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RFA Members + Birthdays Headcanons

bc it’s ya boi Jumin’s birthday today !! Will be reblogging this on each member’s birthday because I have nothing better to do with my time lmao


  • Probably the type of guy to plan his own birthday party.  He wants it to be done right, after all
    • That being said, he doesn’t want it to be huge: just the RFA members (Jumin included!! wow!!), and a few cast and crew he’s close with
  • He likes going to a restaurant on his birthday–nothing too fancy.  He keeps it simple.  He rents out the back room for the night (always making sure the restaurant he chooses has one) because this is one night he doesn’t want his fans to photo-op.  
  • Usually forgets to get himself a cake, so you always end up buying one of those nice three-tier cakes.  Every year, he tells you that you don’t have to do that, that he doesn’t need a cake, and that you always end up with leftovers for the next month, but you can see it in his eyes that he loves the fact that you remembered to get one even when he didn’t.
    • (”Jeez, this one’s huge!  We’re going to have so much leftover!” “Are you really complaining about extra cake?”)
  • Birthday sex lmao of course
    • Has been very good about not smoking, but allows himself a cigarette on special occasions.  This is one of those occasions.
      • You complain as he stands by the window, dressed only in boxer briefs, saying that he’s letting the cold air in.  (”Guess I’ll have to get back in there and warm you up, huh?” he teases)
  • Your present to him is always something handmade.  For whatever reason, he loves your crappy DIY craft projects, because it shows that you put the effort in.


  • The kind of person that talks about his birthday weeks in advance.  It could be a month away, and he’s asking about what you got him.
    • In some ways, you can’t help but think his giddy and excitement towards his birthday, a year most adults dread, is both adorable and endearing.  However, when you’re actually trying to get him his present and hide it from him, it gets frustrating.
  • Invites the RFA members for a small get together at your apartment, and then has a separate lunch with his parents.
    • Because Zen always brings beer to Yoosung’s party
      • And Yoosung always gets tipsy
      • And by the time everybody leaves, he’s passed out on the couch.
      • You end up sleeping out there with him because you’d feel bad if you left him.  He wakes up and, still a little drunk, gets a bit frisky.
  • One year, you got him the thing he’s been wanting for ages: an autograph from the LOLOL programmer.  Granted, it was an eBay purchase, so the authenticity was questionable, and you had to outbid about a hundred other gamers, paying a ridiculous amount, but the look on his face when you handed to him was more than you could’ve asked for.
    • (”Y/N… how did you… this is…” “There’s no guarantee that it’s completely real; I won the bid for it on eBay, but people seemed to be clawing over each other to get it, so I have a good feeling.”  He darts over to you to give you a back-breaking hug, and you let out a little squeak of surprise.  “Thank you… so much!” he shouts, grinning wildly.)


  • You plan her a surprise party, because she’s the type that thinks celebrating is pointless.  Too busy to have a party, even one with just the RFA members?  Please.
    • You decide that rather than having a standard party, you’d invite the RFA members to have brunch at her favorite little coffee shop just around the block.  It’s nothing fancy and out of proportion, and you’re correct when you find out that she loves it.
  • You do all kinds of cutesy things that day: a walk in the park, going around to different dessert vendors, window-shopping for cute outfits, etc.
  • At the end of the day, the two of you head back home, only for “phase-two” of your surprise party plans to go into action: the day spent together is somewhat of a ploy, as the rest of the members were busy decorating your apartment
    • You can see that she’s a little irked about the mess that they’ve made, but that feeling passes quickly as she realizes the effort put into just making her day special
  • There are drinks and a homemade cake that go around, and at around eleven PM, she finally kicks everyone out
    • (”Thank you all so much for today.  Really, it was lovely.”  “Then can’t we have a sleepover?” “Saeyoung, I don’t trust you in my apartment at night.”)
    • She’s blunt, but the members understand and take it lightly
  • You spend the night cuddling on the couch binging movies until she realizes that she has work the next morning.  You convince her to take a sick day.


