three thieves

Dangan thieves AU masterlist
  1. Hajime Hinata - Ace
  2. Izuru Kamukura - Blackjack
  3. Hinazuru - Dealer
  4. Chiaki Nanami - Bonnie
  5. Nagito Komaeda - Pierrot @kitucan
  6. Twogami - King [secretly the Wild Card]
  7. Peko Pekoyama - Owl  @annsparksthegmr
  8. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu - Gangster  @annsparksthegmr 
  9. Sonia Nevermind - Enchantress [navigator]  @annsparksthegmr
  10. Mikan Tsumiki - Heartbeat @killr-cupcake​ spirte edit @professionally-exhausted
  11. Gundham Tanaka - (Evil Overlord) Lich
  12. Mahiru Koizumi - Scope [navigator]
  13. Hiyoko Saionji - Ibis
  14. Ibuki Mioda - Noise
  15. Kazuichi Souda - Shark @dontmesswithabunnyposts
  16. Nekomaru Nidai - Mammoth or Coach *up for adoption
  17. Akane Owari - Badger or Brawler *up for adoption
  18. Teruteru Hanamura - Head Chef or Artisan *up for adoption

First Palace: 


i’m hissing i just realized that parker, hardison, and eliot holding hands was like… a thing that nate felt he needed to draw attention to? like that was a long time in his story? this was something he thought was relevant information. he needed them to know that they were all poly. it was very important to him that interpol knew he was working with three polyamorous thieves.

killerakirakuru  asked:

Headcanons on jackets the phantom thieves like!

Thank you so much for the request, meiteu! I had fun doing this hohoho~ And by the way, since I haven’t finished the game, all headcanons that are to the Phantom Thieves will have only some characters in it such as Akira, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, and Futaba. Thank you again. 

  • Akira doesn’t have a preference, most of the time. He’ll go with anything as long as it’s comfortable and decent. But to be honest, I believe the pea coat has caught his interest, for once! It does have that aesthetic, intelligent, and sophisticated nuance all over it. It suits him, or so I believe~
  • Ryuji, on the other hand, is attracted to hoodiesvarsity jackets, and bomber jackets. He likes to seem sporty and cool. As expected of him, lel. Plus, he hears some girls love boys who wear them so yeah. He’s desperate to be a chick magnet, people. God help him pls. 
  • Ann has a thing for sukajan jackets! She likes how they can appear casual, feminine, and classy at the same time. And also, have you ever heard of its history? It has a pretty unique one – sukajan were originally made for american soldiers who’d wanted some souvenirs from Japan hoho.
  • Yusuke prefers clothes that have artistic value, or, if that doesn’t seem to be the case, he’d most likely choose those which own a mature characteristic. Yusuke dislikes nowadays fashion in my headcanon(s), so he has a knack for blazers and pea coats, like Akira.
  • Makoto’s sense of fashion is similar to Akira and Yusuke’s. She prefers mature clothings like pea coats, blazers, and minimalist dresses/gowns. She loves clean looks, so she doesn’t go all out in fashion. But there are times when she uses colorful outfits tho. It happens if Ann or Futaba asks her to do so.
  • Futaba too. She doesn’t go all out in fashion, tbh. She wears comfortable stuff! Baggy hoodies are her favorite thing in the world, ever. Oversized sweaters, too! But did you know? She sometimes wears a kigurumi at home~

My ocs and their main ship names. With a bonus Alec 😂

Sea Three x Regina = Harry/Uma/Gil/Regina

Mom and Dad of Auradon = Ben/Amaria

Puppy Love = Carlos/Melina

Prince and Princess of Thieves = Jay/Dawn

My Salty Son = Alec

I hope you guys enjoy them!

