three songs in one oh shit

OT3 goodness
  • We specifically bought this mini-van instead of a car because it has three seats in the font but now all we do is argue about who gets to sit in the middle
  • Our group chat is mostly just Person A serenading the both of us with song lyrics and dirty messages oh my god this fucking dork…oh shit now I’m kinda aroused one of you fuckers meet me for lunch asap
  • We all tried to spit our toothpaste in the sink at the same time and ended up banging our heads together and communicating in unintelligible noises due to having too much fucking toothpaste in our mouths oh my god will one you just spit first I’m so tired I want to go to bed
  • Person A always sleeps in the middle because they are the smallest but that also means that sometimes they end up like a whole half of the way down the bed by morning and more than once now we’ve both been terrified we accidentally suffocated them in the night
  • Person B is literally so fucking ticklish and we tickle-attack them so often that we think they might actually secretly hate us and have plans to leave us
  • Your parents are super supportive of our relationship which is really nice but every year your mom knits us three matching Christmas sweaters and we have no choice but to wear them and now the entire extended family knows we’re all together and it can get kinda awkward at times but oh well I love you both so much, hey Person A show us your childhood bedroom
  • You and I were innocently making out but then I got aroused and so did you but we knew Person C would be home literally any minute so we just decided to wait for them at which point they walked through the door and took one look at our faces and realized exactly what was going on before sighing at us disappointingly and taking off their shirt
  • You two are such trouble-makers and I am literally cleaning up after you 24/7 please be adults for like one second and no both of you simultaneously smothering me in neck kisses isn’t going to make me less mad….but carry on anyways

It is April again. On this crisp morning of 2018, you go about getting ready for the day as usual. In between brushing your teeth and a refreshing pee, you check your tumblr. You nearly drop your phone in the toilet; that’s how shocked you are to see The Raven Cycle trending. No….could it be? How could I lose track of the day? How could I forget my own children? What kind of fucking mother am I? With shaking fingers you tap on the black and red icon. Sure enough, there’s a notification. You begin, but it only plays a second before you have to stop; you’re not ready, you’re never going to be ready. You’re about to chicken out by stalling and taking a second pee, but you muster courage by thinking to yourself if Gansey can die twice like the extra bitch he is I can watch this. So you, again, not daring to breathe or blink, un-pause the first episode of the new Netflix TV series of the adaptation of your favorite book. Oh, you have time to ponder in that split second where the screen remains dark and buffering, oh if Adam isn’t bisexual I will shit my pants for nine days straight, and then…a voice. You crank up the volume, desperate to make out words from the noise. Suddenly your ears erupt with the homicide-inducing tune SQUASH ONE, SQUASH TWO, SQUASH THREE… Your ears are bleeding. You frantically fast forward but it’s just an hour of the Murder Squash Song. All thirteen episodes are full of murder squash. Thirteen hours of vegetable counting. You remember now that it’s April Fools. You flush your phone down the toilet and that’s when you begin to scream.

Ok, I’m a babby-n00b fan (it’s been what, two weeks, three?), but I really frickin’ love the band The Dear Hunter and I want to gush about their music and I enjoy ranking things so…yeah, here’s me talking about my favorite songs from the Acts. (no major story spoilers)

Please feel free to completely ignore if you aren’t interested in my semi-coherent and less-than-sophisticated ramblings. X’D

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Just A Kiss - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by thiddlestoff

Words: 836
Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: swearing (what’s new), sadness.
Requested by anon.
Can you write a song fic with "just a kiss” of lady antebellum and bucky please ? Btw your writing is wonderful and you’re awesome !
A/n: This a song fic for the song said above^^ if you’d like to listen to it, check it out here! Also, kind of a little bit of a shorter one, but not any less cute! :D (also, anon, I’m glad you like my writing, and you’re awesome as well!) AND, HOLY SHIT, I hit 900 followers last night! Oh my gosh, it’s so close to 1,000, and I’m freaking out. Thank you so much!!


Bucky pushed past Steve, past Natasha, and past you.

All three of you looked to one another with confused faces. "What’s going on with him?” You asked.

Steve shrugged. “We just got back from dinner, I don’t think I did anything.”

“Maybe you didn’t.” Natasha reasoned. “Did you leave Bucky alone at all?” She asked.

Steve thought for a second. “I was in the bathroom for like, a minute. Maybe something happened.”

“Want me to go talk to him?”

Steve and Natasha nodded at you. “Minus Steve, you’re closest to him.” Natasha said. And she wasn’t wrong, you were very close with Bucky. Of course, you weren’t like Steve, but you were something special to him.

It also wasn’t a dating situation, even though everyone on the team wanted you to, and could see that you both wanted to. It was just too difficult.

Sure, you have kissed before. Maybe even had a little affair. But, there was no way you guys could have a relationship. It just, didn’t seem possible.

