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hi, would you do number 24 with tom? 💕

wowie it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything 😂 I’ve been swamped with school and work but I finally managed to finish this one last night, I hope u like it!! 💓 basically Tom’s home from a long press tour and his girlfriend is feeling needy but he’s too distracted by a video game to notice and smut ensues 👀

#24 “Just let me finish this level and I swear I’ll go down on you until you come at least three times.”

Needy Girl | One shot

“Toooooooom,” she groaned loudly from the bedroom.

Outside the bedroom door, her boyfriend Tom was lounged on their couch… playing video games. Her man was back from a long press tour… and he was playing video games. Not that he wasn’t allowed to enjoy simple things like this now that he was finally home, but she had hoped the “reunion sex” phase would have lasted longer before he occupied his time with something else. It’d been a long two months of no contact outside of phone calls, facetiming and Snapchat. It was the longest she’d had to go without him thus far in their relationship. The loneliness she felt while he was gone ate at her, that by time he arrived home she nearly tackled him to the ground in the airport. The rest of the night was spent chatting over take out, and lots of sex.

Now he was caught up in an online video game with Harrison and Jacob, while she lied in bed listening to him shouting and cursing at them, groaning at the ache between her legs. Clearly too absorbed in his game to hear her calling his name, she hopped off the bed with a loud huff. She pulled one of his discarded shirts on and slipped her panties off, kicking them aside. She draped herself against the doorframe, extending one arm above her head and pushing her hip out, sighing loudly as she watched her boyfriend on the couch.

“What’s up darling?” his eyes flitted from the television screen to her figure against the door.

“I’m booooored,” she whined, resting her head against her arm in an over-dramatic attempt to get his attention.

“So put a movie on in the bedroom love,” he chuckled, oblivious to what she was getting at. “Yeah she’s just come out of her room,” he spoke into the headset, answering a question she couldn’t hear, but was clearly about her.

She sauntered over to the couch, standing in front of him and partially obstructing his view. He leaned around her, eyes not leaving the screen. She planted herself where she was, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes at him.

“Darling I can’t see,” he droned, still fixated on the game.

“Good, I’ve got something better for you to look at,” her voice dropped as she slowly pulled the hem of his shirt up over her waist. His eyes finally broke away from the screen to see her exposed lower half in front of him. He bit his lip as his eyes scanned her body, until an explosion behind her pulled his attention away again.

“Fuck!” he shouted into the headset, she could hear Jacob and Harrison cackling on their end. “Darling you’ve gotta move, please.” he pleaded, laying a hand gently on her hip, trying to scoot her out of the way.

“Ok,” she shrugged, before moving one leg on either side of him and plopping herself down in his lap.

“Wait, no!” he leaned further to the side, wrapping his arms around her to keep his grip on the controller. “This isn’t what I meant, love.”

“Are you sure?” she asked innocently, trailing her hands up his chest, pulling his shirt with them.

“No – Yes! Darling come on, not right now!” he whined. “Jacob’s been kicking my ass for the last hour and I’m finally beating him!”

“Keep telling yourself that,” Jacob’s voice sounded from the headset.

“Fuck off!” Tom shouted back. “I’m gaining on you!”

She groaned and rolled her eyes, gently grinding her hips down against Tom, trying to get even the smallest bit of friction to ease the ache between her legs.

“Nope.” Two hands grabbed her waist as he pulled her from his lap, gently tossing her down on the couch next to him, her back hitting the cushions with a gentle thud. “I don’t think so,” he chided, leaning forward to focus on the game.

She propped herself up on her elbows, her mouth hung open in shock as she narrowed her eyes at him. Feeling her watching him, he glanced at her from the corner of his eye and chuckled, pulling the microphone on his headset away and covering it with his hand to keep his friends from hearing him.

“Darling just let me finish this level and I swear I’ll go down on you until you come at least three times.”

She shut her mouth and exhaled sharply out her nostrils, throwing herself back against the couch cushions, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Such a little drama queen you are,“ Tom laughed, snaking a hand under the shirt she was wearing to tickle her side before he returned to shouting and cursing at Jacob and Harrison over the headset.

She lied on the couch for half an hour, staring at the ceiling as she listened to the sound effects from the video game and Tom’s colorful vocabulary every time he took a hit from one of his friends.

“Alright guys, I’m gonna get off here for a bit,” Tom said, and she perked up from her spot on the couch. “I’ll finish annihilating the both of you later.”
Setting his headset and controller down, he sat back and stretched, his shirt sliding up and exposing his stomach a bit. She bit her lip as she watched him from her place on the couch.

“Needy girl, what am I going to do with you,” he mumbled, climbing on top of her and pressing kisses up her neck.

She hummed contently, snaking a hand under his shirt and over his torso. He moved up, kissing along her jaw, grazing her earlobe with his teeth as he trailed his fingers up and down her thighs. She tugged his shirt and pulled it over his head, running her fingers through his hair as she pulled him back down, kissing him hungrily as her hands moved over every curve and crevice of his skin.

Sliding his hands under the hem of the shirt she was wearing, he slid it up her torso, exposing her breasts. He dipped his head down and took a mouthful of her breast, letting it slip out slowly, flicking her nipple with his tongue before releasing her and repeating the same movements with her other breast. She let out a throaty groan, arching her back as he continued to tease her, drawing circles over her nipples with his tongue.

He slid a hand down her stomach and over her clothed center, gently rubbing his thumb against her clit through her underwear. She jerked underneath him, every movement of his sending a shock through her body until she could feel her pussy throbbing against his hand.

“T-Tom,” she stuttered, her chest heaving with her lingering anticipation for what he would do next.

“What is it darling?” he purred in her ear as he continued his ministrations on her clit through the thin fabric.

“Use your mouth, p-please…” she breathed, her voice just above a whisper.

“Well I suppose, since you asked so nicely,” he smirked, giving her a gentle peck on the lips before working his way down her torso, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake.

Hooking his thumbs under the elastic band of her panties, she lifted her legs as he slid them up and off, tossing them to the floor. He slid his hands down her inner thighs, parting her legs before lying between them, his mouth just inches from her core. She rested one leg on the back of the couch as she reached down, stroking his curls as he gently kissed her just above her clit, before moving down and licking a stripe up her pussy.

She jolted at the sudden feeling of pleasure between her thighs as he began slowly dragging his tongue up and down over her clit. Sliding his hands around her waist, he held her hips still as he began lazily licking up and down her pussy, savoring the taste of her. She squirmed in his hands as his tongue drew shapes on her clit, occasionally dipping inside her and brushing against her inner walls. She gripped the pillow underneath her head with her free hand, her other tangled in Tom’s hair as he left open-mouthed kisses on her sex, gently sucking and licking at her. She felt a spark of warmth in her abdomen and she arched her back, lifting her hips off the couch and gently grinding against his face. He slid his tongue in and out of her as she gyrated her hips against his mouth, feeling his way inside of her before sliding back out and licking his way up to her clit.

He slid a hand down, gently pulling back the skin that concealed her sensitive nub before slowly dragging his tongue flat over it. Her grip on his hair tightened, and she let out a high-pitched moan as he continued lapping at her clit, the sensation sending electricity through her body. He closed his lips around the nub, gently swirling his tongue around it and sucking before releasing her.

“Fuck, Tom! Don’t stop that, please!” she pleaded, reaching down with her other hand and holding him over her clit. He chuckled against her throbbing pussy, the vibrations causing her to squirm against him.

He began undulating his tongue over her clit, holding her still as he began working faster. She began rolling her hips up towards his mouth and he moaned against her as he lapped and sucked at her, gently squeezing and massaging her hips with his hands. Her breathing was getting heavier and her grip on him was getting tighter, he knew she was getting closer to her climax. Slipping his hands under her thighs, he propped her legs up and began attacking her clit again. She whimpered as he drug his tongue back and forth over her sensitive bud, her climax building quickly.