  • Day starts off with a  b i r t h d a y  b l o w j o b
  • Like Jaehee, has little regard for his birthday, and sees no point in really celebrating, but you insist.
    • He ends up just making reservations for the two of you at a high-class restaurant, and when you protest, saying that you had things planned, he reminds you that it’s his birthday, and he just wants to spend it with you
      • You stop complaining
  • He works the entire day, but you take the day off and keep him company
    • o f f i c e  s e x 
  • You help him out with his work, and while ideally it isn’t how you would have wanted him to have spent his birthday, he seems content enough, so you won’t fuss about it.
  • When you finally get to the restaurant, you see that he had requested a table secluded from the rest of the restaurant.  He really meant it when he said he just wanted to spend time with you.  That’s all he really ever wants due to his busy schedule and frequent trips away.
    • Your most notable present to him was another cat (even though, when he had arranged to get one himself, you had talked him out of it, because one was enough.) He’d never admit it outright, but he was beyond ecstatic.
      • (”I took the liberty of naming her.  I think it might be fitting, since she’ll be living with Elizabeth.”  “Oh, did you now?  Enlighten me, what did you name her.”  “Victoria,” you answer with a grin. “So they can both live like queens.”)
  • After dinner, when you arrive back at his apartment, things quickly spiral back into how the day started: in bed
    • But it’s slow and sweet, and rather than usual when he’s calling the shots, you remind him that it is his birthday, and that it’s about him for the night.

Saeyoung (+ a lil Saeran)

  • This guy completely forgets about his birthday.  And so does his brother.  When you wake him up, grinning from ear to ear, he just looks at you, confused, until you tell him.  Then, he laughs, because he genuinely did forget about it.
    • When you tell Saeran, “Happy birthday,” he looks at you blankly before muttering an, “Ah, right,” in response.
  • It’s okay, though, because you had a feeling this would be the case.  You have everything planned out.
    • Similar to Jaehee, you make the boys go out with you for the afternoon while the rest of the members decorate the bunker-esque house.  They couldn’t get through the gate, and your cover was almost blown as you walked them through the answer over the phone.
  • You treat them to lunch (even though Saeyoung vehemently tries to refuse) and they are both completely taken by surprise when they return home.  To them, birthdays had always been just another day.  They never had parties as kids, and never really gave much thought as adults (especially since Saeran never even got the chance to take it into consideration).  Saeyoung is floored by the love he’s surrounded by, and Saeran, though first uncomfortable with the festivities, eventually begins to enjoy his party.
  • Food courtesy of Yoosung, drinks from Jumin, and Zen brings a karaoke machine.  Everyone has the best time making absolute fools out of themselves, belting pop songs to movie soundtracks.
  • That night, after everyone has left, and Saeran has gone to bed, Saeyoung holds you close to him and thanks you profusely for the best birthday he could have asked for.  The sincerity and true happiness in his voice is enough to let you know what you mean to him.
☆ how knb boys would hint at marriage...

kuroko: “white looks good on you ____-san” he says, smiling, as the both of you pass by a bridal shop.

kise: while checking the calendar, “do you want to be a june bride- i mean is your birthday in june?” he asks, expression indifferent, yet you could catch the small spark in his eyes.

aomine: “you should just move in” he says, leaning against the doorframe, staring at the figure of your back, cooking up some breakfast for the two of you.

midorima: “w-would you watch ohasa with me every morning, n-nanodayo?” he queers, pushing the bridge of his glasses closer to his flushed skin.

murasakibara: “nee, nee ____-chin, i’ll make you a three-tier cake, so cut it with me okay?” he lazily grins while scooping up a handful of cream to his mouth.

akashi: “would you permit me to stay by your side forever?” he brushes a strand of your hair behind your ear, eyes brimming with affection as he gazed right into your flustered pair of eyes.

nijimura: “do you like accessories, ____?” he questions, toying with the ring finger on your left hand. perplexed by his actions, you tilt your head to the side, unaware of his true intentions. “i guess…?” nijimura smiles as he intertwines his hand with yours, “well then, i hope you won’t mind receiving one soon.”

kasamatsu: these days, that knee-length socks boyfriend of yours had been getting antsy more intensely than normal. and coincidentally, you were browsing through a magazine which contained high end brand jewelry. “y-you like those kinds of s-stuff?” he stutters, eyes glazing through the page with undoubtable concentration. 

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Hiyeeeee!!! I would like to offer you a fruit basket, a three-tiered cake of absolute awe and wonder, and a bottle of pop drop and lockin' champagne for all your good work in sharing such amazing fics to the fandom. You are greatly, nay, tremendously appreciated! 😘

OMG! Thank you so much! 💙💙💙


Pan Pan celebrating his 30th birthday in Chengdu, south west China, on September 21, 2015.

