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The Game: (BTS Fanfic)


Pairing: Jimin x Reader (Y/N)


Rated: M


Genre: Romance/Crime


Chapter 1: Introduction


Park Jimin, 21 years old. Onyx eyes, old soul and devilishly handsome. Which girl could resist a man like him? Well they would most likely have to resist unless they wanted to end up on the other side of the law. Still, one would break the law just to end up on his side.

Y/N, soul catching eyes, bad girl attitude and a beautiful woman. Any man would risk their life just for the slightest recognition from this woman. Why wouldn’t they? She was absolutely stunning, drop dead gorgeous. A man would have to lose all 5 senses to not fall for her.

Yet women and men avoided the two as much as their hormones would allow them. Even if they weren’t avoiding them, it was impossible to find the two. Both Park Jimin and Y/N were the two most wanted people in the world and I’m not talking sexually.

Both were on the run, both the most infamous criminals.

Park Jimin was still running from the age of 16. After assassinating a world leader with no reason, he had been on the run ever since but was yet to be caught. As for Y/N there were no records as to how she had become a criminal, it was as if her name just appeared out of nowhere on everyone’s twitter feeds.

Unusual how in all their years of running, they had never crossed paths. Never the less they still knew of each other’s existence, why wouldn’t they if the whole world knew.

They had never encountered or skimmed past each other in their years as a most wanted criminal. But they were about to.


x-New York: 05:03am-x

The blaring of sirens drowned out the sound of several gunshots being fired. Officers in full gear raced through the forest. Slightly ahead of them, more than a few vicious looking dogs ran at full speed to capture their target.

“Is the target in sight?” Spoke a rough out of breath voice.

“We won’t catch him, we’re losing him.” Replied another.

“NO! KEEP RUNNING, SPEED UP NOW!” Ordered the voice from earlier, clearly frustrated.

The men and two women running sped up their paces on command only to come to a sudden halt after a few minutes.

“What the hell.”

“Where did he go, he was right here?”

“I swear we almost had him then, he was so close.”

“How could he have just disappeared?”

“Jungkook, what now?”

Everyone turned their heads to look at their higher in authority for their next orders. The man named Jungkook pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation. “There is nothing that can be done now. He’s gone so we might as well do the same and wait for his next appearance. This outcome was expected, he is a well-trained assassin and his skills excel ours. Not to forget, he is also good at predicting our moves since I trained the bastard.” Growled Jeon Jungkook.


“Damn man, you almost got caught. Almost being the keyword obviously.”

“Get out of my face Taehyung.” Jimin mumbled whilst pushing the grinning male out of his way.

“Ow bastard. Why are you being an ass for? You’re acting like you got shot or something.” Taehyung whined. A tall blonde haired man stepped out of a room which looked like a kitchen and strode into the living room.

“Tae I highly doubt that a police officer managed to land a hit on him. Right Jiminie?”

“Why are you so intrigued with my life Seokjin Hyung?” Asked Jimin in annoyance.

“Oh I’m sorry, what did you say? I completely seemed to have ignored you there. Please Chimchim, continue with whatever fascinating thing you were about to say.” Replied Seokjin with evident sarcasm laced in his voice.

“Okay okay, cut it out you two.” Interrupted a new voice. “We’ve got more important things to be fighting over.” The man speaking gestured for the three other men to follow him. All three silently walked towards the room the other man had just disappeared into.

The room was like a geek heaven, with different technology and gadgets sitting here and there. A large screen was lit up on a wall with an image of a girl smiling on it. The men in the room looked at it in confusion. “What’s this Namjoon, your girlfriend?” Taehyung asked.

The man identified as Namjoon turned from his seat in front of the large screen and spoke lazily. “No Taehyung. This girl is Y/N, now I’m sure that we’ve all heard of her several times now but I just recently found a face to go with the name.”

“So what does this have to do with us?” Enquired Seokjin with an eyebrow raised.

“Because this girl just cost us a million dollars?” Namjoon looked at the confused expressions in front of him and sighed. “You know the mission we had planned to complete in a week?”

“Yeah, the white house one?” Taehyung confirmed.

“Yes, well I can now officially say that the mission no longer exists because this smartass here.” Namjoon motioned towards the big screen. “Just completed the mission for us. Except we won’t be getting any of that one million.”

“What?! I knew Y/N was capable of a lot, I just didn’t know she could pull something like this off.” Said Taehyung in disbelief.

“Yeah neither did I but that’s not all. She pulled the job off like it never happened, no one filed a robbery or anything. Not even now has anyone realised that the white house has been robbed for almost a week now.”

“Namjoon, are you seriously trying to tell us that this bitch just swooped in and did something we’ve been planning on doing for months. Without any flaws too?” Spoke Seokjin as calmly as the moment would allow him.

“Yes Jin Hyung that is exactly what I’m trying to tell you but don’t blame me. Look we can still get our well-deserved money back. That money doesn’t even belong to her and yes it doesn’t belong to us either but we put so much effort into this and just letting her get away with it isn’t how we’re gonna do this.”

“Shall we tell the police, anonymously of course?” Suggested Taehyung.

“Hell no, you’ve seen how crappy they are. We need to do this our way. Just us and no one else.”

“What are you suggesting Namjoon?” Asked Seokjin.

“Jimin.” Spoke Namjoon. All the boys turned to look back at the dark haired male who had been extremely quiet through this all.

“Hm.” He replied, not so interested.

“If we’re being honest, you would probably be the best chance of finding the girl and getting that money back. You up for it?” Asked Namjoon hopefully.

Park Jimin leaned back against the wall whilst folding his arms over his chest and smirked. “Just tell me what I need to know and I’ll find her.”

End of Chapter 1.


P.S. Let me know if you want me to post the next chapter. First time doing this so let me know if you enjoyed it, even a little bit.
ruby rose & y/n {dirty imagine}

“ruby meet y/n.” the lady from the front desk says tapping away at her tablet making appointments from what i can see. “y/n?” ruby aka my new boss smiles looking at me through the mirror while people cluster around her to do her short black hair and makeup. “umm hi nice to meet you.” i say nervously walking around to face her. she eyes me holding out her hand. “nice you meet you.” she finally says keeping a steady eye on me. “well if you need anything just let me know.” i tell her, she nods not saying a word. i find a seat near the back ruby is to my left, to my right is the photographer setting up for the next hour and a half photo shoot. this is the first time iam an assistant to anyone let alone the newest star on a hit tv show. “i need your input.” a guy with a measuring tape around his neck frantically says holding up two pieces of clothing. “what do you think?” ruby asks looking towards me. it takes me a few seconds to realize shes talking to me. “umm.” i begin looking between the hideous brown dress that looks like a potato sack than an actual dress and a simple leather black jacket with a undershirt. “well kid.” the guy snaps sounding irritated. “hush let her pick.” she defends. “the jacket.” i blurt out pointing. a small smile grows on her lips as she gets rushed into the back to change. minutes later she emerges with just the black jacket and tight black shorts. i have a hard time focusing on anything else but her. she looks so good, so gorgeous hell even without the makeup. she walks towards the front of the camera as i begin to try and not stare at my new boss. 

two almost three hours later i head down to the lobby to wait for ruby to see if she needs anything else before i leave for the day. “oh there you are ! i thought you left.” she smiles in her thick australian accent. “really? oh…. i mean no just wanted to see if you needed anything else for today.” 

“well i have things to go over with you if you dont mind.” she says. “sure.” i reply as her shirt slowly slides down. “c’mon ill drive.” she smiles eyeing me like she did earlier. i follow her to her car since my mode of transportation at the moment is the filthy city bus. the 30 minute car ride consists of sexual stares and glances, with sexual tension you can feel a mile away. once we enter her house i look around her medium size modern day loft. “like it?” she asks turning the corner towards the kitchen area. “yeah its amazing.” i smile looking up to the second floor that holds her bedroom. “stay right here iam going to change out of these clothes.” she tells me heading for the stairs. 

her bedroom is pretty much a balcony that holds her bed, night stands, and a walk in closet that i can see from here. i glance up to her as she changes out of her baggy shirt and jeans. my eyes ride over her nearly naked body through the railings of the staircase. its takes everything in me to rip my eyes away from her. i look around the place more, anything to keep me from totally going up there and having a full make out session with her. i end up back in the kitchen as she comes back down in her white tank top and sweat pants that hug her ass amazingly. “are you hungry?” she asks opening her fridge, pulling out a container of strawberries. “no thanks.” i reply watching her pull the fruit to her lips. does she have to be so damn sexual. “so what were the things you needed to go over?” i ask sitting on the bar stool across from her. “oh!” she nearly shouts walking over to me sitting next to me with her bowl of strawberries. “iam new to this assistant thing …” she starts, glancing at me while she puts another strawberry in her mouth. “that makes two of us.” i smile. she returns her smile. we sit in a weird silence what fills the room faster then the sexual tension did. 

she looks straight ahead as she licks the juice from the fruit for her lips, i glance down to i watch her hands as they slide onto my lap “so i noticed you couldnt stop staring when we were at the photo shoot.” she smiles sliding her hands up towards my waist. “sorryyy…” i mutter not sure what to say at this point and time. “no need to be sorry love because i couldnt stop looking either.” she smiles leaning my way. i lay one of my hands on her waist, my other hand is in her hair as she pushes her soft lips on mine. her hands slide up my shirt reaching for my breasts. i gasp when i feel her cold fingertips run over my nipples. she smiles, kissing down my neck. “wanna have a little fun?” she asks. i nod slightly, closing my eyes as her hand goes between my thighs. “come here.” she mumbles leading back around the counter. she opens the fridge and grabs a whip cream can. i raise my eyebrows at her. “what?” she laughs. she places the can besides us then tugs at my tights. i push the fabric to the ground then lift my shirt as ruby does the same. “jump up.” she states grabbing my ass for a quick second. i smirk lifting myself up onto the counter top. “what are you going to do?” i ask. “your going to love it i promise.” she smiles taking the can in her hand and popping off the blue top. “this might be a little cold.” she tells me squirting the whip cream onto my bare stomach. i lay my head back feeling her squirt small amounts on my skin from my breasts to my hip bone. 

