three spaghettis

Comic N-040 “Comfy doesn’t have a T and I’m distressed”

This comic is dedicated to my dog who has started faking wanting to go out so she can steal my spot. Boo, I love you but you’re a jerk.


From entertaining to party-hopping, the holidays are a busy time of year. Make dinner simple with these pasta recipes that use three ingredients or less.

Spaghetti Carbonara
· Eggs
· Bacon
· Romano Cheese

Thick Spaghetti, Parmigiano Cheese and Olive Oil
· Extra virgin olive oil
· Parmigiano Cheese


“put on your uniform”
* sans handed you “sick threads” …dope…

the initiation ritual was to eat three plates of spaghetti in one sitting

Family au headcanons

related to the ideas @arcticfoxbear and I came up with inspired by @artbygraham ’s adorable pictures

● Shiro can cook exactly three things. Omurice, spaghetti, and, oddly enough, chicken parmesan. Everything else comes out of boxes or cans. He thought he was getting by pretty well until the third week after his impromptu wedding when he realizes “Wow, how did I survive college on that diet”.

○ The first time there was a thunderstorm in the night, up on the mountain, Hunk thought it was an earthquake and ran outside, convinced the house was going to collapse on them all. It took the adults twelve minutes to find him in the dark and rain. It took two more minutes to convince him to come back inside.

●Y'all remember Mai from My Neighbor Totoro? The baby sister? Yeah, that’s pretty much Lance. Except he has a slightly wider mischievous streak than Mai. He also really looks up to Keith, because Keith is “the big kid”. Somehow, that translated in Lance’s preschool mind to “have to beat him at everything”.

○Pidge fits in a lot of places she shouldn’t. Coran has found her on windowsills, inside cabinets, under the sink. Once they found her sitting on top of the icebox with the black cat that unceremoniously moved in. That gave them all a fright. She’s very sure-footed for a two year old, and Shiro and Allura are a little worried about what’s going to happen when she’s tall enough to reach the door handles.

●Keith wants to be Just Like Shiro, all the time. Shiro shaves in the morning? Keith wants a “razor” too. Shiro kisses Allura on the cheek at breakfast every day? Keith will push a chair across the floor and stand on it so he can do the same. And of course, whatever Keith does, Lance does, and the chain of copycats usually ends in a small scuffle.

○Allura doesn’t ask about Shiro’s scars, and he doesn’t ask about hers. But sometimes she thinks that at least she remembers where hers came from. Between the pair of them, they’ve staved off most of the nightmares, but she worries that one day one of the kids will catch them in a flashback and she’ll have to explain it.

●Coran thinks of Allura and Shiro as his own kids, though he plays the role of the jovial uncle with more ease. He cried at their wedding, even though it was just a tiny civil ceremony. He does most of the cooking, because a 22 year old and a 23 year old focusing on four kids under the age of 6 won’t always be thinking of which foods to use.

○When Lance turns four, there is a large, smokey grey-blue cat sitting on his pillow when he wakes. He thinks Allura and Shiro have decided to let him have a cat after all. (Before living with them, Lance grew up expecting birthday presents to be things like a piece of candy or a toy car. His family was not well-to-do.) There’s a piece of paper on her leg that he thinks is a card, but he can’t read it. He doesn’t know why Shiro makes him wait on the other side of the room while he takes the tag off, or why Shiro has to sit down after, but it turns out the cat has a very similar personality to Lance. Go outside and hunt snails? A wonderful idea!

●The black cat is perfectly capable of hunting his own food. However, he won’t deny a certain satisfaction to finding a bit of meat or rice on a little tin plate that Shiro and Allura leave just inside the back door. They have no idea how he gets in when they know all the doors and windows are shut, but they know he’ll find the plate anyway.

The soon dead/sleepover/weirdos Kid, Apoo, Hawkins alliance requested by darkcollection26

Dean and Cas feeling awkward and strange the first time they’re out on an actual date together, left off-kilter by their new lack of filter; they could say anything they wanted, but suddenly they’re tongue-tied and staring around the fancy restaurant to avoid making eye-contact.

Dean getting more and more visibly agitated, until finally Cas leans across the table and says, “Come with me?”

Dean and Cas having their first official date in a starlit glade in the middle of the darkened woods around the bunker - no food and fancy menus, no starched napkins and fake flowers on the table - just them, laughing and talking and kissing under the weight of the infinite sky.

Saul Leiter      Self-portrait, New York City     1952

“I am not immersed in self-admiration. When I am listening to Vivaldi or Japanese music or making spaghetti at three in the morning and realize that I don’t have the proper sauce for it, fame is of no use. The other way to put it is that I don’t have a talent for narcissism. Or, to put it yet another way, the mirror is not my best friend.” Saul Leiter