But you went to talk to Bucky anyway. If he wouldn’t talk to Steve, usually you’d be able to get something out of him. So you followed him to his room, and carefully knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” He grumbled.

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anonymous asked:

OK so apparently there are like three different versions of how I learned to stop giving a shit, and one of them comes with the bonus track "the logical song" and I can find it anywhere ahdjckkckv like it's on the YouTube msi theme thing, but i live in fucking narnia and it won't play it?? And idk what to do help!!

Oh yeah, it’s a cover !! Here, try using this: X

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RELATIONSHIP STATUS: single and arospec af.
FAVORITE COLOR: I literally can’t choose just one color I love all of them.
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra 
TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Sherlock Holmes, Enjolras, and Luna Lovegood
TOP 3 SHIPS: JUST THREE?!?!? ok um Enjolras/Grantaire, John/Sherlock, and John Lennon/Paul McCartney.
BOOKS I’M CURRENTLY READING: oh god…The song of Achilles. I absolutely love it so far but I’m afraid to continue reading because I know it’s not gonna end well. Also Les Miserables (!!!!!!!) (I’m a proud survivor of the battle of Waterloo chapter).

Okay I tag @chocolatemika@johnlockishell , @arrrrnau , @kraeuterhexchen@leylamisprouvaire , @oreosforthecaptain and whoever whats to do this! <3

Choosing You (Part One)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: AU! - Dean, Sam, and Castiel are in a band and they want the reader to join.  She does, even though she’s already in another one.  Things get complicated, feelings get weird, and no one knows what obstacle is going to come up next.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,792
Tags: au!, plot driven, fluff and angst to come in later parts
A/N: As usual, if you comment/message me/reblog a comment about the fic, there’s a 1000000% chance I’ll reply with a funny gif and nice words :)



“My name is Dean Winchester and I want you.”  

Since you were in the middle of drinking your beer, you choked at the odd statement and nearly spit all over the counter.  “What?” You rasped out, your throat burning from the whole ordeal.  

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anonymous asked:

Thor and Vision are forced to have a Disney movie marathon. That is all.

  • Halfway through The Lion King they learn that Vision does, in fact, have the ability to cry.
  • And then Vision goes into a big explanation about how this was inspired by Greek gods and that gets Thor even more up in arms because the only gods are the ones in Asgard and Steve rolls his eyes like “haha no there’s only one god fam” and then Tony comes in being all “guys stop there is no god or gods” and Thor is like “I STAND BEFORE YOU AS A GOD, MIDGARDIAN” and there’s like a three hour debate about religion.
  • Granted, the debate didn’t have to be that long, but it was amusing to Tony so he just kept fueling the fire. 
  • During Mulan Thor and Vision keep gushing over how she is so brave and honorable and everyone else is 9000% sure they have both fallen in love with her. 
  • Thor shit talks The Huntsman from Snow White for being a terrible assassin for like three movies straight until Natasha has to explain the entire point of the movie. Thor still shit talks after. 
  • Everyone cries at Bambi. Everyone. 
  • Vision doesn’t see the point in everyone singing everything. Thor keeps asking how everyone knows the exact same song and dance. 
  • “The singer’s voice holds special powers,” Wanda says. “And after the song is complete, the only one who knows it took place was the main singer.” 
  • Thor and Vision silently begin to panic because oh my god has Wanda made them sing and dance.
  • The others roll with it to make them panic. 
  • They are both the kings of asking questions about the movie that would be answered if they would just watch the damn movie. 
  • At the end, they both decide that it’s crucial they visit Disney World. 
  • And finally: “I have heard much talk of a film about a green ogre. Is that Disney, as well?”

warwinterwolf  asked:

Sup :)! I saw your stuckony work (and it's oh so fuckin fab i loved it) Anyway me and my friend @fallenangelcastiel where super pumped up by stuckony avengers academy edition. You if we may suggest a prompt... "Bucky is still strugglin' with his memories even with Steve's and everyone help in the Academy, and sometimes he needs to be left alone so Bucky tends to sneak around at the back of Stark Tower writting songs and singing, cue on Tony loving every minute of it because it helps him (...) concentrate on his work. Iron man doesn’t really want to interrupt Bucky but one day there’s mild explosion and TWS comes up to see what is happening. He and Tony bond over tech and their mutual “Oh god Steve shut up, but also don’t because you have a nice voice I mean what”. Steve starts seeing them hanging around, but he has no idea why he feels like a hydra’s henchman kicked him in the guts, he later determines he is jealous but he isn’t sure of whom? Meanwhile Tony and Bucky enjoy singing Twenty One pilot songs and tinkerin’ with tech and after TWS determines that Steve is acting weird (more weird than usual) and findin out what Cap’s feelings are about. He sets up a surprise DATE! For the three of them. It goes to shit when Red Skull appears to fuck shit up (fuck that angry skeleton btw) and tries to get both Cap and Buck to Hydra (also Iron man gets really beated up by him) but slightly hurt Tony saves the day with science and an epic line like like Surprise bitch, you though you have seen the last of me” rad momentum and gets them back to finish their date. All of them bloody and covered in scratches end up eating giant burgers on the corner store and decide that this seems to be like a great idea on the good run (cue Bucky and Steve kissin’ all that sweet geeky Tony finally)” Sorry if its hella long, Hope this is okay, and long live stuckony and your amazing writting skills in every universe! <3