the next thing i feel is her tongue sliding against my harden nipple covered in whip cream. she sucks down, i rub my legs together to feel something between my legs. she sucks on my other nipple, then goes down my stomach to the line of cream. i run my fingers through her hair once she reaches my hips. “do you want more?” she asks. i nod spreading my legs. she steps between my legs rubbing me. i roll my hips against her hand. “fuck.” she mutters looking down to the wetness that has leaked onto my undies. “please fuck me.” i beg, she pushes more against my core. “you really want it?” she teases. “yes.” i breath out rubbing my own clit. she smiles pulling my undies down my legs. with my legs wide open ruby squirts a small amount at the top of my pussy right over my clit. she smiles up to before wrapping her lips around the small mountain of cream and my clit and sucking. my back arches grabbing onto her hair.  “ruby.” i whimper, her tongue slides into my pussy. “fuck yes.” i moan pushing her face forward. i look down to her with her eyes closed, grabbing my ass in her hands, her head moves in circles between my legs. she keeps doing this and in a matter of seconds of me moaning and grinding onto her tongue i crash through my climax screaming out her name. i stay laying down with my chest rising and falling as i take in huff of air. ruby stands besides me with a wide smile. i reach down rubbing my clit nice and slow. her eyes follow watching my three fingers run over and circle my pink sensitive clit. “like what you see?” i tease grabbing my breast with my free hand. she smiles, “you need to stop before i plant my tongue back between those sexy legs of yours.”  i laugh sitting up. “what about you?” i ask pulling her back between my legs. she glances down to my pussy then looks up to me. “what about me?” she smiles. “i want to satisfy you.” i say softly wrapping my legs around her waist. “oh believe me you did.” she smirks looking down again. i press my lips to hers, sliding my hand into her sweatpants. “you dont need to.” she mutters against my lips. “i want to.” i mutter back slipping two fingers into her. she gasps laying her hands on both sides of me. “your wet too.” i smile kissing down her neck. “this feels…” she starts but stops once i push a third finger in. “fuck y/n.” she moans pushing back a bit. i jump down pinning her to the wall right next to the fridge. i kneel down in front of her, pulling her sweats down. she has her eyes closed leaning her head against the wall. her mouth is open in a “O” shape with one hand up her shirt. i ramp my fingers upward connecting my lips to her clit. “oh fuck!!” she shouts biting down on her lip. i keep going ramming my fingers at a slow then fast pace. “dont stop.” she gasps. i suck down on her clit. her cum covers over my fingers, “shit yesssss.” she shouts pushing my face forward. i lick her clit then i slide down to her pussy licking her. she rocks her hips looking down to me. i stand up keeping our eye contact pressing our lips together. “this is going to by very fun.” she smiles leaning down kissing my breasts then my collarbone, my neck then my lips. “such a good decision to get an assistant.” i smile. she nods smiling sliding her tongue into my mouth while her fingers travel back into me. 

thanks for reading! hope you liked it! let me know what you think xx 

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Okay! So, I know it's been two days since you replied to my ask BUT I started reading this new fic and I'm not sure you'll like it. It's called made of stone by tyrellis and I LOVE it. I haven't seen many fics like it in the fandom but it's REALLY good. It only has three chapters out atm, but I'd follow it until the end, tbh. Thanks for having such an awesome blog!! <<<<<33333

I finally found the time to read it and I agree with you Anon : this fic is really awesome !

Here’s the link for everyone !

made of stone by tyrellis
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~40K - WIP
Summary : “Keep your head down. Don’t talk to the others. Stay in your cell, don’t yell, don’t tell anyone how angry you are. Comply in their training exercises, excel in the arena. Don’t scream when they plunge needles into you, don’t cry, don’t beg for your mamá. You take everything they give you and you make yourself stronger.
After five months’ imprisonment, Lance is finally rescued from the galra’s grip - but something about him as changed. In fact, almost everything has changed, and the paladins do not know how to reverse it, and truly get their friend back. Is it even possible? And does Lance even care enough to cooperate?”

I like the fact it’s not the classic “paladin captured, tortured and saved” plot. It’s more “dealing with the aftermath of being captured and tortured”. So it’s kind of refreshing to read !

Thank you Anon for the rec ! <3

Noir Nocturne Part 1 Chapter 17 Slang and Thinking about Baseball

Murtagh liked the story, but he loved the cartoon. The talking animals were the funniest thing he had ever seen, that he could recall. Not that he would ever tell anyone that, wouldna do to have anyone ken that he was not all dour and serious like all the time. Well, other than Jamie, of course, and just maybe Claire.

“I dinna ken how it is done but I liked it verra much” he said to Jamie as they waited at what Claire called a cab stand. She’d said they could afford to take one instead of the bus because they would be paid tomorrow, and she’d know best he reckoned. “Dinna understand half of what the folks were saying in the movie though.”

“Me as well, but ‘twas a good story even so, though sad. The lass should have waited for Echo. He wasna really such a bad sort after all” Jamie replied with a subdued and somewhat puzzled look on his face.

“Not a bad plan, to make some money if ye ask me” Angus interrupted. “Sort of same idea as shifting herds or lands.”

“Ye dolt, I dinna think ye understood it at all.” Dougal laughed and slapped Angus on the back.

“What? They pretended to be a family so they could eavesdrop and get the goods.” Angus squinted up at Dougal. Not sure if he should be insulted or no, Murtagh thought.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake. They were criminals! They got what they deserved, and Echo struck her Jamie. He may have regretted it, but he shouldn’t have done it. Besides, she didn’t love him, she loved Hector and that is why Echo let her go.” Claire, who was digging in her wee bag for something, scolded in their general direction.

“Mmph” was the men’s skeptical responses, along with some sky looking and ground watching.

“So when can we go again?” Dougal asked. “I like listening to them talk. Tis all fast and odd, and nothing pretty about it, but does ha’e a kind of rhythm to it.”

“Well, I doubt you will be feeling up to running around much after work for the next few days, but perhaps when we are more settled? Besides, there are stories every night on the radio. The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, all kinds of things to listen to. You will be losing those old-fashioned patterns of speech in no time. Although, I do hope you don’t pick up all this American slang right away. It’s dreadful. Here we are, pile in and let’s get to the BH. I’m famished.” Claire said, oblivious to her own use of odd words. She shooed them into the cab and Murtagh hid his smile about her ways while ducking into the front seat.

They got home in quick order. While he knew he would miss horses, he thought he could come to really like these automobiles. Loads easier on the backside too.

“Well, ain’t you all a pretty sight. Gracious, even the runt cleans up nice.” Rhea said from the hallway when they entered. “Have about thirty minutes to spare to dinner too. News on in the den. Plenty of hot water for showers or baths. Forgot to tell ya I have four hot water tanks connected, so unless there’s a rush or everyone falls in the same mudhole, shouldn’t run out. Hope you’re hungry, got the big spread on tonight. Claire, be a dear and go out back to the garden and pick some green ‘maters, they’re Lilly’s favorite and it’s her birthday, so I have to fry some up. Red, come help me lift the roast. The rest of you find something to do with yourselves, you’re cluttering up the entryway” she ran on in typical fashion and pulled Jamie through the dining room before anyone could reply.

Murtagh saw Claire grin and shrug at him and then she followed them. He decided he was starting to be a bit fond of Rhea, she reminded him of Mrs. Fitz so much, but he wasn’t sure how deep that went. Trying to decide what to do next, he turned to the big room on the right and saw three people already in it. A man, and two women were seated on one of the couches nearest the radio.

“Oooh it’s the new fellas, do come in! Just listening to the sports on the radio. Julian, Betty and I’m Lilly.” She said pointing to the other two and then herself. She was a small blonde, with eyes the color of the sea back home. The other woman looked several years older, bit thicker all over, with very straight black hair, cut short, like a man’s, he saw. The man wore spectacles, was dressed much the same as himself and was thin, he looked to be around the same age as the dark woman. They presented no threat that Murtagh could see and he felt himself relaxing just a bit.

“Ah, heard there were more here. Dougal MacKenzie, the short one’s Angus Mohr and that’s Murtagh Fraser. What sports is it then?” Dougal said, turning and heading into the den.

“She will insist on listening to baseball, even though the news wasn’t finished. Have seats gents. Rhea will come collect us when it’s time to eat.” Julian, who had a paper in his lap, and sounded like a puffed-up popinjay, in Murtagh’s considered opinion, proceeded to light what they had learned from the movie were called cigarettes.

He sat in one of the big chairs near the unlit fireplace. Dougal and Angus took the other couch. The voice coming from the radio was incomprehensible. He knew what it was from the movie as well, but the man talking was speaking in code he thought. “Two on, bottom of the 8th, all tied up. It’s a barnburner folks!”

He looked at Dougal to see if he was making any sense of this, but his face, though apparently concentrating, looked just as confused as Murtagh felt. Lilly clapped her hands and said, “I love a good game, even if they aren’t pros, they sure can play semipro ball.”

“Can I ha’e one of those?” Angus asked Julian, pointing at the cigarette.

“How rude of me, the women don’t smoke, of course, so I forgot to offer.” He stood and passed a small wooden box to the three of them, pausing to light them by striking the wee sticks. He must have noticed they weren’t sure what to do with them, other then put them in their mouths, because he said “Inhale. Not like a pipe or cigar. Whatever you do, don’t flick the ash on the rug. Rhea would have a conniption. Ashtrays on the tables next to you.” He sat back down and picked the paper up, hiding his face behind it.

