattoo
Looking up at Jax. He kissed you with so much passion. Your knees started to feel numb. The feeling off wanting him was to much to handle. Putting your arms around his neck. He walked you to the bed. You felt your knees touch the bed and you fell back with him going with you. That’s when the box feel out of his jeans.
“What’s this?” You asked reaching for it.
“It’s your other gift?”
Moving from under him you opened the box. Not sure what was actually in the box.
“It’s beautiful.”
“Open it?”
Taking the necklace out of the box. You opened it and put a hand over your mouth.
“I didn’t know you where this romantic.” You said laughing while you cried
“Wendy asked the same thing when I showed her.” He said taking it from you and putting it on you.
Standing up and walking to the mirror you looked at the necklace. Seeing Jax in the mirror behind you. You took of your shirt still watching him. Then unhooking your bra. You moved to your pants. Turning around and only having your necklace on.
“How does it look on me?” You said walking over to him
Smiling at you he reached for your hand and pulled you on to the bed.
“It looks perfect..” he said getting up and taking off his pants and then climbing on the bed with you.
“I think we are both going to enjoy this birthday.” He said leaning down to kiss your neck.
Moaning as he kissed you.
“Let me thank you for the gifts.” You said with a smirk on your face
With that Jax was on the bed and pulling you on top of him.
“You’re in control babe.” He said holding on to your waist
“I think I like my birthday again.” You said kissing him again.

Birthday Proposal

Title: Birthday Proposal

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Summary: Chris celebrating his birthday with family.

Word Count: 1,100

Warnings: None (Rating G)

Note: So this story was inspired by one of @emilyevanston recent Head Canons. Thank you so much for giving me permission to play in your sandbox.

Feedback and thoughts greatly appreciated. This story is not beta’d.

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alltheluvharrys  asked:

Hello, how are you? Pretty please, can you do a blurb about Harry and (Y/N) planning their wedding? Thank you and have a lovely day

A/N:  Sorry this took so long to get posted.  It was swirling around in my brain for a long time.  I sincerely hope that this Harry fluff brings you joy.  I know that cuts in Asks don’t always allow you to read the whole thing on mobile, so I apologize if that’s the case for you.  

Wedding Plans

The parade of dresses is making your head spin.  Not only do you have to decide on a wedding dress from all of the designers who had submitted dresses to your wedding planner, but you have to choose a dress for the wedding brunch, the rehearsal dinner, the engagement party in London, the engagement party in LA, and the dress to change into after the reception.  You are exhausted with all of the choices.  Rodeo Drive was made for rich people who are used to being catered to in this way, but the champagne the clerk keeps refilling for you is giving you a headache.  

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A/N: This is a collab with the beautiful and wonderfully talented @mystic-biscuit for Dyl’s birthday. I know it’s a little late but it’s his birthday weekend. Also, happy birthday to @thelittlestkitsune . Make sure you go and wish her a happy birthday.

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When they find out their s/o is great at baking

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Finding out you can bake is such a pleasant surprise for him.  He already thinks you’re amazing, but now he has one more reason to adore you.  I see Junmyeon being the type to not have a crazy sweet tooth, but at the same time knows how to appreciate a well crafted baked good.  Maybe you were just in the mood to bake that day and made entirely too much (which is always my problem tbh).  You didn’t know what to do with all the extra brownies so you took them over to the dorm for the guys to (hopefully) share.  He’d probably be somewhere in the back rooms, but the second he hears Chanyeol screaming ‘OMG I LOVE YOU’ he’s going to come investigate just what the hell the giant is up to.  When he the children with the brownies, two thing are going to go through his mind: 1. Oh shit the sugar rush these kids are going to have and 2. Just where the hell did these even come from?  Of course, then there’s you offering him a brownie, too, and he’ll take a bite and FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN.   “You made these, jagiyah?” “Yup!” “Ugh, these are so gooood~!” (cue happy groaning)

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He’s someone who probably would enjoy a good pastry.  He’s definitely health conscious but we all know he likes his treats.  He would have called you one day to see what you were up to, wanting to take you out and spend time together, when you tell him you can’t go out.  Your mother’s birthday is the following day and you are busy in the kitchen making her cake.  I think he would pause for a second, the little dots popping up over his head (…) and then he’d break out into a grin! He’d ask if he could help you and most likely the two of you would spend the majority of the day baking away (and making a mess just so you can see him go into super cleaning mode).  By the time you both are done you’ve managed to make a three tier cake with fondant icing, little hearts and flowers decorated haphazardly all over it.  Honestly, you two giggle about how cheesy it looks, but secretly you know your mother will love it.  There was even enough batter left over for cupcakes!  He wouldn’t really question that you’re a baker, he would just enjoy the benefits of such a talent.   However, now that he knows you like to bake expect a lot of baking dates.  Why buy pastries when you can have them freshly baked with your own ingredients?  “We have to do this more often, jagi.  This was really fun!  Plus, look at all the goodies we have left over!”