“Tom, I-I’m gonna come…” she whined, her chest rising and falling with each shaky breath.

Closing his lips over her clit once more, he licked and sucked on her over and over, pulling her over the edge to her climax. She felt the heat that had built in her abdomen explode and she shuddered against him, a string of curses intertwined with his name spilling from her lips. He continued dragging his tongue in circles over her clit as her body contorted against him, her hands still tangled in his hair. He hummed as he lapped up every trace of her orgasm, watching her face twist in pleasure with every stroke of his tongue.

As the sensation began to die down, Tom released her now shaky legs, gently kissing her clit again before crawling up over her trembling body. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, letting her taste herself on his tongue, before she sunk back into the couch, completely spent.

“I hope you’re not planning on taking a nap on me now,” he chided, nibbling her earlobe. “I do owe you two more of those.” She erupted in giggles and writhed underneath him as he continued nipping at her soft skin.

“Mm, who said we had to rush them?” she mumbled, kissing him softly. “We’ve got all day.”

Imagine Sam trying to Wake You Up in the Morning


  “Baby,” he whispered, nudging your sleeping body next to his. You were still fairly tired from the night before. The three of you just getting in from a hunt late last night and you wanted nothing more than to stay in bed until you felt well rested. “Baby, it’s time to get up.”

  “Five more minutes,” you groaned, burying your face deeper into the pillow. You heard Sam let out a sigh, followed by the bed creaking and the movements of his body next to yours. His hand grazed over your waist, inching his body closer to yours. 

  “Come on, baby,” he muttered close to your ear. You could feel his breath on your neck as you became more aware of your surroundings. His lips pressed just below your ear, his hair falling onto yours. His grip on you was tight. Sam Winchester was a strong guy and being in his arms was one of your favourite places to be. 

  “Sam,” you breathed out. His lips travelled along your neck, moving towards your jaw. You let out an almost inaudible moan as you pushed back against him. There was no going back to sleep now. There was no way you wanted to go back to sleep now. 

  “Baby girl,” he chuckled. Your hand made its way to his on your waist, linking your fingers in with his. You turned, your back pressed against the mattress. You opened your eyes to meet Sam’s. He had a tired grin on his face and that made you smile a little. “Mmh, good morning, beautiful,” he said, almost too quietly. 

  “I should still be sleeping, Sam,” you played. 

  “Yeah, you should,” he nodded, “but I just couldn’t resist waking you up before I got out for a run. I had to make sure you knew that I loved you. A girl like you deserves to be kissed first thing in the morning.”

  “Sam, you softy,” you giggled.

  “I am not,” he argued jokingly. His hand gripped your hip, his fingers curling, inching you even closer to him. His head titled slightly, your hand coming up to cup his cheek. You could feel the stubble growing on his cheek, and that made you smile. The second his lips brushed against yours, he took a sharp intake of breath, breathing you in. Your heart fluttered in your chest. The kiss didn’t last nearly as long as you would have wanted it to. Sam had other plans in mind. 

  His lips kissed along your jaw, making their way to the other side of your neck. His tough sent shivers down your spine, and little waves of pleasure through you. Sam knew exactly what he was doing to you. 

  “Alright, I’d better get up and head out,” he mumbled against your collarbone. “I’ll let you stay in bed a little longer.”

  “Sam Winchester, if you leave me right now so help me god, I will make you so hard today and not do anything else about it!”

  “Challenge accepted.”

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33 please?

Here you go, anon!  Thanks for playing and sending this in - I had lot of fun.  

Celebrity/Fan AU

Rafael stirred his cup absently, staring at the growing crowd with outright curiosity.  A sign a few feet away announced a book signing for that night, starting in nearly an hour.  He was enjoying his perch of relative invisibility, one of two deep armchairs in the corner of the bookstore.  So far his obvious glare had kept anyone from taking the other, which was how he preferred it anyway.  It meant he could drink his espresso in peace and ignore the distraction occurring across the room.  

Until, of course, the door to the cafe opened and the warm spring wind swept in something tall and blond and loud.  Something he’d seen last three hours before, when they’d all decided to call it a night and get a fresh start in the morning.  


He offered a small smile to hide his sudden alarm and brought the cup to his lips to murmur around the rim, “Detective Carisi.”

All the glares in the world couldn’t have prevented Carisi from throwing himself down next to him, bouncing ever so slightly off the worn leather cushion before settling in.  Rafael took in the sight of him, changed from his work suit and into something more casual.  Dark slacks and a pale blue button up, work shoes traded for dress shoes that reflected the dim light in the bookstore easily.  The clothing still neat, still flattering on his lean body.  A body Rafael had appreciated more than a few times in the years they’d worked together.  A worn hardcover was clutched in his hand, the spine nearly worn to illegibility.  

The vague nerves Rafael had been dealing with for hours suddenly grew into jangling anxiety because his coworker was not supposed to be here.

“Didn’t take you for a reader,” Carisi commented distractedly, eyes darting to the makeshift stage once every second or so.  “You a fan too?”

“A fan?” Rafael repeated, amused.

“Yeah.  Of Robert Cutter.  The author.”

“Mmm,” he replied, noncommittal.  

Something like that.

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Tennessee Whiskey

Originally posted by kareligomleeek

Requested @mckaylaxdirk2000: If you can, can you please make a plus size reader oneshot with Brett…

A/N: This so happened to be one of my favorite teen wolf imagines/oneshots that I’ve written. I’m so glad I was asked to do this, it was certainly an honor. You should definitely listen to this song while reading

Warnings: Smut, unclear timeline, cute reader, curse words, weight shaming

Song Inspiration: Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

I used to spend my nights out in a barroom

Liquor was the only love I’ve known

But you rescued me from reachin’ for the bottom

And brought me back from being too far gone

You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey

You’re as sweet as strawberry wine

You’re as warm as a glass of brandy

And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time

Teen Wolf Masterlist

This was his eighth shot in the last three hours. Most of the bar was cleared out but he was one of the only ones drinking away. The other three guys were finishing up a game of pool. Brett could barely sit on the stool without leaning on the counter. He was falling into a deep pit of depression. His alpha dying made a huge impact. She was the only one who truly cared for him.

Brett was never bathed in his parents’ love. They were too busy worrying about work that he had nannies all his life. The bartender was cleaning the glasses with a rag. She assumed the blond wasn’t leaving until the sun was up. Unfortunately, the bar was closing in five minutes. She maneuvered from behind the counter and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“We’re closing soon, sweetheart”

Brett nodded and threw back his drink.

“One more”

The bartender gave him a sweet smile, “okay, but only one then you have to promise to leave”

He drunkenly rose a pinky and laughed. The three guys paid for their drinks and made their way out. She tidied up the place and gave him his last drink. She took the glass and bottle away so he wouldn’t be tempted to ask for more. Brett slid off the stool and reached in his pockets to place money on the counter. He frantically searched for his wallet but couldn’t find it. His blood began to boil as he grew frustrated. The bartender put her hand on top of his, making him relax.

“It’s okay. I’ll put it on your tab”

“B-But I don’t have money to pay you”

“You’ll pay me back one day. Just promise me you’ll get home safely”

Brett nodded and walked away three steps before walking into a stool the falling head first on the corner of a table.

The Next Day

Soft music flooded Brett’s ears. He remembered drinking and walking out of the bar then darkness. His eyes fluttered opened. He looked around to find himself in a dimly lit room, twinkling lights around the ceiling, a sheer beige curtain and a thick blanket covering his torso. The bed was so soft that it felt like he was sinking in a cloud. It was safe to say that he didn’t know where he was. Brett swung his legs over the edge only to feel fur cushioning his toes. Clearly, this was a girl’s room. He got up and carefully opened the door.

On the other side, was a girl swaying from left to right while over the stove. It was faint but he could hear her voice over the music as she sang.

“If I risk it all, would you break my fall?”

She turned around to catch Brett leaning against the doorframe with his eyes closed.

