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The Mazurka (Loki Imagine)

Hello I have done nothing for three days but write this. Omg. 

SYNOPSIS: You have been betrothed to Thor since you were born, but throughout the years have fallen deeply for his brother, Loki. Who so happened to fall just as deeply for you. But you have each been promised to different people… and tomorrow is to be your wedding day.

This imagine is based on one of my all time favorite stories/movies “Anna Karenina.” The scene in the imagine below is inspired by a dance called “The Mazurka” that served as an immense symbol/turning point for the beginning of the downfall of the main characters love story. 

This movie to me is so beautifully intense and romantic and sad… and I just love it. So I just had this idea in my head and I wanted to try it out.

I’m going to attach a link here, incase you want to hear the song I envisioned to go along with this imagine (if you are curious! because it is literally breathtaking. And the dance in the scene is based on this version of The Mazurka! :) )

Just an FYI: GET READY FOR A LONG ONE. & Lot’s of “Anna Karenina” references littered alll throughout this Imagine!! 

Hope you enjoy :)

It didn’t matter.

They way he would barely so much as glance at you. Or the way her silky dress fell perfectly along her honey skin.

Or the way all the light in the room seemed to be radiating from the golden tresses cascading like ribbons of gold down her back. And the way his eyes fixed themselves on her… On the way her tall, beautiful figure lorded over the room- every eye commanded to her attention. Every breath stolen by her command. Every beat to every heart held still to her will.

It didn’t matter, that her hand was on his arm and your’s was on Thor’s.

It didn’t matter.

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omg....what are your favorite dress up games??? i wanna do this!! * O *

@tehawkwardartist said:

Will you share your fav dress up games? I don’t know many and could use some

omg i can’t believe so many people are asking about this ahhh i probably use ones that everyone already knows about but! i’ll post em! ;v;

RPG Heroine Creator - This one is my favorite! It only makes female-presenting characters (which usually works for me bc I rarely make male characters, or at least male characters that I want to make in dress up games aha), but it has such a great variety of clothing options/combinations. My only complaint is that there aren’t the best updo hairstyles? Like, the last two characters I’ve made have braided hair, and I ended up just creating them in this with their hair down because none of the braids looked right.

Princess Maker - Unfortunately this one doesn’t let you wear anything but a dress as a female character, but it’s fun and good for any characters that that works for! (I also like to use it to imagine my characters in AUs as princesses, even if they wouldn’t be caught dead in fancy clothes heheh). Lets you do males (er, princes) too!

Fairytale Scene Maker* - This one lets you do both male- and female-presenting characters! The options for the male base as a whole are a bit less detailed than the female ones tho, sadly.

Disney Heroine Creator* - Only female-presenting characters for this one, but it lets you do cool combos of various outfits inspired by Disney princesses.

*These ones for some reason have dropped in quality recently? Like, they’re slightly pixelated. I’m not sure if it’s just my computer, but just a heads up…

the one that got away

pairing: Blaise Zabini / Theodore Nott

setting: Three Kingdoms AU. (aka, my favorite era in Chinese history lol)

warning: major character death. v historically inaccurate and self-indulgent. angst.

word count: ~1.6K

alt: ffn, ao3

After Grindelwald had fallen, everything seemed to have become a bloody mess. Wars and battles raged on everywhere, and different people were all fighting for the rightful rulership.  One of the powers that had risen was Tom Riddle, who claimed to be supporting Igor Karkaroff, descendant of Grindelwald’s second cousin, for throne. Of course, the smarter half of the people all realized that Karkaroff was really just Riddle’s puppet. Not that they could do much about this, though.

Meanwhile, the Malfoys were also another rising power from the Southeastern parts. Draco Malfoy, the heir to the ancient Malfoy house and also Blaise’s childhood best friend he’d grown up with, had gained considerable popularity from the nearby areas and was quickly growing to be one of the major concerns of Tom Riddle.

And then there was Harry Potter. Who had, in Blaise’s opinion, literally just appeared out of nowhere, claiming something about the Peverell heritage, which somehow supposedly made him a more rightful ruler or whatever.  It made Blaise want to roll his eyes. Heritage didn’t really matter that much unless you got the power and the support to fight for the throne. And all Potter got was some loyalty from a merry band of miscreants, most famously Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger who claimed to be siblings in anything but blood with him or whatever.  Frankly, not exactly an opponent worthy of worrying about – unless you count the latest advisor Potter acquired last year, Theodore Nott.