Happy BEAR-thday! World’s oldest male panda Pan Pan turns 30 and celebrates with a yummy ice cake.
- Pan Pan was a wild panda born in 1985 in Sichuan, south west China.
- He now lives at China Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre.
- The bear has fathered 130 cubs and has now been dubbed ‘hero dad’.

World’s oldest male panda celebrated his birthday on Sept. 21, 2015 in Chengdu, south west China.

Pan Pan, who turned 30, is the equivalent of 100 in human years, reported People’s Daily Online.

Impressively, Pan Pan fathered around a quarter of all the pandas living in captivity in the world today and has been dubbed 'hero dad’.

Staff at China Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in Chengdu hosted a birthday party for the panda, which included a three-tier ice cake with carrots. Fans of the panda from around the world also gathered to serenade the bear with happy birthday. 

According to records, Pan Pan was born in the wildness in Baoxing county in Sichuan, south west China, in 1985. He was later rescued and placed into protection at the research centre where he was named Pan Pan, which signifies hope.

As part of the panda birthing plan devised by the staff, Pan Pan fathered around 130 cubs in the space of about 20 years.

Pan Pan is not the oldest panda in the world however. Jia Jia, a female panda residing in Hong Kong, turned 37 earlier this year. She also celebrated her birthday with an ice cake as well as bamboo.

Pandas are considered an endangered species. According to WWF, a total of 1,864 pandas are alive in the world as recorded in the 2014 cencus of the animals.

Wild pandas are only found in Sichuan, south west China, and a considered a national treasure. 

© Daily Mail UK

Honestly after seeing Batman v Superman, it was like realizing that MCU wasn’t serving brownies on a silver plater like they said they were, they were actually serving me shite with sprinkles on top. I’ve learned to be more palatable with films because of the DCEU. I learned to embrace flavors. Man of Steel was like a good broth, cleared my pores, opened my airways, helped me breathe better. Batman v Superman was like a bomb steak. Richest thickest cut, juicy, full of flavor with a side of buttery potatoes and chives. Suicide Squad was like a three tier cake with pretty frosting and and fresh strawberries and bananas and the flavors bursting in your tongue. I suppose this is what happens when you’re not afraid of color. Or of authenticity. It enhances the flavor of your films and improves the experience of your consumers.

i love reading these so i thought id write some :)

marrying michael would include:

  • ‘no we aren’t having nickleback as our first dance’
  • stressing out
  • ‘Calum! Where’s my tie?!’
  • michael’s hair being the ‘something blue’
  • all three boys being his best man to avoid them fighting over it
  • giving calum a death glare as he giggles when the priest says ‘if you know any reasons they should not be married, speak now’
  • having a three tier cake; two tiers for the guests, one for michael
  • feeding each other the first slice of cake and shoving it into each other faces
  • ‘michael its in my hair you little shit!’
  • slow dancing
  • crying happy tears
  • pushing back a loose strand of hair behind michael ear
  • smiling from ear to ear
  • so many ‘i love you’s and ‘I’m so happy’
  • him changing your name in his phone to ‘my sexy wife’
  • ‘hey babe, this time tomorrow we’ll be skinny dipping in the Mediterranean’ 
  • getting drunk
  • moshing and head banging to the ‘wedding playlist’ the boys put together
  • ‘this is the best day of my fucking life’
If you liked this and want me to do the other boys, let me knooooow.
Zimbits Wedding

Bitty would totally want a Southern Charm™ wedding. He picks the little white chapel up on the hill that his moomaw has been attending every sunday for the past 84 years. He buys mason jars and puts fairy lights in them to hang on the pews up the aisle. The flower girl and ring bearer would be Bitty’s cousin and Jack’s cousin who are too precious in their Sunday Best. Bitty’s moomaw made his wedding cake: A three tiered vanilla almond cake with coconut flavored icing. Alicia and Suzanne make all the food which include: macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, cole slaw, BBQ meatballs, carrots, peas, and grilled corn on the cob all served with Syrupy Sweet Iced Tea. They invite all their close friends and relatives in this 83 occupancy chapel.