“Thank goodness you’re alive”

He opened his eyes to look at her. It was the bartender from last night. Aside from the overbearing liquor, she had a nice face—that’s all he could come up with at the moment.

“I figured you might want some food after that nasty fall plus the really bad hangover you must be having right now”

When the blond didn’t respond, she fixed him a plate and turned off the stove.

“You know what? This music is probably too much—”


“Why what?”

“Why did you bring me here?”

“I couldn’t just leave you out on the street,” she nervously chuckled.

“Yes, you could’ve. I deserve it anyway”

The bartender crossed her arms and shook her head.

“Why can’t you just say thank? It’s not that hard. You’re right, I didn’t have to have a nurse check you out or give you a warm bed or offer you a hot meal. Quit being such a dick”

Brett, although he didn’t show it, was stunned by her response. He loved it when people were feisty toward him and didn’t walk around him like he was made of glass. He sniffled and took a seat at the little table. They ate in silence, the music playing in the background.

Two Nights Later

Brett walked into the bar when the sun was out. As usual, he was one of the only ones left. He only ordered dark liquor so it could burn through him. The bartender tonight was way slimmer than the other one and got the attention of a lot of guys in the bar. Y/N was her name. She was also nicer than this one. Brett downed his last drink and tossed the money on the counter. While he walked down the street, he saw someone familiar. Y/N was walking side by side with a guy. A strange feeling of emptiness widened inside of him. She was laughing when she saw Brett.

“Hey there stranger”

“Hi,” he grumpily muttered.

“Samuel this is Brett, Brett this is my trainer, Samuel. We just came back from the gym”

For some reason, Brett felt better knowing that this guy wasn’t her significant other. It’s not like he liked Y/N.

“Nice meeting you Brett. Y/N, see you on Thursday. Today was a good workout, keep up the nice work”

Y/N waved him goodbye then looked at Brett.

“Need a ride home?”

The car ride was silent. Brett stared at the blurry lights passing by. Being a werewolf was tough. He would be drunk for an hour until his liver healed and the intoxicated feeling was gone. That’s why he drank so much. It was a few hours of peace in his mind. His trick was a few drops of pure wolfsbane every four drinks so he could weaken the healing process. Being so caught up in his thought, Brett fell asleep to the sound of Y/N’s soft voice singing along to the radio.

A light shake stirred him awake.

“We’re here”

Brett sat up in the passenger seat and fumbled for the door. Remembering her words, Brett looked to the side, “thanks”

Y/N smiled, “if you ever need me, you know where to find me. I’ll always be there”

He closed the door and walked up to the front door, trying not to take her words to heart. People always say they’ll be there but it’s not true.

Two Weeks Later

That wasn’t the case.

Brett was so trashed that he got into a fight and nearly killed the kid he was fighting. The cops took hold of him and threw him in the backseat of a squad car. His life was officially in shambles. Because he was drunk they set the bail to $800. Brett was too proud to let his parents know about his arrest. He stared up at the little window in the stone wall. It was his third day there when a song came into his head.

“How do I live? How do I breathe? When you’re not here I’m suffocating…the writings on the wall”

He laid his head on the futon of a bed and tried to sleep through the moans and groans of the other jail mates. The next morning, the door buzzed, a key turned into a lock, the metal gate creaked as it slid open.
“Talbot, you’re free to go”

Brett opened his eyes and jumped down from the top bunk.

He was given a fresh pair of clothes. Who would bail him out? His question was answered when he saw her radiant and beautiful skin.

“You didn’t have to do that”

Y/N scoffed and shook her head.

“I know I didn’t. I figured you couldn’t exactly pay me back behind bars”

“Fine, how much money do I—”

“That’s not how you’re going to pay me back”

“Then how?”

“By getting your shit together”

Y/N reached in her drawer and handed him a brochure.

“Honor your promise. I told you I’d always be here for you so now it’s your part of the deal”

Four Months After

Brett had a rocky start but he did his best to go to meetings. He still drank but it wasn’t as much as before. He would occasionally drop by the bar to see Y/N. They didn’t talk much but after she closed shop they would have a glass of wine then part ways. She helped him get a job so he wouldn’t dwell on the next time he could get his hands on the next drink that came his way.

As he predicted, Y/N started dating some guy she met at the gym. His name was Tyler and Brett hated his guts. Every time he was around, he got a bad taste in his mouth. One night when she got stuck working a shift, Brett sat a few stools away, reading a book to calm his mind. Tyler and his friends were being obnoxiously loud and downright rude. Maybe they thought they weren’t being loud but one of them made a nasty comment.

“Yo, you’re dating that?”

“I thought you went for total babes, not cookie dough”

“She’s not even that attractive, maybe a few salads and she could be cute”

Brett homed in on Y/N’s heart. She was angry but she did her absolute best of holding it in.

“Excuse me, miss, may I have olives?”

“I’m sorry, hun. We ran out”

This is what brought the wolf out in Brett.

Tyler had the audacity to laugh with his friend as he said, “they didn’t run out, I bet you she got hungry and ate them all”

Brett hopped off his stool, walking over to the disrespectful bunch with clenched fists.

“I think you assholes need to apologize to my friend here”

“Or what? She knows we’re just joking, calm down guy,” Tyler scoffed.

Brett snatched him by the shirt and dragged him toward the exit. His friends tried to back him up but were held by the regulars playing pool. They too like Y/N and were ready to defend her. Since Brett started talking to them, he was on their good side. The whole bar cheered when the trio was kicked out for good.

The next week on his day off, Brett dropped by her apartment to check up on her. He made his way toward the kitchen with a bag of groceries. He suggested they make dinner and hang out for the night.

“I’ll be back, I need to pee”

Brett zipped up his pants and washed his hands in the sink. It wasn’t until he noticed he had something in his teeth that he opened the medicine cabinet for a toothpick. Inside was a brand new bottle of weight-loss pills. He shook his head and ran his hand through his hair.

After dinner, Y/N got up to wash the plates. Brett pulled out the bottle of pills, giving it a shake.

“What’s this?”

Y/N turned around and reached for the bottle but he pulled them back away from her.

“That’s none of your business”

“You don’t need this shit”

“Yes I do!”

Tears streamed down her smooth face.

“Didn’t you hear the other night? I’m fat”

Brett came up and grasped her face in his hands.

“You don’t need to lose weight, Y/N. You’re already beautiful, why mess that up?”

She pushed him away and said what she thought was the truth.

“Because no one wants to love a fat girl”

The silence between them was unnerving, she wiped her tears and prepared to leave the kitchen when Brett’s hand closed around her wrist. He pulled her in for a long, deserving kiss. He panted slightly as he pulled back to meet her eyes.

“I didn’t think someone would love me but here we are”

“What are you saying?”

“I’d rather show you”

Brett kissed her again but this time, it was intense and passionate. His tongue explored the corners of her mouth in a way that Y/N never experienced. She wasn’t a virgin but she felt like it was her first time. His hand slid past her curves and tightened around her love handles. Y/N let out a moan of appreciation. Brett led her back to the room so she could push her on the bed and worship her body.

He left nothing untouched or kissed. She had an impulse to turn the lights off but Brett insisted on having them on.

“I want to see everything”

He removed the last pieces of clothing on her body and dipped his head in-between her thick thighs. He loved how soft her flesh was. Brett would honestly trade all the skinny girls he ever boned for Y/N. She had this tenderness about her nature. In fact, he generally hated cunnilingus because of the taste but right here, in her deep pool, Brett felt like he could drink her precious nectar forever.

Y/N tasted how sweet she was on his velvety tongue. Now that he was done preparing her body for him, he slid on a condom and eased his way in.

The whole night was filled with the sound of her moans, his satisfaction, and the headboard hitting the wall, pissing off the neighbors.

Two Years and a Half

The dining knife tapped on the glass. Everyone perked up and withdrew from their conversations. It wasn’t huge, maybe a party of one hundred. Brett stood up with a wide smile on his face.