“Could ye explain the game to me lass? I dinna think I ken it.” Dougal said, dismissing Julian with a short, sharp nod of his head in his direction, a grimace, and a deep inhale.

“Well you wouldn’t, would you, being Scottish and all, imagine not knowing how to smoke though” said Betty in a condescending manner. She looked to be trouble in Murtagh’s eyes, might have to take her down a peg or two.

“I would be happy to Sir.” Lilly said, standing up and reseating herself between Dougal and Angus. “I just love how you talk! It’s dreamy.”

She spent the next twenty minutes giving them the “fundamentals of baseball” as she called them, while also listening to the game, and clapping her hands with delight off and on.


Jamie stood awkwardly in the kitchen, not knowing what to do with himself, after Claire went through the door to the back porch. He wasn’t sure he liked her response to what he said about the movie. He wasn’t even sure he had liked the story, but it had been instructive, as she said.

“Here, put these mitts on and I’ll open the range. Put it on the trivet on the counter for me.”

“It certainly smells good.” He smiled at Rhea, fumbling a bit with the mitts.

“Ain’t you the charmer. Come here and let me help you. Do it myself, but it’s heavy.” Her face, while not exactly pretty, had a warmth to it, and lit up when she smiled back.

“What are we having? I could eat just about anything right now.” He put his hands in the heated oven with a small flutter of trepidation. Odd that, he thought, must be the newness of everything spooking him a bit. It wasn’t like he’d never seen an oven before. Finding a space on the counter with nothing on it but a small knitted square, he sat the roast down and studied the shiny material hiding it from view.

“Oh, that’s a pork shoulder, mashed potatoes, brown gravy, sauerkraut, pinto beans, fresh salad and onions from my garden, fried green ‘maters, corn bread, fresh rolls, iced tea, freezer pickles, strawberry with rhubarb pie and I think I have some chocolate cake left over, if you all get through that and are determined to eat me out of house and home. Go away now Red. I can still smell you from over here, even though the barber helped a bit with that.”

“It’s the horses Rhea, after I wash all their things a couple of times, and they’ve had time to shower, the odors shouldn’t linger.” Claire said, coming back in, with the bottom of her dress scooped up and holding at least ten large green tomatoes. “I’m afraid I’ve gotten rather used to it. You would think Actors would be a more fastidious bunch, but this group, well, they aren’t like anyone else you are likely to meet.” She gave a sly wink to Jamie with that, and held her dress out to him to empty of the produce.

“Jamie, come with me upstairs for a moment, if you would. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you Rhea.”

“No honey, this will do nicely. Have a few minutes with your man alone, I know I would!” Rhea said with a lascivious look in their direction.  

He followed Claire up the steps to their room, thanking God for the few minutes he would have with her to himself. She opened the door, taking off her hat and letting down her beautiful curls. His breath caught in his throat.

“Damnit, forgot your bag downstairs, go back for it please. I want to hang up your clothes and get the things together for the bathroom for after supper.”

He ran down the stairs to the entry way, grabbed his bag, looked in the den to be sure the men were alright and ran back up the stairs three at a time.

“We don’t have time for what you are thinking about Jamie, not really.” She laughed when he dropped the bag, crossed the room and took her in his arms. Any constraint he might have felt about being bold went by the wayside when he saw her standing by the window with the sun shining on her and through the dress.

“Wilna’ take all that long Sassenach, and ye ken it well” he said while nuzzling his nose in her hair. The urge to throw her on one of the beds and rip off anything she was wearing was nearly overpowering all rational thought.

“Well, perhaps I would rather we did take our time about it, ever think of that my fine lad? Besides, I have plans for you later.” She hugged him then and stepped around him quickly.

“Plans, is it? Well I believe I have some plans of my own, as mentioned on the bus. I will firm them up over our meal.” He said, turning to the task of rearranging their room, while she put his things away.

“That sounds vaguely ominous. I imagine you will be much too tired to do anything about threats when I am done with you. What are you doing? You only have to move the table between the beds to put them together you know.”

“I ken that, but I want them by the windows, further away from the door. Where’s my belts?”

“Oh my, that’s even worse Jamie. Have I done something to warrant punishment in your husbandly opinion?” she was laughing outright when she said this, found the objects in question and handed them over to him where he now lay with his head under one of the beds.

“Have the new belt for that mo chridhe.” He said loudly, playing along, while studying the best way to tie the beds together. He wasna about to let them come apart with motion. He attached one of the belts to the legs at the head and one to the legs at the bottom. He didn’t think he’d be needing any belt any time soon, but these two were being used in the best way he could think of for now.

“You know I could just ask Murtagh what all the things you say to me in Ghalidgh mean. For all you know, I know already that you are calling me terrible names or counting to one hundred or just being nonsensical.” She said mischievously from nearer the doorway.

“Tis true, I call you vile things and hope ye never understand them, and must always be doing the counting to keep myself from beating you for your wicked ways and foolish tongue.” He said slowly as he stood up quickly and made a lunge for her at the door.

“Oh no you don’t! I don’t believe it any way. I know you better than that I think. You do rather like to treat me as a horse however. I would bet it’s all gibberish you say to horses when my back is turned.” With that, a neat sidestep of his lunge, and a wicked smile she left and ran down the steps herself.

“Mo ghraidh, mo nighean donn” he said, laughing to himself and making a mental note to tell Murtagh and the others not to tell her what any of the Ghalidgh meant.


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hiii do you know of any good bts boyxboy smuts??? like vkook or vhope? or honestly any bts ship lol i love your blog so much!! thank you in advance!! 💗💗💗

any smuts that I reblog are all on my blog @kpop-smutt and I’m sure there are a bunch of boyxboy ones on there. we’ve written these boyxboy ones:

respect - taehyung and suga ( not really boy x boy but like dick x dick i guess )

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trying new things - part one - jikook, taegi, namjoon, hoseok

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and then i’m sure our followers have a bunch of boyxboy fics that they’d like to recommend! reply with any that you like!

-admin tal

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Hello, who are you three ? (New follower)

Both the two foxes, Felix and kristina looks at you and smiles while Felix’s mouse friend Abby is hiding in the bushes.

“hello! Im Felix, and this is my friend Kristina!” Felix replied

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Helloo! If you could, could you please write a scenario in which you're dating Wonwoo, but Mingyu also really likes you, which makes Wonwoo extremely jealous and protective of you? thank you!

Thanks for requesting! I hope that you like it <3

Members: Wonwoo & Mingyu

Genre: angst with slight fluff

“Hey Y/N!” All thirteen boys greeted you as you entered their dorm.
As they all scattered from the door to resume their previous activities except for two: your boyfriend Wonwoo and also Mingyu who had become your best friend after you started dating Wonwoo. Wonwoo held your hand and led you into the building and towards the couch, Mingyu followed closely behind.

Upon sitting down you were immediately squashed between the two giants, Wonwoo’s arm drapped over your shoulder and Mingyu had flung his legs over yours. The three of you were really into your conversation before Wonwoo stood up.

“I’ll be right back, can I get you something to drink?” Wonwoo asked, only really caring about your answer.

“Nah I’m fine, thanks” You reply with a smile

“I’ll have some pop though!” Mingyu quickly interjected, throwing a teasing wink at Wonwoo.

With an annoyed sigh Wonwoo set off the kitchen. With all of this new free space on the couch Mingyu decided to take advantage of it and push you to the other side of it so that he could lay across it. His head laid on your lap as you sat there and put one hand through his hair. Skinship like this wasn’t uncommon between the two of you since you had become close friends. To you there was nothing behind it, it was friendly so you had figured that it was mutual. Little did you know was that to Mingyu simple interactions like this made his heart flutter.

Whenever you played with his hair, hugged him, grabbed his arm or wrist for something… Etc. He felt like he was on cloud 9, from time to time he felt guilty since he knew that you were with Wonwoo and that he shouldn’t be feeling like that but he couldn’t help it. You didn’t know about it feelings towards you but Wonwoo didn’t let them go unnoticed. Anytime that Mingyu was around you Wonwoo watched the two of you like a hawk. Even then as he left for the kitchen he watched over the two of you to make sure that Mingyu behaved.
Something about this time was different though. Maybe it was the look in Mingyu’s eyes as he stared at you, or your laugh as he told you a joke but something was different and it made Wonwoo filled with jealousy.

With the objective to make Mingyu leave Wonwoo strode back to the couch, moved Mingyu back to a sitting position before showing the drink in his hand with a cold “here”. He then plopped himself between the two of you, brought you onto his lap with his arms circled around you.

Wonwoo look at Mingyu without any sort of an expression before asking “What are your plans for the evening?”

“Plans?” Mingyu asked, slightly shocked by Wonwoo’s lowkey message but was starting to understand the tense situation. “Well… I’m not sure…”

At the sign of pondering about it Wonwoo gave him a look that Mingyu had never seen. His eyes turned completely cold and his mouth was so straight you’d swear that he had never smiled. The look was enough for Mingyu to want to leave.

“Why don’t you and Seokmin go out for dinner?” Wonwoo suggested, though the tone of his voice didn’t leave room for disagreement.

“Yeah…sure.” Mingyu agreed, as he stood up to find the other band member Wonwoo’s arms tightened around your waist. “I’ll see you later Y/N.”

Once Mingyu was gone you turned to face Wonwoo with a shocked look. “Why did you shoo him away? What was that for?” You scolded.

“What does it matter? Would you rather hang out and cuddle up to him than with your boyfriend? You’re mine after all” He asked, turning his face away to hide his slightly hurt expression.