Which, for some reason, Blaise didn’t want to.  At all.

Blaise had always been a good strategist, and also excelled in dueling and war-planning, and he knew it himself. There was a reason why Draco trusted his plans so much, after all. He’d played an important role to Draco’s uprising as well. Maybe, in time, he could help Draco defeat Riddle, too.

Blaise had always taken pride in his intelligence and cleverness. And it might sound more than a little arrogant, but he truly thought that he was probably one of the smartest in this era.

Perhaps he wasn’t wrong.

He just wasn’t the only one.

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top 3 blogs

omg anon,, this is going to be so hard i have so many favorites!!! these are people who i love seeing on my dash:

1. @chuckxavier
2. @skyvalker
3. @sokas

but i also follow some super sweet people and amazing blogs @bravekenobi @happyimgay @princeddiana @a-nakinskywalker @kknobi @pippas-soo @madelianepetsch @binarysunset @parkerpete @parkerpetey and so many more omg i feel like i could tag everyone i follow. sorry i feel bad just picking three so this kinda turned into a blog rec 😩 and while we’re at it: my blogroll !! 💓💓

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i'd love to hear about your unpopular opinions tbh, i feel like i have some of my own as well xD

lol omg I have too many to count! I’m somehow ALWAYS on the opposite side of what most people think so we’ll see how this goes. I’ll name three to start with because, well, let’s ease ourselves into it

1) I absolutely do not like Oikawa from Haikyuu. He’s the fan favorite. I, however, find him extremely unpleasant. (He isn’t my most hated character though. I do actually have a moment where I like him, but only a moment.)

2) I thought Kimi no na wa was a poorly written movie that made absolutely no sense. I think i’m the only one who doesn’t like that movie.

3) y0i is a poorly written mess with bad characters and pandering to no end. There’s only one truly good character that the creators haven’t messed with and half of the fandom hates him. (omg don’t even get me STARTED on the last two episodes)


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Hello! My name is Sarah! My favorite color is pink! I like the ship gentyatta from overwatch even though I'm bad at the game! My favorite ice cream is mint cookies and cream! I have two cats named Claire and Hobbs! Claire like to meow a lot until you pet her and seek out bugs in the house so we can kill them, cute guard kitty! And Hobbs is our three legged kitty who's a little on the chubby side and loves cuddles and will nip your hand for more when you pull away!

dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me

Hello, Sarah! Thank you very much for sharing! Your cats are so pure omg must protect <3333 pet them for me, please! u and them deserve better <33
Have a nice day! 🌟

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Juuzou Suzuya

                                         Ask Me About A Fandom

003 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character: I love him half to death and honestly he has been my favorite character for like three years now and i could just go on and on about how he is so amazing omg (He’s not my god tho, the name is ironic)
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: The girlfriend he has been talking about getting in the Omakes. He deserves a cute girlfriend omg
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Honestly I always had this idea of Juuzou, Saiko, and Haise getting together and having movie nights and what not. My brot3. Like Juuzou and Saiko mostly but they become friends through Haise. Please? Seidou and Juuzou were also super cute. I loved seeing them interact
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: Juuzou in a wedding dress is the best thing to have graced this planet. ever.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I would have loved to see a real Juuzou and Kaneki battle in the original series.
  • My OTP: Juuzou and his GF
  • My OT3: don’t have one

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2, 20, 21, 88 ;)

Oh Janine, I can always count of you 😉

2. If you could have dinner with any 3 living or dead people, who would they be and why?

Grandma, Papa, and my Vavo (my three grandparents who passed away). We’d have pasta and just laugh and it would be amazing!

20. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would you choose and why?

Omg this is such a difficult question to answer…My taste in music changes daily! But I guess I’ll say “Shut Up and Dance” because it always makes me happy. It’s my mood-booster song.