“I want to thank everyone for coming out here on this wonderful day. Three years ago, I was a complete mess. I would waltz into the bar during the day and leave stinking drunk. This beautiful woman that you see next to me, stuck by my side through the bad and the ugly. Surely, as time passed I fell for her and I fell hard. I knew the day she confessed that no one would love a fat girl, I was deeply in love. So, imagine my surprise when my gorgeous queen told me she was pregnant. Not only am I a father, I get to wake up to the woman I love”

Everyone cheered as he pulled Y/N for a kiss. Fireworks went off overhead. He interlaced his arm with hers and they both sipped sparkling apple cider.

Three Months Before

Brett hung his head in shame. He was prepared for Y/N to scream or run away. He didn’t expect her to kiss him with a smile on her face.

“If you can love me for me then this is no different”

“What are you saying?”

“I love you, Brett”

“I love you too”

He attacked her neck and ripped off her shirt, fondling with her chest. Y/N giggled and moaned at the same. That night they made love and would be surprised in the next three months.

@frilly-frack for three things prompts of obligations, meeting new people, and a piece a of furniture that doesn’t match the rest of the decor. Been a while since I’ve done one of these! Haha

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. None of this was supposed to have gone this far. 

A simple mission. Jesus, my last God damn one and I could have retired. I could be sipping a margarita on some remote island after my identity was destroyed instead of staring intently at a dark green coffee table that does not go with the rest of the decor in this room. A room I shouldn’t even fucking be in! 

Shit, if I don’t calm down I’m going to start hyperventilating. A ridiculous notion! I’ve stayed vigilant under the most talented of torturers, survived the harshest climate conditions and bore witness to things that would break a war veteran. 

I refuse to crumble now at just the thought of meeting these people. People who should mean nothing to me but of course they do because they’re important to her and fucking up anything important to her is a great fear I have never felt. A fear they don’t train you to deal with in the Academy. 


“Baby, you need to calm down,” Angela says, her hand coming into view and closing softly around my clenched fist. 

Somehow the touch expels the tension from my body and I fall back to sag against the sofa, pulling her hand up to my lips and kissing it. 

“I know,” I breathe against her skin. “I know but I can’t. What are we going to do if they don’t like me?”

Angela gives me the smile that trapped me in the first place. I hate how much I love it. She leans over and softly kisses my lips, her scent infusing my nose and suffocating the rational part of my brain like she has been doing for the past five years.

“Then they don’t like you. It won’t matter. I love you, Emily. What they think of you won’t change that,” she informs me, knowing my true fear behind meeting her parents. 

I know how much they mean to her and it causes me to fear that whatever bad they are able see in me will remove the protective veil Angela’s emotions have managed to shroud her with. 

I’m not a good person. I know I’m not but Angela makes me feel like I could be, I’m not sure how I’ll cope if she’s taken away from me. It might even cause me to go rogue. That’s how far I’ve fallen.

Five years ago I first saw Angela Carter on a piece of paper as nothing but a name and a face. A face even then I had to admit was one of the most beautiful I have ever come across. With her sweetheart hairline, cherub cheeks and blue globe eyes I could sense the possibility for conflicting interests before I even agreed to take the mission. Normally my gut reaction would have warded me off but Angela’s name was of more interest to me than the woman herself.

Carter. The known alias and recently found true surname of one of London’s most notorious crime lords. Next to nothing was known about the man himself but his crimes proceeded even his reputation. Through a witness in the wind we were able to place a label on the ever growing file and that label is CARTER. 

After some more extensive research and years wasted on dead end leads we finally managed a break through by finding one of Carter’s ex men. A more brawn than brains type who wanted to get back at Carter for some long ago trivial matter. Regardless of the reason the man provided a description we have treated like Gospel especially after the man was killed presumably by a pissed Carter.

A few days after the goon was found dead in his apartment I was assigned the mission of finally discovering and bringing Carter down. From the information we had we found Angela to be the only unattached member of the family and therefore it seemed like the best call of action that I should get close to her. Of course things became complicated, even someone as cut off as me can’t help but develop the feelings I am having to fake day in, day out. 

It only took a few weeks for me to fall for her so completely my ass is now on the line. If I don’t get Carter soon I’ll be pulled out of action and I’ll get my identity destroyed, alright, along with the rest of me. Angela will be killed to stop the possibility of her discovering too much about what she shouldn’t know after my removal. More than anything, I can’t-won’t let that happen. My obligation to Angela has become greater than that to my job.

I’m not sure what seems stranger, that it’s been five years and not one member of Angela’s family fits either physical or trait description. Or that’s its taken five years for me to meet my fiance’s parents. Not long after we met, Angela confessed her estranged relationship with both of her fathers but even so time has wound my nerves tight inside me.

“You girls are so good to make the journey all the way out here just to see us,” a deep voice booms behind me and I reflectively stand to attention.

One of Angela’s fathers walks around the sofa we are sat on to take a seat on the one on the other side of the green coffee table.

“Please, sit,” he motions as he does the same.

The man sat before me is most likely younger than his white hair leads to believe, a deduction I can make from the lack of wrinkles on his face apart from around his eyes and laughter lines around his mouth. Even when he isn’t smiling with his lips, his eyes continue to shine with a contentment that should die in the real world. Yet, here it is in the form of this man.

“How are you both?” Mr Carter asks us.

“We’re fine, Dad,” Angela answers. “The journey wasn’t too bad and we stopped at a motel last night before coming over.”

A few more wrinkles join the party as Mr Carter frowns. “A motel? You could have just stayed here, Angela.”

Angela raises an eyebrow at her father. “Papa doesn’t like guests in the house when he comes home from work in the morning. Where is he anyway?”

Mr Carter waves away her question with a quick answer. “On his way. Your papa would not have minded if the guest was your fiance. Honestly, Angela.” He turns his eyes to me. “It’s a pleasure to meet you at last.”

“And you,” I reply, thankful the waver trembling through my body is not present in my voice. “You have a lovely home. The decor is exquisite.”

Mr Carter’s eyes widen slightly. “You think so?” I nod to which he crooks his finger for me to lean a little closer and he speaks the next words in a hushed whisper. “Between you and me, I hate this God awful coffee table. Green? Who ever thought green to be an appropriate colour for a coffee table? My husband, that’s who. The idiot.”

I smile at Mr Carter’s fond tone and find myself relaxing as we make surprisingly easy conversation. Most of my worries flee my head and it’s not long before we are interrupted again but this time I feel ready to meet Angela’s other father. Anyone who caught the attention of the man sat before me must be at least half as decent as him and that’s something I know I can work with.

“And where have you been?” Mr Carter asks his husband as he walks around the sofa, his back to both Angela and I.

“Work, you know this,” the man responds but there is no stress or tension in the words, just simple domestic banter.

Angela rolls her eyes over to me. “Papa doesn’t abide by social time. He’s on his own clock.”

“Is that some form of sass, I hear, Angela?” the man turning to sit down mock scolds the woman next to me. 

The whole situation just manages to fill me with more comfort and I open my mouth to greet the second Mr Carter but choke on my forgotten words when I finally see his face. It’s not a face I’ve ever seen in person before but it’s one I know the plains and features of more than either Angela’s or my own. 

Sat before me isn’t the second Mr Carter, it’s Carter. The man unknowingly holding my life and love in the palm of his hand in more ways than one. Even the slightest twitch could crush everything I have worked for.

“So,” Carter beams at both Angela and I. “Emily, isn’t it? Let’s start with something easy. When are you planning on telling my daughter who you really are?”

His fingers have curled and crushed everything to thin dust left blowing in the wind where everything close to me once stood.

~ from the mind of my alter-ego Sophia Sparks

kaguya-yoru  asked:

I just wanted to say that reading your review after watching Kingsman 2 last night helped tremendously with processing that mess of a plot. I ended up having a dream where the boys utterly fail in their mission and Roxy swoops in to singlehandedly save the day from Poppy. It was glorious. :)

This is the kind of fic content I intend to devote the next three years of my life to!

