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Chapter Twelve

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 3339
Warnings: Swearing, violence

Song: One Last Breath by Creed

“Hello, mischief? This is how you greet me after all this time?” Loki quipped, prowling toward you. He flicked his wrist and the straps across your thighs and the ones around your arm tore free.

Pushing to your feet, you wobbled a little as you stood there, shooting pain slamming through your skull making you groan and reach for your head.

Loki was instantly at your side, arm wrapping your waist and hand cupping your nape. “Sváfa? What is it?” Eyes, green and glowing, peered worriedly down at you.

“Had my brain scrambled. Still hurts.” You smiled weakly, aching all over. “I may remember everything, but I’m still me, Loki.”

He tilted his head, a regal motion, one you’d teased him for even in this life. His eyes slowly hardened and drifted up to glare at the man edging away. “Is he the one who hurt you, darling?” Loki glared at the doctor.

Straightening up, you pushed against his chest, turning on Doctor Dick with murder in your eyes. “Yeah, that would be my doctor.”

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“Hola Mami.”

Requested by an anon. This beautiful man, I just can’t.

Originally posted by ukwno

Yu Kwon in enjoyed everything about you. From head to toe. Inside and out. You were just so perfect. It was very obvious he had the biggest crush on you. You could spot it a mile away. Of course you didn’t listen at all when his members were trying to tell about his little crush on you. 

Even their manager saw how Yu Kwon would act around you. It made it worse since you were assigned to him as his makeup artist. 

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  ‘cause i ain’t sticking around long:  a  f a n m i x  f o r  n i c k

  “Name’s Nick,

  but don’t bother learning it.”


Nate x Reader

Fandom: Gossip Girl

Character: Nate Archibald

Request:  Can you do a gossip girl one-shot where you’re best friends with Blair and Serena, and they find out you secretly like Nate, so they set you up with him? 😊

Requested by: anonymous

Word Count: 784


     “ Oh my god, you so like him!” Blair screeched and cheered along with Serena as they slammed the door to Blair’s room shut. You turned into a blushing mess as you sat down on the bed,” N-No I don’t!” They both looked at each other and rolled their eyes. “ Yes, you do. You were totally drooling over him at the party.” Serena laughed as they mocked you. You sighed and slumped down onto the bed,” Did I make it that obvious?” You asked not wanting to know the answer. Serena and Blair simultaneously said,” Yes,” as they threw themselves on either side of you. You groaned and placed a pillow on your face in complete humiliation. You really hoped nobody else noticed. Especially Gossip Girl. You didn’t need some anonymous drama starting teen to blow up your love life.

     “ You know…we could get you a date with him…” Blair trailed off as you felt the left side of the bed get lighter. You started to panic. You knew Blair’s schemes could get out of hand. You took the pillow off your face and tried to tackle Blair. She quickly averted you and started clicking away at her phone. “ No! Blair, please no!” you begged her as you chased her around her room. You asked Serena for help, but she stayed on the bed and just laughed at you two. You chased Blair for more than a couple seconds when you remembered something. “ Hey, Blair, remember the favor I did for you last week? You still haven’t paid me back for it. Whatever you were scheming call it off and we’ll be even, k?” You told her with a bright smile. She rolled her eyes and hesitantly agreed. 

     You three hung out for a few more hours until you left to go home for dinner. As soon as you left Blair took out her phone and dialed Nate’s number. Serena looked over at her with a warning look,” Blair, you made a deal.” She reminded her and Blair smirked. “ What? She doesn’t know what I was previously scheming. Technically this is a new favor. So she now owes me one.” Blair giggled and put the phone to her ear waiting for Nate to answer.