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Cheeky bub.  You wouldn’t expect it from him, but he’s going to take full advantage of your baking skills.  He strikes me as someone who has a sweet tooth.  He’ll be the one who begs for your baking when he’s sad or upset or stressed or frustrated or had a shit week or he misses you or generally just anything.  Also beware of allowing him in the kitchen with you while you’re baking.  The cookies will slowly start to disappear one by one, but he’ll give you one of those dimpled smiles and tell you he doesn’t know what you’re talking about.  Cheeky, cheeky, I’m telling you.  It all started rather innocently, too.  You sent him cookies while he was away in China as a ‘keep your spirits up’ sort of thing, but that turned into an hour long facetime/skype/etc where he grilled you about why your cookies are so delicious!  He’ll be adamant that there’s magic in there cuz ‘there’s no way these cookies can be this soft and moist and yummy after being mailed’.  Nope no way.  He’ll buy you cute little aprons, probably any appliance you want (or didn’t ask for but he bought it anyway).  Yixing is a dotting guy in general, so just expect a lot of him supporting you in this hobby.  It’s not just because he wants more delicious treats, but because he realizes how much you really like to bake.  He just wants you to be happy.  “Baobei, this cobbler is the best!  Can you make me one for my birthday?” “Of course!” “That I don’t have to share?” “…” (cue cheeky, dimpled grin)  

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Birthday Wishes

Alright alright alright! Here is my entry for the lovely @splendidcas‘s birthday challenge! Shannon, Happy belated Birthday! You are one of the BIGGEST reasons why I decided to create this little blog of mine. I think you were actually the first SPN author I ever read. One Cas fan fiction and I was yours, haha. You deserve the best, dear. I hope your birthday was just as amazing as you are! (I would insert a kissy-heart emoji here, but I can’t haha!)

Birthday Wishes

Reader x Team Free Will

Prompt:  “I’m trying very hard not to see all this as a metaphor for my life”

Warnings: Language and slight angst.

Word Count: 2440

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The light was seeping through the windows, cascading across your face. You squinted your eyes shut further to try and keep the light from shining into your eyes. When your feeble attempt failed, you tossed an arm over your eyes. It wasn’t often that you got to sleep in so naturally you were trying to make the most of it while you could. The only thing that you knew would help you sleep was your boyfriend, Castiel. However, the angel was on business in Heaven, and you had no idea when he would be returning.

Before long, just as you were starting to drift back into slumber, you heard a door slamming out in the hallway. You tried to suppress your irritated groan, but instead, the strangled cry escaped your lips. You took your other pillow and threw it over your head as you pleaded with yourself to just stay asleep. Didn’t these fuckers know it was your birthday?

All you had talked about the past two weeks, the only thing of importance that had left your lips, was the simple fact that all you wanted to do was sleep in on your birthday. You didn’t think that it was too terribly much to ask of the two men and then angel that lived in the bunker. After all you were practically a live in maid–not to mention a hunting partner.

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Three years old

Part 1 of “Three years old” can be read here :)

Part 2

April 14th, 2017

Watching a man holding his little daughter, swaying to the melody of Frank Sinatra’s smooth voice while the child, exhausted from a day full of happiness and laughter, clung to him as if he was her only rock, the only one who would bring her safely through yet another dark, bustling night, was as close to get a taste of complete bliss as it could get.

Eaden’s head was slumped against her father’s broad shoulder, whose nose was deeply buried into the nape of her neck. Gillian could hear him humming softly to their daughter, and every now and then, he tilted his head slightly to look at her face, watching her eyes getting heavier while she was tiredly looking at her own little fingers tracing the collar of his shirt.

It was the perfect ending to a very special day for their little girl, and for her entire family.

To witness how loved their daughter was by all of her siblings, grandparents and friends was one of the best feelings for a parent.