On Monday, August 21, 2017, our nation will be treated to a total eclipse of the Sun. The eclipse will be visible – weather permitting – across all of North America. The entire continent will experience at least a partial eclipse lasting two to three hours. Halfway through the event, anyone within a 60 to 70 mile-wide path from Oregon to South Carolina will experience a total eclipse. During those brief moments when the moon completely blocks the Sun’s bright face for 2+ minutes, day will turn into night, making visible the otherwise hidden solar corona, the Sun’s outer atmosphere. Bright stars and planets will become visible as well. This is truly one of nature’s most awesome sights. The eclipse provides a unique opportunity to study the Sun, Earth, Moon and their interaction because of the eclipse’s long path over land coast to coast.

Scientists will be able to take ground-based and airborne observations over a period of about 90 minutes to complement the wealth of data provided by NASA assets.

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To learn all about the 2017 Total Eclipse:

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soft asks

i wanted to make one of these things! reblog so your followers can send you a letter.

a - what color are the walls in your bedroom?

b - do you sleep with the hall light on or off?

c - favorite pastel?

d - thoughts on sand?

e - chocolate milk from the bottle or mixed from syrup?

f - moon or stars?

g - butterfly kisses or eskimo kisses?

h - sweater weather, coffee/tea, beanies, and little pumpkins aesthetic or late night driving, neon lights, gas stations and favorite song turned up aesthetic?

i - what color is your favorite blanket?

j - favorite constellation?

k - emoticon heart <3 or emoticon smile :) ?

l - fairy lights or tea candles?

m - aliens or ghosts?

n - sunrise or sunset?

o - what colors do you associate with each of the main school subjects?

p - name three cartoon shows that you liked as a child.

q - flannel shirt or fleece jacket?

r - shepherds or magi?

s - hey diddle diddle nursery rhyme or little boy blue nursery rhyme?

t - name a fictional character that you would describe as soft.

I Think I’m In Love With You

Author: ceruleanbucky

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

WARNINGS: SMUT, cursing, oral (male and female receiving), UNPROTECTED SEX, fingering, sexual tension, fluff, and overall sin.

A/N: guy’s I’ve updated twice in like a week and a half what is happening?!?! I mean, it’s not necessarily bad. Also, this fic is hella long, and I;m not going to lie, I’m really proud of it. Hope you guys like it! Part two of “Seven Minutes In Heaven” is coming next week.

You wake up with a start, breathing heavily and covered in a thin sheen of sweat. You tried to recall what it was you were dreaming about, but to no avail. You eventually give up, thinking that it was another nightmare.

You glance at your alarm clock, wondering about the time. Seeing that you have two more hours to sleep, you gladly roll over and go back to sleep.

When your alarm goes off, you feel even more tired than you were earlier. You still manage to drag yourself out of bed, and start your day. It’s then when you smell the bacon, and the coffee. Perking up at the idea of a good breakfast, you put on some more decent pyjamas, and head to the kitchen. Most people are still asleep, seeing as the sun is only just rising, so you wonder who is in the kitchen. You step in, and find Bucky cooking up a storm.

“Sad, or mad?” You ask as you walk in, knowing it’s one of the two. He looks at you with confusion, so you rephrase.

“Are you cooking because you’re sad, or because you’re pissed off? Because I know you, Bucky, and it’s only one of those two.” You smirk at your friend, earning a smirk back.

“Neither actually.” He side-eyes, adding to your curiosity.

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Jon introducing Dany to Bran
  • Jon: This is Bran.
  • Bran: Brandon Stark is dead.
  • Dany: Oh um-
  • Sansa: He's the three eyed raven now
  • Dany: The what?
  • Jon: Here we go again...
  • Bran: You looked beautiful, the night you were first with Khal Drogo. Then Daario. But when you were with Jon... WOAH I got goosebumps
  • Dany: ....
  • Jon: ....
  • Dany: ....
  • Jon: ... wow thanks bro, I've really been doing push ups trying to look good from all angles, did you catch my last move? really had her there

Born on the 5th of August, 1990, Asha Jacquilla Degree grew up to be a quiet and shy young girl. She was a good student at Fallston Elementary School in Shelby, North Carolina, and enjoyed playing basketball. She was somewhat isolated from the outside world; her parents forbid the internet and TV and were god-fearing church goers. Asha was an extremely timid little girl, in fact, she was wary of almost everything.

At approximately 8PM on the 13th of February, 2000, 9-year-old Asha went to bed. When Asha’s father, Harold, returned from work at approximately 12AM, he checked on his children who were fast asleep. He checked once again at 2:30AM and saw them both fast asleep once again. She slept in the same bedroom as her brother who later recalled that he heard noises in the early morning hours but just assumed it was Asha turning and tossing in her sleep. However, in reality, Asha was actually packing her book bag with clothing and personal items. She then crept out of the house in the dead of the night.

At around 3:45 - 4:15AM, two drivers saw her walking along Highway 18. Another witness saw her and turned his car around to ask her what she was doing. A young child out on her own at that time of the night certainly wasn’t normal. Especially considering the weather was so grim - it was windy and the rain was lashing down. When he went to approach her, she darted off into the woods. This was the last time Asha was ever seen. When her mother, Iquilla, went to wake the children up for school at around 6:30AM, she found her missing. Police dogs were unable to pick up any scent from Asha. That was potentially because the heavy rain had washed away any scent of her. When the news of her disappearance broke, the three drivers who had spotted her walking along the road came forward to relay what they had seen. There was absolutely no sign of Asha until two days later, when candy wrappers, a pencil, and a Mickey Mouse hair bow were found in a shed in the woods where Asha was spotted running into. They were identified as her belongings by her parents.

Investigators announced that they believed she had left her home on her own accord. They later announced that they theorised she had been abducted along the way. This grim theory was even more believable when Asha’s bookbag was unearthed during a construction project along Highway 18. It had been wrapped in a plastic bag and then buried. In 2013, Asha’s mother took to the media to express her disgruntlement that Asha’s case didn’t garner much media attention. She believed it was because Asha was African American: “Missing white children get more attention. I don’t understand why,” she said.

The leads eventually dwindled to a standstill until 2016 when the FBI announced that there was a new lead. Asha may have been spotted climbing into an early 1970s green Lincoln Continental Mark IV or a Ford Thunderbird. The case currently remains open and these leads are being investigated.

A Potato By Any Other Name

A few days ago, there was a fic about a potato, and then I thought about this, which I first heard a few years ago, and has stuck with me (K and I gift each other potatoes sometimes, because we’re huge sappy nerds) Big thank you to @rhysiana for the brilliant title, and to my SWN chat group for the encouragement!

So, plot: Derek gives romantic gifts, but Stiles is still a little insecure about the future of their relationship. When he gets with the “Derek loves me” program, he gives Derek a rather unconventional gift.

On AO3 here!


The flowers are beautiful. A perfect balance of deep purple heliotropes and white lilies. They even came in a glass vase, simple but elegant. The note is equally simple and sweet: Thinking of you, as always. Love, Derek.

Stiles sighs as he places the flowers on his kitchen table, they look a little bit ridiculous on the aged, slightly worn surface, but he smiles at them nonetheless.

It’s a nice gesture, but he’s not sure he’s ready to believe they mean what he wants them to mean.

The phone call is unsurprising, but not unwanted. “Hey, Der,” Stiles answers with fond exasperation, “You have impeccable timing.”

Derek chuckles lightly and asks “Did you uh, do you like them?” He sounds so hopeful that Stiles knows even if he was allergic, he’d say “yes” and keep them on his table until they dried out and fell apart.

“They’re beautiful, thank you,” Stiles answers sincerely. He can feel the way his grin goes soft, melting into the private smile that only Derek can tease out of him. He knows Derek can hear it in his voice, can tell from the way he inhales a quiet sigh that makes Stiles’ heart swell.