“Wonwoo, what’s wrong?” You asked, developing the hunch that he might be jealous but wanting to see if he would admit to it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he grumbled, paying no mind to your question.

“Mhmm…” you sigh, snuggling into his chest and decided to play along. “Alright Wonwoo, if you say so.”

He looked at you cuddled up to him and his heart melted at the sight. His cold expression immediately turned into a soft smile as he brought you even closer to him. “I love you Jagiya.” He whispered into your ear.

“I love you too Wonwoo,” You replied before pressing a kiss to his cheek.


10k’s chain

So this is both inspired by tonight’s episode, and my own text post which I created when watching the episode. The origins of the chain, basically. @thunderlovesbird @natszang @10k-is-bae

Addy eyed 10k carefully as he left the weapon check in, at the new camp. Garrett was up ahead, talking to his old friend, and Mack noticed she had stopped, and decided to wait for her. 10k left the small room, walking out into the open, and she tilted her head at him.

“Why am I not surprised you carry so many weapons?” she asked. 10k shrugged, and walked by her side, following the rest of the group. Mack ended up on the other side of 10k as the three of them went.

“You never know when you’ll need two hatchets and eleven knives,” he replied evenly. Mack snorted, ducking his head, and Addy let out a laugh before pressing her lips together in a thin line. 10k, whilst not even smiling, still seemed proud of himself.

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cherry-bites  asked:

can you do a 4/4 imagine were you get transferred to a new school and theyre like the bad boys and everyone tells you to stay away from them?

I’m really bad at 4/4s now, I’m sorry, so I’m gonna do Luke for this because punk!Luke is my weakness. And I’M SORRY I’M BAD AT SCHOOL NAMES SO I WENT WITH TEEN WOLF AND CALLED IT BEACON HILLS DON’T HATE ME (ps here’s a punk edit i decided to make)

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4 Years || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 648

Summary - The one where you’re the youngest.

You had joined your boyfriend, Joe, and the other buttercream boys on a trip to the states. You would be spending a week in LA. Well, you planned on a week, but knowing the spontaneity of the boys, it would probably go longer. This was the first time you were going to be in the states as a 21 year old. Needless to say, the boys were taking this as a full opportunity to take the piss out of you and Joe.

You were getting ready for a night out with the boys in the room you shared with Joe. “Joe, can you zip me up?” you asked him, walking up to him and holding your dress up to your chest.

“Yeah,” he smiled back. He zipped the dress up and smacked your bum, causing you to giggle and jump on his lap. “Excited?” he teased.

“Very,” you laughed back. “I finally get to party in the USA!” Joe smiled and placed a kiss to your lips, which you held onto for a little longer than he had intended. He was laying back on the bed now with you on top of him, straddling his waist and kissing him deeply. Multiple loud knocks at the door caused you to pull apart from each other. You sighed and crawled off of Joe.

“No,” he groaned, grabbing your arm and pulling you back on top of him. “Make them wait.” You wanted to oblige, but the knocking was obnoxious and persistent.

“Later,” you promised him. He grinned and nodded then followed you to the door.

For the whole time you were out, the boys were making comments about the age difference between you and Joe, as if your four year age gap was a new fact. “Better watch your kid tonight, Joseph,” Josh laughed, his arm around your shoulder. “Not sure such a young one can carry this much alcohol.”

“Josh, you’re two years older than me,” you replied. “And anyway, I’ve been drinking for three years now at home. Chill out. And quit calling me a kid!”

“Sorry, we’re just always overwhelmed by how old grandpa Joe is,” Oli yelled over the music. “He’s cradle robbing! It’s sickening! He’s taking away your innocence!”

“Her innocence was gone before I met her,” Joe said back, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist. “She already knew a thing or two before I came around.”

“Disgusting!” Caspar laughed.

“And she’s better than you’ll ever get, mate,” Joe said, raising his drink in the air. You blushed and slapped Joe’s chest, but he just smirked down at you and placed a strong kiss to your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back.

“She’s just a child!” you heard Conor yell with a laugh. You reached out your hand and pushed him away before putting your arms around Joe again. He laughed against your kiss and you both pulled away.

As the night wore down, you all got in an Uber to head back to the hotel. “Joe, is (Y/N) buckled?” Mikey asked from the front seat. “It’s hard to keep her safe without a car seat but-”

“Oh shove off, lads!” Joe laughed, putting his arm around your shoulder. “You’re all just jealous that she’s your age but she went for the older, more mature man of the group.” That shut the other boys up immediately and you giggled, kissing Joe’s cheek.

“I do like older men,” you teased with a wink. “They just seem to know more than young, immature boys do.” Joe laughed and leaned down to kiss your neck. You were giggling and went to kiss him back on the lips.

“This is like, illegal right?” Jack muttered. “Child porn?” Joe elbowed Jack in the gut and continued to kiss you. Age was just a number and four years was nothing to you and Joe.

Rainbows and Acidic Precipitation.

Author: DDW

Words: I’m on mobile guyz.

WARNING: I write down anxiety like symptoms. But I don’t mention that the reader has anxiety issues but its kinda obvious if triggered easy by this don’t read.

A/N: It was longer but I decided to put for a part 2, IF YOU GUYS WANT ONE. SO TELL ME. PLEAZEEE. Summary, Highschool hatred + Gorgeous green eyed new kid ≈ ?

Highschool, even the name was an abomination. There was jocks, pricks, nerds, know-it-alls, and teachers. It was all the same plot. It was all never ending. In highschool you were a rare specie called “That one that never talks.” or “Quiet girl.” or literally anything that defined your silence. Hey, it wasn’t like you were on mute it was just nobody bothered to talk to you and you could care less the same exact way. Did you forget to list that you loathed high school and all its infinite mysteries it offers you. Your teachers were bitches, class mates, bitches, homework, bitches, the very floor you walked upon, asshole. Just about anything in relation to that nut house was a dick. You woke up every morning scowling, walked to the bus stop, scowling, sat in the class room, scowling. School did not bring you joy and rainbows, it brought you hells fire and acidic precipitation. “Oh but look at that eye candy,” said no one EVER. All the guys were douche bags with their pants below their crotch and ego game strong. With your luck if the school burnt down they would have the desks nice and ready on the crisp, burning, ash and your parents wouldn’t even protest. School is an eternity of torture and if you hear another adult tell you “Live the best of it because time flies, trust me.” Your going to honestly regurgitate all over them. Miracles happen right, swine flu, chicken pox, snow day in the summer, you needed a break, all this useless work for a some what steady life was over bearing. You were so done with school being a full on stripper sounded more comforting and profitable. But that was what you thought in till…nope your not spoiling details now, let’s get descriptive, deep. It’s story time;

Starting at 7:00 A.M, the blood boiling ringing escaping the speakers of your phone provides intellectual information that the day has now begun. You sit up hair tousled, eyes squinted at the orange glow seeping past your curtains. You stare into nothing for ten minutes questioning your life choices and the existence of living matter on earth and then its time, your bare feet touch the floor heading towards the bathroom that provides the supplies needed to start the day. You shower, dress, touch up, and poof your day to day look is sealed. Your obviously beautiful, you just don’t use it to your advantage because you don’t want to be them or part of them, you trust you, you rely on you, and as coo coo as it may seem you’re at times your own best friend.

8:35 A.M. Breakfast has been consumed, your bags have been packed, and you trudge out the door walking down the trail of tears. There is nothing worst than the feeling of seeing your bus arrive at the stop because all hope of it exploding is lost. Then you see faces, you see groups, you hear gossip, and the bus driver grimaces probably regretting her life choices. You sit way up in the front and pop in the head phones, its a long drive and you have to distract yourself with something or else your going to spew your guts all over the poor kid next to you.

9:00 A.M. The school is in view and your heart pumps about a million miles per hour, your hands get clammy, your legs get shaky, and you seriously feel like you gotta shit your pants. The bus halts and the doors swing open, you literally fly out not even looking back at who you might of bumped or pushed, you’re set on getting this day over with so it can be another line through your colander, so it can be another day survived.