21. Talk about a favorite childhood memory.

Ohhhh boy. Let me try to think of one involving you…Okay this isn’t a childhood memory (we were teenagers) but I’m going to go with it. When we were morphing our favorite celebrities and decided to morph Zachary Levi and John Krasinski to see how similar they look AND THE RESULT WAS AN ASIAN MAN. HOW THE HELL DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! JANINE IT WAS THE STRANGEST THING AND I DON’T THINK I’VE EVER GONE WITHOUT BREATHING FOR AS LONG AS I DID THEN. IT MAKES ME LAUGH EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT. IT’S HYSTERICAL. Definitely one of my top 5 favorite memories. No one can imagine how shocked, disturbed, scared, and confused we were.  WE EVEN UPLOADED THE PICTURES OF ZAC AND JOHN OURSELVES. I still have his picture. Never letting that go.

(By the way, all Wednesdays at Grandma’s are favorite childhood memories 😊)

88. What belief do you have that many people disagree with?

I don’t know if this is something many people disagree with, but I believe that any dream involving someone who has passed away is really them! I don’t think they’re just dreams. I truly believe that we are visited by our loved ones in dreams. Not sure if that answers the question or not haha but that’s all I got

Some of these turned out to be a little depressing WOW

Thanks for asking yo ;)

Send me a number! :) 

When Fangirling About K-pop Around Friends Pt 2
  • Me: I'm okay now
  • Friend: oh really now?
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: good
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: so my boyfriend is so sweet, right?
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: and he said he loved me again today
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: he also called me a Princess~
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: are you even listening?
  • Me: no
  • Friend: srsly are we even friends
  • Me: yes, but Instagram is calling
  • Friend: oh my gosh again?
  • Me: well, it's the morning in Korea, so yes
  • Friend: can we not talk about-
  • Me: //grabs phone and sees BtoB has uploaded pictures
  • Friend: no- don't-
  • Me: SHHH
  • Friend: ugh, this again
  • Me: well Peniel just posted something and I love his posts so much
  • Friend: why?
  • Me: him and Amber are two of my favorite people on Instagram
  • Friend: again I say, why?
  • Me: cause they're funny and post in English- WHAT
  • Friend: wtf is it now
  • Me: NO
  • Friend: here we go again...
  • Friend: what are they doing?
  • Me: Comeback
  • Friend: "comeback"?
  • Me: just like Teen Top
  • Friend: omg
  • Me: and like Bangtan
  • Friend: really
  • Me: except Bangtan didn't ever LEavE
  • Friend: and???
  • Me: that means THREE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS are promoting all at the same time
  • Friend: fun
  • Me: except Teen Top is coming back the 18th and BtoB isn't coming back till the 29th
  • Friend: fun
  • Me: and who knows about Bangtan cause they just pop up out of no where like their Original version of I Need U...
  • Friend: fun
  • Me: no not fun
  • Friend: okay, not fun
  • Me: it means I'll die
  • Friend: really
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: okay just leave
  • Me: wait I promise I'll be good
  • Friend: okay. Fine, you can stay
  • Me: yay!
  • Friend: so Dan and Phil posted a new video
  • Me: ohhh yay!
  • Friend: it's soooo hot omg I love them
  • Me: YAS they are just perf-
  • Phone: *ding*!
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend: hoe don't do it
  • Me: ...
  • Friend:
  • Me: //grabs phone
  • Friend: omg
  • -Admin Jinnie

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Hey I'm Kate my favorite color is yellow my favorite ship is Shoot from Person of Interest my favorite ice cream flavor is black raspberry chocolate chip and I have three dogs, two labs named Riley and Maggie and a coon hound named Pepper and two cats named Chandler and Binx

Hi there Kate! I always wanted to watch POI for Shoot but i could never get into the show unfortunately! and omg i’ve never had that ice cream flavor before but it sounds awesome! and omg *moves into ur house cuz you have two labs*

dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me: Who are you? Whats your favorite color? Favorite ship? Favorite ice cream flavor? Do you have a cat or dog?

get to know me!

tagged by: @crayoncrush (I am blessed omg)

rules: answer 30 questions and then tag 20 people you’d like to get to know better

