three new movies

New Free! content coming out this year!

Three new movies:

Free! Timeless Medley -Bonds- (4/22)

Free! Timeless Medley -Promise- (7/1)

Recap movies with new footage, including grown up Asahi and Ikuya. Bonds will be about Iwatobi. Promise will be about Rin and Sousuke.

Free! Take your marks (fall 2017)

Brand new animation that takes place after graduation, all characters included.

All three of Phoenix’s new movies are about coming of age, about growing past one’s parents, and about loyalty and betrayal. It’s tempting to draw parallels to his personal situation. “I’ve been so much more exposed than my folks think,” he says, the pain in his voice unmistakable. He mentions the plentiful supply of cocaine and alcohol on the set of The Mosquito Coast. (…) It’s hard not to be touched by this beautiful boy struggling with grave moral issues who can speak with sophistication about acting yet who unself-consciously peppers his conversation with such sentences as “The Devil is so pretty and tempting” and guilelessly uses such words as “Antichrist.” “I am confused, ” Phoenix says. “I go back and forth about success and wealth.“

When he thinks about the future, he dreams of founding a home for "abused kids, the homeless, the psychotics.” He wants to “take the Devil’s bribe and use it for God.” But mostly, he says, he’ll try to stay in the present. Maybe he’ll form a garage band. Maybe he’ll never make another movie. It’s hot in the car, and sweat is glazing the skin above his lip. “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t as conscious as I am. It would be so much easier”

- Premiere, April 1988


Pairing: Chris Evans x Pregnant!Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: A pregnant Reader waits for Chris to come back home.
Word Count: 948
Genre: Fluff!
Warnings: none.

Originally posted by sobpalavras

Carrying your seven months baby bump throughout your living room, you took a couple of lighted scented candles and placed them on a corner of the low table, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere in your house.

As you finally sat on the sofa, getting yourself comfortable, you enveloped a faux fur throw around you and smiled, feeling your baby moving inside as you waited for Chris- your husband to come back home.

He had been away for three weeks, promoting a new movie all around the world while your only contacts were made through late night phone calls and Skype.

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ANOTHER PLATRIO COVER! This time it’s Riptide by Vance Joy because we’re what the kids call basic

We literally learned this entire thing in the span of like 30 minutes and recorded this in the same day somehow?? This video was so clutch 

Maia (the mass of hair in the corner) does bass, Sofia does lead, I’m doing harmony and I arranged the whole thing! 

Hope you like the video, and if you do, make sure to check out our channel!! Self promo OUT.

Third Times the Charm (Jared Kleinman x Reader SMUT)

A very detailed Jared smut. I’m not sorry.

Warning: Smut. Like. Wow. Smut.

Requested by: @heybaekae

Sorry if this is too much or not what you wanted from your request but thank you for sending it in!

Your boyfriend was that guy. We all know someone who is that guy. You know that guy who only talks about sex and how many girls he been in bed with. Your boyfriend tells all his guy friends about how he got to second base, below the bra, with a Russian babe at his camp over the summer. Your boyfriend tells his friends how good he is a fucking girls and how he’s gotten two girls at once. Your boyfriend is not-so known for having tons of sex. Your boyfriend is a compulsive liar and also a virgin.

You hadn’t always know this though, for the first few months that the two of you dated you were convinced he was kind of a man whore. That was until you two got trapped in the rain on your way home from school. Once you were both safely out of the storms plaguing your town, you grabbed one of Jared’s shirts from his closets and took off your own. “W-what are you doing?” He stammered a blush creeping up his face.

“I’m changing my shirt? I’m wet,” you shrugged sliding out of your soaked jeans, Jared’s red complexion deepened and he choked on the air he was breathing. Jared had never had a girl get undressed in front of him or say ‘I’m wet’ to him, and here was the girl of his dreams doing both at the same time. You wore one of his larger graphic T-Shirts and no pants, he suddenly lost the ability to speak as you sat down besides him on the bed. “Babe what’s wrong?” You inquired placing your hand on his thigh.