9:05 A.M. You have arrived to your first class of the day, Mrs. Hitch but in all the irony of the state of her personality Mrs. Bitch would be the name. She teaches English a.k.a. Blah blah blah because you’re honestly a genius when it came to the subject so the class period on a day to day basis was literally you staring at the wall, dreaming of being surrounded by respectful, hot men in shining armor and conquering the world of course with your uni-dog-cat-bunny abomination. Hey it’s your world, you could do whatever the hell you wanted. Anyways back to the story line, the day was rather odd and different you could feel it in your bones as you took your seat and awaited for the bell to ring. Five minutes before the bell the usual group of class meddling jocks entered the room but instead of sitting way in the back where their loud voices sounded like whispers, they sat in the middle rows right behind you giggling like a bunch of stereotypical blondes. You had assumed the reason was for the playboy bunny sitting in front of you, but soon you felt a pencil nudging you on the back of your neck, turning around you sent a weaponizing glare causing the boy behind you to chuckle, “Hey. Hey, I’m sorry chick, we just wanted to know if you’d go out with him.” The brown haired annoying boy behind you ignorantly asked pointing to his Blondie friend across from him who sat there barely containing his fit of laughter. Before you could even retort a snark comment to the piece of shit the bell rang and you spiraled right back around in your seat, irritated as hell its self. ““Alright Class we got a new student!” Mrs. Bitch began her words finally not sounding like a bunch of random mumbles. “This is Dean Winchester. Say hello.” Of course nobody said hello because please…this is highschool not kindergarten, but man did you want to, right next to the teacher stood a tall, handsome boy, lush green eyes, salmon pink lips, leather jacket, just ug. Your ovaries. He looked so different, he looked sweeter, kinder, and hell yeah was he cuter than any of the slobs at this hell hole. “Well Mr. Winchester have anything to say?” The teacher asked showing an alienated kindness that would soon end by the next hour. “Not really sweetheart.” He replied, holy shit his voice, it was like honey, it was…holy oh god, beautiful…but his reply wasn’t so much in Mrs. Bitch’s favor you could tell by the angry native look on her face. “Row three, four seats down sir.” She voiced in her usual harsh tone. You were sitting in row two, four seats down, you danced happily in your head, you yes you got the lucky chance to breathe the scent of the mother of god sexy new kid. He took his seat with eyes following him, it was obvious his good looks weren’t going unnoticed, his eyes scanned the room and they seemed to stop at yours, it was kinda super awkward because you couldn’t pull your eyes off him and he seemed to do the same. A couple long seconds passed and he drew his attention to the blabbing Mrs. Hitch, your mind then going hay wire, Was there dry drool on your face? Did you have a booger, severe pimple, a mustache? Just why the friggin’ heck was he staring at you!? And then a stupid familiar voice rudely intruded your process of thinking… “Pst. Hey bitch you didn’t answer my question.” You ignored the douche the best you could, not wanting to cut his tongue off with witnesses around then the ass-hat decided to again probe you on the back of your neck with his writing utensils and honestly you were about ready to rip his penis off. But he breached your last nerve when he did it, the mother fucking righteous dick managed to poke you in your breast, this also caught Dean’s attention some how and man did he look as pissed as you did. You both managed to stand up at the same time the words “What the hell!” being used simultaneously. “Listen up you di-” you started before the ass-hole of an teacher halted you, “The both of you take your seats! You should know better Mrs. Y/L/N.” “But-” You both again shared, “Detention! Now I won’t tell you both again, Have a seat.” You did as told and plopped right down, Dean doing the same, the teacher continued her blah blah and the piss head behind you started to snicker with his frat bro’s, that was in till Dean sent them a deadly looked that shut them up on the spot, then he gazed at you again his damn sexy green candy apple eyes turning soft with sympathy. You sighed when he again looked away…it was going to be a long day.

3:35 P.M; You survived! Hoorah! All life’s obstacles dodged and demolished for the day. But wait… You still had detention.., damn it. If only you ignored the ass-hat but no instead of chilling at home with a plate of pizza rolls and TLC on the television, you would have to sit in a classroom for yet another hour. You checked the slip that Mrs. Bitch gave you, “Report to 188B after classes.” Son of bitch. That was downstairs two buildings from where you already were, you swore the school needed to invest in some escalator and moving sidewalks cause traveling around the school was some tiring business.

3:40 P.M; You walk into detention, zero students and one slobbering sleeping teacher. Thank god it wasn’t the bitch that sent you here, just some bald old dude who looked like he had nothing better to do. A few minutes passed and you heard footsteps from behind you and then a figure took the space of one of the seats next to yours. It was Dean, the high cheek bone cutie from earlier. The boy who made an attempt to defend your honor. “Damn. That guys out. Guess we lucked out.” Dean started, breaking the ice. You turned around facing him and replied with a damn smile and the most fake giggle ever…really!? Get it together. Use your words like a damn human. “I’m Dean by the way.” Dean said extending his arm for a shake. “Y-Y/N…hi.” You mumbled shyly returning the favor and shaking his hand. Oh my fuddgin’ god what was wrong with you. You cheeks were burning, your heart was racing a marathon, you were avoiding eye contact, some how forgot how to speak and you were shaking like a friggin’ chihuahua. “You okay sweetheart.” Dean asked in concern, was it really that obvious. “I don’t really talk to people much. I’m sorry.” You answered. Really why the hell did you say that!? Couldn’t of you said something else that made you look less of an antisocial teeny bopper. “Guess we’re gonna have to change that princess, tell me about yourself?” This guy was not only gorgeous on the outside he had a ton of beauty on the inside too. “Not much to say…I hate this school and I dislike a lot of people here. Can’t wait till it’s over.” you voiced out speaking what first came to mind looking down at the ground as if your words were somehow written there. “I can sure as hell second that.., by the way those douche bags don’t bother you all the time, if so I’ll surely put them in their place.” Ug. His voice. His beautiful beautiful voice. FOCUS! “No they don’t. But I’m pretty sure you shut their whole project down with just a look…its kinda intimidating. ” You were slowly gaining some confidence to look him in the eyes as you spoke…his forest green orbs. Hypnotizing and just mind blowingly amazing. “Intimidating huh?” he playfully questioned with a raise of an eyebrow. “Yeah. You got this whole bad boy vibe. Kinda rare around here you know.” You replied eyeing at his plump lips for a few dizzying milliseconds. He smiled at your words, holy shit. It was so smsjsmskksijsn. No words, no words to describe the level of sexiness his smile contained, how the hell were you talking to this guy, just how. “Do I make you nervous Y/N, your blushing.” He chuckled. “I-I’m Sorry.” You returned embarrassed at the level of tomato painted on your cheeks. “Dont be, it’s really cute.” Merp. Feels overload. He just- He just. You shoved your face into your palms because let’s face it your face had to be so ridiculously red maybe even to a certain extent of world record breaking. “Aww. Sweetheart. You don’t have to be shy around me.” He assured his hand grabbing yours and pulling them off your face. Your hands laid still in the palm of his, and he just sat there grinning at you like you were an adorable puppy or something. “Alright princess, I’ll take some of the load and tell you about me, I have a little brother Sammy he’s a little bit of nerd but extremely adorable, we travel around with my dad he sells stuff, uh… I’m really into classic rock and I guess you could call me a bit of bad boy.” He really was persistent on making you comfortable and strangely it was working, this boy was perfect, sweet, gentle, humorous, what lovely trait did he not have. “Wow. Bad boy love it.” Hell yeah. Smooth. So smooth. “Taking risks. Taking names. Not gonna brag or anything but I once crossed the street and I sure as hell didn’t look twice.” “Dangerous. Risk taker. Definitely my type.” Whoa. You definitely just went from shy school girl to one flirting hot mama. “Your type huh. Lucky me.” Maybe it was your mind creating a crazy illusion but you could of swore he was blushing as he flirted with you. You were making him blush. Wow you didn’t know you had it in you.

To sum up the whole detention period, there was one drooling, passed out teacher, two students exchanging flirtations and at some point digits. It was the most fun you’ve ever had with a human being at school. He was also the cutest human being you’ve ever had the pleasure to talk to and just when you thought you could never leave the bell rang…

4:40 P.M.; “How you getting home?” Dean asked slightly worried. “My mom should be here soon, you?” “It’s a short walk.” Dean replied with his eyes following as you sat upon the rough concrete outside of the schools main entrance. “You should start going then, it getting a little dark.” You stated in concern, this town wasn’t exactly the definition of safe, there was a ton of homicides and animal attacks, danger lied everywhere and it bugged you a lot. He kneeled down to your level his face in close perimeter of yours, “I’m a bad boy remember, the rules of nature don’t apply to me.” His fingers curled around your chin and with a tug his lips were sealed against yours. The kiss was soft, gentle, sweet, and blissful. Your heart was pulsating so roughly that it would be no surprise if it flew right out of your chest, “Mmmm. I don’t normally kiss the girl on the first date but your special.” He mumbled against your lips the vibration causing chills to run up your spine. You were relaxing under his touch taking the kiss deeper and hotter. Then you dreadfully heard it….BEEEEP! and your full name being called out harshly. “Shit. I gotta-I gotta go.” You said pulling away from the kiss and scrambling to your feet. “Bye Sweetheart.” He replied with a wink before standing up and giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Your going to get me killed Winchester.” You said while practically leaping to your moms car. Opening the door and entering you saw your mom sitting there gawking at you. “I know mom I’m shocked too.” “Tell mama everything dear.” Surprisingly she wasn’t as angry as her tone earlier, knowing your mother you should of known she was just flat out impatient, she wanted the deats’, she was just infactly one of those moms. “Ya might wanna put it in park mom. It’s a hell of a story.”


Climb Inside His Skin

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4/26/15 Upd8: Cloud Vision

Phew, it’s been a heck of a week for me (even without considering the personal stuff). My last upd8 post, as you all know, blew up, gathering more then a THOUSAND notes over the course of the next day. And I watched in slackjawed amazement as it went on break TWO thousand notes. The two immediate follow-up post, ‘On Vriska Serket’ and ‘Not-So-Rosy Glasses’, did pretty damn well too.

By the end of it, my various posts had gather a total of over three thousand notes, and I had over a 150 new followers. Just…Wow. I loved addressing as many replies and asks as I could, and I can’t repeat enough how happy this had made me!

Of course, this means a lot of people are watching this blog now, and I have increased expectations. However, thanks to the change in personal circumstances, I can put all my effort into not disappointing! Upd8s are going to be every weekday now, and with it will come a steady churn of these posts. I hope you will all enjoy the ride as much as I know I will!

Enough talk. Reaction and speculation below!

Huh, so we’re seeing this through one of Skaia’s ‘clouds.’ Which only serves to confuse the timeline further. Are we seeing a glimpse of the ‘future’, which means we’re going to eventually see ‘how we got here’?

Anyway, this is clearly a callback to [S] END OF ACT 6 INTERMISSION 1, which depicted Skaia’s clouds in the same way:


And there is Skaia itself. This panel, while it’s not a straight callback, reminds me of this panel:

I feel like we’ve seen Skaia from that exact distance before though. Hm…

This feel familiar for some reason. Or maybe I’m just seeing things…

What happened to Prospit!? I guess that’s another point in favor of ‘Future vision, we’ll see how we got here.’ I’ve seen a few claim it was Union Jack’s doing, but as far as I know:

UJ only blew up Prospit’s moon. The rest of Prospit is more questionable.