(My gifs)

[Bungou Stray Dogs ] 55 Minutes Part 2

Disclaimer:  [ Thank you all for being patient, I’ve been dealing with tons of things, so working on this project has been pretty difficult, anyway, thanks for continuing to follow me.  If there’s anyone else who would like to help with this project feel free to send me a message! ]

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SasuHina “Rookie Nine-Nine” AU

Okay, so I’m a Cheater McCheater pants that combined days 4 (Lawyers), 5 (Kleptomaniac) and 6 (Library) into one…

This is my Konoha PD AU (blend of real world/Naruto-verse) that will get developed into an actual story on AO3. Enjoy! 

The streets were blocked off and barricaded, but that didn’t stop a crowd of villagers from showing up–cell phones out and voices excited–as they pushed against one another for a better view.

Sasuke snorted dismissively as he passed them. He would never understand people’s fascination with other people’s pain and misfortune.

Snippets of conversation filtered to him as he made his way towards the S.W.A.T van and the familiar indigo glow of his partner’s hair against the siren lights.

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and more music this session! used this song to describe the desert at sunrise (only like, the first minute before it starts repeating endlessly)

this for battle music for a fight with a giant stag beetle

and this for a battle with three desert thieves!

i was very happy with the battles in this session, they were pretty dang fun and the players did some really cool stuff

I cannot express my joy when I discovered that this book was real…and that it was also free to purchase as an e-copy through amazon (it’s like under 100 pages so it’s a quick read). However, that joy was short lived when I actually began to read this book. Maybe it’s because of my lifestyle of memes, puns and general shit-post humour but I was expecting a book with copious amounts of chicken puns, knights wearing KFC buckets as helmets and well…a lot more steamy romance between our darling Harland Sanders and Madeline.

I feel as a long time Colonel Sanders and KFC fan I have a duty to make this story cringe worthy and yet oddly satisfying to those readers who are just like me. So grab a delicious, crispy chicken wing, ignore my spelling mistakes, general crappy grammar and enjoy. And to cover my own ass, all these characters belong to KFC and I mean no offence to anyone. Also I apologies because this got way out of hand and there’s a lot of dirty insinuations involved. Take a bible with you. Also I didn’t read this over because I’m terrified of having these thoughts in my head again. (GOODREADS REVIEW LINK:

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A Date

Hermione Granger x Reader
Request: Okay so im reading the Harry Potter series rn (which I love) and thought if it wouldn’t be too bad to request a Hermione fic or drabble? Prompt is that the reader is made fun of by assholes(*cough cough draco) because she’s gay and Hermione fucks up Draco because no one makes fun of Hermoine’s crush bitches. (I’m sorry, my gaydar level is sky high for Hermoine)  
Requested by: Anon
Warnings: Bullying, homophobia
Words: 1,926
Y/N: Your Name
A/N: Reader is female in this bcos I’m p sure that’s what anon wanted??? I think idk this request is kinda old. Alterantely titled: “Draco gets fucked up”


As a student of Hogwarts, you had been in many a predicament since your first year. From having classmates who dabbled in dangerous and wild experiments in magic for fun, to the real threat of dark magic reappearing in the world, you’d seen quite a lot at the ripe old age of 14. These experiences, your classes, your study, and often times your friends were all factors that helped you overcome the tests and trials you were so regularly put up against in the magical world. But nothing in the world could’ve prepared you for this.

Lunchtime in the great hall was busier than ever, with exchange students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons coming to hang out with new-found friends here at Hogwarts, it was even more of a flurry than normal. Students flitting in and out, some grabbing food and then bolting and others taking their time to eat. Watching the organized chaos, you stood near the entrance by the big, ornate double doors with a book in your hands, fiddling nervously, waiting.

You were not alone in her stress, your eyes picking out other nervous schoolmates of yours. A Slytherin boy stared over at the Hufflepuff table nervously, eyes fixed to a laughing girl, flowers clenched in his hand. And over at the Ravenclaw table, a group of girls stared at some Durmstrang students, giggling and egging on their friend who stared on, pale faced and mortified.