Oh wow you are so sweet thank you so much. Thanks for the prompt! I have been looking for some AVAC Stuckony to no avail, may as well write it!


James Barnes. That was the guy who had been on the Hydra platform for weeks now, rolling his eyes and shaking his head when he thought no one was watching. As soon as Sharon had figured out who it was, Tony was among the first to find out and the first to help James get back to being Bucky again. Once he actually joined the academy, Tony stepped back a little. Steve was the guy’s best friend, he should be the one helping him, not some random guy who knew how to break a bit of hyper-weak-ass brainwashing. Steve had made his peace with Tony but still wasn’t talking to him as much, avoiding really was the term. So when Tony learned he was helping Bucky with his memories, he guessed the new guy wouldnt be talking to Tony too much either. 

Tony shook his head and tried to focus on his work. His Iron Defenders needed upgrades, so did Rhodey’s suit, hell so did his own suit considering he spent so much time on the joke-suit of the Capbuster. He smiled, still funny though. He was nowhere near in the zone, the zone was a distant memory to him, how the hell was he supposed to focus? He was tempted just to head up to the hot tub when a low, gravely voice and a hushed guitar broke his train of though. 


Steve was great. No really, Steve was amazing at the moment with Bucky. He was helping his with old memories, encouraging him in anyway he could, but even his ‘best friend’ (was he? was this just a ploy from Hydra to ensure compliance?) had little time for his music. He wanted to play sports like the used to, or reminisce about old times, or live in that damn club. So, every now and then, when he could Bucky would sneak behind Stark Tower. Steve hated the building so tended to avoid it on his walks, especially since Tony planted a statue of himself there ( “Cap has a statue! Fair is fair!” He had argued) so he knew he wouldnt be bothered.  He could just sit and play his music, take his mind back into his own hands- not Hydras, not The Red Skulls, and not Steve trying to get his best friend back. He didn’t have to be Bucky or a Soldier, he could just be James.

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No but imagine the chaos that would occur if rihanna’s “Bitch better have my money” started playing at a world meeting for no reason. It starts softly at first but gets louder and people begin to wonder “who is this for? Who owes who money?? how much money??who is this bitch????” things escalate and it ends with america and china in a duel for their honor, germany trying to fight all of Europe at once, czech and slovakia are trying and failing to double-team liechtenstien bc oh my god she keeps three machine guns under that skirt holy shit, and all of the ex USSR countries are slowly making a circle around russia, softly chanting the lyrics to the song. once things have seemed to calm down, somebody asks who’s going to pay for damages to the room. WWIII then breaks out. In the background, you can still hear the song, stopping for nothing. either way, one thing is clear: this bitch better have their money

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Imagine Steve and Bucky introducing Peggy to baseball.

“Bloody hell!” Peggy cries, toppling out of her bed.

“Whatsa matter, Pegs?” Steve mumbles, rolling over.

“Can’t you hear it?”

“Hear what?”

“Your partner in crime is blasting Take Me Out to the Ballgame at…” she checks her wristwatch, “…at six thirty in the morning!”

“I’ve woken up to worse.”


“Aww relax Peg, he’s just excited that we’re going to a ballgame later. Your first American baseball game. It’s a momentus day.” Steve gets more and more excited as he speaks, and starts humming along with the blaring song.

“Oh not you too!”

Buy me some peanuts and aaaappleeeeejackkkkkssssss,” Steve belts, a huge smile on his face. “I don’t care if I never come back…”

“You’re the worst. If I’m up, I’m going to get some coffee.”

Steve trails after her singing at the top of his lungs. They make their way to the kitchen where Bucky is at the coffee machine with a giant shit-eating grin. “For it’s ONE, TWO, THREE strikes you’re out,” he sings.

In the oooooollllddddd ballllllgammmeeeeeeeee,” Steve and Bucky finish together.

“This was a horrible idea,” Peggy moans, knowing what the rest of her day will look like.

