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Pairing: Peter Parker X (Teleporting)Reader, Tony Stark X Pepper Potts

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Mentions of a dark past, panic attacks, and an overload of heartfelt bonding

Adopting you after being discovered in not the best of circumstances, Tony has to struggle with the very idea of parenthood. And then also the idea that you’ve developed super powers. And then also that you have a boyfriend.

He could have dropped you off at an orphanage, could have just let you go and move on from the world of crazy scientists and terrorists. He could have… but he couldn’t. It riddled him with guilt and fear and second guesses but something about seeing a small child hooked up to a dozen monitors, head shaved and laden with surgical cuts, Tony just couldn’t leave you with someone and hope for the best.

So after quite a few court hearings and doctor’s visits it was, “Surprise Pepper, we have a kid!” And her pushing through a stone smile. “Can I talk to you. In private.”

But you were hard not to love. Patient and quiet, you had a shy smile when he gave you your own probably-too-big room filled with probably-too-many things.

“I uh, I didn’t know what kids these days liked so…”

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StrifeSodos Week 2017

Hello everyone! I don’t think there is a Strifesodos Week yet so I decided to make one!

This is my first time doing anything like this so I don’t know if I did it right, please feel free to correct me if I got something wrong.

Here it is!

Strifesodos Week 2017

June 18 - 24

Day one- Reading / Club

Day two- Rain / Cops & Robbers

Day three- Clothes / Crossdressing

Day Four-  Cafe Date / Memories

Day Five- Singing / Late

Day Six- Fight / Stars

Day Seven- Soulmates / Hero

fandomers  asked:

I was wondering if you have time, could you make a masterlist please? It's okay if you don't. Just wondering.

I’ve never done a masterlist before! I don’t know if this is right, but this is everything I’ve written


Ivar the Boneless Imagine

Ivar the Boneless - One Shot

A Little Game - Part One

A Little Game - Part Two

A Little Game - Part Three


Professor Lothbrok

Desire - Ubbe x Ivar

Sleep Sex 


Beauty and the Boneless

Thanks for asking!

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"Caitlin, you could've died" "I know, but i saved you"

It took a long time for things to be something even resembling normal.

Coming back from the Speed Force and seeing that everyone had moved on with their lives was a punch to the gut, but after all the hell he’d put everyone through, he didn’t blame them at all.

He had to catch up on everything going on in Cisco’s life, had to have a few long talks with Iris about how to move forward as friends, had to spend more time with Wally in a non speedster way and get to know his brother, had to deal with Joe’s sad expression that didn’t go away even after Barry came home, had to check up on Julian.

Had to deal with Caitlin’s absence.

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Written On This Skin part 5 - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 6



Y/N runs out of the restaurant. Her head is still spinning. It seemed like everything was going okay and then it all turned on the head. She still couldn’t really grasp what happened. All Y/N knows now is that she needs to find her best friend. Y/N’s head is on a swivel, looking left and right.

Y/N lets out a small breath of relief, when she spots Alyssa’s tight ringlets. Y/N rushes over to the girl, wrapping her arms around her body.

“Alyssa…” Y/N says.

“What?” Alyssa snaps, wriggling out of Y/N’s hold and snapping around to look at her.

“I’m sorry.”

“You always say that! And I always forgive you! Y/N… this was your soulmate. All I wanted was to be excited for you and experience it with you! Instead you ignore me!” Alyssa yells, grabbing tightly onto Y/N’s arms, trying to get her point across.

“I’m sorry! I was just so worried about what you might say or do, if I told you he was Luke Hemmings.” You try to explain, “I was worried you might try something or I don’t know,”

“You do know though,” Alyssa accused correctly.

“Yeah. I was worried that you would be jealous and try to use me to get to my soulmate,” You admit, worried what she might say.

“I’m a friend first, Y/N. I’m a fangirl second,” Alyssa says. And thats all you need to embrace each other again. “I still don’t forgive you about the Paris thing though,” Alyssa says, surprising Y/N, “But I will forget,” Alyssa ends, causing both girls to laugh for a second.

