three patch

some asshole in a youtube comment: sherlock doesn’t have feelings didn’t you know three patch problem is three pipe problem READ A BOOK

us after scraping every possible canon reference from the show like a pack of piranhas: *pounding the table* GAY MICE GAY MICE GAY MICE

The moment Sherlock nearly disliked John

Is there such a scene in the show?????????? 

Well, yes, I think there is. Mere seconds in which Sherlock thought he overestimated John way too much. 

I haven’t seen this scene ever mentioned so I thought of making a post about it because I consider it very interesting.

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Rough plans for putting the patches on this jacket. I still have to finish replacing all the ugly buttons, though… four down, six to go. I’m doing this all by hand cause I can’t operate a sewing machine to save my life so it’s gonna take forever

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The 3-Patch Problem

I’m just making sure we have all deduced what the actual problem was in ASiP that merited Sherlock’s use of three nicotine patches. When we see that he’s wearing them, he’s been laying on the couch for about an hour just taking his sweet time with the case. He has the suitcase, knows the phone is missing, knows the murderer has it, texts John and waits for him to show up, doesn’t think the text is important enough to go to Mrs Hudson to make it, and he just lays there applying patches. “Helps me think” is what he says about the need for them. He’s using them to solve a problem - his body is raging out of control and he needs his mind to restore the balance, so he can continue the work. His body is so aroused by the thought of John Watson being in his life sexually that he needs three nicotine patches to quell the impulses. John Watson is the three-patch problem.

Moving in with the Winchesters would involve...

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They invite you to move in with them after you save their asses on a hunt

It’s kinda awkward at first, because you’ve lived alone the whole time you’ve been hunting

But you guys fit into a routine quickly

The three of you patching each other up after hunts

It took Dean a year to trust you enough to drive Baby

Sitting up together after hunts, drinking and talking until you feel safe to fall asleep

Waking each other up from nightmares, and sitting talking for hours

Playing pranks on each other, because sometimes things get too dark and serious and you all need to lighten up

Getting on really well with Cas, even when he’s being a bit weird

Charlie is literally your best friend, you two have full on slumber parties

You two gossip about the guys all the time

You read the Supernatural books just to annoy the boys

They burned your copies on a bonfire

You didn’t tell them you had them on your phone as well

You and Dean sneaking junk food under Sam’s nose into the bunker

Sam tried to get you to go jogging with him once

He literally walked into your room at 5am and told you that you were going running

You almost shot him

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Different Stresses
  • Connie: *patched things up easily after having a little misunderstanding with a fellow classmate*