three percenters

seriously guys, just watch 3% on netflix!

it’s the first brazilian show produced by netflix and it needs some recognition bc:

- DIVERSE CHARACTERS!!! i’m not kidding, there are so many different storylines and people and just fucsjsk watch it now
- good plot!
- good acting!
- good cinematography!
- blurred lines between good and bad (i mean, there’s not just only the Big Bad Guy™ and the main character, they all have their motives and it’s just great)
- addresses issues like mental health and disability (not just on the sidelines like most shows!! main characters guys!!)
- really cool things about our society in general and what it may become

i mean, i see people complaining about tv shows not being diverse enough or not portraying people in a realistic way but when shows like this one air, they just get ignored so…. yeah! watch it!

Guys, pals, my dudes.
Do yourself a favor and watch 3% on Netflix. It’s up since 25th November so probably not much have heard about it.
But it’s so fucking good.

It’s Netflix first brazilian show and it’s great.

“The show is set in a future wherein people are given a chance to go to the "better side” of a world divided between progress and affluence in the Offshore, and devastation and poverty in the Inland, but only 3% of the candidates succeed.“

I want you guys to watch the crap out of it and show that shows not made in the UK or the US are fucking amazing too because this show clearly is!

It’s also pretty dark so be aware of that.


We are all starting to realize this is a problem. So if we support each other, we realize “OK. Three percent of DPs are female. That is not right.” What can we do to help nurture female cinematographers? What can we do to nurture female writers and directors? We are missing female point of views. And that begins for me at the script level.

- Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain directed by women by filmography:

Texas Killing Fields dir. Ami Canaan Mann - 2011
The Color of Time dir. Edna Luise Biesold, Sarah-Violet Bliss, Gabrielle Demeestere, Alexis Gambis, Brooke Goldfinch, Shripriya Mahesh, Pamela Romanowsky, Bruce Thierry Cheung, Tine Thomasen, Virginia Urreiztieta, Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo - 2012
Zero Dark Thirty dir. Kathryn Bigelow - 2012
Miss Julie dir. Liv Ullmann - 2014
The Zookeeper’s Wife dir. Niki Caro - 2017
Woman Walks Ahead dir. Susanna White - 2017


FBI agents bravely responding to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, which is currently occupied by radical extremists.

this afternoon i decided i’d try my hands at the most iconic andreil scenes

now at 1 am i’ve got a single WIP, lots sleep and no motivation OTL

Edit: this actually got notes so i repainted it with proper shadows + u can now get it here