They only laughed for a second, because then Alyssa’s big clunky purse was stolen. The girls glance at each other for a moment before running after the criminal. The girls were both in track, and although the guy was fast, the girls had technique to fall back onto. When reaching the guy, Y/N jumps onto his back, bringing him down, due to his unsteadiness. Alyssa reaches the thief second, she grabs her purse and proceeds to kick the man on his side. Y/N stands up herself and proceeds to do the same.

So thats how the three of them, a robber, Alyssa, and Y/N ended up in the back of a cop car. The girls were in there for Public Assault, while the robber for, well, robbing. The girls look at each other and gives out a silent giggle. This is one hell of a night.

This is one hell of a night, Luke thought. He and the rest of the band decide to get food and wait, hopefully Luke’s soulmate would come back. Luke thinks over his night. His soulmate missed his concert, but he found her in a McDonalds, picking a fight with Emily (Ashton’s soulmate). Then once Luke gets Emily to shut up, her friend… Alyssa was it? She starts yelling at his soulmate. Then Alyssa storms out, causing Y/N to leave only saying, “I have to go after her.” So yeah, it’s been one hell of a night for Luke.

It was about and hour or so later, since they finished their meal, and still no sign of Luke’s soulmate. Luke finds himself tapping to an unknown beat, and ignoring his friends conversation. All Luke can do is stare at he door, hoping that his mysterious soulmate would appear.

Its another hour later when Alex, Calum’s soulmate suggests that they go back to the hotel. “No” was Luke’s first response.

“She might go to the Hotel,” Alex tries to rationalize.

“No, I’m sure she’ll come here,” Luke demands. The rest of the group nods a little, but Alex continues to push.

“How about some of us go to the hotel, just incase?” Alex says. Luke suspects that she is just tired. Of all the girls, Luke has spend the least time with Alex. So there is not much allegiance between the two of them. A wave of anger washes over Luke, didn’t Alex realize how important this is? She had already found her soulmate, but Luke is left empty. Didn’t she remember when she first met Calum? Didn’t she remember the best day of her life? Didn’t she realize that the best day of his life was just pulled out from under Luke’s feet?

“She has a point,” Calum says after a few beats of nothing. Luke nods, understanding. If his soulmate was here he would back her up no matter what happened. “Me and Alex will go back,” Calum says, standing with Alex. They are about to walk away from the table when Luke speaks.

“Please just stay in the Lobby? Just incase?” Luke asks of his friend. Luke knows that plenty of fans know where they’re staying, and so one girl, claiming to be Luke’s soulmate would not be let through. Even if she was the real thing. Calum gives Luke a subtle nod and they leave.

Luke places his head in his hands. Its been three hours since they finished their food. He could tell that everybody just wanted to go back to the hotel. They stayed for Luke though.

“Luke,” Ashton says, breaking the silence. The noise of talking died out about a half hour ago. Now all was left was little comments. “Luke, look at my phone,” Ashton passes his phone over to his friend. Then there she was. Luke lifts the phone, gently into his hands. On the phone is a video that was posted to twitter of Luke’s soulmate shouting at Emily, Luke hugging her, and then Alyssa shouting at his soulmate. The caption on the tweet, “Luke’s soulmate?” There wasn’t a clear picture of her, her back faced towards the camera. But Luke would know her anywhere.

Luke looks up for the first time in a while. Hope is written on Ashton’s and Emily’s eyes. reassurance was in Mikey’s eyes, and Jackie (Michael’s soulmate) is sleeping on Michael’s shoulder. Although Calum and Alex wasn’t here, he knew that they would be in the lobby, waiting for her to show up. All Luke could think about is how lucky he is to have these friends. That and he understands why she had to leave.

“Um, I’m sorry but you have to leave,” An employee says, sneaking up on the group. They collectively jump. They give him a dumb look. “It’s midnight, and we need to close,” He says as an explanation.

So they all stood, Mikey woke up Jackie, and they left. All Luke could think, is why didn’t she come back?

Live Wild - part 7 (drabble series)

Police!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader and her friends are in a store when a group of men come to rob the place. Reader finds a hiding place and call the police. Detective James Barnes will help her through this terrifying situation.

Word Count: 1,011

Warnings: None

A/N: Based on this post. Took me a while to sort it, but here we go. It’s more like a silly sort of fluffy story, nothing too oppressing. (I own that gif, you’re welcome to use it)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12]

You were calling James when Natasha put a hand on your shoulder. You stopped and turned around to face her.