  1. Nickname(s): Julz and Jamie (although Sami called me jameme the other day)
  2. Gender: ?? they/he pronouns
  3. Star sign: Pisces
  4. Height: “almost 5’3”
  5. Time: 12:11 PST
  6. Birthday: February 19th
  7. Favorite bands: COIN, LANY, and Weezer (I like more but that’s just what I’ve been listening to lately
  8. Favorite solo artist: (I’m listing three bc i’m extra) David Bowie, Willow Smith, and Noname
  9. Song stuck in my head: She’s a Gun by The Greeting Committee
  10. Last movie I watched: Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom
  11. Last show I watched: The Office (what else is new)
  12. When did I create my blog: 2015 omg
  13. What do I post: original poetry sometimes, colors, photography, anything I can gain inspiration for writing from
  14. Last thing I googled: Synesthesia
  15. Do you have other blogs: yeah, I have four other ones hah but my main is @percysbluepizza
  16. Do you get asks: no not really but I’d love to get more bc I really like interacting with people who like the same things I do
  17. Why did you choose your url: well it used to be sunshines-daisy but then I wanted to have something pink and my friend helped me come up with this
  18. Following: on my main? 1,992
  19. Followers: 91 lol
  20. Favorite colors: light blue and yellow
  21. Average hours of sleep: 8 ½ or 9
  22. Lucky number: 19 or 6
  23. Instruments: guitar and ukulele (I also sing idk if that counts)
  24. What am I wearing: striped t-shirt and shorts
  25. How many blankets do I sleep with: one
  26. Dream job: either helping patients with neuroscience or getting published as an author
  27. Dream trip: oh I don’t even know anymore, travel is so fun
  28. Favorite food: pasta
  29. Nationality: hispanic
  30. Favorite song now: I’m Late (feat. The Wild Reeds) by Kera and the Lesbians

I tag: @rottenbois @spaceycurls @whimsybrain @cheerfuldaisy @simplyymaddie and whoever else wants to do this! I’d love to make more friends in this little community!

*feeling grateful and loved*

I am so very grateful to you and for you, my friends. Thanks to two people here on Tumblr and several other on Facebook, Rembrandt now has all his favorite foods in the house, including TWO BAGS of millet spray omg. He’s set for two or three months now. And I have enough money to eat comfortably till the next payday.  

One of my late (ex-) husband’s oldest friends bought stuff for Spanky, who met him once and liked him so much he almost fell asleep on his arm. I also want to mention that I’ve never met most of these folks in person, and several of them I only connected with to begin with because we shared a love of birds. Birds are great, birds are good, amen.

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Hey my lil beautiful bee I'm spreading some love to my favorite fic authors and ur one of them !! *throws confetti* anyway I love ur fic it's absolutely adorable and honestly I've read every one shot at least three times. Whenever I'm sad I read through ur maaterlist cuz it makes me happy it's so cute and sunshiney point is ily ur writing makes me happy ur a wonderful human and keep writing lil bee ok bye 😊

OMG THIS IS SO SO VERY SWEET THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i’m so happy to be able to do that for people!!!!!!

memooliy  asked:

Hi ~_^ now it's my turn to ask you Q's 10- 16 - 17 - 36

Omg you’re so sweet <3 thank you very much!! 

10. Biggest turn on(s)
Hmmm I know this isn’t exactly what the question asks but it would really Really REALLY nice having in-depth discussions with polite, understanding and well-informed people about serious issues but at the same time I could be silly around at times I really wish I end up with someone like this ;-; 

16. Favorite movie movies

Ahhh good question but sadly it’s impossible to choose just one. My favorite three movies of all times Mulan, treasure planet and Anastasia.

Other movies that I like are : 

As well as the Incredibles and Httyd. As for the other movies I like catch me if you can, Sherlock Holmes, the hunger games and Inkheart.

17. A fact about my life
I absolutely suck at dancing.

Since there isn’t a 36, I’ll do 3 and 6 ^^ 

3. Tattoos I have

I don’t have any tattoos 

6. Favorite Band

If I had to choose just one band, I’ll pick Panic!at the disco. (I also like Fall out boy and bigbang).