I’ll Never Recover (Ashton Irwin Imagine, Part 2)

Pairing: Reader/Ashton

Rating: Well this part is still PG 13 :-D

Words: 1340

Requested: YES :)


Part 2, enjoy :) Do you want a part 3?? :) let me know


It’s been two days since you left Ashton’s apartment without saying a word, yet it felt like two years. You didn’t expect it to be as hard as it was. You didn’t realize you had some serious feelings for him. You thought that it was just a stupid, little crush that will go away right after you stopped seeing him. But that didn’t happen. And of course, Ash texting you, wasn’t helping either.

‘Hey bebz, can i come over tonite? ;)’

You didn’t respond because truthfully, you didn’t know how to. How do you politely tell someone that you don’t want to see them again? Did you want to see him again? Of course. Did you think it was a good idea to see him again? Of course not.

So you didn’t. You decided that the best way how to approach this is to not approach this at all. Maybe he will forget I exist if I don’t talk to him at all. Right?  You were trying to convince yourself, but you knew that would never happen. Yours sessions with Ash became a very frequent thing and even if you wanted to believe something different, you knew he wouldn’t just let it go.

So the next day he called. And the day after. A week from now, you were hanging out at Calum’s.

“You alright?”  Calum asked.

“Yea I’m fine, why?”

Don’t know, you just seem a bit…off.”

“I’m good.”

You and Calum cuddled next to each other on his bed, while you were watching some movie. Just like the old times. You thought to yourself. You lost yourself in your thoughts since the movie was kind of boring.

“…kay, I’ll see you then. Bye.” 

Your snooze fest was suddenly interrupted by Calum ending a phone call.

“Who was that?” You asked, bored with the movie the two of you were currently watching.

“Luke. We’re meeting for a pizza in like an hour, wanna join?”

“I don’t know.” You mumbled. “I am quite hungry to be honest. Who’s going?”

“Well, definitely Michael. It’s a pizza, he wouldn’t miss that.”

“Right.” You giggled.

“And Ash is probably going as well, so the usual.”

“Oh.” You said, surprised. Like you almost forgotten he’s one of the Calum’s closest friends.

“Oh?” Calum repeated with increased interest and giggle.

“Yea, uhm, I’m not really hungry, to be honest.” You said quietly, praying that he would let it go.



“You just said you were hungry but as soon as I mentioned Ashton, you’re magically not hungry anymore? How?”

“No I mean, I just remember I still have some food at home.”

“Yea right. Is this about Ashton? I thought you two were getting along finally.”


“No it’s not about Ashton; I just don’t feel like eating pizza today. I’ll eat at home.”

“If you say so.”

The two of you continued watching the movie until a doorbell ringed half an hour later. Calum went to open the door, so you stayed in his room. You heard some voiced but you didn’t really paid attention to those until Cal stepped back into his room.

“Soo, (Y/N) we’re heading out now. Do you want us to drop you off?” Calum asked while putting a hoodie on.

“Uhm, that would be great I guess.”  You smiled shyly. You waited for Calum to get dressed and then went together into Luke’s car.

You got into the backseat, just as Calum and Luke sat down in the front. You lived on the other side of the town as Calum did and it was quite far away so you happily agreed to Luke dropping you off. The three of you drove for a while, singing loudly to every song that blasted through a radio until you suddenly stopped in front of some house.

“Uhm, Luke this is not where I live.” You giggled and looked around.

Luke laughed as well.

“I know, we’re just getting Mikey and Ashton here and then we’re dropping you off.”  Luke turned in his seat and smiled at you. Shit.You thought to yourself. This isn’t happening. Michael and Ashton came out from one of the houses. Shit, shit, shit.

“Oh.”  You bluntly said. Calum and Luke exchanged a weird look and you didn’t know what it was supposed to mean but you didn’t really have time to think about that, since someone opened the door of the car. Your heart started to pound rapidly and if someone took a closer look at you, he could see it pumping right through your skin on your chest.

“Oh, hey (Y/N). Long time, no see, huh?” Mikey said as he got into the car and sat next to you. You moved more to the side, so you weren’t in the middle and were forever grateful that Michael was the one sitting next to you right now and not Ashton. When Michael mentioned your name, Ashton suddenly snapped his head in your direction.

“Yea.” If someone would hand out an award for awkward silence, this moment would win the first place, no doubt. Another weird look was exchanged between Luke and Calum that you didn’t know the meaning of as Luke started driving again. Michael spoke again.

“So (Y/N), what have you been up to these last few days? Were you like sick or something?” Ashton pierced his ears so he can listen to your answer.

“Uhm, no.” You said while looking out of the window, blushing slightly.

“Really? You look awful. Are you sure you weren’t sick?”  Ashton suddenly said, not even glancing at you. But everyone was turning their heads to him.

“No.” You said sternly.

“Oh.”  He said chirpily, like the two of you were having just a normal, friendly conversation.

“So what did you do last week? Anything fun?” Michael asked again.