“What’s going on?”

Her question made you cringe. “Isn’t obvious? In case you haven’t noticed, we’re trapped in a supermarket.”

“No, you don’t think we stand a chance against these guys!” She flinched when you avoided her eyes. “I know what I’m doing. It’s my job.”

Your job, not ours!” You raised your voice. “What if they’re armed, what if they fight back? What if there are more than three robbers? What if some people are still hiding? Nat, do you even have answers to these questions?”

“You talk like a cop, Y/n. Who’s that detective?” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“He’s a-”

“A guy? Well, that explains everything!” She snickered, a cold laugh escaped her lips.

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Gritting your teeth, you extend your hands out in front of you and the water from your pouches whips forward, wrapping around the three robbers’ legs as the Flash keeps them distracted. Closing your hands into fists, the water freezes, and they fall to the ground, cursing.

The Flash runs up to you. “Nice job, water.”

You blink in surprise at the sound of his voice with out it changed, but smile at the nickname (he always called you by the element you used that night). “Thanks, you aren’t so bad your self.”

“So, I have a question for you.” The vigilante says, making you cock your head, curious. “You’ve already helped me and my team out multiple times, so how would you like to be my partner?”

Closing your eyes, you consider it, melting the robbers’ legs as the police take them away. “Would I be able to know who you are?”

“Yes.” He replies, chuckling a little bit. “Would I know yours?”


He smiles and extends his gloved hand. “So?”

Smiling back, you take his hand. “Deal.”

love & cholesterol

A preslash sterek fic where this happens: 

Originally posted by sexanddcereal

Stiles’s dad always says he has a knack for attracting trouble. Which is not technically true. Stiles doesn’t attract trouble, okay? He kind of goes looking for it. He’s fifteen, and he lives in small town California. What the hell else is there to do?

But he’s not looking for trouble right now.

He’s totally blameless right now.

He just came in to exchange some money—because his dad’s cousin’s uncle or whatever in Poland has sent him money for his upcoming sixteenth birthday, except it’s in zlotych, and Stiles has no idea how much it’s worth, and knowing his luck he’ll end up owing the bank by the time they take out the conversion fee—and today was not the day he was supposed to get caught up in a bank robbery.

“Get on the floor! Get on the fucking floor!”

There are three of them. Balaclavas and guns.

For a second Stiles just stares, clutching his handful of zlotych, because this just doesn’t compute, and then another customer in the queue grabs him and drags him down to the floor.

Holy shit.

The other customer is Derek Hale.

Derek ‘This is private property’ Hale.

Derek ‘I probably did kill my sister but for some reason your dad let me go anyway’ Hale.

For a second Stiles doesn’t know what’s weirder. The fact that Derek Hale uses a bank instead of burying his money with the dismembered corpses of his victims, or the fact that he smells a little bit like cinnamon?



It’s the fact that they’re in the middle of a bank robbery.

Stiles really needs to focus.


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What have these Sphinxes seen? by Babis Kavvadias
Via Flickr:
Byron mentioned this incident in one of his letters: “The day before I left Rome (30/05/1817) I saw three robbers guillotined. The ceremony — including the masqued priests; the half-naked executioners; the bandaged criminals; the black Christ and his banner; the scaffold; the soldiery; the slow procession, and the quick rattle and heavy fall of the axe; the splash of the blood, and the ghastliness of the exposed heads — is altogether more impressive than the vulgar and ungentlemanly dirty ‘new drop’, and dog-like agony of infliction upon the sufferers of the English sentence. Two of these men behaved calmly enough, but the first of the three died with great terror and reluctance, which was very horrible. He would not lie down; then his neck was too large for the aperture, and the priest was obliged to drown his exclamations by still louder exhortations. The head was off before the eye could trace the blow; but from an attempt to draw back the head, notwithstanding it was held forward by the hair, the first head was cut off close to the ears: the other two were taken off more cleanly. It is better than the oriental way, and (I should think) than the axe of our ancestors. The pain seems little; and yet the effect to the spectator, and the preparation to the criminal, are very striking and chilling. The first turned me quite hot and thirsty, and made me shake so that I could hardly hold the opera-glass (I was close, but determined to see, as one should, see every thing, once, with attention); the second and third (which shows how dreadfully soon things grow indifferent), I am ashamed to say, had no effect on me as a horror, though I would have saved them if I could.” According to the notes of executioner Mastro Titta, the three criminals “‘decapitati’ al Popolo, per omicidi e grassazioni” this day were Giovanni Francesco Trani, Felice Rocchi and Felice De Simoni.