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hello yes i'm here for mollcroft fic recs B)

amazing hello, i’ve been expecting you uwu

Note: I don’t personally bookmark fics, whoops (I usually find and read fics on mobile w/out saving them), so I apologize to the long-time shippers if I missed a really good one. Like seriously, I can’t find some amazing fics that I’ve once read?? maybe you guys can help me?? I’ll deal w/ this later

But here are a bunch of random ones I like that I’ve specifically picked for an introduction to the ship. :) There are some really great and amazing ones not included (just wanted to give you a few ones to help swallow this dumb ship down easily) - but if you want to check out my full list of Mollcroft rec’s, look here!


A Modern Odyssey (funny and perfect yes) She was alone, she had neither money nor ID, she could not leave this airport without plane tickets or a passport, and hunger was starting to set in. Her only asset was a near-dead mobile.
Happy Accidents (30 day OTP challenge!! loved following this) As he stepped into his car, he wasn’t sure which was the most interesting fact about holding Molly’s hand: that her pulse elevated, or that his did.
In a Winter Wonderland (ehehe) “You’ll find that you arrived just in time,” says Sherlock, and his expression speaks of unholy glee. “Lestrade has been poaching on your territory.”
In the Space Beneath Our Clothes (MUST READ not even joking; basically the unanimous crown jewel of the ship) “Miss Hooper,” the man drawls, a condescending sneer twitching at his lips. “I believe we’ve already met. There’s no need for theatrics.”
Into the Light of a Dark Black Night (comfort/angst/fluff oh god thank) He couldn’t say that he loved her, and he knew she couldn’t say that she loved him. The thought would have been disheartening to some men and freeing to others, but to him it was neither. It was not a cold truth but a teasing truth, a hint of things that might come
Momento (FLUFF) Mycroft, what a lovely name. It fit him. Molly and Mycroft. She liked the sound of it. It was cute.
Perfection (my favorite tbh idk it makes me happy) It was… nice. People label nice too bland a word, but sometimes things just can be plainly and simply, nice, with no hassles or worries on top of it. And it was nice, for both of them, quietly chatting as the rain dripped down outside, getting to know each other in a polite, formal kind of way.
The Rose (flowershop!au omg i love) He comes each week like clockwork, dressed in his impeccable three-piece suits, and buys a simple bouquet, then leaves.
Warm Company (just pure domestics thank you) What’s the occasion? –MH / I’m cold and you’re warm. –Molly

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So now that you've finished Fruits Basket inquiring minds would like to know: Favorite characters, Least favorite characters & why? Fave ships? Least fave ships?

omg yas……favorite characters are (my 10 yr old self would loath to hear this but) YUKI because his character development was so good and i loved watching him grow up, akito because she is just so complicated and i really like her character arc from the Big Bad Abuser to someone who is starting to understand that they cant treat people that way and genuinely wants to atone, and shigure because he’s SO three dimensional and i like that he went from a seemingly nice guy to being shown that he’s not nice, admits it, and doesn’t get better

not a fan of ritsu because he annoys me lol or hatori because i felt like hatori was too passive a character considering his actual personality…..

fav ships are kyo/tohru (that stayed the same lol), yuki/kakeru (rip), and haru/rin……least favs are akito/kureno because that ones Real Bad and honestly uotani/kureno because the age gap is also Real Bad

arrivingatthegatesofcamelot  asked:

Hi! I love that you're doing this ask game, it's so neat! I'm Aaron and my favorite color is red. I have way too many ships but my two first ships were Jean/Scott and Padme/Anakin. I love cotton candy ice cream!! And I actually have one cat and three dogs.

Hi Aaron!!! i really like ur icon btw! and anidala was one of my first ships a long time ago too!!! i’ve never had cotton candy ice cream before! and omg 3 dogs sounds amazing

dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me: Who are you? Whats your favorite color? Favorite ship? Favorite ice cream flavor? Do you have a cat or dog?

get to know me tag!

i got tagged by @stardustsim!

tag a few people you’d love to know better!

i tag all of my followers! get on it!

