three shells


Seashell readings ~

After years of divining and working with seashells I have come to develop my own meaning and understanding of each shell. Using the connections I’ve made with my personal collection helps me to receive a clear and individualized message each reading.
If there is a specific inquiry please inform me beforehand, otherwise it will be treated as a general reading

Due to the large amount of personal energy and spoons used during this form of divination the price is a little higher than my oracle readings but as always a portion of all profits earned will still be donated!!

The cost of a reading is $8 and includes three shells with a brief description of each as well as a photo, thank you for understanding and for allowing me the privilege to read for you

Why me?

Description: The reader is Caroline’s weaker and practically invisible twin sister. You get along with others but they often misunderstand you. So when you are invited to the ball by Klaus, whom you have a secret crush on, it means the whole world to you. And when you get there Klaus makes you feel like the most beautiful girl there.

Characters: Klaus x Reader

Gender: Female/Dress Wearer

Triggers: Mentions of loneliness and abandonment

Words: 2,487 - this is the longest one I’ve written!

This was Requested by anon - This was a great request, I hope I did it justice.

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I’m kind of making some stuff up to fit what I want to do with this prompt

You left the Salvatore house, sure that no one noticed at all. They were to preoccupied to notice you anyway. They cared for a while, when you and Caroline were turned, well, Stefan did. But more and more happened, and it was like you faded away. You had more control over your Vampirism than Caroline, but she was stronger so she was included more in the problems you were all facing, everyone tried to push you out, thinking you couldn’t handle it, so they left you alone. 

You tried to explain to them you could help, Matt could why couldn’t you? You figured it was because no one understood you. You had trouble being clear with your thoughts, no one could keep up with them. Hell, you barely could sometimes. 

You and Carolines relationship was strained these days. You two use to be so close, you were twins after all. Though, not identical. You wish you were sometimes, Caroline was so beautiful, you figured that was why Klaus was interested in her. Why did you care anyway? Klaus was the bad guy wasn’t he? Caroline couldn’t care about him any less. Why didn’t he like you? Why didn’t anyone like you? You use to cry over this all the time, but now, you were so use to it, you no longer wasted your tears on those who didn’t care about you.

Before you knew it, you had walked all the way home. Walking in you call out “I’m home mom!” hearing no response you figured she was at work. You walked up the stairs and went into your room. Your eyes immediately going to the box on your bed. Walking over you saw an invitation to the Mikaelsons ball, you picked it up ready to take it to Carolines room, Klaus must have gotten her a gift or something, and thought this was her room. 

Stopping before you left your room, you looked back down at the box, you wanted to know what was in it. “It was on my bed. If she gets mad at me for opening it, it’s not my fault.” you said out loud to yourself. 

Turning around you put the box back on your bed. You took the envelope, opening it looking at the invitation you turn it over. You couldn’t believe what was on the back. “Save me a dance y/n. Fondly, Klaus” he wasn’t serious was he? He invited you and not Caroline? He must be up to something. Glancing at the box you slowly took the lid off gasping at what was in the box. A beautiful red sparkling gown. You touched it gently feeling the fabric. 

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Witch kits! Sorta. They’re almost done.

In order:

🌙 moon witch kit – white and black candles, white and black envelopes, bottle, matches, pentacle, bay leaf and salt vials, ring, quartz, two blue goldstone charms, three selenite sticks, black wooden tray.

☠ Sigil/secret witch kit – lace, chalk, dried rose, acorn, pinecone, pentacle, candles and vial in pocket tin.

🌱 green/cottage witch kit – green antique box, pentacle, green tea light, vials necklace, embroidered pouch, small white candles, acorn, amethyst, arrow charms.

🌊Sea witch kit – two medium shells, three small bottles, one larger. Mermaid charm, two rings and a sun necklace, canvas pouch, two shark teeth, wood pentacle and perfume bottle, blue tealight.

🌹 rose/beauty/love witch kit – pocket spell book, dried roses, bee charm, “true love” ring, small white candles, matches, white lace cloth and antique small box.

These are just what i have so far, any suggestions for things to add to these boxes?

// This fic is for the HQ!! Ghibli Zine! Thank you to the organizers for this wonderful zine!