The Heist (pt.1)

Summary: Things get serious when the boys plan a heist.
Member: EXO
Type: Angst/ Ciminal!AU
Length: 1,178 Words

This was not meant to be a series, but it is only going to have 3 parts to tell the whole story. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

[Pt. 2] [Pt. 3]

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“Everyone, put your hands up!” Chanyeol yelled in his deep voice. A few women let out screams, dropping to the floor automatically. Chanyeol glanced over at Jongdae, nodding his head towards the bankers. Minseok stood at his spot near the door, locking it and making sure that no one tried to get out. There were several people standing around the bank, holding their hands up or ducking under tables. “Anyone hiding, you better get out here now.” His voice boomed through the now silent bank.

Slowly, people began to make their way out of their spots. Chanyeol stared at the men and women who now stood before him. He held his shotgun out in their directions, herding them into a group at the center of the bank. “Hey you,” Jongdae called out from the sidelines. Chanyeol glanced over at him as he approached the only security guard in the bank. The guard was a young looking man, probably a few years younger than the two accomplices. Despite his apparent young age, he had the eyes of a person who would quickly protect those who he needed to. Jongdae held up his gun towards him, making it clear that he wanted the guard to toss over his gun. When the man seemed to hesitate, a mischievous smile crossed Jongdae’s face. “Come on, Sehun, don’t try and be the hero,” he recommended as he read the guard’s nametag.

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The Heist pt. 3

Summary: Things get serious when the boys plan a heist.
Member: EXO
Type: Angst/ Ciminal!AU
Length: 2,012 Words

I am so happy that you guys liked the previous two chapters. I really hope this final chapter answers the last questions and is good.  I always get nervous writing another chapter to something that you guys like. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

[Pt. 1]  [Pt. 2]

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Sehun skimmed the floor, keeping an eye out for anything that could possibly be out of place. He was surprised how quickly he managed to get a solo shift at the bank; having only been working there for about a month. He glanced over at Kyungsoo and Yixing behind the counter, watching as Yixing started to count his money draw before placing it in its place under his work station. Sehun stood not too far from the counter, leaning against the wall as he fiddled with one of the holster flap that kept his gun in its place. The two men talked for a moment, Yixing telling him that he was heading home for the day. Kyungsoo nodded, his doe eyes even bigger than normal. Sehun felt a tiny knot form in his stomach when he saw the boy’s face. He was far paler than normal, making him feel a bit uneasy.

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thosedamnbarricadeboys-blog  asked:

Wait, an AU where Ferre is working part time at a bank and Courf somehow gets caught up in a bank robbery and they kinda flirt with each other to get out of it (or calm each other down?)

i read a novel length fic about this au setting in middle school and i have been partial to it ever since

  • first of all you SO know in a situation of imminent danger courf is the first person to pull some hero move and try to save them all, but he originally thought there was one gunmen and soon learned upon tackling the man pointing his weapon in the face of the very elderly teller helping him figure out his new checking out setup that there were in fact three men with guns. three. great. so naturally, for his little stunt, courf gets a pretty nice bruise on his head and he also gets escorted to the back of the bank where he is promptly tied to a chair in a room with all the employees. one of these employees claims to be a pre-med student who convinces the gunmen holding them hostage to let him look at courf’s head because hey that bruise is bleeding that’s funny and probably life threatening in some way
  • ferre’s fingers are probably shaking a little bit when he’s checking courf’s head out and 1. he’s definitely way too cute to be real and 2. courf’s always been one to lighten the mood so he says “what kind of medical student works at a bank?” and that makes ferre smile at least before he replies, “what kind of unarmed guy wearing a tee shirt covered in cats tries to take on three bank robbers with guns?”
  • they’re fast friends. ferre stations himself beside courf after determining the blood is minimal, even though he may have a concussion and should probably go to a doctor if/when they ever leave the bank. courf is a kindergarten teacher and he tells ferre stories all about his students who talk about wanting to be doctors when they grow up to distract him. courf also asks, “be honest: are you only in med school because someone told you you were born to work the hot doctor angle?” and that definitely gets ferre’s fingers to stop shaking if only for a few minutes. 