     “ Hey, Blair, whats up?” Nate asked over the phone. Blair and Serena held in their giggles as Blair spoke,” Yeah, I need you to meet me at Moreau’s tomorrow at noon.” Blake told him. Nate sighed,” Blair, what are you up to?” He asked with a bit of suspicion. “ Just meet me there. You’ll regret it if you don’t” Blair said one last time before hanging up the phone. Serena stared at Blair,” You didn’t give him a chance to accept.” Blair shrugged,” I didn’t give him a chance to decline either. Nate’s a good guy. He’ll be there. Now to make sure Y/N goes.” 

     Seconds later you received a group text telling you to meet the girls at Moreau’s tomorrow at noon for lunch. Thinking nothing of it you accepted and planned your outfit for the next day before going to bed. 

     The next day you walked to Moreau’s a few minutes after noon. You texted the girls repeatedly apologizing for being late, but none of them answered back. You hoped they weren’t mad at you as you entered the restaurant. You were about to go into the seating area when you bumped into someone. “ I’m sorry.” you apologized looking up. It was Nate. You started blushing and he grinned,” Hey Y/N. What are you doing here?” He asked. You grinned,” I’m just meeting Blair and Serena here for lunch. You haven’t seen them, have you?” You asked him and he started laughing. “ What a coincidence. I was supposed to meet Blair for lunch today too.” He replied. Your heart stopped. She actually went through with it. She actually set you up on a date with Nate Archibald. You cursed Blair silently in your head. You were so going to get her back for this.

     “ Well since Blair obviously isn’t showing up I’ll just go.” You stated. As you were turning around Nate grabbed your hand and stopped you. “ Hey since we’re here why don’t we have lunch together?” Nate asked you. You smiled,” Okay. I’d love that.” 

     You two had a lovely date. You laughed at his jokes and blushed at his compliments. You both really enjoyed the time you spent together so Nate asked you on another date the next day. And the day after that and the day after that. You two became a couple in no time and Blair wouldn’t stop reminding you how you still owe her one for setting you two up.

Gossip Girl ended blowing up your relationship with Nate. All the way to your marriage…


hope you liked it! :)


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lily-clare  asked:

27 with USUK please (〃▽〃)

27. “I’m pregnant.” USUK

so I know it’s supposed to be a drabble but I got carried away and god it ended up long i hope it’s okay askljdklasjdksaklj now here’s a one shot for you <3

It’s the third time that Arthur Kirkland approaches the cash register with four pregnancy tests at hand, and he’s well aware of the concerned stare that the cashier is giving him.

If it were any other day, Arthur would have tried to tell her that it’s for a friend, or that he’s working on a science project, or that he lost a bet and now has to waste money on a dozen pregnancy tests (because if you’re going to total everything Arthur has bought 12 kits so far).

But his mind is blank and he cannot bring himself to care for anything else as of the moment. It’s the third time he’s buying because the last eight tests he has tried seems to be defective, all showing the same positive results that aren’t really looking so positive for Arthur.

“That’ll be—” The girl behind the counter doesn’t get to finish her sentence as Arthur slams the exact amount of money down. He already knows how much it costs after hearing it from her twice and he really doesn’t need to hear it the third time. His trembling hands grab the boxes swiftly and then he leaves and repeats the same process over again until he uses all of the tests.

To his utter dread, they all produce the same positive results and Arthur finally begins to cry.

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C.T.H: Lazy Day for Anon

“Babe!” I yelled from the bathroom, curling the last few pieces of my hair.


“Are you almost ready? I just have two or three more pieces left and ee can go.”

“Uh, yeah. I’m totally ready.” He said with a nervous laugh and I furrowed my eyebrows, stepping out of the bathroom as far as I could with the curlers still in my hand. Calum was sprawled across the bed with his phone in his hand,probably scrolling twitter like always.

“What the hell, Calum! We have less that ten minutes to be there and you’re in a towel.”

He took a shower before I bad to get into the bathroom almost two hours ago and still hadn’t made an effort to put on clothes.

“I know, but-”

“But what?” I interrupted and he rolled his eyes.