Knowing how much dedication and time her sisters had put into the three tiered, ocean themed birthday cake with a giant whale on top. It had taken them days to plan this thing just because their little sister was probably the only three-year-old girl around who didn’t want Elsa, Anna or any other recent Disney princess on her cake. Instead, their little Arielle had asked for her very own underwater queendom, as she insisted it should be called.

And her brothers, all hilarious in their own way and absolutely smitten with their little sister, did their absolute best to make this day the most memorable and special day Eaden had ever had by being the sweetest, most patient and generous boys around.

Or watching her open up her presents, one more thoughtful than the other, and seeing the glint in her eyes when she realized that she didn’t just get one package of chewing gum, but one from each of the thirteen countries they all had visited in the last couple of months. All coming with a little story about the person who’d sold them, which their big-hearted, little adventurer loved just as much as the gum itself.

This girl brought so much joy to their family, and Gillian was so grateful for every single day, every moment they got to see her growing up and every memory they were able to make with her. She was worth all the hard times, every tear and every fight they had to survive in order to get to the point when all that was left was the heart.

“Hey, get over here, beautiful,” David suddenly whispered over Eaden’s head, his lips curved in a warm smile as he extended his arm towards her.

She didn’t hesitate to step into his embrace, and as soon as he had his arm securely wrapped around her waist, Gillian snuggled close to her warm, cozy little girl already clad in her soft pyjamas. While the delicious baby smell was long gone, Gillian still loved her daughter’s sweet scent. It was as fresh, satisfying and addicting as ever.

“Did you have a good day, baby?” Gillian asked and gently stroked a few strands of hair out of Eaden’s face.

“Yeah,” she nodded, her voice barely above a whisper. Gillian was surprised that she wasn’t cranky in the slightest given how tired she looked with her puffy, dazed eyes.

“That’s wonderful! It was a very special day today, wasn’t it? Lots of nice people came over and brought so many great presents, right?”

“Yeah,” David agreed and placed a chaste kiss on his daughter’s forehead before nuzzling his nose into her blond bangs. “And we had a lot of good food today. You loved the burgers, didn’t you? And I can’t wait to eat the rest of the cake with you tomorrow, honey.”

“I’m thwee now,” she whispered, and both David and Gillian couldn’t help but chuckle quietly at their daughter’s slurred statement.

“Yeah,” David said softly and rubbed her back. “Three years ago today you came into our lives as a tiny, beautiful little baby. And you made us very, very happy.”

Eaden hummed softly and raised her head from his chest, fighting so hard to keep her eyes open while looking at her father. “Bwown hair?” she asked, her expression almost concerned.  

“Yes, you had brown hair when you were born, but it turned blond very quickly,” David replied with amusement, and as if his answer had just made her day completely perfect, Eaden heaved a relieved sigh, put her thumb into her mouth, closed her eyes and nestled her face against David’s chest.

They kept swaying to the music, enjoying each other’s warmth and the quiet and peace that was surrounding them.

After a while, Gillian risked a curious glance at Eaden’s face before smiling up at David.

“She’s completely zonked out.”

“Thank god, I thought she was about to get a little delusional,” he joked. “It was a big day for her.”

“Yeah. I’m pretty worn out myself,” Gillian admitted with a wink.

“Hmm, what do you think about tucking her in real quick and then… start to work on that birthday present she didn’t get this year?” he grinned mischievously at her and waggled his eyebrows.

Gillian shot him an incredulous look, but then burst into laughter so that she had to bury her face into the side of his arm to muffle the sound.

“That was so bad,” she chuckled into his shirt.

“What?” he asked in bewilderment. “At least we can tell her next year that we tried really hard for that little brother.”

“We could’ve already told her the same thing this year.”

David pursed his lips and shrugged his shoulders in defeat. “True.”

“But you know…” she said seductively before getting on her tiptoes to give him a soft, lingering kiss and then tilted her head slightly to the side to look into his eyes. “You could tuck her in while I’m putting on something nice for the night… and we’ll just… take it from there. What do you think?”

“I think you’re full of brilliant ideas,” he said, and with a last quick kiss, put his hand on the small of her back and guided her out of the living room, turning off the lights behind him.

While Gillian disappeared into their bedroom, he slowly walked towards the other end of the hallway, and just as he was about to step over the threshold into Eaden’s room, she tightened her hold around his neck, making him stop in his tracks and looking down at her.

She was giving him the puppy eyes and the stuck out bottom lip, and then, in the sweetest voice imaginable, Eaden said, “It’s my birthday, Daddy. Can I sleep in your bed tonight, pwease?”

