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A Chat In A Pub - Louis Tomlinson Imagine

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She worked, worked hard to become the best she can be, to make others proud of her, and to take the path she wants to go. Therefore, everyday, she worked at a pub in London, just to raise enough money to take another semester in school, to become the best she can. She never did not mind her job, she liked seeing some have the perfect date, and others trying hard to get laid or pissed. But she, she tried her best to be happy. She thought moving from Scotland to England, would be the new beginning, and don’t get her wrong, it was, but there was no one to celebrate that beginning with.

(Y/N), a girl who gave up her past to have a new beginning, become a doctor, and fall in love. All of that was her goal at the moment, to be happy, but being successful. She was never aware that living on your own will cost you so much money, from school fees, rent, to even having food on your plate. She was in constant loans for school, but she liked her life, though she was not happy with the turnout. She had a few friends, here and there, but never the close ones, she gave them up, they had their own paths now.

But on a Wednesday morning, the world was not with her, she woke up a mess, hair was frizzy, and she slept in, therefore she had to do a quick five minute do over and head out. But still, when she did got to work, she still looked like a mess, therefore she went straight to the bathroom and redid her makeup, throwing her hair up into a messy ponytail, grabbing her apron and placing it around her waist. She was wearing black skinny jeans, and white t-shirt, it was not formal, for goodness sake, the place was far from formal. It was your typical bar, that was not always busy, but had dart, football, and pool nights, it had your typical scheme of a pub.

The one thing that drove her bonkers, was the men, not just any men, some men are nice, but the ones that are totally wasted. They would slap her butt, flirt with her, or even touch her in places she does not want to be touched. But other than that, she loved her job, she loves the jokes people tell her, and the odd, broken person, she goes back home and talks about it to her roommate.

The bar consists of the normal booths, and tables, plus the bar counter itself. The place had a variety of drinks and syrups, the several TVs, a couple of dart setups and two pool tables. It was dimly lit, walls were brick and the floor were creaky wood. She enjoyed the place, she had not worked there long, but long enough to feel comfortable in the area.

That afternoon, after the bar opened around twelve, she started working, though she had to be at least three hours early before opening. She was walking around, just wiping down counters, hair falling down her shoulder, and her apron becoming heavy with spray bottles, and clothes, as well as, pen and papers. People will yelling in the background about the football match that was playing on the television, she learned to ignore, until they called her, but she had no interest in talking about how that shot should be a penalty, or how that player shoved the other, it was never in her sort of interest area.

Her feet were slowly walking in front of the other, trying not to slip and fall. That morning she grabbed the closest pair of shoes, which happened to be heels, but she did not mind them. Her head was high, and her eyes were glancing around the room, there was not a ton a customers, just the odd few. She arrived, behind the bar and saw that Ian was back again, he has been coming every day for a week, having problems with the wife, and talking to her about his problems. She saw him, looking at the counter in pity, brown hair falling on his face.

“What happened this time?” She told him, giving him two fingers of whiskey, he nodded to her raising his cup in a cheers matter and took a swig. He looked at her, a smirk coming on his face, and a chuckled came out.

“She kicked me out, again, thinking that I’m cheating on her, again.” He told her, she gave him a glare and a disapproving look.

“And you did.” She stated, he looked at her, motioning for another cup. She pulled the cup out and, filled it up in a swift motion.

“Two times, but ah got rid o’ her, she is gone ‘n’ I’m trying to save our marriage now, and, try’n to forget n’ a’.” He told her. She nodded.

“Ok, Ian, think about what you should do, and run it through me, ok?” She told him, grabbing her cloth from her pocket, and wiping the counter. She looked to her left and saw someone sitting there, alone, looking at his phone, he had shabby brown hair that was swished to the side, with a simple shirt and jeans. She walked the few metres, and placed her elbows on the counter.

“What can I get you?” She questioned, he looked up, blue eyes meeting hers. They were several centimeters, face almost meeting, she pulled away standing up.

“A pint of beer, anything, just surprise me, love.” He stated, she smiled turning away and heading to grab a cup, several seconds she placed the cup in front of him, he mumbled a ‘thank you’, and she walked away, filling up a pint for Ian, and placing it in front of him, still he was out of it.