“I mean I’m trying to tell you, but you interrupted me.” He sassed and this time I rolled my eyes and curled the very last piece of hair,unplugging the curling irons and leaving them to cool down.“ I don’t want to go anymore.”

“What do you mean you don’t want yo go anymore? You planned it.”

“Yeah, but now I just want to stay here.” He shrugged his shoulders and I pinched the bridge of my nose, leaning against the door frame of the bathroom.

“Are you saying that you’ve had my hopes up and had me looking forward for this date for almost a week, had me spend two hours getting ready, only for you to decide you don’t want  to go?” I was beyond pissed.

“Yeah,basically.” He nodded and I rolled my eyes. I walked over to the closet, grabbing my shoes and jacket and put them both on.“ Where are you going?” He questioned.

“On a date.”

“By yourself?”

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll call Ashton or something.” I then walked out of the room,dialing Ashton’s number.

“Noooo!"Calum whined, snatching my phone and placing it on the counter."Let’s just have a home date.”

“I didn’t spend two hours getting beautified go stay at home.”

“But please."he begged.” We can stay here and build a fort and watch movies in it and eat a lot of junkfood and we can even do a twitcam, ‘cause you love those. A nice home date without spending money.“

"You’re so cheap. You didn’t even want to buy me a seventy five cents piece of candy.” You joked, but reminded him of that day where he acted like you asked him to buy the whole entire store.

“Hey! You promised not to bring that up.” He whined.“ I was struggling that month. I might be in a band, but I don’t got it like that.”

“That wasn’t even a dollar!”

“Leave me alone, Y/N!” He slightly pushed my shoulder and I let out a loud giggle.“ Can we please stay in?”

“But, Cal.” I whined, wrapping my arms around his torso and leaning back so I could look at him.

“Pwetty, pwetty, pwease wit a chewwy on top?” He gave me his signature puppy dog eyes and pout, his cheeks looking chubbier than usual.

“That’s not fair!”

“Baby girl.” He buried his face into my neck and I groaned. He knows that when he calls m that he can get whatever he wants.“ Please.”

“But I wanna g-” he cut me off by placing kisses to my neck.

“Please, princess?”

“Ugh, fine. Get off of me."I pushed him off and he cheesed at me. I kicked my heels off and held them in my hand as I walked up the stairs and into the room.

"Lose the clothes!”

“Don’t tell me what to do, squishy!” I yelled back at him and a smile came onto my face when I heard his loud laugh echo throughout the apartment.“ How about you put some on.”

“My dick enjoys to move freely.” He was now standing in the doorway,watching me with a smirk on his face as I undressed.


“I’m your perv.”

“You’re annoying.”

“But you love me.” He fired back and I turned around with as smirk.

“You sure 'bout that?”

Calum’s jaw dropped and I bust out laughing, almost tripping over the dress that was halfway down my legs.
Calum pouted and stuck his tongue out at me. Once I was finally down to my undergarments I took off a bra and walked over to Calum’s drawer to find a shirt.

“You can’t just stay like that?”


“What if I put on boxers? Then we’ll both be topless.” I started at him thinking about the offer and shrugged my shoulders, closing his shirt drawer and opening another one. I picked up his toucans and tossed them at him and heard him snort.

“You and the toucans.”

“I don’t know why, but I love them way more than I should.” I laughed and stared a little bit longer than I needed to when he dropped his towel and slid his boxers up his legs.

“And you called me a perv.”

I stood as close as I could with our bare chest touching and gripped him through his boxers, 'causing hid breath to catch in his throat.

“But you like it.” I kissed his collarbone and squealed when he tossed me over his shoulder and tossed me onto the bed.

“Our home date is going to be postponed for an hour or two, princess.” He bit his lip snd climbed on top of me.

I went a little overboard, but who cares, I’m satisfied with this imagine. Hope you liked it, sweetheart.

My ask box is open. Feel free to send in request.

A New Court, Chapter XIII

Read the first 12 parts here!