“I uh. I’ve never had a girl. Um. In my bed. Half naked. And. Umm wet,” he stuttered. You suddenly realized what he meant, he was all talk, everyone was right he was just a nerdy, virginal, loser. But he was your nerdy virginal loser and you thought it was cute.

“Well I don’t feel like wearing pants. So fucking deal with it,” you said in a joking tone, curling into his bed.

Jared eventually got comfortable with your lack of pants, but the furthest the two of you had ever gotten was making out in your underwear, the boy hadn’t even seen you bra-less for fucks sake. You had gotten close twice, the first time his mother knocked on his door asking if you two were okay, the second neither of you had protection, but the third times the charm.

Jared’s parents were out of town visiting family, he refused to go claiming he didn’t want to be forced to babysit his little cousins. With the house to yourselves and sexual tension thick in the air, you had a head full of devious plans and a pocket full of condoms, yes plural. Not taking chances tonight.

You arrived at Jared’s front door and let yourself in, you sat at his bedroom door listening to him tell all of his friends about your fictional sex life.

“Oh yeah man she’s gonna be screaming my name tonight,” he bragged. You smirked and walked up behind his computer chair. Dragging your hands over over his chest, you began kissing his neck. “Oh shit guys, um pizzas here,” he quickly muted his microphone and took off his headphones.

“Hey babe!” He said kissing you and heading down stairs. The pizza actually was here and you found yourself hungrier for dinner than for your boyfriend.

After one pizza, two large ice cream sundaes, and three new movies, the night settled down and you were bored, and Jared seemed to have the same thought.

Your lips collided, his hands resting on your hips and yours tangling into his hair, he moaned into the kiss, one of his hands slipping down on to your ass. You separated your bodies and giggled, his glasses were foggy, you removed them from his face and kissed his nose before going back to his lips. His hands slipped up under your shirt, yours followed in suit, once both of your shirts were discarded on his floor he flipped you over onto his bed. He straddled your hips and began kissing down your neck, leaving hickeys in the wake of his lips. You sat up on your elbows and his mouth moved to your breasts, you unclasped your bra and let it slide off your body. “Oh. Oh my god,” he breathes out, taking on the sight of your bare chest. He gingerly placed his hand on you and felt you, your giggled as he moaned at just the touch, he got his revenge though. His mouth on your nipple and the other one pinched gently between his fingers, you moaned at the contact.

“J-Jared!” Your gasped as his mouth and hand pleasured you. The other hand of his felt it’s way down to the top button of your jeans, he popped it open and than chuckled

“The button on your jeans won’t be the only thing I’m popping tonight sweetheart,” he growled pulling the denim off your legs.

“Oh you can’t be so naïve? You really think I’m still a virgin?” You jested, sliding your hand down his bare stomach and palming him through his jeans.

He moaned “(y-y/n) oh. That feels so fucking good,” you smirked and slipped off his basket ball shorts and placed your hand on his member under his boxers. “Oh. Fuckfuckfuck that’s hhnnnng,” he was a mess, this was all new to him. “Y-you’re going to need to stop that if you want to have sex tonight,” that was it. You laughed a little too hard and Jared suddenly felt all of his inadequacies rise above the bravado. “(Y/n) I um. I don’t actually know what I’m doing here. I haven’t even kissed a girl for real since I was like ten, please help,” he broke lowering his gaze afraid to meet your eyes.

“I already knew that babe. You were a nervous wreck the first time I took off my shirt, but I can definitely be of assistance,”
You guided his hand down your stomach and below your panties.

“Oh god you’re so fucking wet,” he whispered in your ear, as he slid two fingers inside you.

“Curl them,” he did as you said and buried his face into your neck when you let out a moan. He continued to do this and the suddenly, “Oh god fuck Jared. Fuck yes,” you yelled louder than he expected.

“What? What did I do?” You suppressed a laugh and told him that he found your clit. He suddenly put all of this together and he felt confident again. His two fingers curling inside of you, his thumb gently rubbing against your clit, his free hand playing your your nipple, and his mouth leaving sloppy kisses on yours.

“Jared if you. If you want to have sex tonight. You. You need to stop,” you stammered your breathing heavy. He removed his fingers and was nervous again.