give me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons

my-arrows-shoot-straight  asked:

Can you please please please do an au where Nico and Will both happen to be in a bank when its robbed and they're held hostage together? And Will accidentally trips one of the guys and ends up with the gun somehow and kind of freaks out? Thank you:)

  • Will was waiting in line at the bank. He sighed, hating to wait in line.
  • “I can’t believe they are taking forever.” He heard from behind him. 
  • Will turned around and met the most beautiful dark eyes he’s have ever seen.  “Well, this is a bank. They don’t care whether or not we’re on time for anything.”
  • The guy behind him chuckled. “Very true.” 
  • Will turned and saw three guys pointing guns at people. Will could feel his heart pounding.
  • “ON THE GROUND!” The guy yelled again. 
  • Will and the guy behind him went to the ground, sitting next to each other.
  • “NO ONE MOVES!” One of the robbers went to the tellers as the others held out their guns towards random people.
  • “Of course. The day I’m running late, there needs to be a robbery.” The guy whispered to Will. 
  • “I know.” Will looked around and saw terrified people, especially those who had a gun pointed at them. “Do you think the cops are coming?”
  • “Probably.” He replied.
  • “Hey! You two! Quiet!” One of the robbers said to them as he talked towards them.
  • Will stretched out his legs, since they were cramping and the guy tripped. His gun fell out of his hand and landed right next to Will.
  • “Oh my gods!” Will panicked, picking up the gun. “Oh my gods.”
  • “Do something.” The dark eyed guy told Will. “You have a gun.”
  • “I’m not going to use it! This is a dangerous weapon!”
  • The dark eyed guy sighed and took it. “I can’t believe I forgot mine in the car.” He groaned before getting up. “Freeze! NYPD!”
  • The three robbers looked at the dark eyed guy, pointing their guns at him.
  • “Put your guns down!” The cop ordered. “Now!”
  • Will looked at the cop and didn’t believe his eyes. The cute guy behind him was a cop, not in uniform.
  • The cop got closer to the two armed robbers. “I said now!” 
  • They slowly put down their guns and Will could hear sirens. Within a couple of minutes the three robbers were arrested. The cop was giving the report to one of his coworkers. 
  • Will walked over to him. “Hey. Thanks for saving us.”
  • The cop smiled. “It’s no problem. It’s my job.”
  • “I just want to say thank you. Especially my freak out with the gun.”
  • The cop chuckled. “It’s okay. Most people who haven’t touched a gun know what to do with them.”
  • Will blushed. “I’m Will.” He held out his hand to shake.
  • “Nico.” He replied, shaking his hand.
  • Will smiled. “Want to get coffee some time?”
  • Nico nodded. “Sounds good.”
Cops And Robbers

Summary: It’s been four years since Dan broke up with Phil. They both went their separate ways and left the youtube world. Dan moved on and was making a living by being a cop. Phil, on the other hand, hadn’t exactly “moved on”.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 1,466
Beta: special thanks to phangirlingforphan for being kind enough to beta another one of my fics <333

A/N: Please excuse me for the lame title lmao :/

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3. Back rubs/massages.

Iris makes some offhand comment over texts about how her shoulders are like rocks from working for so long. She honestly doesn’t expect anything of it, but then Barry is there and he’s helping her sleeves lower on her arms before his hands start to vibrate along her skin.

It startles her, but there’s no one else in this late and she sighs in relief, “Slow night?”

Well,” Barry tilts his head to the side, “Not really. I caught three robbers, put out a couple fires, saved six people from a big pile up, got a cat out of a tree… but I needed a break.”

“This doesn’t really qualify as a break, Barry Allen. A break is when you stop helping people.”

He leans down and kisses her cheek, “A break is any time I get to spend with you, Ms. West.”