Stiles knows that Derek is going to say something that Stiles has no good reply to, going to ask if Stiles is ready to accept that Derek’s invested in a future for them. But the truth is he just isn’t; he can’t quite convince himself that it’s possible that Derek is going to stick around for him, not forever.

So before Derek can ask, Stiles launches into planning their weekly dinner with his dad the following night.


The chocolates come three days later. They’re Stiles’ favorite dark chocolate assortment, and they’re delicious. The note is just as sweet: Stiles, I saw these and thought of you. Love, Derek.

When Stiles brings the last of the box to pack night, he pretends that everyone’s chocolate-induced excitement distracts him from how Derek’s face falls.

When Derek pulls him aside later, questions written all over his face, Stiles stops them from spilling from Derek’s lips by pressing his own against them. He tries to say everything he wants to with gentle sweeps of his tongue and hands that hold on a little too tightly.


When the box of comic books and assorted superhero things arrives, Stiles laughs out loud into his empty living room and calls Derek.

Derek answers the phone with a wary “Stiles,” and Stiles feels like the worst boyfriend in the world.

“I got the box, and I love it. Thank you so much!” Stiles replies, a little overly cheerful, but still genuine and honest. He’s a lucky man, and most days he thinks he doesn’t deserve Derek. Which is basically the problem, when it comes down to it. Derek has been trying to convince Stiles that their relationship is what he really wants, and Stiles has been keeping him at arm’s length, too caught up in the remnants of his teenaged self doubt to… see what was right in front of him.

Shit. He is the worst boyfriend in the world.

Derek is in the middle of “I’m so glad! I think I got all your favorites-” when Stiles interrupts with a half-shouted and mildly frantic “Come over tonight!

There’s a brief pause, before Derek drawls out an elongated “Okay?”

“I have something to give you,” Stiles insists, suddenly overwhelmed with the need to see Derek. To talk to Derek and apologize. To look him in the eye and make him understand that he is everything that Stiles wants, and that he’s ready to stop being such an asshole, if Derek will just forgive him.

“Stiles,” Derek admonishes lightly, “You don’t have to get me things just beca-”

“Yes, Derek,” Stiles retorts, “I really need to give you this. Like, really really. So just come over, okay? Please?”

Derek sighs and Stiles knows he’s won. He grins at Derek’s put upon “Sure, babe. See you in an hour.”

“See you soon, Der-Bear!” Stiles teases, adding an earnest-bordering-on-wistful “Love you,” and hanging up before Derek can react to the declaration, and before he can feel badly about how infrequently he says it to Derek.


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New Beginnings

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Written for @sanjariti‘s Game of Prompts. Based on the song Good Times by All Time Low

Word Count:1,602

Warnings: Language, Angst, Underage Drinking 

A/N: Caro, I’m so so sorry it took me so long to write this. Congrats on your milestone! You’re awesome!

Sitting under the lights of the basketball court, you nursed a bottle of beer that you had been sharing with three other people. Sam sat on the orange ball, sweat dripping down his forehead. Steve’s cheeks were red from running, his blond hair sticking to his forehead. And while Bucky was wearing his basketball shorts, he had spent the entire evening with you.

“I gave Rogers a proper thrashing,” Sam announced proudly.

Steve rolled his eyes. “You wish.”

Normally you would have been laughing and cheering, but not tonight. It was your last night with your three best friends and you were feeling pretty nostalgic.

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one for the stars - tom holland

title: one for the stars
pairing: tom holland x reader
summary: there’s always been some sexual tension between you and your teacher. but, maybe it was only on your part. or, maybe it wasn’t. (smut smut smut)
word count: 1914

there was…there was always something about your theater professor, mr. holland. you’d never really taken it into account until a month ago, he grew this fucking mustache and it sort of changed the entire way you look at him. he’d upgraded from a snack, to a three course feast, and most of your nights, and days, were spent thinking about him. it didn’t help that he seemingly flirted right back with you.

it was becoming a problem.

especially when it’s friday, senior ditch day, and you were headed into your last period class: theater. you were far too excited to see mr. holland and simultaneously excited to discuss the paper topics for of mice and men. half the class, as expected, was absent, leaving only you and a few stragglers. the front of the room was empty, suggesting mr. holland was running late, so you took your usual seat in the middle of the class and pulled out your notebook and a pencil, rifling through your bag in search for of mice and men.

you found it, thank god, just in time for mr holland to walk in. he was sporting a black sweater and black jeans, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows so you could see the veins in his forearms. why did your brain always take you to the most inappropriate places? especially at a time like this?

“hello class!” he accent was thick and his face was bright, a smile stretching his cheeks. he was, quite literally, going to be the death of you.
“hello, mr. holland.” you and your five classmates chorus back, and mr. holland, or tom, as you’d heard other teachers call him, held up his hand which contained a copy of the assigned novel. “you read this over the weekend, yeah?” he addressed everyone, and they half heartedly agreed.

“that wasn’t very convincing, students!”

[ … ]

after the class let out, and with a new sense of bravery, you walks up to mr. holland and lean back against his desk. “ah, y/n!” he beams, cleaning up his papers. “gotta say, your paper is the one in looking forward to most.”

you grin, bottom lip coming between your teeth on an attempt to suppress a smile, your eyes averting down to you shoes. “i picked a topic the day you assigned the novel.” you admit, because of mice and men had always been one of your favorites. “i picked charley’s wife and why she’s the real victim of the story. i wanna delve into the challenges she faced and her crushed dreams.” you nod, earning a soft laugh from tom. you look up to meet his eyes and he grins, tilting his head. you mirror his actions mockingly.

“mature for a high school senior.” he notes and you roll your eyes slightly, hugging your books closer to your chest. “im eighteen, mr. holland.” you point out, and his eyebrows shoot up momentarily before he adorns his same soft smile again. “i wasn’t aware.”

you pause and shift your legs, moving one to cross over the other. you notice tom’s eyes avert down to watch your movement before he looks back up at you. there’s a pause, a moment of silence before either of you speak again.

“i always knew you were my favorite student.” he hums, voice low and you can’t practically feel it rumbling your belly. who in the actually fuck have this man good looks and a killer personality?

you push yourself off the desk and reach up to his chest, letting your finger drag down slightly, you hear his breath catch in his throat before it pluck a piece of hair out of the fabric. you hold it up in front of him with a smile, dropping it onto the floor before turning on your heels and walking out of the class room.

if you added an extra swing to your hips, no one had to know.

[ … ]

it’s about three weeks later when your friend, sav, asks you to go out pub hopping with her.

the sexual tension, that maybe only you were feeling, with mr. holland was growing, swelling, and you knew eventually something had to give, right?

so, you get into your best leather pants and throw on a white crop top, nothing too wild, nothing too tame. just a little something. and if you wore one of your more nice bras and pairs of underwear, who had to know?

it’s about ten o'clock, and it’s been a successful night of drinking and dancing, sav has disappeared into the heated bodies at the current club you two were at, and you decided to stay by the bar and keep watch on your drinks.

your entertaining yourself with a cherry and two napkins when your eyes flicked up and spot a familiar face across the way.

it’s mr. holland, of course it is.

he hadn’t spotted you but before he can you access the girls and adjust your bra, pushing the hair off your shoulder. you grab your drink and take a long sip, averting your eyes, and when they flicker back over their catch the familiar brown.
tom smiles, nodding his head, you do the same before he’s looking back to he people at his table. you sigh softly, looking back to your drink.

what idiotic part of your brain had you thinking something might happen? what part of you made you think-

your brain loses its train of thought when you feel a warm hand on your shoulder, and you’re fully ready to go all uma thurman and kick ass, but when you look up you see mr. holland is attacked to the hand.

“hi,” you smile, and he removes his hand to sit down next to you. he’s wearing a white button up and blue jeans, and you nearly drool at the sight.

