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Suicide’s Daughter: Part 1

Summary: Time. It was constantly moving. Sometimes it felt like days went by in seconds, and others like it can’t move fast enough.Regardless, it’s always there. The clock is always ticking, counting down to the next unknown event.

Your life was seemingly normal. You worked as a Police Officer in a small town, leaving your career as one pretty dull compared to ones around the country, but it paid the bills and you were happy.

Dean Winchester becomes a victim of the infamous villain known as fate, and yours gets corrupted in the crossfire. Fate can’t be avoided.

But maybe, it can be changed.

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Notes: Am I going to regret posting this? Hell yeah! Is this going to become another uncompleted story? Who knows!

In all seriousness, I thought ya’ll deserved a fic (because it’s been a while), so as of right now, a new part will come out every week. So… enjoy!

Pairing: Dean x Reader…. ish

Word Count: ~1.5k

Song: Matthew and the Atlas - Out Of The Darkness

Warnings: Violence, mentions of blood, guns (not a dark fic, just angsty)

“Why is it that Y/N is the most successful out of all of us?” Brooke, one of your two roommates, asked over dinner one night as the three of you were seated around the table.

“Because I figured out what I wanted to do earlier,” you shrugged, digging your fork into a few green beans.

“But you’re so badass!” Elroy argued, setting her utensils down as she got more involved in the conversation. “You’re out protecting people every day, meanwhile we’re seated in a college classroom.”

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Because it’s late in the evening and I always do this shit at this time of day/night, which semi-incoherent thing shall I post? The one about homophobia, the ‘my mental shit + Rowdy’ one, or the country music one? Or how about all three in quick succession?

deepseanymph  asked:

I've never done any glamour spells but I really want to, do you have any that would be a good first couple to do, and/or your most successful ones? :)

Hi there!
Here are my three favorites. ( I’ll make two separate posts with two sigils that i made the other night. They’re also glamours)

1) glamour solid perfume ( this is a spell by recreationalwitchcraft )

* rose essential oil
* 1/8 part beeswax
* 1 part grape seed oil
* sweet orange essential oil
* optional: a pinch of gold glitter

2) Enchanted mirror spell ( inspired by a spell I saw here on tumblr and Snow White. Personal favorite because I think it’s cute!)

Gather some rose water and leave the pedals in the water. Afterwards dip the mirror into the water.

Mirror, mirror in my hand
Who’s the most beautiful in all the land

Lift the mirror out of the water. You’re image will show your true beauty.

3) Witches’ kiss

Take your favorite lipgloss/lipstick and
Draw a simple beauty sigil on the lipgloss/lipstick, any one of your choice. Charge it by chanting some thing along the lines of “ only true beauty shines when this is worn” or “ my beauty runs wildly and freely” then put it on.

The Post-Sham Shamhouse Plays! Journey to the End of Minecraft - Teaser

So, Evan, Alex, and myself have started a locally run server with the sole intention of playing through to the end game with just our skills and wit. Night one was a success and it should yield a full (or, if we are lucky a handful of) video(s).

Note: we had originally expected to have all three of us simultaneously recording both audio, video, and the game screen, and making massive episodes, but quickly learned (after troubleshooting enough problems software and server-side) that we did not have the hardware strong enough to, thus will have to do live voice-over and game audio only. 

We are coming for you, The End. Expect us. 

Little Mix: Jesy is not fat, Perrie is not ugly, and the girls aren't flops.

If you don’t know who Little Mix is, then you’re missing out on a lot of talented music from a very entertaining group. 

Little Mix is a British girl-group who won the X-Factor in 2011 and let me tell you something, they sure as hell deserved it. They’re an extremely talented girl group who have amazing vocals and dance perfectly on stage without missing a note or a beat. Yes this is spoken from experience. They were an opening act from Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights Tour and I saw them live in New Jersey. 

They were almost better than the main act, Demi.That’s how great they were. So when it was requested for me to defend these girls, I was more than happy too. 

Jesy is not fat. 

Weight remarks are our society’s favorite to pick out. It’s disgusting to make fun of someone’s weight and I had a post on this revolving around 4 stars you sure know of: Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Christina Aguilera. You can check out that post here. Let me show you a couple pictures of Jesy Nelson and you can tell me whether or not she’s fat. 