  • relationship status: someone’s been putting up with me for over six years ;)
  • favorite color: turquoise!! also purple.
  • last song i listened to: uM whatever was playing in the car when i got out last night lmao something on octane (i like rock music ty)
  • last movie i watched: we went and saw baywatch on monday for date night!
  • top three fictional characters: THIS IS SO HARD OMG UM honestly i love negan from the walking dead oops, also seth cohen from the oc, anddd mickey milkovich from shameless.
  • top three ships: DELENA. (the vampire diaries) sethummer (the oc) and gallavich (shameless)
  • books i’m currently reading: i’m honestly the #worst at reading books but i bought big little lies and read like a chapter????
What the actual fuck?!?

Ok ok, people have probably written a shitton of meta about this by now, but please allow me to add my humble two cents because …


I dont even know what my favorite part of this episode is, because EVERTHING HAS BEEN PURE GOLD - AND IM NOT ONLY SPEAKING OF THE FUCKING GOLDEN BANDS THEY EXCHANGED OMG

Bands that - mind you! - YUURI BOUGHT FOR VIKTOR OMG I CANT BUT … ok, deep breaths, one - two - three …

The fact that Yuuri knew all these guys from last year gp’s gala is priceless! He showed them all his GODDAMN EROS BACK THEN ALREADY!! 


Also (sorry for jumping back and forth but im actually HELLA EXCITED IF YOU COULDNT TELL!!): “This is an ENGAGEMENT RING”?!?!?!?

“We’re going to get MARRIED ONCE YURI WON A GOLD MEDAL!”?!?!?!?

Oh shiT! Oh God! Help me, I am dying over here!!!!

Hahahaha, also, Otabek and Yuri, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. These two are so precious! No one ever asked my poor salty son to be their friend? WELL, FUCKING FINALLY I’D SAY!!! 

Ok, the screen is getting kinda blurry - or is that just the happy tears im crying? ASDFGHJKL!!! 


I forgot to mention my darling Phichit - thank you for telling the whole restaurant about the lovey-dovey-couple getting engaged hahaha


replied to your post

I’m downtown with my mom for lunch and I lose her…

aaand now your mom inspired a steggy AU idea - Peggy is skeptical when it comes to baseball, but once Nat introduces her to it she’s really into it. She has a fave, of course, Steve Rogers. Then one day she accidentally bumps into him and she is so in awe! Even more when he turns out to be sweet and shy and embarrassed.

First, I just have to say I was laughing so hard at my mom because she was so star struck.  She’s met a lot of people from older bands and various sports teams so I did not expect her gibberish reaction at all.  She put it on Twitter (read: I had to put it on Twitter for her) thanking him and he responded back so she’s completely in love.

Second, OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS TYPE OF AU HAS BEEN A FAVORITE OF MINE!!!!!!!  Years, literally so many years and like three different fandoms I have been in love with this AU but then you go and add a different twist to my original AU and make it better!!!  That’s why we work :D

Peggy doesn’t care much for sports.  They’ve never been interesting to her but Nat thinks it’s so unAmerican that Peggy’s never been to a baseball game, never mind that Peggy’s English.  They decide to make a girl’s night of Peggy’s first baseball game.  Nat has connections through work and gets them excellent seats close to the home team dugout.  She even buys Peggy a team shirt to make her look like a regular. 

Peggy loves the game - the tranquility of it, the suspense when the score is close and the bases are loaded, the patriotism of the stadium, the unity of everyone there (well, except the opposing team).  She particularly enjoys looking at all the player’s butts when they come out of the dugout ;P  She decides if she’s going to adopt the sport she must pick a favorite to cheer on.  It doesn’t take her long to lock on pitcher Steve Rogers.  He has everything - a great smile, a fast ball no one can hit, a boisterous laugh, an arm that can hit any ball out of the park, and a great ass.

Next thing you know, she’s going to practically all the home games.  Her and Nat live at the ballpark from April to October.  She doesn’t consider herself a starstruck person but when her and Nat are coming out of a frozen yogurt shop one day after a walk she bumps into what can only be a wall of solid muscle.  She’s almost throws her bowl of yogurt on Nat when she sees who she ran into - Yankee’s starting pitcher Steve Rogers.  Just casually walking his dog down the street like he’s just any other person.  She stutters over her words but Steve is very quite and gracious.  She doesn’t ask for a picture or an autograph because her mind can’t process that she’s actually standing in front of him.  Nat casually mentions that they’ll be at the game the next day and Steve says he’ll be sure to look for them.