Also, this panel another visual callback. While I’m certain we’ve seen in on other occasions, [S] END OF ACT 6 INTERMISSION 1 is the one I could most immediately find:

You know, [S] END OF ACT 6 INTERMISSION 1 was an *epic* flash, giving a literal ‘a storm is coming’ feel:

And it was set to the tune of the equally epic track, ‘Infinity Mechanism.’ Which I got stuck in my head the second I saw the first panel of this upd8. So I think a similar ‘epic build-up’ feel is trying to be achieved here, as we head into the last ‘true’ act of Homestuck.

Hey, we’ve seen this platform before! BUT:

Note the lack of a ‘door.’ Whatever that platform actually is, it’s not the ‘reward’ platform.

ARquiusrite! Looks like the prototyping at the end of the last Flash happened:

I don’t see Fefetasprite or Erisolsprite though. But considering how the Trickster arc occurred in this timeline:

That means this might have happened:

I don’t see Erisolsprite either, but that’s less surprising considering how antisocial the guy is. If he’s still a thing, he might have gone ‘fuck it’ and ditched them. But something else could also be going on, who knows.

There’s Jane and Jade here, fast asleep:

As we know, Jane and Jade are currently in the dreambubbles with Calliope:

They thought they were dead, with Jane more specifically believing she ‘died’ when she tried to resurrect Roxy:

However, as Jade later realized, they were both ‘put to sleep’ by Vriska, as confirmed by the ‘She’s 8ack’ flash:

Also, a reminder that Vriska is more or less the ‘leader’ of the meteor crew now, as per Jane’s exposition:

Also, I just remembered something about that first blocked line, since Jade says:

And of course, Vriska showed up afterwards.

I wanted to call attention to the ‘leader’ thing since some are STILL arguing Vriska isn’t the ‘leader’ Jane was talking about. Furthermore, the fact we don’t see anyone else here makes the chance of a potential ‘unseen outsider’ (such as Spades Slick) being the leader instead practically nil.

There are a few other interesting things about this image. For one, there’s the the fridge behind Terezi and Vriska:

Which,to my knowledge, we last saw outside Jane’s house. Interestingly enough, it’s possible Vriska captchalogued it or something, considering she was sitting on it during the Vriskagram flash (like Gamzee originally was):

I wonder why it’s chained up though. What the heck did they stuff in there in the meantime. …Wait, ‘stuffed in the fridge’, god DAMN IT I JUST go that joke! Since Gamzee originally had Vriska and Tavros’ corpses stuffed in there:

Anyway, the fridge and it being chained up further suggests we’re going to get a flashback showing how we got to this point.

I’ve seen a few people wonder where Dirk is. A reminder he was teleported outside the session by Grimbark Jade:

And that he was more then *three hours* travel away:

And Roxy, as we know, died in this timeline:

And explicitly never got the chance to be resurrected.

(P.S. This was stuff I saw in MSPA ComDisc before I realized they were talking about an upd8.)

Another thing I saw mentioned was ‘Where are the planets?’ Well, as best shown in [S] Jack: Ascend:

Those planets are actually pretty far out. (Also this was one of my favorite Flash scenes as it panned around the Incisphere.)

Other then that, everyone seems to be just hanging out for some reason (they successfully broke Jake out of jail. I suspect we have dialogue incoming, as promised by Hussie. And it looks like GO!Roxy and John are yet to join the group, as we last them zapping with Lowas into the new timeline:

I also wonder what happened to the Condense. What’s she up to? Well, it’s hard to say considering her plans in the original timeline weren’t very clear, even to Jane and Jade:

We have yet to find out why building up the houses were ‘critical’. It likely has something to do with Sburb’s ‘endgame,’ considering the Condense is after the Ultimate Reward:

So, where the troll empress now? Either biding her time, because her plans were pulled completely off the rails thanks to Vriska. Or something happened to her between Jane being put to sleep and the scene we see here now.

Phew, that’s surprisingly a lot I got out a few, non-dialogue panels. My prediction: We’re eventually going to get a flashback. And hopefully we’ll soon get that dialogue Hussie promised us.

Hope you enjoyed! 

Happy New Year (Michael/4 - Smut)

I have written Calum here



“MICHAEL LETS GO!” I yelled, standing at the door. I’d been waiting for my roommate and best friend for the last 20 minutes because we had to leave for a New Years party. “I ALREADY FUCKING TOLD YOU. I DONT WANT TO GO!” he yelled back, peeking his head out of his room. “Neither do I. But Calum promised us that there’ll be pizza. Let’s go.” I said, and he sighed, finally stepping out of his room and towards me.

“You look like shit” he said, and I frowned, “Can’t you be nice for one day in the year?” I asked, and he shook his head, “Where’s the fun in that?” I rolled my eyes and got into the car, driving us to Calum’s house. After we got there, I’d lost sight of Michael. He always had a stupid habit of wandering off to somewhere no one could find him and he’d play games on his phone.

I got busy too. It was New Year’s Eve and I was not going to spend it babysitting my best friend. Out came the alcohol and there went the next 3 hours. All I remember was a blur of loud music, screaming and a constant supply of drinks in my hand that eventually made their way down my throat.

You know how they say that alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions? That’s exactly what happened. The blur subsided when I saw Michael walking into the room and instead of flicking him off, I asked him to come over. From the way he stumbled over to me, I wasn’t the only one who’d been drinking her blood’s volume in alcohol the past 3 hours.

“HEYYYYY!” he yelled, his hand automatically reaching for my ass. “MICHAEL WHAT THE FUCK?” I asked, laughing and turning around, noticing how excited his eyes looked. “I THINK IM-” he began but got cut short by someone asking everyone to come out to the backyard. “I have a better idea..” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck. “I had an idea too” Michael said, giggling and grabbing my ass with both hands now.

Michael and I had the most amazing relationship, we hated each other but we loved each other. We were incredibly mean to each other but we were ready to kill someone if they were mean to the other. I would hear him jerking off and knock on his door to offer him chips, he’d hear me in the shower and pretend like he really had to pee at that exact moment. We were like friends with benefits, except the benefits were everything apart from sex.

I would have loved to blame it on the alcohol but when I stood on my toes and pecked Michael’s lips, I knew the only thing the alcohol did was confirm that I’d wanted to do this for 3 years now. Michael continued to kiss me, his lips softer than I could’ve ever imagined and his breath smelling like some familiar alcohol. I sucked on his upper lip, and he moaned into my mouth, tugging on myp lower lip until he pulled away, looking at me with a wild look on his face.

We’d just done that. Holy shit.

Another blur of hurried kisses and we ended up in one of the bedrooms, Michael’s hands desperately running through my hair as he pushed me against the door, holding me to himself just by my lips. He traced my upper lip with his tongue, and I parted my lips, letting him slip his tongue into my mouth, tangling it with mine, his hot breath on my face making me reach my hand for his jeans.

He was hard already, straining against his pants and he let out a low groan when I started to palm him through his jeans. He bit down on my lower lip, groaning as his hands reached for my boobs, massaging them over my dress. He dragged his lips down my chin and to my neck, placing a hard kiss in the middle of it, followed by several small soft kisses all over my neck, making me lean my head back and press my hips against his.

I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers, letting them pool at his feet, wrapping my hands around the base of his dick, slowly squeezing up, feeling him getting harder in my hands and I fucking loved it. He instinctively reached for the zipper on my dress, clumsily undoing it and I pulled away from him so he could get my dress off. He stepped out of his pants and got his tshirt off in a quick movement and my hands found his length again.

I pumped up and down a few times, earning contended moans from Michael. He touched his forehead to mine, as he slipped a finger into my panties, rubbing up and down my folds, gathering my juices. “Fuck, you’re so turned on for me..” he mumbled, bringing his finger to his lips and licking them, “And you taste so fucking good…” he whispered, making me moan as he touched my slit again, rubbing it.

“Don’t slow down..” he urged as I started to get sloppy with his length but could you blame me? Michael was rubbing his thumb against my clit in circles, softly massaging inside me. His other hand reached for my bra, unhooking it and I pulled my hands off him, helping him take it off. He then held me harder against the door and slipped my panties down, tantalisingly slowly and I moaned as he slipped a finger inside me.

“Fuck..” I breathed out, leaning forward and kissing Michael’s neck, lingering on his Adam’s apple, as he slowly pulled his finger out and thrust it back in at a pace so slow, it was driving me mad. I wanted, no, I NEEDED more. “Michael.. One more..” I moaned, sucking on his pale skin. “I’m not going to do that..” He replied, and I pulled away, looking at him in shock.

“Why the fuck not, you assho-” “Because then I wouldn’t get to actually fuck you. And I haven’t waited 3 years to have you come to my fingers” he answered, suddenly pressing his lips to mine harder and more surer than the other kisses. The teasing ended abruptly, as Michael grabbed my hips and pulled me to the floor, lying me down on my back, his lips not leaving mine the whole time.

He slipped my panties off me and spread my legs apart using my ankles, kneeling between them. “Just fuck me, already, Michael” I said, getting a little annoyed by how long he was taking because I could feel my insides throbbing for him. “You’re so damn beautiful..” he whispered, but I was pretty sure it was the alcohol talking, so I just pulled his arms towards me so he was hovering above me.

“Are you sure?” he asked, kissing my lips softly and I nodded, “I am” and he smiled down at me, his arms on either side of me, as I held on to his shoulder blades. He held his lips close to mine and I felt him exhale as he slowly moved into me, making me gasp, holy fuck, he was good. I couldn’t hold back the swears as Michael pulled out and thrust in again, just as slowly but deeper this time.

