three pointed star

Reading Shadow Rising. Egwene in Tanchico in the dream looking at “artifacts from ages before the age of legends”. “A silvery thing…like a three pointed star inside a circle, was made of no substance she knew; it was softer than metal, scratched and gouged… She could sense pride and vanity.” Guys. It’s a fucking Mercedes hood ornament.

Sound and the City.

For creative director and producer Grace Lee, her new Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 is more than a car, it’s an extension of her larger-than-life persona: SoundCity

Gordon wins NBA All-Star three-point contest

Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon won the 2017 NBA All-Star three-point contest in a thrilling shoot-out against Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving.

The two sweet shooters tied at 20 in the final round, which led to a playoff.

Gordon scored 21 with a big surge in his moneyball round to beat Irving by two points.

Gordon, one of the most pure shooters in the NBA, was locked in from the start, draining shots from all five spots.

Defending champion Klay Thompson lost in the first round, finishing with 18 points, one short of qualifying for the next round.