The service is simple and elegant. Sunflowers decorate the tops of pews, reflecting the fairy lights in the mason jars and the sunset pouring in through the stained glass, decorating the place with oranges, reds, and blues. Jack stands up at the altar waiting nervously but patiently for the service to start. The preacher stands behind a table with three candles on it. The flower girl drops multicolored daisies on the aisle and then Canon in D Major plays as Bitty appears at the back of the church. Bitty wears a white suit and holds a bouquet put together by himself. They are lilies. Bitty is already crying and Jack is barely holding it together. He’s so happy. They are both so happy.

When Bitty makes it up the aisle, Jack takes his hands and gives them little kisses. The preacher then goes into the ceremony, but Bitty and Jack can’t take their eyes off each other. When they perform the Unity Candle Ceremony, Jack is spilling wax everywhere trying to keep his hands steady because he is just so happy that he is going to be with Bitty for the rest of his life. When Bitty and Jack finally kiss, the entire crowd erupts with cheers, claps, and tears. Shitty ran out of tissues and had to use Lardo’s handkerchief. Ransom and Holster just sit there tears rolling down their faces making no sound at all. The frogs are hollering and making so much noise.

Their first dance is to Halo by Beyoncé even though it’s not southern. But they have an outdoor reception on the church premises. The little cousins are all playing in the cemetery ruining their nice clothes and moomaw is just fascinated with Chowder who ends up eating his weight in food. Bitty and Jack barely get any time to eat because they are thanking everyone for coming and worried about management and dancing with Alicia and Suzanne. Bad Bob dances with Lardo. Nursey and Dex dance. Suzanne makes certain that the Chicken Dance is done. 

When the wedding is over, Jack goes to pull up the white convertible with soup cans tied to the bumper and toilet paper on the back seat with “JUST MARRIED” written in red washable paint on the trunk. Jack carries Bitty to the car and they go on their honeymoon to a cabin by a lake. Jack teaches Bitty to fish. They both unwind in a bathtub with rose petals and candles every night before going to bed.

Bitty and Jack have the most Southern Charm wedding possible and it makes me have so many feelings ;-;

Imagine pocket sized Yoongi standing on the top of a three tier birthday cake [pocket jin helped him bake it] posing as the little figurine. [don’t worry he and pocket jin managed to get a platform up there so he’s not stepping on your cake]

Preference: Your Child’s First Birthday

Harry: “Behold,” Harry starts, raising his daughter in the air like a scene from The Lion King, “The birthday girl!” Cheers erupt and your daughter giggles uncontrollably, squealing in excitement. Harry lowers her down and places her in her high chair, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Time for some cake!” You announce, swaying into the room with her personalized cake in your hands. It’s a three-tier cake, and resembles an extravagant wedding cake more than a birthday cake. But, Harry insisted on ordering a Cake Boss masterpiece—all for his little girl. Carefully, you place the cake down on a table lined with a pink tablecloth and your daughter reaches out for it, earning chuckles from the guests. “She’s hungry!” Someone roars, while Harry’s mom calls out, “Give the birthday girl some cake, for cryin’ out loud!” You laugh and slide a knife through one of the layers, feeling Harry’s hands as they land on top of yours, helping you slice the piece. You can see cameras flashing; eager to catch the best memories. Sliding the slice of cake onto a small paper plate, Harry delivers it to your little one-year-old while you continue slicing pieces for everyone else. Smiling, Harry places the plate in front of her and says, “Happy Birthday, girlie.”

Liam: “Look at my big boy!” You exclaim, bouncing your son on your lap while Liam runs around in the kitchen, trying to fix a bottle for his little guy. You hold his hands in yours, wiggling your nose against his. “You’re a whole year old! Can you believe it?! Soon you’ll be learning how to drive! And after that, you’ll be moving out for college. Mommy’s gonna be sad on that day,” You say to your son, though he probably can’t understand you very well. “Learning to drive?!” Liam laughs from the kitchen, as he pours some milk formula into a bottle, “I think we’ve still got a few more years until that happens, babe.” You laugh, too, watching as your son claps his hands together, joining in on the laughing. Liam rounds the corner with a bottle and hands it to you, letting you feed him first. “Hey, I’m going to pick out his party outfit,” Liam says to you, and you nod as he disappears to your son’s bedroom. After digging through his son’s dresser, he returns with a little pair of jeans and a shirt Liam bought him that reads, ‘Daddy’s little rebel!’ You smile and together, you and Liam change your little birthday boy into his outfit for the day, excited to show the family how cute your one-year-old looks.