My swears were met with his, mine were gasps and moans mumbled into his lips and his were loud, hot, breathless groans. The room was a mix of alcohol and sweat and moans that got louder as Michael and I adjusted to each other, finding the right method of him thrusting fast and me completely at his mercy, alternated with slow, long strokes full of hidden away passion, and from the way neither of us could muffle our moans, it was obvious that this was the best sex either of us has ever had, and despite being drunk as fuck, there was no way you can forget something this good.

I felt my nails digging into Michael’s shoulders and his lips pressed to my neck, sucking so hard that I could foresee the mark it was going to leave. As Michael picked up the pace, I felt my inner thighs burning and an ache like never before in my lower stomach. I didn’t even know what the fuck happened when I reached my peak, because of how good it was. It was nothing other than pure euphoria that rolled over Michael and me as I felt him struggling to hold himself up, after reaching his peak.

I pulled him down so he was partly lying on me and partly on the floor, both of us too breathless to talk. So we just lay there for a few seconds, letting our hands roam the other’s body. I felt Michael place a soft kiss on my shoulder as he pulled out of me, sleeping on his back next to me.

“That was fucking awesome!” he said, giggling, he was always a giggly drunk. “It was” I replied, unsure of what to do next. “Do you think it’s the new year yet?” he asked and I shook my head, “I couldn’t hear anyone screaming” “Maybe we were too loud” he replied, laughing softly. I laughed, sitting up and reaching for my clothes, as he did the same. We got our clothes back on, both of us a little shy all of a sudden and walked out to the back where everyone was getting ready to countdown.

“Will you regret this tomorrow?” Michael asked, standing next to me, just as people started to countdown. “Will you be my New Years kiss?” I asked back, and he looked at me, confused. “YES OR NO?” I yelled over the noise and he nodded, “YES BUT HOW IS THAT-” “THREE TWO ONE HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!” Everyone yelled, cutting him off.

I immediately stood on my toes and pulled his face down to mine, kissing him, feeling him smile through the kiss. “Now I won’t regret it tomorrow” I said, feeling him wrap his arms around me as the fireworks went off, followed by loud cheering. Michael smiled down and kissed me again, “This is kind of cool but do I still get to pick on you?” I nodded, “But only if you’ll kiss me after” “How could I not?” He replied, pecking my lips again.

I knew one thing for sure. I could do with Michael until the next new year and still not get bored.


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JYJ and TVXQ: a summary of 2014

To the ever awesome Cassiopeia-Bigeast tandem:

I know that some of us or maybe quite the majority is not sold with our 26-million votes down the drain. But here’s a breakdown of what happened this year to cheer us up!

It’s been a pretty fucked up year for other groups, but it’s been quite a year for Cassiopeia and BigEast. We waited for two years for a Korean comeback, and finally we had our 7th album. Omg. The songs are awesome, we slayed the charts, and everything was a blast!

And off we went for Tree album. It’s real good! The album was followed by Hide & Seek / Something, Sweat / Answer, and Time Works Wonders" as singles which were heaven and a pain in both heart and pockets.

Toho Tree Tour started and TVXQ gathered 600, 000 fans just from Japan alone with only 11-dome tour. How’s that right?

And who would dare forget Ti Amo? Like omfg. HoMin’s so handsome. *heavy breathing* No one should dare contend the power of the two.

And the brusque maknae made us laugh when he surprised us with Shim JangMi.

They all acted in various dramas; Mimi for Changmin; Three Days for Yoochun; Triangle for Jaejoong; Dracula for Junsu; and Night’s Watchman for Yunho. Congrats to our boys for a job well done!

Moving on to some rated x smexy jyj comeback, every fangirl heart screamed when they released Just Us album. And who would not swoon over…

Here’s another story of our success.

JYJ nearly got mistreated by IAG. After being promised to participate in the opening of Incheon Asian Games, they were suddenly withdrawn from the list, and Cassi-East fought for their position! And fuck yeah. We fucking did it. They got their performance which is due of their title as IAG ambassadors. They were banned for years on tv, but any Korean channel couldn’t do anything but to air them. How’s that for a big fuck you?

On the other hand, is there anybody who’s not impressed when they froze traffic due to their 50, 000-attendees street concert? la la la la

This list won’t be complete without mad congratulations to Junsu who was crowned as the best male musical actor with the highest box office draw and to Yoochun who won best new actor at Daejong festival. Loud clap and shoutout to Junsu who opened his luxurious Tuscana hotel.

And I might just add on how JYJ chose RED as their color for Ichigo Chie? Um…stans just went uh-oh. lol

Now, here’s the deal breaker. Who would dare forget heart-wrenching ot5 moments of the year? How Junsu sang ot5 songs? How Yunho admitted that he watched Jaejoong’s drama, and acknowledged his hard work? And how Jaejoong replied with a “Yunho-yah” and a loooooong speech filled with heartfelt message.

Here’s more, do you remember Yoochun’s interview?

“The two that wished to stay and the three that wished to leave. I just wish that we could all be happy now. I’m really looking foward to Yunho’s new drama ‘The Night Watchman.” ‘The Night Watchman’ is the follow up drama to JYJ Jaejoong’s drama ‘Triangle’. I wish the five of us could all earn great success. And although I don’t know exactly know when, I just wish that we could come together and share drinks as a five. That itself would be great. “

And do you remember how JYJ surprised us with an emotional tearjerker performance when they sang their old tvxq songs?


And before this list comes to close, please don’t forget how Toho won Tohoshinki Best Asian Artist, Time Album of the Year (Asia), Best 3 Albums (Asia), "Catch Me -If you wanna-” Song of the Year by Download (Asia), and Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~ Best Music Videos in Japan Golden Disc Awards.

So, yes. Basically, 2014’s been good to us.

Other groups might have a fucked up year, and although we lost MAMA, but we generally had a good year. I’m raising my middle finger to anybody who would dare say that we do not deserve these things after everything that we’ve been through.

Here’s to the past decade and to the future decades!


International Book Giveaway 

So last month my tumblr officially had its fifth birthday, I’ve been here for five years my goodness it doesn’t even seem real! In honor of those five years I decided to do my first ever giveaway. A book giveaway for all my lovely followers who have made my experience on this site so damn enjoyable and unforgettable!

 Here are the rules and information!


  • must be following me: this is for my followers only. I will double check.
  • reblogs only, likes count as bookmarks (you can reblog as often as you like but don’t spam your followers!)
  • this giveaway ENDS on March 12, 2016
  • there will be TWO winners! each picked by a random generator. since I have six titles listed above, each winner will get three books in total. whoever replies to my message first, gets first “dibs” on whichever titles they want. which leaves the remaining titles for the second winner! SO BE ATTENTIVE to your askbox! 
  • winners MUST respond within 48 hours or I will pick another winner(s)
  • if you are chosen you must be comfortable with giving me your name and shipping address ( I will ship worldwide ❤ )
  • books above are gently used/new conditions
  • NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS: I know for a fact that those don’t follow me. I stress the fact that I’m doing this for all the lovely people who have been following me on this site, whether it’s been only a few days,months or years. Thank you for making my five years on tumblr absolutely magical

if you have any questions about the giveaway don’t hesitate to ask me!

best of luck and with all my love, 

❤ Alejandra 

Fic: Orphan Blog (Chapter 1)

Written by Devon soccercopping and Aimee tatianathevampireslayer

Main ships: Cophine, Soccer Cop

Rating: T

Word Count: 1072

REALLY QUICK DISCLAIMER BEFORE WE GET STARTED: the urls of the characters are probably taken/being used irl, but they’re just so perfect for these nerds, so we’re using them for this fic anyway.


It had been a long day, and Sarah was ready to just wind down for a few hours. There would be plenty of time to worry about that rapidly growing pile of late math homework. But she had more important things on her mind, like how since last night, she had gained three followers on Tumblr. Two science blogs and a depression(?) blog: sexydarwin, sciencelaborador, and lost-train-of-thought.

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Happy New Year (Calum/4 - Smut)

I absentmindedly tapped my fingers on the glass with the drink in my hand to the beat of the music as I listened to one of Calum’s friends tell me about something that happened when she went to the beach. We were at a New Years party and Calum was catching up with some of his old friends a while ago but I hadn’t seen him for the last 20 minutes.

‘He’ll be around here somewhere..’ I thought, trying to convince my mind that Calum could not have drowned in the pool or fallen into a hole in the backyard. That was until I felt someone’s hand on my waist and from the way his fingers wrapped exactly around it, I knew it was Calum.

I expected him to walk up next to me but I felt his hot breath on my shoulder, “Bathroom. Us. Now.” he mumbled into my ear, pressing his hips against mine, and I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I nodded, hoping no one would notice as Calum kissed my ear, softly tugging at it as I turned around to face him. He smirked down at me, as his hand moved from my waist to my wrist, and then into my hand. He tangled his fingers with mine and pulled my hand towards the direction of the bathroom.

Calum and I had a lot of sex, and it was great. But it was always romantic and slow and neither of us were in a hurry. Tonight seemed different. And I was so sure I didn’t want to start the new year with anything besides different so I went with it. I let him grip my hand tight enough for it go white and I could already feel his skin getting hotter.

'Why was he so turned on?’ I wondered, as he pushed his way through the people, and then I remembered I was in his favourite little dress and I had decided to wear heels. Calum was always a confident guy when he was drunk but I’d never seen this side of him. His eyes were never this lustful and his grip on my hand never harder. We got to the bathroom and he swung the door open, letting me inside and then kicked the door shut with his foot. I had just about set my drink by the sink by the time Calum had pulled his shirt and tank top off, and he stood in just his unbuttoned jeans.