“hey,” he replied with a smile, sitting his drink down on the bar. “you know, i read your paper last night.” he says, and you feel her cheeks heat up slightly, unsure of whether this was a praise of a pity. “and it was- incredible. you never cease to amaze me.” he grins, and your hearts rabbits in your chest.

you feel brave, for whatever reason, and take a sip from your drink. “i guess that means i don’t have to seduce you for a better grade then?” as soon as you say it his eyes widen slightly, and he seems to look over you, one brow raised.

the left side of his lips raises into a slight smirk, and he tilts his head in that same way he always does. “maybe some extra credit?”

and, well, that’s how you ended up where you are now, with your back against the wall of a stall in the men’s room and mr. holland- or, tom- with is thigh between your legs and his lips attached to yours.

things escalated quite quickly, if you did say so yourself.

your lipstick has smeared slightly along his lips, and he presses his thigh up against your center, your lips parting with a breathy moan. you take the oppertinity to trail wet and messy kisses down his neck, latching your lips to his pulse point with a reverent suck.

“shit,” he bits down on you shoulder with a grunt, and the slight pain makes you grind down with a new vigor against his thigh.

“fuck,” you whisper, and he gently nips at your ear lobe before youre kissing again in a clash of tongue and lips. there’s nothing soft about it, it’s rough and fast and messy and it’s so, so fucking good.

in an instant he’s lifting you up and wrapping your legs around his hips, his hand under your ass to hold you up and the firm outline of his cock pressed against you, and he grinds forward, eliciting a moan from the both of you.

“more,” you suddenly pant into his mouth, biting on his bottom lip and giving it a tug. he nearly drops you from his withering, his hips stuttering forward. “i need more,” you say, more determined, more sure.

he drops you back to your feet in a rush to get out of his jeans and you take this as your opportunity to shed out of your pants and underwear.

this may not be the romantic sex you’d dreamed of with mr. holland, but it’s something, right?

as if he’d expected this he yanks a condom out of his back pocket and goes to take the wrapping off, but you stop him, taking it out of his hands and tearing it open with your teeth.

the second your hand makes contact with his length he groans out throatily, watching you intently as you pinch the tip of the rubber and roll it down. the second it’s secured he’s picking you back up and pressing you into the wall and, well, the man handling had you practically dripping with anticipation. no pun intended.

he pauses, it’d been mostly silent throughout your little…encounter, but he paused and it’s a split second, he meets your eyes. “is this alright?” he asks softly, and it makes your heart swell in your chest. you nod, far too eagerly, and grin. “more than.” you reply.

he takes this as enough and the heated kissing returns, his tongue gliding across yours as he teases your clit with his tip, your eyes rolling back as you moan into his mouth.

before you can complain he pushes up into you, completely, and the stretch is absolutely fucking wonderful.

he was bigger than you’d hoped, bless up.

he gives you a split second to adjust and then, slowly, and so, so good, he pulls almost completely out and slams back up into you.

your head falls forward, teeth sinking into his shoulder as he relentlessly pounds up into you, your body jolting slightly with the force of it.

you do your best to ride down against him but once he licks his thumb and brings it down to your clit, rubbing it in quick circles in time with his thrusts, you’re absolutely useless.

you can feel your legs start to shake around him as you quietly whine, dropping your head backing against the stall wall.

his thrusts slow down slightly, but his thumb continues its fasts movements, as he shifts slightly to catch your lips again.

the shifting angles him slightly different and it sends him directly into your soft spot, and within a matter of seconds your clenching down around him as you come hard, your eyes squeezing shut so tightly you see constellations.

tom follows only a few seconds later, his thumb moving off of you as his hips shutter and he spills into the condom with a shout of your name and a string of curses.

it’s an easy clean up as the two of you redress and get your bearings back, and he presses the softest kiss between your brows. “i guess i’ll see you in class monday?” he asks and you let out a soft snicker.

“don’t forget to grade my paper,”

“can i have your number?”

“is that legal?”

“you’re eighteen,”

“you’re my teacher,”

“so, no number?” he asks, letting a pout make its way onto his face.

you gave him your number.

(and if he wears a turtle neck to class the next day, no one had to know why.)

My Soldier

Here we go! My first Alex imagine! Hope you like it as much I enjoyed writing it! Leave your comments behind, I’d appreciate it very much! (Picture doesn’t belong to me! I found it on google pictures!)

“(Y/N) my dear, can you hang up the laundry outside, please? I’m quite busy with preparing lunch.”

“Of course, Anne.”  The young woman responded to her future mother-in-law, making her way towards the bathroom. She took a hold of the laundry basket where the freshly washed laundry was neatly folded and put in, then carrying it to the backyard. The weather was beautiful, a perfect summer day and the sun was shining warmly on the sky, not even a single cloud was to be seen.  (Y/N) loved days like this. It changed her mood to a better one. And now that war had taken place, she needed a little distraction even more.

She walked through a sea of different flowers, feeling them brushing her uncovered legs and the touch left a comfortable sensation behind. When she arrived to the hanger, she placed the basket to the ground, bent down and grabbed the first piece of clothes and hung them up, attaching it with two clothes pegs. As she continued doing her task, her mind easily drifted to the young man that she loved with all her heart.

It was not a long time ago that he left off for war but for (Y/N) it felt like a whole eternity. Living without him for a special amount of time was a deep agony. She missed him being around her. His smile, his eyes, his hugs and even his terrible jokes. When Alex told her and his family that he was going to fight against the Germans, it crushed (Y/N)’s heart. She knew letting him go was a huge risk, he might never come back to her, safe and sound. And they were very close to marrying each other. (Y/N) had been so excited to finally settling down with him, living a live as a married couple. But Alex was needed, she was aware of it, every young man in the village they’d been living in was needed there to help their French brothers. And (Y/N) could do nothing against it. She knew pretty damn well that if Alex wouldn’t leave, people would talk about them behind their backs, even shaming them that their children had to fight but Alex was not.

Anne took the news for more badly than (Y/N). She fainted right after Alex made the announcement and when she woke up again, it took all of their strength to calm her down. (Y/N) couldn’t blame her for it, she raised her son after all and if (Y/N) was a mother, she would have probably reacted the same way. She promised Alex that she would stay with his family as long as she could to take care of them and support them, but he had to promise her that he would come home back to her.

“You have to.” She forced out crying, clinging onto his body. “You have to come back to me. Otherwise I wouldn’t know how to live without you.” He kissed her deeply as a promise for his return.

“I’ll see you hopefully soon.” He told her before he went out of the house.

Not a long time ago she had received his last letter. He told her that he was alright and a heavy stone fell from her heart. He described about the hard times he went through and how many times he had faced death but still was alive. “For you.” He wrote. “I’m alive for you, my love.”

(Y/N) couldn’t remember how many times she read all of his letters with tears in her eyes. Reading his own words felt like he was still there with her, whispering them into her ear. This was the only way she could calm down for a while. Plenty of times she had raised her hands up to the sky, praying to god that he would send Alex back to her. She knew Alex was strong and willing to fight. He had the heart of a lion.

She had read in the newspaper that three hundred thousand soldiers were saved and made their way home to their families. If Alex was among them, she couldn’t know. They had fortunately not received any bad message of his death. So she hoped whole-heartedly that he was in one of those trains that carried him back to her.

(Y/N) pitied the fallen soldiers. Their families were waiting for them like she did, but the only thing they would be confronted with would be an announcement that their son couldn’t make it. She respected their braveness, and she would always keep them in her prayers.

While (Y/N) was still doing her task and being deep in thoughts, a young soldier was sneaking his way toward her, paying attention to not making any sounds that would reveal his position. He held a large bouquet of her favorite flowers in his hands. Seeing her again in real after countless nights of dreaming about her made his heart jump in his chest and he was more in love with her than ever. The last steps were always the agonizing ones but he also crossed this obstacle.

(Y/N) suddenly felt a pair of hands covering her eyes, preventing her from doing her work.