Niall: You sigh, placing your hand on your forehead as you lean against the counter. “What’s wrong, baby?” Niall asks, entering the kitchen to toss a wrapper in the trash, and it’s a coincidence that he happens to find you there. As Niall crosses the kitchen to you, you let out another stressed sigh and explain, “The balloon artist just called and canceled for today. She said her son is sick and she has to stay home to take care of him.” Niall’s eyes widen. He now understands why you’re so upset. It was your special plan—to have a surprise balloon artist at your daughter’s first birthday party; because you love the way her eyes light up every time she sees one at the zoo, or at a fair. She watches the artist twist the balloon in absolute astonishment, and you knew she’d be thrilled to have one right there at her birthday party. “It’s okay,” Niall says, shuffling through the Party City bag on the counter until he finds a bag of balloons. Forcefully ripping the bag open, he repeats, “It’s okay.” You watch in confusion until Niall blows up a pink balloon and manages to twist it into a heart shape. “Daddy’s comin’ to the rescue,” He says, winking at you. “Niall, you don’t have to…” You trail off, but Niall shakes his head, snatching the rest of the balloons and heading back into the party. “Who wants some balloons?!” You hear him shout, followed by a sea of cheering children. You can’t help but smile at your perfect husband, who has also proved to be a perfect dad.

Louis: You laugh as your son slaps his hands against the surface of the water, watching his reflection. “Is that you?” You ask him, kissing his cheek, “Is that you? Huh? Do you see yourself?!” He giggles and kicks his legs, excited to be in the water. Most of the guests have migrated to the deeper end of the pool now, but you’re still on the stairs with your son, letting him mess about without leaving your grip. “Yes you do!” You exclaim, and he laughs wildly. Your tone of voice, alone, is enough to send your son into a giggly mess. “Seems like you two are having a party of your own,” Louis comments as he takes a seat next to you. You readjust your son on your lap and say, “He’s watching his reflection. For whatever reason, it’s really amusing him.” Your son leans forward, wanting to touch his reflection. In doing this, he almost falls out of your grip and face-plants into the water, but you gasp and catch him before he can. “Whoa, there,” Louis laughs, ruffling the little hair on his boy’s head, “I think the birthday boy’s feeling a little too adventurous!”

Zayn: “Look what Grandma got you!” You exclaim, in an exaggerated voice as you show the princess doll to your birthday girl. She squeals and reaches out for the packaging. “I think she likes it,” Zayn says, smiling at his mom. “She does. Thanks a lot, mom,” You say to Zayn’s mom, who smiles and nods in return. “I’m back!” Louis announces, as he returns to the room with a cup of apple juice for himself and a gift bag for the birthday girl. “This is from your favorite uncles,” Louis says to your little girl, ticking her tummy. She giggles and you take the gift bag from Louis, ready to open it for her. She stares intently as you pull the gift apart, one piece of tissue paper at a time. A gasp slips your mouth when you reveal the picture frame which showcases an adorable picture of Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, and your daughter. They were in a park somewhere, all lying together on the grass. “Zayn, look!” You exclaim, showing the gift to your husband. He smiles widely and glances at his friends, saying, “Thanks, guys. She’ll keep that for the rest of her life.” “Look—it’s you! And Uncle Harry, Uncle Liam, Uncle Niall, and Uncle Louis! Look, baby!” You say, holding the picture in front of your daughter. She squeals excitedly and touches the frame with her little fingers. Rising to your feet, you manage to hug and thank each of the boys for their special gift, all while balancing the birthday girl on your hip.

Great Gatsby Cake (Fondant)

A friend recently had her rehearsal dinner for her wedding and the theme for the dinner was the Great Gatsby. We made the cake.

This cake was three tiers. The bottom tier (four layers) was butter yellow cake with chocolate pudding filling. The middle tier (four layers) was chocolate cake with vanilla pudding filling and the top tier (three layers) had alternating layers of both. 

A lot of work went into this cake. Pans went into and out of the oven three times. I had to make four batches of fondant (I made the same marshmallow fondant from this post, which I can give it’s own post since I’m using it more frequently) and yes, I do have left over fondant saved in the fridge.

It was stressful at the time but I’m really happy with how it came out at the end and it was a huge hit. :) It tasted really good, too. I’m really glad the bride to be loved it. :D Somehow we were able to finish this cake within 12 hours, the same day.