“Yeah (Y/N), tell us. Did you have a good week?”  Ashton snapped again, sarcastically. You were almost in front of your house.

“Actually yes, I had a great week, thank you very much.”  This time, you turned around, feeling a little daring and glared at Ashton. Your eyes met for a split second and you could see pure anger in his eyes.

“What about you guys?” You turned your gaze back to the car window.

“Couldn’t be better.” Ashton said and looked out of the window on his side. Luke suddenly stopped the car in front of your house.

“I’m actually having a party tonight, if you wanna come? You know, catch up and stuff?” Michael asked.

“Yea you should come (Y/N), we didn’t hang out at all last week.” Calum chimed in. You opened the door.

“I’ll think about it.”  You smiled and got out of the car.

“I don’t think you wanna come (Y/N). You know you don’t handle parties pretty well.” Ashton said and looked at you with a cocky grin.

“What does that supposed to mean?”  Luke asked, suddenly interested.

“Oh, don’t worry Ashton, I’ll be there.” You slammed the door of the car and got into your house.

The guys drove to the pizza restaurant and ordered their food while talking about various things.

“Soo, what should we bring tonight?” Calum asked.

“We?” Michael asked and laughed.

“Yea, me and (Y/N).”

“Oh, right. You don’t have to bring anything. I think I’m covered.”  Calum smiled and Michael took a sip from his drink.

“Oh, by the way,…”  Calum turned to Ashton. “…, could you maybe watch the attitude a little?” Calum asked a little huffed.


“Towards (Y/N).”

“I don’t have an attitude.”

“YES YOU DO!”  Michael, Luke and Calum said in unison.

“Okay, okay. Calm down, I was just teasing her.”

Buddy, there’s a thin line between teasing and hurting someone feelings you know that right?”  Luke said while grimaced towards Michael.

“And I still don’t understand while you are being so bitter towards her? Why do you despise her so much?” Calum said.

“She’s actually a really cool person if you would just get to know her a litt…”

“Can we drop this?”

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Before He Cheats

Character: Dean

Reader: Female

Warnings: None that I can think of besides extreme violence towards Baby and a couple swings are taken at Sam and Castiel. Also slight mention towards anorexia and language.

Word Count: 1052

Author: shadow-angel-of-the-lord

A/N: This is based off Carrie Underwood’s song ‘Before He Cheats” and I got a heaping ton of inspiration of a fanfic that I read recently. So this is my first time writing for Dean and this is just part one of what I’m hoping to be a three parter. I wrote this in first person (I can already hear the groans of frustration) because I am absolute shit at writing in second person and third person gives me a headache because I always screw up my tenses. So just bear with me. Anyway, here you go!


Oh I was beyond pissed. I sat at the bar, shooting whisky as if it was tequila. I watched as Dean placed his hands on that blonde bitch’s hips and shot her that dazzling smile when she giggled. His lips connected with her neck and I could feel the growl rise in my throat. The guy sitting beside me slapped some cash on the bar top and took off, the tender just kept pouring drinks, not sticking around long enough for me to get a hold of him. I watched a few minutes more before putting my own cash down and exiting the bar.

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about-my-larents  asked:

Hi! I'm the first anon asked you about wether Liam can be gay. Thank you for your nice answer first. What made me think about Ziam is that Liam acted so jealous and uncomfortable when perrie and zayn engagement happened. I've watched them recently and I was like "fuck". Please watch those. I still dunno what to think so asked you. Still looking proof videos. And one more thing; Ziam videos believe wolf is about Ziam. Now, they have a song called Wolves. Paralel ig photos, I'm confused.

Hello again! Thank you so much for that first message. Like I said, at first I was like, do I really want to open this can of worms? But I think there’s no harm in discussing it. 

Honestly, my slow downward spiral into the 1D fandom went like this: saw them on X-Factor and was like, ‘Wow. These kids are going to be huge.’ Then fast forward to @mattbellassai​ ‘s article The 21 Most WTF Moments From One Direction’s Latest Music Video about ‘Best Song Ever’ when I was like, ‘This song is amazing and holy shit I thought that was an actual woman, not Zayn Malik’. THEN his article about Larry (46 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Proved They Belong Together)  had me like, ‘Oh wow I never knew they were a couple! Cute.’ THENNNNNN I found out they were not publicly a couple and was like ‘Srsly. Wtf?’ And then I saw This Is Us on a long-haul flight (basically watched it three times, thanks Virgin airlines!) and that is what started it all. Like I said, I was too interested in Larry to even entertain the notion of any other possible couples in the group. 

But, I digress.