“I. I don’t know how if I’m honest with you. Porn only teaches you so much,” he admitted. You forced him to lay on his back and you straddled his thighs, you kissed the skin just above his waist band and pulled down his boxers slowly. Painfully slow. So slow that Jared kicked them off as fast as possible just to stop the friction. You grabbed a condom from the pile you packed and carefully opened it, you pinched the tip and rolled it down his length, he moaned and bucked his hips at your touch.

“May I?” You asked situating yourself over his cock.

“God please. For the love of god (y/n) ride me. Please,” he whined. “Oh uhhhhhhmmmmmm” he hummed as you lowered yourself onto him. Your hips lifting off him and back down slowly, as you sped up he started meeting you in the middle, your bodies colliding into each other. “I. I want you to get off too babe,” you nodded and brought his hand you your clit. He started to rub you and thrusted his hips into yours faster, now it was your turn to moan.

“Oh. Oh Jared. Oh fuckkk Jared please, f-faster please. Hhhhhmmmm,” you felt yourself getting weaker above Jared. And he was doing the same. Your thrusts got sloppier and you felt your orgasm growing as you left hickeys on his neck.

“I’m. I’m close. God you’re so tight. Oh god you feel so good on my cock,” he moaned into your ear his voice husky, he pulled your hair and the pressure in your body was so close to release.

“Oh fuck. Harder Jared please I’m so close ,” you both became loud moaning messes as your orgasms washed over you. You lifted yourself off of him and collapsed. He removed the condom and flopped back onto his bed.

“That was. Wow. I mean. You’re so fucking gorgeous and you looked so amazing riding me, god I love you,” he said on cloud-9. He grabbed you and pulled you against him. “How do you feel about post sex cuddles?”

“I love post sex cuddles almost as much as I love you,” he held you to his bare chest and kissed your head. His finger tips dragging gently across the bare skin of your back. You hummed at the feeling. “Oh by the way. I may not have been a virgin but that was still the best sex I’ve ever had,” you kissed his neck and examined the marks you gave him.

“Oh trust me now that I know what I’m doing next time will be even better. You just wait sweetheart,” he bragged. You giggled and let yourself fall asleep.

All you can say is that he was right. The next time was way better.

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‘River on the Rise’ by Debra Blake for Vegetarian Times, March 1988 (Part I)

Film Star River Phoenix says being a vegetarian is the most important role he’ll ever play. 

In Japan they adore him. The teenagers call out to him when he comes to promote one of his films: “Rio! Rio!” they chant. It is their nickname for him. They think he’s the next James Dean. And boy, does he have the looks for it. But smoldering looks and shirt-off-the-shoulder poses aren’t what River Phoenix is all about, and he gets a little embarrassed when he comes off that way. The 17-year-old’s dark clothes aren’t meant to impress. His canvas and rubber high-top boots are unexceptional. Still, it’s hard sometimes to resist just gazing at his blonde-streaked pretty head against the blue Florida sky, or wondering how he lucked into those dark eyebrows.

But he calls you back to what he’s saying, to his simple intensity. “Vegetarianism is a link to perfection and peace,” he’s saying now, and his voice is soft but strong, very sincere. “But it’s a small link. There are lots of other issues: apartheid , vivisection, political prisoners, the arms race. There’s so much going on in this world today, so much ignorance among people. That’s not to say I’m not standing amongst everybody. But the point is, what can we do now? That’s the thing about vegetarianism; it’s an individual’s decision and it’s something you have control over. How many things do we really have control over?”

River Phoenix is one of the lucky ones; he’s an actor making a successful go of it in a tough business. Years ago, he was one of the brothers in the television series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Later, he got his big break as a spunky but thoughtful kid in Stand by Me, and then as the elder son in The Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford. He’s in demand now: Producers send him scripts, and this spring he’s scheduled to show up in three new movies: Jimmy Reardon, Little Nikita with Sidney poitier, and Running on Empty

River Phoenix. He’s a big name in Hollywood.

But the River sitting here on the lawn of his parents’ rented house in Florida is only as large as life. He’s not all seriousness and theory. His eyes are warm and welcoming; he laughs easily. Right away you know he’s a regular guy. Still, he’s eager to take advantage of what he calls the “rare opportunity” to discuss issues that really matter to him: veganism, health concerns most teens don’t even know exist, fulfillment in relationships with family and friends, world peace, and change in South Africa.