“What’s your name hotstuff?” A voice in the back of the room yelled from across the room. It caught the new guys eyes, he turned back, giving a disapproved looked, mouth a frown and eyes glaring. The man that called was an older guys, maybe forties, he had short strawberry blonde hair, and chubby cheeks, and was a tad bit overweight. She smirked.

“I think I find that someone like you has a wife, therefore you may be looking for a secret rendezvous, but I’m not, so that lovely rum there is calling your name, and you have a couple of mates, so drink some more, laugh so more, and go back home to your wife.” She stated, arms on her hips. He went red and looked back down. The guy called her, with the shabby brown hair, therefore she went. He liked her courageousness, not afraid to speak up and voice her opinion.

“Can I get another one.” He stated, she nodded, filling up a new one, and placing it in front of him.

“You’re not even halfway done, and you’re asking for another one, aren’t you the head of the game.” She stated, giggling, giving him her famous smile. He started to shake his head.

“No, its for you. I can tell that you’re working your ass off, you need a drink, and you poured it for yourself, so you know it is not filled with drugs.” He told her, she chuckled.

“I don’t usually take drinks from guys, but you seem nice, so thank you.” She told him, taking a sip from the beer. He nodded, looking at her, trying to memorize every part of her.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“(Y/N), you?” She responded, still taking sips from the glass.

“Louis. It’s a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N).” He told her, taking a swig of beer.

“Likewise, Louis. So tell me, you seem like a guy that won’t usually go to bars unless something happened, or if you did, you’d go with your mates. Therefore, what’s up?” She questioned, he knows the game, he tells his personal issues to the bartender, and she’ll go off and talk about it with someone else, but give him a pep talk or a pity smile.

“No nothing is happening, I just came back from a business trip for a few months, so it’s nice to be back in the city and all.” He told her, she smiled, nodding.

“That’s nice, what kind of work do you do?” She questioned, turning around and heading to grab the money left on the table behind him. Louis turned around still looking at her, picking it up, and placing it in her pocket, then swaying back and forth and holding the used cup in the had, while cleaning the table off. She headed back and placed the cash in the machine, and putting the cup in the sink. He looked at her again, following every move.

“I’m part of a band, so it is a tour. How about you, you’re young, what brings you to be a bartender?” He questioned, she went back to the same spot and swig the rest of her beer and placing it in the sink.

“Nothing really, I like my job, pays the bills, but I’m doing it as a part time, since I’m in university.” She stated, elbows were rested on the counter again, folding out. He nodded.

“What are studying, like, what do want to become?” He questioned.

“I’m studying medicine, and I’m hoping to become an obstetrician or a pediatrician.” She told him, he was almost proud when she told him about her dreams, he liked the girl, he found her attractive, no doubt. The two of them chatted some more, sometimes it was interrupted by people wanting a drink or paying their bill, the time flew, it was almost four when Louis got a phone call.

“I got to go, can I get the bill?” He asked, she nodded, and went to the computer, handing him his receipt, he placed some money in there, signed it and called it a day. Placing his jacket back on.

“It was really nice to talk to you, (Y/N), I hope we can chat again, soon.” He told her, she nodded, smiling.

“Same here, I wish you luck with your band, Louis.” She told him, he thanked her and walked out. Her mind was dazzling, so much happened, she liked him, she thought he was good-looking, she wished to see him again.

She picked up the bill, and saw a little piece of paper stuck between three tenners, it was in a messy writing, but it was readable, it said, “Nice chat, love to talk more, how about a date then, call me, Louis.”, she smiled from it, the number was below. She placed the piece of paper in her apron and went back to work. A smile that could not come off her face, was there for the rest of the day.

frag this - the three tenners

It’s Dizzle,
reaching Wizzle and Kizzle

(Wesley flute melody)

you were always online,
always on my mind
i didn’t even see you,
that’s why love is blind

When i Talk to you i think OH!
I should call you up and then WHOA!
I don’t even know what you look like
but I’d recognize you on sight

When i Talk to you i think OH!
I should call you up and then WHOA!
we’re gonna meet,
say when
i’ll never frag you again, BECAUSE

you and i always HIGH SCORE,
that’s what keeps me comin’ back for more
Sometimes you know i get so bored
only cause we’re using the keyboard

When i Talk to you i think OH!
I should call you up and then WHOA!
I don’t even know what you look like
but I’d recognize you on sight

When i Talk to you i think OH!
I should call you up and then WHOA!
we’re gonna meet,
say when
i’ll never frag you again