Nausicaä AU, daisuga. Art by @i-like-to-look-at-your-back

Check out more works @hq-ghibli-zine !! Words: 3114



To A Far Away Land



”The flute?”


Tanaka assessed him as he tightened the buckles of his suit and slipped his leather gloves on.

”All set?”

”Yup,” Suga nodded. Tanaka was quiet and tugged at Suga’s sleeve smoothing out the wrinkles carefully, as if lost in thought. Suga inspected his features a moment, and then flashed a bright smile at him.

”It’s all fine! I’ll be back by dawn. Don’t worry.”

Tanaka hummed.

”The eastern wind is strong today.” The he grinned: ”So bring my glider back in one piece!”

”I’ll try,” Suga laughed, and punched his shoulder, laughing harder as Tanaka stumbled, holding his arm.

Then Suga took the glider and lifted it above his hands, running upwind and then jumped, and as the glider took under the winder and rose higher, Suga hoisted himself on it and started the engine with a press of his sole on the start pedal.

Tanaka watched him go until he was but a spot in the horizon.

Then, with a grim expression, he turned back for the village.


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Sea Witch Prosperity Spell Bag

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Made this little bag to keep with me to attract more money.

🐚 Two or three money cowrie shells (these in particular are still used as currency in parts of Africa. 100 shells are equal to one pence) but any type of cowrie shells are fine.
🐚 Green tourmaline chips
🐚 Citrine chips
🐚 Green salt
🐚 Green or gold bag with green or gold ribbon (my wife hand stitched the bags together, focusing on her intent with each stitch)
🐚 Laurel leaf (bay)
🐚 A wee bottle - just something you can fit into a bag
🐚 Green candle

🐚 Green salt can be made by mixing seaweed powder and sea salt together. (I used nori sheets and went nuts in my mortar and pestle until it turns into a fine powder)

🐚 Crumble the laurel into the pre-made green salt and mix in the citrine and tourmaline chips.

🐚 As you breathe in, think or say aloud ‘Bring in money and success’ and exhale any doubt.

🐚 As you breathe and focus the intent, put the mixture into the wee bottle and seal it with the green candle wax.

🐚 After the wax cools, add the bottle and the cowrie shells to your bag and carry it around with you.

Elsewhere University

Because @charminglyantiquated is the coolest person ever, there is now a super-awesome fandom for her comic, Elsewhere University, and because she is even cooler and lets us write stuff for it, I thought I’d take her up on her offer. 

You press the iron necklace into your skin, and you bite your lip until you taste blood, and you walk into the doorway that you’ve never seen before and pray for a miracle. 

You don’t really think that it will work, but you do it anyway. 

They took her about a week ago, while she was walking home from sleeping over-with you. You stupid, idiotic moron. You should have said, “it’s too early.” You should have said, “skip your 8 AM, it doesn’t matter, you’ll pass anyway.” You should have said, “you have a salt packet, right?” But you didn’t. When she didn’t text you all day, when you called her 2, then 5, then 20 times, when you ran home praying that she was lying in bed watching Netflix or working on her english project, when you burst in through the door and the room was dark and cold and empty, then you knew. And you cried and cried all night, begging whatever was listening that they wouldn’t hurt her, toy with her, change her. Praying that they’d give her back. People come back, they do it all the time. Maybe it wasn’t…permanent. You try not to think of how many English majors have vanished this year alone. 

And as the days passed, and there was no sign of her, or even something that looked like her, you slowly come to accept what you must do. 

You went to Shell (has three turtles, that’s how he chose the name) and you buy an iron necklace, for you do not have one of your own. 

“Dude-” Shell starts as you drop the Twizzlers on the table (he picked up the habit of trade over there. he was there for a while. not all of the reptiles in his cage may be turtles.) “-don’t do this.”

“Just give me the necklace.” You don’t want time to doubt this, to second guess, to think of your dad and your aunt patty and your cousin blake who you really wanted to see grow up-

“Look, I’m as sorry about Ash as you are, but…this…what you’re planning?…it won’t work, Willow. It just won’t.” 