One thing that really struck me, and still does to this day, is the scene in This Is Us on the way to the airport. Where I would expect to either see Larry snogging up until the last minute, or getting on a plane together, I saw this instead:

(Yeah he does)

And it was like, ‘Oh, maybe all the boys are just affectionate with each other and say slightly homoerotic things all the time…’ As if Morgan Spurlock was under strict orders to show just how bromantical they could all be in an attempt to dismiss previous Larry interactions. That’s where my brain went, because again, at the time the idea of two couples didn’t even cross my mind. 

I’m not saying that the above interactions can’t be platonic - but why show them? With a heavily closeted Louis and Harry at this point (I can’t remember them having any alone screen time together aside from when they were getting their hair done and even then it wasn’t them interacting like this), showing Liam and Zayn like this makes you automatically think, ‘Well obviously nothing is going on because their management would never let this happen or be shown if they actually were a couple given the way they handle the Larry situation.’

The Ziam thing for me is purely speculation at this point. There is a lot of evidence both for and against it, so at this point I’m just trying to highlight things as I’ve noticed them that I haven’t seen thoroughly discussed previously. 

There is a lot of jealous Ziam moments, and the way that Liam describes ‘Wolves’ does seem reminiscent of how he acts when women are throwing themselves at Zayn.

Thanks again for your messages! xx

aaron tveit is so much of a nerd that he always somehow makes the things that are cool about him nerdy. he’s a super athletic jock? he spends his free time reading sports books and golfing and tweeting shit like “hard work on three one two three hard work!!!” he’s polite and nice? “hi…. i like your yellow dress… *bites lip* it’s very nice” he’s a talented actor? forgets all his lines when he knows his parents are there. he’s a talented singer? “oh i hope you guys like these rad tshirts i’m selling at my show, i designed them myself and based them off a song of ice and fire shirt i have! :D now let’s sing some taylor swift so i can get back to playing elder scrolls online”

  • Relative: so did you have a nice Christmas???
  • Me: ten years since the doctor held hands with rose tyler in the snow. nine since donna appeared in the tardis. eight since the titanic almost crashed into buckingham palace. seven when Jackson lake was a thing. six since ten regenerated and I honestly thought doctor who was going to go to shit. five since a shark in the fog and Katherine Jenkins???? Idk about that one. Four since there was a wardrobe and a widow don't really know about that one either to be fair. Three since Clara Oswin Oswald fell from the clouds and brought the doctor out of mourning. Two where eleven regenerated and I experienced probably one of the biggest let downs of my life. One since last christmas and I swear to fucking god I cried about 40 million times and then OH MY GOD RIVER FUCKING SONG
  • Me: yeah it was alright
Slightly ridiculous AUs in which one or both members of your otp needs serious help

- “You caught me stealing quarters from you in the Laundromat and I’m sorry but can we talk about this later i haven’t done laundry in two weeks” au

- “I work at a 24 hour fast food place and my shift is 1-4 am and you come in here every night around three to obnoxiously flirt with me, don’t you have anything better to do like sleep?” au

- “I’m late to school every day and you live next door to me and have a car, my mom is making me ask you for a ride” au

- “I understand we’re in the middle of the zombie apocalypse but we cannot just leave this dog here” au

- “I have a contact in my phone named Drunk Guy(/Girl) bc this guy literally keeps drunk texting me, and we text a lot when he’s wasted and sometimes the morning after to make sure he’s okay and I’ve never met him but he’s my age and lives around here” au

- “I keep getting drunk as hell and texting this one contact in my phone that facebook gave me bc the kid goes to my school or something, and he doesn’t seem to have my number or realize it’s me but it’s whatever” au

- “I don’t care if we have to fucking joust or some ridiculous shit, it’s three am, i have two exams and an eight am lecture tomorrow, that last Snickers bar is mine” au

- “The walls in this apartment building are absurdly thin and my neighbor is constantly blasting music, which i guess i don’t mind but sometimes between songs i can hear them sobbing?? Are you okay?? Do you want me to come over oh god I’ll make you cookies” au

- “We’re both in the recovery section of this mental help place and somehow we’ve never met before despite all the team bonding shit they make us do, and neither one of us wants to talk about why we’re in here but we’re more than happy to argue about anything and everything” au

- “I’m walking home and it just started pouring rain so i ran under your porch to hide, now please call off your crazy dog okay I’ve already walked two miles in this humid as fuck weather i just want a break” au

- “We’re both dancers at this shitty club and we’re constantly trying to out do each other because i don’t care how much you think you need this money i need it more” au

- “You just stumbled into the room I’m in at this party and cornered me and started yelling about how none of it was your fault and that you’re stronger now, and i don’t know what you’re talking about and I’m pretty sure I’m not who you’re looking for but if you want to talk about it I’ll listen” au

- “I only grocery shop at two am in an effort to avoid people, but apparently you do it too and turns out the shelves are not very well stocked in the middle of the night so we’re always fighting over shit, but tbh you’re hot and I’m starting to look forward to seeing you” au

Super-long SPECTRE review

(take a sit ´cause this is long)

“The death are alive”

The whole Mexico scene mother of god 

The song/tentacle thing we are not gonna comment on

Bond being a little shit to M

M doesn´t get paid enough for this

Wild Moriarty appears and apparently wants to start a lets-talk-shit street fight!