The Yule Ball was just around the corner, and as the only dance that anyone at Hogwarts was going to get many students were going to the end and back to make sure that it was a good one. From elaborate promposal-esque presentations to a simple, nervous “Will you go with me” could be heard at least every hour, in class and around the classroom. People were finally stepping up and asking out their longtime crushes, and you planned on being one of them.

It was a matter of minutes until Hermione Granger would walk through the door.  Care of Magical creatures would’ve just finished, and the time it took to walk to the hall meant that people often showed up a quarter of the way through. When she came through, probably with Harry and Ron, you’d pull her aside and ask her out.

Whether or not she’d say yes, was a whole other story. The most interaction you got with her was charms class, where you sat next to each other and talked occasionally. Even if it was only small talk or a few words you cherished those little moments that made you heart skip. You wanted to know her better, her favourite class, favourite kind of magic, how she manages to keep her hair so pretty and so on. Of all of the wonderful people you’d met at Hogwarts, she was most certainly the one who stuck out to you the most. Being a school, however, not everything and everyone was the kindest. Something you were lucky enough to be reminded of during your moment of thought.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You heard the vile, unfortunately, common voice of Slytherin and resident prick Draco Malfoy. The boy took great joy in his malicious actions to you and other Muggle-borns. He was like a pimple on the fresh face of Hogwarts, and one who’s rhetoric had spread and spawned more like it. You felt it was up to you and the others unlike him to prove that a face covered in hateful acne was still beautiful. It was just a matter of keeping his opinions away from the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, lest they get the wrong idea about the school. The skin on your arms crawled as you heard his whiny voice break through your nice thought bubble, and with a sigh, turning around to give him a piece of your mind, but coming face to face with nothing. With a frown you looked around, before catching another voice, coming from just outside the hall.

“To go and eat lunch?” You froze as a familiar voice spoke up, making your stomach flip. Popping your head around the corner, your eyes settled on Draco, sizing up a frowning, completely unamused Hermione Granger. Your heart jumped to your throat. God dammit, why the hell did he have to show up at the exact same time as her? You cursed, and hid, watching the two intently.

“You think a filthy mudblood like you would be wanted in there?” You felt your blood boil but didn’t make any move to attack or defend. You’d seen Hermione in class, even without her wand her wit was sharp enough to cut, and if in doubt, you had heard that her fists served her just as well. But that was just a rumour, of course.

Hermione’s eyes narrowed as she responded with a heavy glare and the slightest of smiles. You knew that look, from when she was about to say something snarky about someone in class, and you silently cheered her on.

“More than you, certainly.” Hermione shot back, and you stifled a laugh at Draco’s expression. You noted she was alone, Harry and Ron being absent from her side, which was very unusual. The three were thick as thieves, and you had a hard time thinking of a close friend group. After a few more seconds of the stare down, with Draco opening and closing his mouth like a pasty, nasty fish, Hermione stepped to the side and attempted to push past him. His hand shot out and grasped her shoulder before, holding her still with a tight grip which she tried to break free of.

“I know what you are.” He hissed, just loud enough for you to hear. Your brow furrowed and you tensed up, as Hermione’s hard stare wavered, before firming up again.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She said shortly, scowling as he grinned, far too happy for the situation at hand.

“I see the way you stare at her,” You felt your breath catch in your throat as Draco finished speaking. “that Y/L/N girl.” You?Hermione had been staring at you? Your cheeks flushed a dark crimson, and you covered your mouth in flustered shock as Hermione herself blushed, but didn’t waver.

“And?” And. She wasn’t denying it. She wasn’t avoiding the question. Your heart nearly stopped in your chest. Of course, Draco wasn’t about to let it go, however.

“And what? It’s disgusting. Makes sense, though. Two Mudblood freaks together.” You would’ve felt a punch to the gut at the cruel insult if it weren’t for the fire that burned in Hermione’s eyes.