They had both chosen tree names, to be called by. They’d met as a mixer, and she’d used it as a dumb conversation starter. She had been so beautiful that night, her skin absorbing the light and glowing with a brown radiance that reminded her of the sun. 

“Just give me. The necklace.” she spat, hands clenched and tears dripping off her eyelashes. 

He sighed, but reached under the counter and dropped it on the pockmarked wooden surface (screwed in with iron screws. he took no chances, not anymore.) he stared at her, eyes hard but burning with regret.

“I know them, Willow. I wasn’t there for…” he drifted off, his eyes fuzzing a bit. time is different there. he was gone for about a month when one of the RA’s finally did something-he was a TA, and he was the resident “merchant” on campus, and he was needed. he said it was longer over there. that was all he ever said, except for the midnight sleep-screaming, and occasional chanting. he shook his head and resumed. 

“…but I know them, ok? you won’t get her back, not if they want her, and definitely not if you demand her. and if you do manage to get her? there’s a price. there’s always a price. and it’s always too high to pay. always.”

she grasps the iron necklace, shaped like a circle, like eternity, in her clammy palm, and says, “she is beyond price.” 

You went to one of the “thin places” (think liminal/the copse of trees next to the sorority that has some girls with skin that is far too pale and eyes that are much too bright ) and you stand there, and say, “i am coming to reclaim what is mine.”

silence, but one that is filled with words.

“she is mine, and i am hers, and i intend to have her back.”

a thin wind rises, and it like the hissing laugh of cruel ancient things. 

you straighten your shoulders, and you resist the urge to grasp the iron circle, and you say “let us begin.” (bring it seemed too high school, and there is a way of going about these things that even she must follow)

and then the door was clear and defined in the trees, and you taste your blood and your fear and you enter. 

she is so beautiful here, but in a way that screams wrong. her thick black hair, her glowing brown eyes, her deep brown skin, it is ethereal here in the wrong way, not the ethereal it is supposed to be, has always been to her. and her eyes are vacant and empty, not full of wit and love and grace. she is wrong, and you intend to fix her. if you can. 

the thing on the throne, the roots twisted like muscle, stares at you from the other side of eternity, and finds you wanting. 

“she is ours.” the thing said, its voice like wind through the leaves, or a knife up a spine. “you have no right to claim her.” 

“i love her. i have every right.” the thing laughs, and that is the worst kind of sound you have ever heard. it is a laugh that has nothing in it to make it a laugh. 

“love means nothing. you say you are each other’s? this means nothing.” it leans forward, on its root throne, and for a moment you step back. “no one you love is special. death will come for you all. that is all that matters, for you. it is all that will every matter.” it leans back, and smiles with too many teeth. “we give her trinkets, and long life, and the pleasure of being chosen. what can you offer, but death?”

you want to have some speech prepared, some grand statement of freedom and love and the power of humanity, but the words are like dead leaves in your mouth. they will mean nothing to it. they barely mean anything to you. 

“i want her back. you do not need a reason to take. i do not need a reason to take back.”

at this, the thing actually nods. “very well. what do you offer? what will i gain, for losing a treasure?” 

she knows she is a dead woman, perhaps not literally, but in all the ways that matter. so long as Ash is safe, alive and well and writing stupid papers until 2 in the morning, she will be content. 

“take what you want.”

it grins so wide she thinks its face will split. 

a life for a life.

you hate yourself. but the thought of ash, asleep in bed at home and safe and with eyes that are hers and are filled with life, you can get through it. 

he comes, as you knew her would. the phone call, panicked, “i’ve got her! i’ve got her! but i think she’s drugged or something you just know so much about this, can you help please please please?” he runs down the path, approaching the copse of trees you stand next to, in the dark, so dark he can’t see you’re alone. 

“hey! I’m here!” Shell gasps, skittering to a halt with a pack bouncing off his leg. “i’ve got some stuff i think might help, where is she?”

you look him in the eye (you owe him that at least) and you say, “I’m sorry.” you say “it was the only way.” 

he doesn’t scream, as you half-expected him to. he’s too smart for that. he turns and run, sprints, gallops away, flinging ramen packets as he goes. its not enough.

the trees grow close, and he suddenly falls into them, like a cartoon character. his eyes catch yours before he vanishes into the blackness between the boughs. there is not even room for hatred in all the brokenness.

he is gone, and then wind is cold and filled with the laughter of cruel things.

a life for a life.

the price is always too high, because they take something and the taking rips the life from you.

disclaimer: i am very white so pleasepleaseplease tell me if my writing of a black character was racist or demeaning in any way! i just wanna help and make more positive representation, but PLEASE tell me if I’m being racist or stepping over a line! thanks! 