Eve Monneypenny.

Tanner you gorgeous baby


The gun thing. You know what im talking about.

Q laughing at his own joke oh my

that whole scene in the lab

Bond doing whatever he wants and leaving champagne as an apology

Monica Belluci

Stereotypical “one guy rules the world and is the reason everything ever happened” excitement


Q lying to M to protect 007


Bond and Dr. Swan being some sort of Bond/Vesper parallel 

More Q and Bond sharing screen time like 

Q escaping those baddies like a total champ

Oh C, look like your “lets vote so i win” plan didn’t turned out so well huh

So Bond is getting serious with blondie because… she… asks him if he doesn’t like his work?

More general ass-kicking

The bad guy is bad because he didn’t get enough hughs when he was a kid, so now dear step brother is time for death.



“He won’t remember who you are” “Oh my god don’t do this”

Bond: “I would never forget you, not you”

Literally everyone in the audience:

MI6 Squad:

More Bond/Blod-


M getting out of the car bc hello: awesome

C takes out a gun because he thinks he can impress M or anyone at this point

Bond is just generally awesome again 

When you think Bond/Dr.Sawn is finally over 

when she literally comes back from nowhere because plot device 


Bond in the bridge looking at Blondie

hoe don´t do it

Bond *does it*

Q´s lab and you can feel how this is going to end

Q´s face OMG

Bond and Blondie drive straight to the sunset cause Bond does´t give a fuck anymore or something

Favorite Line

A/N: Can you write one where the reader is a poet and Calum falls in love with her??? Like a fan has a tattoo of a poem she wrote and Calum asks the fan who wrote it and she says “y/n” and they meet at a party in London accidentally!!! Love xxx

Oh my gosh I love this idea so much, and I really hope I do it justice, and don’t mess it up. And I am sorry it took so long to reply anon, I’m just super scared to write this because the idea is so good.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Calum stared at the blank page in front of him. Laptop open beside him trying to find some sort of inspiration for the new song he had been trying to write for weeks. As he sit in the small cafe in LA, watching the world outside pass by, trying to gain some new perspective hoping that something would trigger a memory, or a line that would spark some creativity that had been missing. But there was nothing, just a mind full of useless thoughts, and letters running through his head. As he spaced out his phone rang.

“Hello,” he answered.

“Dude where are you? We have a meet and greet in half an hour!” Luke’s voice rang through the phone.

“Oh shit, sorry man, I lost track of time, I’ve been trying to write that stupid song before the deadline.” Calum muttered.

“Whatever, just get here ASAP,” and with that the call ended and Calum quickly packed up his things and headed to the venue as quick as he could, arriving in the nick of time.

“About time you showed up! The meet and greet starts in one minute, quick hand me your bags and get into the room,” his manager yelled at him, while grabbing his bags.

Calum walked into the room where the other three boys stood, each of them with a look of relief on their faces as he walked in.

“If you ever do this again I swear to God I am going to beat the living shit out of you,” Michael sassed him.

“Sorry,” Calum said under his breath, but before he could continue the venue’s security and event director walked in yelling for them to take their places as they began to let fans inside. It was the same routine as always, smile, hug, say a few words, then on to the next one. The same thing every time, a constant repeat. Every once in a while there would be a fan with an interesting story, or there would be older fans that would come through which kept the greetings a little more interesting. A lot of the fans that came through had tattoos, and piercings, which always made for good conversation, and even led to some ideas for future songs. On this particular day, one fan had a line written across her arm, that happened to catch Calum’s eye. On the arm of the girl laid the words, “beauty in the broken” in cursive.

“Hey, I like your tattoo,” Calum said, catching the girl off guard.

“Oh wow, thank you!” She cooed back with an enthusiastic smile.

“How did you come up with that?” He questioned.

“It’s actually a line from one of my favorite poems, by a writer named (Y/N), she is amazing. She doesn’t have much written yet, but I love her writing.” she rambled on. This one phrase had caught Calum’s attention and he had to learn more about this writer who may have just sparked some new found inspiration.


If this goes over well I may do a part two?

Also feel free to request anything. Thank you for reading! Shay <3

The Third Unheard: Connecticut Hip Hop 1979-1983 (2004)

I studied the cover and inside gatefold of this album for a while before even putting the music on. There is a note from the compiler, which doesn’t really tell me much, as someone who really doesn’t know anything about the Connecticut rap scene, but it doesn’t matter because all I need to know can be found in the old poster which takes up most of the gatefold. The first thing I noticed was the time of the show: “Sunday 8:00 pm-Until (Your Moma [sic] Call). and then I noticed what it says in the upper right hand corner:

This show will be videotaped. There has never been a show like it in Connecticut or be another like it. It will be the talk of 1984, and the video will proved if you were there. Tell your Moma[sic] don’t drop you off, come party with you.