“What the hell?” She exclaimed, as she saw nothing but darkness, her body stiffening immediately from the touch.  “Who in god’s name is that?”

“You can guess three times.” She heard someone whisper into her ear delicately. A wave of different emotions was overwhelming every part, every cell and every fiber of her body. Happiness, excitement, love, relief. Everything at once. She knew exactly who was right behind her.

“A-Alex?” She whimpered, tears flooding down her cheeks. The hands released her eyes and she was able to turn around. And as she looked into two familiar green eyes that she longed to see so terribly, she could finally breathe again.

“Oh my goodness!” She gasped, covering her mouth with both hands. Heavy sobs left her mouth and before the young man in front of him could respond, she threw herself at him, crying on his shoulder. Alex wrapped his arms around her tiny frame, pulling her towards him. Having her in arms again after all the horror he went through was an indescribable feeling. Both clung onto each other like their lives depended on the other one. Once (Y/N) back away slightly, she took his handsome face between her hands.

“You came back. You really came back. Dear god, I can’t believe it!” She peppered every centimeter of his face with affectionate kisses before she captured her lips with his. “Oh my god! Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so so much!” She hugged him again tightly.

“Love, easy!” Alex laughed. “Let me breathe.”

“I’ve been worried sick about you.” (Y/N) admitted, easing her grab on him. “You didn’t send any letters anymore and I thought I lost you. Oh my god!”

“It’s over now, darling. I’m here. I’m back and I’m not planning on leaving any time soon.” He kissed her lightly. “I kept my promise, didn’t I?” He handed her over the bouquet of flowers which created a smile on (Y/N)’s lips.

“I love you, Alex. So much.”

“I love you too, beautiful.” He said. “Where is mother? I missed her terribly.”

“She’s inside, preparing lunch. Jesus, she will be out of her shoes when she sees you again.” She intertwined their fingers and dragged him into the house. “Come on, let’s go surprise her. She’ll love this one.”

When they entered the house, (Y/N) called after her second mother. “Anne? Are you still in the kitchen?”

“Yes, love! Lunch is almost ready. If you could help me laying the table that would be very lovely, my dear.”  

Alex’ eyes shone brightly as he heard the sound of his mother’s voice again. It was not only (Y/N)’s but her voice in his head that encouraged him during the battles. He indicated (Y/N) to be quiet whereas she nodded with her head.

He slowly stepped into the kitchen where his lovely mother was doing the last preparations for the meal. Anne hadn’t noticed him yet. She was quite busy with running back and forth, looking for spices for the salad.

“What smells so good in here?” He asked innocently, making his mother freeze in her position. She thought first that she misheard his voice but when she looked up to the door where the young man stood, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Her whole body began to tremble.

“Jesus Christ!” Anne exclaimed, running towards her son. “My boy, my baby!” She cried.

“Hello, mother.” Alex mumbled, hugging her and kissing her head gently.

“Oh my baby boy, you’re here! Are you okay? Are you hurt?” She was looking for any bruises on his skin.

“Mum, I’m fine, don’t you worry.”

“Alex.” The older woman sighed. “I missed you so much, my son.”

“I missed you, too mother.”

(Y/N) was gazing at this mother-son moment with new tears in her eyes and a smile on her lips.

“You won’t leave again, will you? You’ll stay here?” Anne asked worried.

“No mum, I’ll stay here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Anne sighed in relief and led her hands to her face to wipe away all the tears that ran down her cheeks.

“Oh my, you’re surely hungry, aren’t you? Where is (Y/N)? (Y/N)?! “ She looked at her.

“Yes?” She asked.

“The table. The table is waiting for you!”

“Your wish is my command , madam!” She saluted with a laugh and with Alex she prepared the dining table where afterwards they had a very nice time together.


She felt him stir again in his sleep. This happened very often since he came back home. Every night he would fidget back and forth in his position, crying out for help because he was tormented by nightmares. (Y/N) knew that war had changed him a lot no matter how much he tried to cover it. Nothing would be the same anymore. His body twitched at every tiny little sound but he tried to pretend like it wouldn’t bother him. He tried to be the man that he was before he left, but (Y/N) knew by heart that this man was not there anymore. She was willing to help him. To help him fight against the bad memories that he made.

She supported herself on her elbows, glancing at Alex. Turning on the night lamp beside her, she noticed that his whole body was covered with sweat.

“No, don’t shoot… Please…” She heard him whimpering in his sleep. “Please, don’t shoot… no.. no..” His expression showed a hint of distress and fear. “Help… help me… please…”

“Alex?” (Y/N) shook his shoulder slightly to wake him up, to save him from this agony. “Alex, darling wake up.”

“Help…Help… please help me…” Alex kept whining over and over again.

Seeing him in a state like this, all vulnerable and terrified, tore her heart apart. She couldn’t bear to see him hurt and in pain.

“Wake up, Alex. It’s only a dream. Wake up.” She shook much harder and harsher, causing him to finally open his eyes. Alex panted heavily, looking at her with fright.

“(Y/N)?” His chest lifted and fell heavily, while he tried to regain his breath.

“It’s okay, my dear.” She brought him to an embrace. “It was only a nightmare. You’re safe, my love. You’re safe.” She ran her fingers through his hair, a gesture that would calm him down. “It’s okay, Alex. Everything is fine. You’re home. You’re safe.”

“I thought I was back there. I really thought I was going to die.” He sniffled.

“No, darling. Look at me.” She laid her hands on his cheeks. “Everything is okay, Alex. You’re home, not back there. You’re home with me, your mother and your father.”

Her words made him calm down for a little bit. His tensed body relaxed.

“You made it alive out there, my hero.” (Y/N) said.

“I’m not a hero.” Alex mumbled.

“Yes, you are. You did everything that you could to defeat the enemy Alex. You kept fighting for justice and safety. I really desire you bravery and your strength , my dear. You faced death so many times but yet you’re alive. You never gave up. You just went on and on. And I don’t know anyone who is as selfless and willing as you are. I admire you.”

She offered him a soothing smile.

“You may not have won this war, but you gave everything that you have, my love. War does not always mean winning but also losing. One side always loses. But I’m sure the Germans soon will be defeated and the deaths of the fallen ones will be revenged.”

She put kiss on his temple.

“You’re going to heal, my love. I promise. You may not forget what you went through and I don’t expect you to do so but you will be better after a time. Not today, not tomorrow and the day after. But you will heal. And until then I’m going to support you, hold you, trying to do everything you want me to.”

Alex nodded his head, feeling far more better from the words that she spoke.

“We’re going to beat every nightmare that you have. I’m always there, lying next to you and keeping you safe.”

“I love you, (Y/N). I can’t wait to marry you.”

“I love you too and I can’t wait to marry you.” She responded. In a few weeks, they would be bonded forever and both of them were looking forward to it. With (Y/N) on his side, Alex knew that he was complete. She was his life safer. His light that guided him through darkness.

They laid down again, talking about their wedding, future children and everything that their heart desired until they fell to a deep slumber. With (Y/N) in his arms, Alex was finally at peace.

Bitch, I Might Be

Summary: Classic Dean helps Reader sleep plot

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1084

A/N: So, I couldn’t sleep last night or tonight. I was all spazzy (just ask @kclaire1 who got a really confusing email from me… oops!) and I don’t know why, so I decided to just write about it! It’s only three weeks into the semester and I think I’m going crazy. I wonder how insane I’ll be by midterms or finals. Also I think this is a gender neutral reader! (Of course my brain isn’t working so I might have missed something)

It’s three o’ fucking clock in the morning and I’m cleaning the bunker’s kitchen. Why? No idea. I mean, Sam keeps it clean enough. The Winchesters aren’t slobs. Actually, they’re cleaner than I am. I’m the token dirty roommate in this trio.

Which brings me back to the question: Why the hell am I cleaning the kitchen at three a.m.?

Well, really, I should be asking the questions: Why the hell can’t I sleep? Where the hell did all of this energy come from?

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