I 😒bet😤😤✋🏻 if I was 💙💗⚪️💗💙trans👗👠💋, y'all 👉🏻wouldn't be 😂😆making fun😹😂 of my💩💩 scat💩💩 fetish😍😏😩💦
James x Reader / Little bird...

James get’s jealous and you get irritable, love prevails! *queue fireworks and celebratory flock of bald eagles*

“Oi, Padfoot, quit chatting up my bird! You’ve ‘ad enough time with her, lemme at my girl, why don’t you?” Sirius sighs pointedly at James and sidles in front of you protectively, “Shove off, horn-head. She’s still mad at you.”

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Class 1-A getting into a REALLY intense Mario kart 8 tournament. At least three chairs are destroyed by Bakugou when Izuku and Todoroki double team him with red shells and cost his first place

It’s not something they even decide out loud, but when Bakugou wins for the third time in a row Izuku and Todoroki share a look.

They bide their time and when there’s about half a lap left in the race Todoroki, who fell so far behind he acquired the blue koopa shell, fires it. Bowser (played by Bakugou) recovers from the blue shell but just as he does, and just before he crosses the line…

…Izuku hits him with all three red shells he’s been saving for a whole lap.

Bowser is still airborne when Izuku’s Yoshi cart comes in first. Bakugou goes airborne for an entirely different reason, and Izuku beats a hasty retreat while pulling Todoroki after him because game night is officially over.


My little random magic tin:

I’ve finally got round to making one of those little magic/altar tins. I’ve just put little objects in that I often use for magic. The one thing that’s missing is some salt - I need to put some of that in and then it’ll have everything I need in!

It’s a little gold tin that my mum got some jewellery in and then I asked her if I could have it.

The objects I have in are:

  • a conker (to represent the trees and the forest)
  • three smokey quartz crystals (protection)
  • three amethyst chunks (calming)
  • three sea shells (to represent water and the sea)
  • A gold candle (to represent fire and the sun)
  • A shiny penny (for luck)
  • A small piece of string (for knot magic or binding spell sachets)
  • A die (for divination stuff) 
  • Two iron nails (in case the fae try to take me or something!)
  • A piece of sea glass (the sea and air)
  • Paper and pencil (for making sigils, writing down wishes etc)
  • A piece of rosemary (cos it’s my favourite herb)

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thought: the entire post squip group having game nights. they normally play board games because everyone thinks "fcking jeremy and michael will team up destroy us" but one day jeremy convinces everyone to play at least one round of mario kart. since theres four players maxium, brooke, jenna, rich and michael sit out (i imagine that michael resents mario kart cuz jer always beats him). jake, chloe, christine and jeremy are getting ready to play and everyones ready to lose but hey it makes (pt. 1)

jeremy happy. so they agree to do one (1) race and jer is super happy cuz he is playing video games with his friends!!! this is so great!!! and everyone thinks its adorable. the race starts and jeremy is in the lead and jake and chloe are doing pretty decent. christine is a super passive player though like she is here for a good time and nothing else. they’re on like the last lap and jer is still in first and then a fucking chain reaction starts so christine, who is happy in sixth place, gets three red shells after not getting any for the entire race?? so she gets up to third with those and now jeremy is getting a little nervous but hes pretty sure he’ll be fine but then chloe (who is in eleventh place and angry about it) gets a blue shell and jeremy looks at her like “you wouldnt dare” and she maintains eye contact while sending the blue shell and by then christine is in second everyones screaming jenna is live tweeting the whole thing and the blue shell hits jeremy right at the last stretch of the race and christine passes him and wins. jeremy feels betrayed and he looks at michael and receives no sympathy because michael has experienced the same thing far too many times. christine tries to apologize but shes trying to hard not to laugh and then jeremy starts laughing with everyone else but knows not to recommend mario kart ever again. 

holy shit

Ninette Week: Day 4 - Ladybug and Miraculous!Nino

So, yeah, remember that thing I mentioned about ret-conning a scene with Ladybug and Emerald Shell?