“Don’t you dare call her that.” Her voice an angry growl as she pulled out of Draco’s grip, hand shooting to where you presumed she was hiding her wand. Draco moved to counter whatever spell she was about to shoot but had no time react as he was knocked back on his ass, with enough force to push him into the threshold of the Great Hall, the eyes of about 200 students on him. You stared as he whined and rolled about, eyes widening as Hermione walked in afterwards, rubbing her knuckles and smiling.

Sudden cheers and laughter from the Gryffindor table interrupted your ability to process what had occurred in the last few seconds. A few Hufflepuff students stood on their chairs to get a better look, as a crowd formed. There was a flash, and you spotted Colin Creevy taking advantage of the moment, getting as many snapshots of Hermione and Draco as he could.

“You should’ve hexed him!” Shouted a voice from the crowd that sounded suspiciously like Fred Weasley.
“Would’ve hurt more!” George finished for his twin. Hermione simply huffed and rubbed her wrist. Draco clutched his nose in his hands and continued to whimper, as the sound of clacking heels caught everyone’s attention.

“What is the meaning of this?” Professor McGonagall barely needing to push through the crowd who parted for her. She passed a glance at Malfoy, still on the floor, before her eyes closed in on Hermione, who shrunk back a little.

“She punched me!” Draco exclaimed, still holding his nose despite the fact that no blood or even that bad of a bad bruise could be seen. McGonagall frowned, opening her mouth to scold Hermione before you jumped in.

“She didn’t do anything wrong!” You blurted out, blushing as you saw the crowd, including Hermione, fixing their gaze on you. McGonagall gave you a look, and you swallowed nervously.

“Draco… he was saying awful things, about me, and other Muggleborns. Hermione got upset and told him to stop, and when he wouldn’t…” You trailed off. It was a slight lie, but one you could get away with hopefully as Draco sputtered in an attempt to defend himself. A sigh left McGonagall’s lips, but she didn’t seem as angry as before.

“5 points will be taken each, from your respective houses. And I will be having a talk with your house heads, and you Ms Granger. Now, you all have classes you must attend to! Go!” McGonagall said curtly, ushering away the crowds with waves of her hand.

With the commotion at its end, students made no attempt to stay around any longer, apart from Draco who stood, still moaning about his nose before being told off by McGonagall and sent to the hospital wing. Leaving only you and Hermione hanging around the front doors, students quickly darting past you. You locked eyes with Hermione, surprised to see her with a blush on her face.

“You… heard, what Draco said?” So nervous, you felt you could barely speak or breathe, and responded the only way you could, with a simple nod. Hermione looked to the floor.

“And, what I said?” You looked down as well, blushing as you made a small noise of confirmation. Hermione sighed looked back up, looking mortified.

“I… really don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I know that this is probably very strange for you, but-” Hermione began to ramble, and it dawned on you that despite all your blunders and stuttering and staring that she didn’t know that you felt the same, and that was not something you were going to let stand.

“The- The ball!” You spluttered suddenly, taking Hermione aback. She blinked at stared, responding.

“What about it?” She asked with a small frown, as you began to fiddle with your robes, your confidence slipping away.

“I-I was hanging around here because I wanted to catch you. I… I wanted to ask if you’d like to… to go to the Yule Ball. W-With me!” You stuttered through your sentence with great difficulty, breathing a sigh as you got to the end.

“You… You want to go to the Yule Ball with me?” Hermione asked with wide eyes, smiling a bright smile that only grew as you nodded.

“Yes! And, as a date. Not just as friends.” You added at the end, just for clarification, blushing as she laughed and stepped forward.

“As a date.” She smiled, a moment’s hesitation in her eyes, before she leaned in and placed a small peck on your cheek, making you nearly faint on the spot.

“I’ll see you on Christmas Eve, then?” She asked as you nodded dumbfoundedly, touching your cheek, unable to quell the pure, happy feeling bubbling up in your chest and overflowing into your veins like pure energy.

“As a date.” You repeated with a happy, giddy smile.

“As a date.” Hermione returned with a small laugh.