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“But I’m sure if we’re together we can enjoy anything!” - Hello, Hoshi o Kazoete
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A day or two later, Ray arose with the rest of us in the small hours so that we could reach Agra in time to see the Taj Mahal in the roseate light of dawn. An image I shall never forget is that of Antonioni and Kurosawa accompanying him around the shrine—three of the cinema’s great masters laughing and chatting informally. Ray gave off an intense self-confidence without seeming in the slightest degree arrogant or complacent. Never sentimental, he probably agreed with the king in The Chess Players, who says that “nothing but poetry and music should bring tears to a man’s eyes.” While in Agra, he told Kurosawa about a huge tree in India that measured almost one mile in girth. Much later, Kurosawa wrote to him, reminding him of that incident and saying, “I have always felt from the first time I met you that you are the kind of man who is like a huge tree. A great tree in the woods in India.”

Flashback: Satyajit Ray by Peter Cowie

If you start out at the entrance to the Dahongpao scenic area and follow the trail all the way to the end you get to a place called Water Curtain Cave. The “cave” is really just a ledge with an overhang above from which a wide curtain of water is constantly falling.

On the ledge is situated a memorial shrine for three learned men associated with the area, Liu Zihui, Zhu Xi and Liu Fu, of which Zhu Xi is of particular note.


Exit Stage Right by Jake Jung
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return to the light [closed RP w sting-and-pals]


They argued hard, then he left witout a single not the guild. ‘That idiot, eating the flower Frosch gave me was after a while forgivable, but not him flirting right infront of me with Natsu Dragneel’ was the thought going through his mind the first couple of days as he decided to head out into the countryside without taking Frosch along. Deep inside he knows, his partner will be safe staying around Lector and this blond attractive dragon slayer.

His personal quest drove him to a town near the border far in the north, where he learned about a cult residing in those villages. One of the elders seems to recognize the goddes of the dark in his appearance, so he was asked by the high priest to stay and help the out. Usually he wouldn’t accept a request without any payment at all. But the high priest promised him access to some ancient scrolls that are hidden deep within the shrine.

After three months have passed by since he helped out and learned about Skiadrum being the guardian of these villages, he decides to finally return to Sabertooth. Frosch will be frantic being so long without him. So the high priest entrusts him the scrolls from the shrine as well a recording lacrima, then he leaves this area to return back home

Three has entered the Shrine

“Hm?” It seemed that was more people entering upon the Shrine. He huffed in slight annoyance but he looked upon the grounds. He could easily sniff out the scent. And he became curious of to who stepped upon the Shrine grounds.

“I’m curious as to why creatures as yourself would come here?” He mused, a fox like grin across his face.