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HIATUS MEME [1] Album: Made in the A.M ⇢ part 1

Made in the A.M. is 1D’s Let It Be – the kind of record the world’s biggest pop group makes when it’s time to say thanks for the memories. The cover has Beatles-worthy coded body language: four boys on a cheap dorm couch, Liam Payne and Niall Horan smiling in opposite directions, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles staring defiantly into your eyes. Lots of sensitive breakup songs here – hey, girl, before you go, let’s toast the minibars and expensive cars, the good champagne and private planes.

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OT5/Jinki? Please?! 💕

shinee ships shinee ships
pairing: ot5+
genre: humor, crack, band au
rating: pg-13 (droppin’ f bombs)
word count: 1340
summary: shinee’s a little drunk & jonghyun wants to know what’s minho’s favorite ship
a/n: so this is the ot5/jinki i was talking about threeish weeks ago.  since then they’ve literally gotten drunk & hung out as a group so basically i made that happen with my little wip.  you’re welcome.
special thanks to @bpash89​ for trying to help me make this better & wholly succeeding with her suggestion for jinki to give That Response.  #yes

the air is cool & a slight breeze blows against the flames of their campfire where they sit on logs set up up in a ‘u’ shape.  it’s only been an hour but taemin’s already screamed three times, mistaking bits of ash for bugs, his body folded in half with his bottle in one hand & the other on jinki’s arm, head on his shoulder. jonghyun sits next to jinki on a log shared with kibum & minho has his own perch directly across from taemin.

the group began drinking long before they sat down, a day at the beach spent in the sun, sand, & surf culminating with everyone a little drunk around a roaring fire.  jonghyun is the most plastered & jinki the least, everyone else falling somewhere in-between.

“truth or dare.”  jonghyun’s the one who asks, his words a little slurred & his eyes blinking sleepily.  taemin snorts & jinki rolls his eyes, kibum ignores the group & minho sits up a little straighter.


“what’s your favorite ship?”


“pairing.  fandom pairing.  us.” jonghyun gestures at the others with a finger pointed to the sky, looping around three times before it falls limply against his thigh.

minho takes a sip from his log, the one closest to the campfire. the stick in his hand, meant for stoking the flames, pushes against the dirt as he thinks.

“i like all my ships.  i love all of you.  i love shinee.”

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when people understand me, we’re able to interact in a more pleasant, healthier manner, but I can’t exactly carry around pamphlets saying “so we might become friends: my trauma-based behaviors and why they’re Not About You™”, “so we might become friends: an explanation of my disorder-related behaviors“, and “so we might become friends: how to interpret my atypicalities”


In the middle of the night, at the end of a dream, at the beginning of an inner tumult that he was as of yet unaware of, Augustus Winters jerked awake, breathing heavily and covered in a sheen of sweat that made his long, obsidian hair cling to his face. He impatiently pushed it away, leaning his head back and taking measured breaths as he tried to calm himself.

How ridiculous.

They were only memories—memories he’d kept entombed within the deepest confines of his mind, but which had apparently been unearthed by the revelation of a single buried truth: You’re wrong, Gus. I did like you.

Augustus got up. The cool, wintry draft coming in through the cracks of the window felt soothing on his skin. He drew nearer, pressing his arm against the icy glass and closing his eyes.

Of course Isaac had liked him. It was what Augustus had always sworn to be true, but after what had happened he’d felt he had no choice but to admit he’d been wrong. That despite everything he’d felt and everything they’d shared he’d been horribly mistaken. But now? Now it was all reversing, returning to Gus’ original beliefs with a dizzying speed that left him feeling as though the ground beneath his feet was subtly tilting.


None of it should have mattered anymore and yet here he was, jolted awake and undeniably shaken by a wholly unchangeable past.

”Please don’t make me do it.”

| This is my FIRST EVER attempt to do a Joker x Reader fic. Therfore I’m quite nervous and might delete this later. . I’m still hesitating, I don’t know. But overall, I hope some of you like it! :) |


Do it.

Being The Joker’s girlfriend is a thing you’d never pictured happening—but the world is full of surprises; and your heart fell for the deranged clown.

You, yourself found it surprising! And merely questioned your sanity. . . However; everyday you’d find your love increasing for him. And nothing seemed to stop it.

“[Y/N]?” A dark, raspy familiar voice interrupted your thoughts; flashing you back to ʀᴇᴀʟɪᴛʏ.

“Huh—yes?” Immediately, your lips formed a smile, gazing at the clown.

”Come on, baby. We’re goin’ for a little road trip.”

Road trip? Now, your curiosity began to increase! And your mind pictured various of places. . Places where he enjoys.

Although—of course you hesitated to ask… Solely because you knew how firm he was.


Once you two arrived towards your destination, you began feeling your heart to pound rapidly. The streets were dark—gloomy.

Joker instantly began sauntering towards an apartment building; with his henchmen following.

Why? Why on earth an apartment building?! This was so strange—unusual. And just enlarged the questions swirling against your head.

“[Y/N/]!” Joker called for you, unpleased to see you standing there, still. Unmoving from your spot.

His hand motioned for you to follow over, impatiently.

Your eyes widened among realizing, and you instantly found yourself following him in to the building.


Joker’s arm draped around your shoulder, as he stepped back—watching curiously over his henchmen whom crashed the door open.

“Ooh. This is gonna be fun,” A sick, twisted smile stretched over his crimson stained lips, turning his head to gaze over at you.

It o n l y took one gaze. And you instantly felt danger. That Something bad is about to happen.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”


That voice. That voice that caused you so much pain once. The voice that was responsible for /all/ your tortures in Arkham.

The voice you l o a t h e d.

The Joker ambled towards the other male, his own eyes filled with hatred as his henchmen successfully tied him down.

You couldn’t believe it at first. .

This was the guard that tortured you, placed you in so much pain. And there he was—all tied down, begging for release.

”That’s him..
MMM, yes baby?” The clown turned to look over at you, pulling you closer. “Y-yes,” you murmured, swallowing thickly.

“Well then. . some people just don’t know when to die,” Joker’s free hand reached out to grab his own gun, furiously placing it between your dainty hands.

“Do it, [Y/N/].”

Wait, WHAT?!

You’ve never killed anyone before! You were checked into Arkham solely because you’ve been caught behind; on a heist. And once they knew you were the clown’s girlfriend. . You were sent directly to Arkham Asylum. Them, assuming you helped him in every way.

Your hands began trembling. You began sweating—getting hazy. Getting anxious—having this sick, heavy feeling gripping against your chest tightly.

No—you couldn’t do it.

“I said, DO IT!” Joker’s voice was harsh, loud and desperate.

He wanted you to do this. He no longer wanted to see a woman whom he’d call his partner being weak and afraid.

“I—I can’t!” Tears began dribbling down your cheek as you spoke, trying your hardest not to stutter.

“Dare you say no to me?” His gloved hand reached to pull your chin up, forcing you for eye-contact.

You were nervous. Absolutely nervous.

“You know I don’t like to repeat my words,” He warned you, evidently angered. His index finger pointed at the man, “Do it, [Y/N]. Do it now.”

Gradually, your hand moved up, the gun now pointing at the guard.

Two. . . Three. . One—

/ B A N G /.

And it was all black. All you heard was a pained scream. And everything was black. You could only feel guilt. Heavy guilt.