Here it is, from Chapter 18. (Is this cheating? This might be cheating. Oh well.)

Enjoy! <3

“You know, you probably made him fall in love with you just then,” Shell remarked as Ladybug approached. She snorted softly, something that amused and frustrated him, as if she was doubtful that anyone would fall in love with her just like that.

“He’s a kid; he can’t even spell ‘love’.”

“Don’t underestimate him because he’s young,” Shell warned her in a dire tone that was ruined by his grin. “He nearly conquered Paris in one night in his very short reign as king.”

“Hmm. Well, I have always wanted my own kingdom,” Ladybug mused as she and Shell scampered off before press or protesters could catch them unaware. “You know, big castle, moat, drawbridge—”

“I know someone who’s rich enough to pull that off,” Shell teased, grinning when Ladybug’s face flushed red to match her mask. She was so cute. “So when is that going to start being a thing again?”

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literally every single Mario Kart match
  • 99% of the race: First place by a solid mile
  • two feet from the finish line in lap 3: *three green shells ram themselves up your ass in the space of .78 seconds, Luigi drives through you as a Bullet Bill in 2nd place, Isabelle pulls out a revolver and executes you with a single shot between the eyes, pushes your limp corpse off the side of the track, throws your controller out the window in real life, Donkey Kong dabs*

A Turkish artilleryman lifts a 275 kilogram shell singlehanded for loading in a cannon. Corporal Seyit (Seyit Onbasi) is famous for having carried three 275 kg shells to an artillery gun during the Allied attempt to force the Dardanelles on 18 March 1915.

Born in a the village of Havran, he enlisted into the army in April 1909. After serving in the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 he was transferred to the forts defending the Mediterranean entrance to the Dardanelles. Following the heavy naval bombardment of the forts guarding the Narrows on 18 March 1915, the gun he was serving in the Mecidiye fort remained operational but its shell crane had been damaged. Seyit carried three 275 kg artillery shells up to the gun enabling it to continue firing on the attacking Allied fleet. One of the shells reputedly hit the British pre-dreadnought HMS Ocean, although the ship was sunk by a mine laid by the minelayer Nusret.

Following the repulse of the naval assault, Seyid was promoted to corporal and publicised as an iconic Turkish hero. He was discharged in 1918 and became a forester and later coal-miner. He took the surname Çabuk in 1934 with the passing of the Surname Law. He died of a lung disease in 1939. A statue of him carrying a shell was erected in 1992, just south of Kilitbahir Castle on the Gallipoli Peninsula.“

i wish their were like sensory sensitive scary houses. like ones without flashing lights or loud noises. just like. cool designs and stuff you can touch thats all haunted house themed without the lights/noises/etc. even actors in costume that are spooky but dont rely on jump scares? and you could ask them about what its like to be the creature they are (ghost/demon/etc). the only time ive ever been in a haunted house was for a report for my journalism class in highschool and when i went i had to go before they opened, asked them to turn on the lights and the sounds off and no actors and i had to walk through it with my father. it was nice but i only got to experience the decorations and not a cool immersive experience. i wanna experience the spookiness without having a meltdown. idk i just feel jealous that all my friends get to go haunted homes/haunted corn mazes. it makes me feel like a stupid little kid and i hate it

Reyna Writes: Polka Dots and Shell Patterns - A Ninette BTU Remix

Written for @edendaphne‘s birthday~ Now that the blackout is over, I can post it!

Again, happy birthday, Eden! I’m so glad you enjoyed your present! <3


Living in Paris in the age of Hawkmoth meant that Nino had seen a lot of weird shit in his lifetime.

But this moment had to take the cake.

Sure, Nino himself had gotten a Miraculous not too long ago, and was still coming to grips with all that entailed…but to stand here and stare at one of his best friends—a best friend who was smart and pretty—who also, apparently, had a kwami…

“…So it’s true. You’re…you’re Ladybug.

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