I wrote a thing. It is my attempt at rewriting the prologue to fit my modern AU, and accordingly will vaguely follow the same sort of introductions as you get to the lords in the game.

-it is first person (I not You). I couldn’t manage to write the perspective that seems to be preferred. I tried. I failed.

-MC is going to be basically me because it’s easier to write, except named after my friend. I AM SORRY FRIEND.

-This is totally rated E for everyone, but I can’t promise later chapters won’t be E for explicit - I will put ratings warnings on anything that is inappropriate for children.

-I work in accounting (and I love it), but it means starting next weekend I am working 6 days a week (minimum) until the end of April, and I will be working really long days, so updating this will be intermittent at best but I will TRY to do even short updates when my brain isn’t curled up in a corner crying about taxes.


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so you know how toddlers are like little shits and manipulative to get what they want? could you imagine the first time Bucky's kid said she hated him bc Bucky wouldn't let her do something/have something he would probably nearly die and you'd have to reason w him like Bucky no she didn't mean that she just really wanted the dessert you cannot buy her a three tier cake now or she'll start saying she hates you any time she wants something

“But baby, she said she hates me” Bucky whines, looking up cake places online. 

Daddy Wednesday™

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Yutaba: a bit after Valentine's Day, he takes her around where he lives and they come across the girls that tried to give him chocolate

Sorry these prompts have been coming so slow, everyone. I’m a bit held up with some medical issues and some job issues and also I’m studying to get my driver’s license. But do NOT think I’ve forgotten about you guys and your adorable requests like this one! I hope I got the in-game name for the Pocky knockoffs in P5 right…also, there’s mentioned RyuAnn and HaruMako, if anon did not want that then I can re-write it to edit it out so just note me. :) 

Without ado, Valentine’s Day two months late. <3

Also, all the flavors mentioned here are real flavors! I picked the most unique, tasty looking, and fun looking ones from this gallery here

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☆ how knb boys would hint at marriage...

kuroko: “white looks good on you ____-san” he says, smiling, as the both of you pass by a bridal shop.

kise: while checking the calendar, “do you want to be a june bride- i mean is your birthday in june?” he asks, expression indifferent, yet you could catch the small spark in his eyes.

aomine: “you should just move in” he says, leaning against the doorframe, staring at the figure of your back, cooking up some breakfast for the two of you.

midorima: “w-would you watch ohasa with me every morning, n-nanodayo?” he queers, pushing the bridge of his glasses closer to his flushed skin.

murasakibara: “nee, nee ____-chin, i’ll make you a three-tier cake, so cut it with me okay?” he lazily grins while scooping up a handful of cream to his mouth.

akashi: “would you permit me to stay by your side forever?” he brushes a strand of your hair behind your ear, eyes brimming with affection as he gazed right into your flustered pair of eyes.

nijimura: “do you like accessories, ____?” he questions, toying with the ring finger on your left hand. perplexed by his actions, you tilt your head to the side, unaware of his true intentions. “i guess…?” nijimura smiles as he intertwines his hand with yours, “well then, i hope you won’t mind receiving one soon.”

kasamatsu: these days, that knee-length socks boyfriend of yours had been getting antsy more intensely than normal. and coincidentally, you were browsing through a magazine which contained high end brand jewelry. “y-you like those kinds of s-stuff?” he stutters, eyes glazing through the page with undoubtable concentration. 

Harlivy Prompt

Summary:  Harley was kissing back now, desperately, her fingers buried deeply in Ivy’s hair. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew this was wrong, but she didn’t care.

I wrote this for a prompt I got a while back (“I’d like it if you stayed” and “Why didn’t you invite me to your wedding?”)

It’s a little…risque? It’s pretty tame, but I figured I’d warn you all.

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Stiles watches a proposal happening outside the restaurant he works at. Down on the pier below him, a man is down on one knee, asking the question to a another man with his back turned. Stiles holds his breath. He doesn’t know these people, but he’s invested in romance and grand gestures. He’s going to watch this play out.

Stiles can tell three seconds later that something is wrong.

For one, the man with his back to Stiles has tensed up, un-moving. And secondly, the man on his knees is frowning.

Stiles should walk away. This is the worst kind of voyeur-cy. The absolute worst. He can’t though, so he watches the failed proposal in all its horrible glory.

