three schmuckheads


Last week’s Nostalgia Critic review featured Linkara and Spoony and their Three Schmuckheads schtick. Naturally being a fan of both the That Guy With The Glasses gang and of the Three Stooges (As well as being a font and title art maniac), this had to be done. I replicated the Stooge title art from the early 40’s, duplicating the lettering as close possible without losing my mind, and comes complete with Tamara posing as the Columbia lady (I hope she doesn’t mind!). What can I say, I reeaaally like title cards.

Crossovers like the Bloodrayne and Alone in the Dark reviews remind me why I’m such a fan of TGWTG. Even when they are acting as the characters they portray in their own reviews, the chemistry between the reviewers is so solid that it keeps me watching. Plus it’s good to see Spoony, Linkara, and NC reviewing all together again.