That is a bold and intriguing declaration. And looking at it from the smartphone age we live in now, it just reinforces that the urge to document endlessly, just to prove you were there and a part of something, was around way before it was so easy to prove. The arrogance of this poster cannot be contained. All over it says “A once in a life time show,” “Anyone who is someone will be there.” And a small detail that in 1984 no one would think twice about really sticks out to me. The directions. “Direction: Take New England Thru Way [sic] (95) to Exit (31) Go east to Benton St., Make a left.” I can just picture some kid pulling this poster off of their college bulletin board, piling in a car with some old high school friends (the concert was on Christmas day, so they’re home visiting their families) and smoking a joint down the New England thruway all the way to exit 31 to prove that they were there and saw something life changing.

I’m afraid that this poster might not be real though- I’m hoping it’s at least the modification of a real poster.Since this album is a compilation of connecticut hip hop from 1979-1983, we’re not about to listen to a live recording of what this poster advertises and it does say the album’s title at the top. I’m hoping that that’s the only thing they added to this poster, because as I just scanned it even closer to see if it was obvious that it was fake or not I noticed this part “featuring a four year old break dancer.” Come on! This really was the show of shows.

So with all that in mind, let’s put this record (another double lp!) on!

The first song is called “Rappin’ WIth Mr. Magic,” and starts with a very solid bass line and some clapping. To really prove that this is a Connecticut song, Mr. Magic starts naming Connecticut

towns followed by a chorus saying “we’re down!” I like the fast funkiness of this rap which also has a lot of clever lines, but everytime I tried to write one down, I’d get too distracted by the next line, so you’ll have to just listen for yourself. The next song “Get Up (And Go To School)” by Pookey Blow is either a woman or a child. It really does sound like a child’s voice. And since it’s a rap about school, I’m going to go with the child theory. Is this the four year old break dancer?

In the middle of the school raps, there’s the classic “Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn” line from “Rapper’s Delight,” which is always a fun time to be able to yell out “say what?” There are some more call and response lines which are great. I feel like I need to remember to play this song in the mornings when Harvey starts going to school. And then the kazoo jam comes in and you know this is an A+ song.

On to side two with “Party People (remix)” by Rappermatical 5. This definitely sounds like a song you could roller skate to. This one has some great horns and the bass is almost overpowering the sound. There’s also a pretty intense synthesizer solo accompanied by the sounds of people partying in the background. This definitely feels like a great song to play at a party especially when they start saying names like “If your name is Vern, then you’ve got a lot of money to burn. We’re gonna give you the name ‘Disco V.’ Disco V, you run society.” This song really builds, you can feel the excitement growing and picture a dance floor just getting crazier and crazier.

The next song, “Million Dollar Legs,” by The Outlaw Four starts with a very heavy drum beat and then the phrase “Million dollar legs,” said a few times, which feels kind of funny to me. The rapping between “Million dollar legs,” is mainly about bragging about being a ladies dream. “Ladies if you please, we have the remedies.” The rapping turns into group rap/singing about the ladies! That was a great interlude. And it’s immediately followed by a funky saxophone solo. This song’s kind of got it all. I really like all of the brass instruments included in these songs.

On to side three! It starts with an energetic instrumental jam complete with laser beam sounds.  Mr. Magic again with “Potential 1980.” This album really builds in a great way. You should play it in the exact order when you have people over. By the time you make it to side three, it will be just enough time to get people warmed up and dancing. This feels like disco and I’m loving every booty shaking moment. Ha! That’s funny, the next song by The Chillie 3 MCs is called “Shake your boody!” One thing’s for sure, whether it’s a booty or a boody, when this record is playing it cannot be contained!

Let’s put on the last side! Oh shit the kazoos and some serious synthesizer are back with “2001 Kazoo’s” by Mr Magic and Positive Choice Band.  Alex says that this is his favorite song on the album, but so far I think “Potential 1980” and “Get Up (And Go To School)” are my favorites. This song is good though. All the songs on this album just make you feel good. Like the poster recommends, tell your Moma, come party with you. The last song is “Ventriloquist Rap,” and I’m pretty sure he’s rapping as a ventriloquist with a puppet. Willie Brown and Woodie. Is Woodie the puppet? It’s pretty impressive if that’s the case. How do you even learn how to be a ventriloquist? This song helps you wind down from all the boody shaking ruckus and you’ve got to wonder what it was like to see a rapping ventriloquist at the video taped show of all shows in 1984.

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