Jesy did lose weight throughout time, but she was never “fat”

She wore layers of clothes that don’t exactly do any justice to anyone’s weight, and still managed a slim, yet curvy figure. 

So if you think Jesy Nelson is fat or was ever fat, you my dear, are mistaken. 

Perrie is not ugly.

I think it’s ridiculous how I have to defend looks here especially someone like Perrie Edwards. 

Even in close-ups she looks amazing

If I didn’t know that Perrie is a singer, I’d think she’s a Victoria Secret model. My friend actually mistaken her for one at the Neon Lights Tour. She was like “She looks familiar, does she model or VS?” No Rachel, she’s just perfect. 

What confuses me even more about Perrie’s beauty, is that she looks better without makeup. 

She just has mascara and lipgloss there, not actual face makeup.

Perrie is definitely on my list of celebrities I would love to swap bodies and faces with. 

Little Mix aren’t flops. 

It’s actually funny how Little Mix’s success is degraded considering the fact they broke records that they didn’t even know were records. Unlike other fanbases, I’ll post legit receipts that are relevant when defending someone’s success. 

They broke three relevant records

  • They’re first girl group since The Pussycat Dolls to reach the U.S. top 5 with their debut album.
  • They earned the highest debut U.S. chart position by a British girl group, breaking the record previously held by the Spice Girls, whose 1996 debut Spice charted at number five.
  • More than 500 customised versions of their album DNA were sold out in just 13 seconds of release online, which broke One Direction’s Up All Night Record. 

Their success in the UK is remarkable

  • DNA (album) is platinum and Salute (album) is close to being platinum as well.
  • They have two #1 singles (Wings and Cannonball). Reminder: Cannonball wasn’t even an album single.
  • They have nine top 20 hits
  • Four gold singles 
  • Two top 3 albums

That should summarize it. 

Globally, their success is pretty impressive.

  • Two albums in the top 10 in the US. (DNA at #4 and Salute at #6)
  • In Australia they’ve had platinum success.
  • They’re able to go gold in countries like New Zealand and Ireland

Little Mix has had more achievements than I just listed above, but I’m too lazy to dig through their discovery. They have had massive success for being an underrated girl group with rarely any promo. They don’t get performances at award shows as much as other stars do, and award show performances are great promo. Perrie Edwards is engaged to Zayn Malik and I’m surprised that no one refers to her as “Zayn Malik’s finance” and no one refers to the group as “Zayn Malik’s finance a member or British girl group Little Mix”. Other stars who date famous stars, usually are known for that instead of their work. I proudly say that Little Mix are known for their work and only their work alongside their talent and entertaining presence. 

Hope you enjoyed!

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Two years ago I launched Daily Overview with the goal of changing the way we see our planet. The success of the project has far surpassed all of my grandest ambitions when I stayed up until 4 AM that first night building our website. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, to thank everyone who has liked, shared, and taken the time to read the posts each day. I have lots of exciting plans for year three and hope you will continue to follow along!

To celebrate this anniversary, I’m resharing this Overview of the Port Newark Container Terminal - one of the first Overviews I ever captured and one that truly helped me see the potential of this project.

Sincerely, Ben

biffbang  asked:

(1/?)HEADCANON: KOR is a successful rock band/punk/post-hardcore. Kylo dropped out of school when the band got big. He used to be an English major, and he uses poems and sonnets, and pretty passages to hit on Hux. Emerson, Keats, Pablo Neruda, Shelly, anyone he can remember. He even makes at least three songs about him (one of which actually gets radio play: The Commandants son) Hux is just trying to get through college and would rather die than admit that he enjoys the late night texts

///(2/2) Hux enjoys the liner notes about his flaming hair and sweet mouth. They kissed once at a party when Kylo was a college freshman and he was sure that Kylo would be over it, what with all the groupies and famous people but he keeps getting messages, poems, and songs dedicated to him. He isn’t good at expressing his feels however so when Kylo tells him he loves him in a text in the middle of the night it takes Hux three weeks to find the perfect way to say it back.///

tumblr user biffbang is a murderer because this just killed me