Do you put much faith into what a 17- year-old says or is he just trying on some ideals for size? In short order, you decide to trust him. He’s had a life unlike most people in the world - one of met challenges, enormous changes and great ideals-and that colors your reactions. He can keep you interested in what he’s saying longer than most people twice his age. So somehow you know he’s sincere. And you see that the “Rio! Rio!” business in Japan and the perfect eyebrows are small parts of a very large picture.

Most of what has been written about River Phoenix weaves his story into the story of his family. And try as you might to see him apart from them, you can’t entirely. They’re part of the big picture. His four younger siblings - one brother, Leaf, and three sisters, Rainbow, Liberty and Summer - also act; Summer and Leaf recently were cast in Russkies, and last summer Rainbow had a role in Maid to Order with fellow vegan Ally Sheedy. Their parents, Arlyn and John Phoenix, manage their kids’ careers, having decided years ago to forgo outside work and commit themselves to the family venture. The entire family is vegan, and they all come across as gentle and kind people who work together like clockwork. River’s history is the history of the Phoenixes, and he’s grateful for and satisfied by being a part of that.

Arlyn Phoenix is also grateful for the family, and she’s unflustered by their success. “You have to understand,” she says, sipping her sorghum-sweetened herbal tea, “that this didn’t just happen to us. We planned it.” Success is part of the Phoenix family mission. It’s why their name is Phoenix. They’re on the rise.

Arlyn and John chose the name phoenix together, years ago, and they nursed their five babies on the twin ideals of love and peace. The couple became vegetarian soon after they met in the ‘60s, but dropped it after moving to Venezuela with a born-again-style Christian group. Several years-and several babies-later, in 1978, they broke from the organization. On their way back to the United States they rekindled their commitment to vegetarianism, taking the cue from their children. 

 River was seven then. He remembers how it began. “On the boat we saw men fishing,” he said. “It was our [the kids’] first time seeing that. And it was the first time that I really saw that meat wasn’t just a hamburger or hot dog or some disguised food on your plate, that it was an animal, it was flesh. It seemed very barbaric and kind of cruel, and me and my brother and sister were all crying and were traumatized. The reality just hit us so hard. Our parents were very sensitive to our feelings. I mean, they were obviously immune to it themselves-meat eating is so much a part of society as a whole and how people eat-but they were very interested in our sensitivity to it, so they were open to us becoming vegetarian.”

Vegetarianism came easily to the Phoenix family. Within the year, with encouragement from Arlyn’s vegan sister, the family also stopped eating eggs and dairy products. “It was hard to give up dairy for a while for a lot of people in my family,” River remembers. “My mom and dad were so used to eating cheese, and it was so convenient. But I said, 'Hey, if we’re doing this thing, let’s go all the way with it.’ The other kids were into it, so my parents said, 'OK, let’s do it.’ And we did.”

It’s been 10 years since anyone in the Phoenix family has worn leather shoes, carried a leather handbag or brought honey into their home. They embrace every possible reason for veganism. They love animals and they believe dairyless eating is better for health. They believe the move away from a meat-centered culture will better support the world’s ecology. Above all, they see veganism as one of the early steps people can take to be conscious of their relationships in the world: relationships with animals, people, and the planet itself. To the Phoenix family, veganism is an essential ingredient of a loving and peaceful world-an extension of the values that motivated John and Arlyn when the two first met. 


Just imagine Chris Pine doing his Shatner impression through the three new movies.


Hey guys! Today, news was released by Warner Bros. that they are indeed in the works of a new Scooby-Doo movie that will be featured in the theater! The new animated feature will bring back the producers from the early 2000s Scooby-Doo live-action films, Charles Roven and Richard Suckle!

Warner Bros. says the movie is set for release on September 21, 2018! It’s sadly three years away but get excited! Scooby is returning to the big screen!

Here are some links to some articles about this news!



Get the news out to all Scooby-Doo fans, guys! I’m so excited! Are you?