The man stands up and then the other one talks for a while, during which Stiles can see the proposer fighting off tears. He eventually walks away, leaving the propose-ee standing alone on the pier.

Stiles doesn’t know why he does it.

He lets Lydia know he’s taking his break, speedily sweet-talks Isaac into giving him a slice of the three-tier chocolate cake, then makes his way down to the pier, where the man who turned down the proposal is still standing.

“Uh, hey. Hi.”

The guy turns around and he looks… confused, more than anything. Not heartbroken. No tears. Not like he just lost the love of this life. Just confused.

“I’m sorry to intrude but I, uh, saw what just happened and I thought maybe you’d like some cake.”

He practically forces it into the guy’s hands.

“Thank you,” the man says, in a surprisingly soft voice. “You saw that?”

Stiles nods, sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I know it’s kind of a private thing.”

The other guy merely shrugs, then looks down at the cake, making no move to eat it.

“I can vouch for that. It’s from the restaurant there. Where I work.”

The guy looks up to where Stiles pointed. He’s not really engaged, and Stiles feels horrible for coming down here.

“I’m just going to go, then. I’m sorry. Hope you’re okay.”

“I just don’t understand,” the guy says glumly.


“I don’t– We’ve been, were, together for 5 months. I’ve never met his brothers.”

Stiles nods, unsure what this guy wants from him. Maybe it’s nothing more than to be a pair of ears.

“I’ve had relationships that lasted longer, yes, but they’ve never… five months. That’s… it’s too soon. That’s what I told him.” Here, the guy looks up at Stiles, heartbreak still absent from his face. “That’s was the right answer, right? I mean, five months.”

“I don’t know. I don’t know either of you.” Stiles doesn’t want the responsibility this guy is giving him right now.

“No, no, you’re right, of course.” The guy sighs and turns away from Stiles, looking to the spot where his ex (?) was just kneeling earlier.

“Have you ever been proposed to?”

“Aside from numerous times in kindergarten, you mean?” Stiles says with his usual lack of concern for the tone of the current conversation.

The other guy surprises him by laughing.

“Aside from that,” he says with a smile.

“Uh, no. Can’t say I have. Five months is more like the average length of my relationships, so…”

“Not mine,” the guy says.

“Yeah. I’d picked up on that.”

Stiles struggles over what to do now. In terms of normal social cues, he should probably leave. But he’s hooked on this whole situation, and also feels, perhaps presumptively, that this guy… wants him to stay?

“Do you want to share this with me?” The guy holds the cake up.

“Sure,” Stiles says, for the excuse to do something, and the excuse to stay with this guy, who’s as interesting as he is attractive.

“I’m Derek, by the way.”



Five months into dating Derek and Stiles can understand why that other guy proposed so quickly.

He doesn’t.

He waits another three years and seven months.

It involves chocolate cake which he sweet-talks Isaac into making (“that hasn’t been on the menu in years, Stiles”), a ring that his dad passed on to him (“your mother would have wanted you to have it”), a bottle of French champagne, a picnic blanket, a spectacularly pleasant Spring afternoon, and a very surprised Derek Hale.

He says yes.

Derek says yes and then kisses Stiles so abruptly that Stiles is glad he was already on one knee so his fall to the ground isn’t as hurtful as it could have been. Not that he really pays the collision any mind, seeing as how thoroughly Derek is kissing him, while chanting ‘yes, yes, yes’ between every press of lips before Stiles even has a chance to fit the engagement ring around his finger.

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ahebwh okay @that anon that said theyd celebrate the bff anniversary I Agree but they wouldnt do subtle things like these assholes would go All Out mfs got a fuckig three tier cake got the signs and they Dont invite their friends bc its Their day goddamnit Yes chloe they Are going to eat the whole cake themselves Fuck Off and theyre Hype as Fuck every year (1/?)

and they have presents that they give each other and one is something meaningful from the last year and another is something theyve been trading back and forth for years (a teddy bear or a card or some shit that theyve been passing back and forth for Years) and the last is something random that they found that reminded them of each other (2/3)

(i like to think that jeremy gave michael his red hoodie one year and theyear michael came out to jeremy he got michael the pride patch and michael has been putting it on his jackets ever since) and they go out and have a nice dinner or go to the amusement park (“iT’S NOT ADATE RICHA R D”) and they end the day by going over michaels and getting high and watching movies and falling asleep cuddled up to each other and Just Because They Appreciate Their Friendship does Not Make Them Gay jake (3/3)