The door had barely closed when I felt Calum turn me around so my back was towards him. “You look so fucking hot tonight, babe” he mumbled into my ear, kissing my shoulder, sucking on it. “And it got me thinking” he went on, his hands holding my waist so tight that I could feel the marks they were going to leave, “How hot would you look with your clothes off?” he said, nibbling on the side of my neck, causing me to moan.

“Is that a yes for me to get this off?” he asked, sliding his fingers down my side until they reached the bottom of my dress, and his fingers crept up my thigh, “Yes, fucking yes..” I moaned, leaning my head back and he placed a hard kiss on my neck, “That’s my girl..” he mumbled, chuckling. I loved and hated nothing more than when Calum got cocky.

I felt his hands clumsily travel up my side, and reach for my zipper. “Fuck” he groaned and I felt him struggle with it. I was ready to give him a sarcastic “That’s why you shouldn’t drink so much before sex” remark but my voice caught in my throat as I heard my zipper breaking. He’d ripped my dress. At a party. But my immediate rage and shock quickly turned into absolute pleasure when I felt Calum’s lips on my back, placing sloppy kisses all over my upper back.

His kisses were a hot mix of low moans that made my skin shiver as he made his way down my back, his hands hurriedly undid my bra and pulled it off my along with my dress. A second had barely passed and I felt Calum pressed his chest to my back, pushing me into the wall, causing goosebumps to rise on my arm as the cold bathroom wall touched my bare chest.

Calum’s hands found my waist again but this time, when his warm hands met my skin, I felt his bulge growing in his jeans. “Look what you’ve done to me, gorgeous” he whispered, “I’ve always had that effect on you” I replied, and I felt his lips against to my neck, “Getting cocky, are we?” he mumbled, and I felt him hold me tighter and he turned me around to face him, and he crashed his lips against mine. I felt overwhelmed by how much he tasted like alcohol but I fucking loved it. 

I felt his strong chest pressing me to the wall and his hands ran through my hair, grabbing it and pulling it back as he dragged his tongue down my neck, finding the sensitive spot he knew I had on the side of my neck and sucked hard on it, making me moan as I tangled my hands into his hair, “Shit, Calum..” I mumbled, knowing he loved hearing me moan his name. He pressed his hips harder against mine and I understood what he wanted, so I let my hands sink down to his waist as I pulled his pants down. I felt his lips curl into a smile against my neck as he let go of my hair, holding my sides as he started kissing down my chest, his hard kisses finding their way to every spot of my skin until he was almost kneeling down in front of me, his hands holding my thighs.

He placed a soft kiss below my belly button, and his fingers hooked on to my panties. “Off off off…” I urged, tapping my foot and desperately clinging on to Calum’s shoulders. “And I thought I was in a hurry” he said, kissing my lower stomach as he pulled them down, letting them stop at my ankles. “Why don’t we let the heels stay on?” he whispered too fucking close to where I was so ready for him.

I nodded, leaning my head back as he helped me step out of it. “Don’t forget to keep your eyes on me, baby” Calum said, and I knew what was coming next so I dug my nails into Calum’s shoulders, I felt him rest his lips on me, moaning into me as his tongue slipped in. He swirled his tongue around, looking up at me, and I nodded at him. He slowly moved a finger into me, rubbing me as he sucked with his lips.

“Oh my god…” I moaned, pressing him closer to me, encouraging him to add another finger. I felt my legs already struggling to hold me up as he added a second finger. He was now going at a steady pace of 'Suck, rub, thrust, repeat’ and his groans inside me echoed throughout the bathroom and his hot breath in me was driving me mad.

“FUCK!” I yelled, and immediately Calum pulled away. “You can’t be that loud, baby” he said, his voice already raspy. Almost as if I was begging, I said, “Then just fuck me already” “Gladly, princess” Calum said, and I watched, relieved almost, when he stood up and took his jeans and boxers off, throwing them into the mess of clothes next to us.

He walked towards me, brushing my hair out of face, “Are you sure?” he asked, and I nodded, “Yes, please..” I whispered, holding on to Calum’s neck and pressing my lips to his, and I felt him smile into the kiss when he figured out that he now tasted like a mix of alcohol and me. “I love you so fucking much..” he whispered, touching his forehead to mine.

I gasped, leaning back as Calum slowly moved into me, pausing for a couple of seconds until I nodded at him. He grabbed one of my knees and wrapped it around his waist, and I felt his hands grab my ass as he pulled out and slowly thrust in again, a little deeper this time. “Yes.. Fuck..” I groaned, and Calum leaned forward, resting his forehead on my shoulder as he thrust again.

I felt his back muscles clench and relax as he started picking up the pace, every thrust paired with a flurry of sweats and grunts. I was forced to hold Calum’s back with my nails and I felt my legs going weak as I tried to keep my voice down. “GOD DAMN IT” Calum yelled, his voice muffled in my hair as I felt my shoulder getting dotted with Calum’s sweat.

He bit on my skin, sucking and licking as he failed at trying to stifle his grunts with each thrust and I joined in, nibbling on his collar bones and marking up his back, as I moaned his name each time he thrusted. Between every word, Calum thrusted faster, “Im. So. Fucking. Close. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” And I felt a pull in my thighs, and I was surprised I managed to stay standing with my heels still on. But that was probably because of how hard Calum was pressing me against the wall.

“I’m almost there too, baby. All-Fucking-Most” I whisper-yelled, barely finished with the sentence when I reached my peak, unable to contain my yelling anymore, but it was no longer audible over the commotion outside the bathroom. “FUCKKKKKK” Calum yelled, his voice cracking as he bit my lip, pulling at it, pouring swears mixed with my name into my mouth.

A few more sloppy, slow thrusts and Calum was done, breathlessly holding me to the wall with his sweaty body, as the noise outside grew louder. “I think.. I think it’s almost time” he breathed out, pulling out, both of us immediately collapsing to the floor. “Listen..” I said, as I felt Calum pull me towards himself. He squinted his eyes, and then widened them as heard the countdown.

“FIVE FOUR THREE TWO ONE HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!” We heard from outside, followed by a lot of cheering. “Happy new year, babe” Calum said, his words sounding just a tad bit slurry now, “Happy new year, Calum” I replied, giggling and pecking his lips. “I finally have a good New Years kiss story to tell” Calum said, smiling stupidly at me. “You’re going to go outside and tell Ashton you’ve just had sex in a bathroom?” I asked, reaching over and getting our clothes.

“I don’t have to tell him. They’ll know.” he answered, as I put my dress on, suddenly realising that I couldn’t zip it up all the way. “Fuck” I muttered, standing up, and Calum’s hand reached for my legs, supporting me as I struggled a little, my legs still feeling like jelly. “Here” he said, handing me his shirt, “This should cover it up, and I’ll hold your dress up if you need me to” he offered, and I smiled, taking his shirt and pulling it over my dress.

“I don’t trust you to hold my dress up. You’re drunk” I said, as he put his clothes back on. “I might be drunk but no one gets to look at my girlfriend without her clothes except me” Calum told me, kissing my nose. I felt his hand rest on the small of my back, and he opened the door, both of us met with a sea of people still shouting.

“HEY CALUM WHERE WERE YOU- OH!” Michael yelled over the crowd, holding up a thumbs up sign and walked in the opposite direction. “They won’t even talk to us after sex?” I asked, and Calum kissed my cheek, “He’s just jealous and uncomfortable that my year started off way better than his. I love you, beautiful” Calum said, kissing a small red spot on my neck, “I love you too” I replied, knowing this kiss meant there was so much more to come for us when we got back home.


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New Friends

Part two of this<- Angst week Grab-N-Sob

I know you guys wanted to chuck me off a cliff but I intended a happy ending AFTER angst week. Duh~

I’m gonna stick this under the Puppy prompt…because…Natsu is still like a full grown puppy.

He walked.

The asphalt was incredibly hard on the pads of his paws but he kept walking. He passed every puddle, pothole, and avoided digging in the litter that decorated the sides. There was only the sound of his nails on the road, the familiar jingle of tags missing from his collar, the calm of the forest, and the ever empty presence of loneliness.

The blue cat toy rested in his maw, the only companion for this trip. It was covered with grime and slobber, having traveled with him since the beginning. The day he was lost.

He walked on, ignoring every animal disturbance unless hunger spoke to his more feral mind. He had dined on a few unfortunate squirrels and something that he thought was a dead skunk but it tasted funny.

He rolled in a few things he couldn’t identify, but nothing stopped him from walking. He had to get closer to wherever Igneel was. His best friends obviously had gotten trapped somewhere and needed to be found.

So, Natsu would walk until he found Igneel.

So many days had passed, nights too. The pink furred canine refused to move from the field he last saw his two legged friend. After all the critters he hunted had moved on, instinct spurred the mutt to migrate too. Down the lonely road he walked.

He walked…

      He walked…

           He continued to walk.

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fic: Take It Out On Me

Take It Out On Me (phanfic)

~ 2.426 words

genre: fluff

warnings:  literally one mention of smut

A/N: Obviously, I’m aware that many, many stories have already been written about 2009 Phan and there is definitely no need for yet another one. But as a writer I just had to do it once, I couldn’t let myself be in the Phandom without writing at least one 2009 themed one-shot. So here it is, a story in which Dan thinks back to where it all began as he is returning home from another of his trips abroad.

preview: Dan’s obsession with the guy with the hair and the wondrous mind was nothing but an escape. An escape from the darkness in his mind and the mess that he called his life. A web of questions he couldn’t answer, plans he didn’t know how to make.  It didn’t occur to him then that maybe he didn’t necessarily want to be like Phil but that he wanted to be with him. The reason Phil started to notice and acknowledge Dan’s existence was mainly a selfish one. He was curious, curious to find out what the boy with the darkest brown eyes and the plump chapped lips could want from him.

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