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“Get Out” is the Horror Movie Black People Have Waited For

HOLY SHIT. Sorry. I’m still in Post-Terrific Flick Syndrome. Corny maybe, but I digress. My heart’s still pumping from what may have just made me believe in horror movies again. As a black woman horror fan, your mind tends to wonder about the fleeting possibilities of having a horror movie speak to you or at least send the message you would love to tell to the white majority- who have gifted us with decades of the black person being the first to go in this popular genre, but have absolutely no idea how we can feel some type of way about it. Get Out is the answer to our prayers. 

From the genius mind of Jordan Peele (aka the second half of comedy duo Key & Peele and my new muse), the psychological thriller tells the story of a black male, Chris (played by Daniel Kaluuya), who reluctantly travels with his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to meet her parents before realizing there’s some deeper shit going on with them and the very few black workers. 

First off, this movie gave me CHILLS. Goosebumps around every corner. I can’t even count the many times I sat throughout the movie with my grandma- yes, my grandma, who also enjoyed it- and felt so uncomfortable all because of the stares and creepy smiles you saw throughout the film. Satire-like truth. 

And the best part? It was all so…familiar. The microaggresions, the suspense, the unspoken fear and anxiety of being an outsider- a black person- surrounded by an ocean of eyes, white faces, all prodding and asking questions, comments that are supposedly supposed to be compliments while all-in all, making you feel like a rare spectacle in their high society zoo. Jordan Peele’s excellent creative work shined out, he definitely put his all into his first piece. It was like a black person’s secret nightmare being held in front of them like a mirror. My eyes never left the screen. And it’s that relevancy that makes this thriller special in a Trump Age. A scary movie about racism that gives white people a taste of their own medicine. This couldn’t have been released at a better time. 

And the music? Flashback to Insidious-level creepy. The violins popped in enough to make you feel the level of creepiness Chris was on in every part of the film. HEART-PUMPING!

Daniel Kaluuya’s Chris and Lil Rel Howery’s Rod were my absolute favorite performances. Rel’s character always came in with the right amount of comedy at the right time, very spot on and another shot out to Jordan Peele for great directing technique. And I gotta give a lil’ praise to Catherine Keener, who in my opinion, was the creepiest of Rose’s parents with her cringing teacup tapping (I can still hear it! That hypnosis scene tho!).

A final shoutout goes to the cinematography for the chilling, almost noir-like lighting with many various shadows, darkness and the dreaded paralysis of the hypnosis scene (Literally. Again, that hypnosis scene ). 

If you have read and are just as excited to see Get Out as I was before this morning, I highly recommend you do so immediately. RIGHT NOW. You may also find yourself in Post-Terrific Flick Syndrome. 

Cause Get Out is THREE SNAPS UP (in a Z Formation).