Here it is! As promised! Ooh, it’s almost over! I can’t believe this, there’s only three or four more chapters left. Whatever am I going to do without you guys?

The morning of our intended attack dawned bright and clear, and an icy wind swept across the Night Court.

I was dressed in a frothy, spring green gown, and Mor had the foresight to give me a small crown of pink cherry blossoms—an outfit I might have thought was pretty, had I been wearing it for Rhys, or for a celebration of spring in the Night Court. But I was not. I was wearing this outfit for an enemy—for the High Lord of the Spring Court and the cruel king he sold us all out to.

I adjusted the matching cherry blossom belt twined around my waist…or, rather, around my stomach. It had been a couple months since we first came up with our plan to infiltrate the Spring Court, once and for all, and flush out the King of Hybern and his men. Amren was furious that I was jumping onto a battlefield at eight months pregnant, but Rhys…Rhys thought I could do it.

To be sure, he was nervous. He tried to hide that from me, but I felt him toss and turn beside me in bed every night. I saw him rise before the sun and pace in our bathroom. The sheer amount of chamomile tea he was drinking was enough to tell me of his anxiety.

But no one else could do this.

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elorcan- "black coffee with white sugar"

you guys have been asking for elorcan lately-here it is! (yeah it’s a coffee shop AU) the next fanfic after this one will be rowaelin:’)

characters copyright to sarah j maas

“elide! come on, busy shift-you’ve got to be quicker darling.”

elide loved her boss dearly, but vicky really didn’t quite understand the issues that was a line of ten, and a waitress count of two. vicky could not be bothered to help, due to paperwork on how knows what.

aisie was alright. she didn’t talk much, and elide was fine with that-but it messed up the communication on building the coffee. so many customers, so much confusion behind the counter, with all its gadgets to create the hot, creamy liquid of some sort of latte.

vicky headed quickly back to the office deep within the small building. she could’ve made at least one drink, elide thought. just one. they were a starbucks chain, so they were frequently busy, even though there were more than stars above in new york city. elide appreciated it though-she appreciated the constant energy that kept her awake even when she was tired.

elide was supposed to be getting off her day shift now; she would come back later for graveyard hours. elide didn’t live in a respectable complex for free-and college wasn’t cheap, either.

she would not be getting off her shift.

aisie yelled, “alex! marshmallow and caramel frappe is ready.” elide handed her a steamy chocolate latte, after she’d put the recycled cup holder around it. she could always feel the heat no matter, though.

aisie got to work on a pink drink; elide slid over to the cashier, to take the next customer. three more people to go until the ten paid, were served, and left. then she could get off her shift.

the man standing in front of the register in black leather and faded jeans, black long hair slicked back and caramel skin clear, radiated some sort of alluring darkness that had elide narrowing her eyes at him.

as she looked closer, the line was not a line.

it was a gang. did they answer to this odd one?

elide decided she needed a second to assess her current surroundings. loud lounge full of people on Macs, the smell of coffee beans and rich vanilla in the air, paintings of coffee-related items hanging on the pine-green walls, the chairs soft red leather adorned with clean, glass, low-tables…

and a group of low-lives that were earning quite some stares and silencing the room, gathered near the midnight-haired one. they were slowly inching towards her, and elide almost went nauseous with stubborn fear mixed with pride.

“who are you?”

the leader, she assumed, raised a brow. “i’ll take a plain black coffee.
load it with sugar.”

elide slowly and carefully rang him up. a crowd of ten-one coffee?

strange. she forgot the steps of even bare coffee in that moment-elide was quite certain the only she knew was the emotion of alarm, and that she wouldn’t show it. she stood taller, and her chin followed.

“ID please.”

the male looked at her like she had lost her head. “is that necessary?”

elide nodded. “yes.”

it actually was-even if you were only slightly suspicious looking, she’d ask. vicky constantly scolded her, and aisie simply closed her eyes condescendingly; whatever. if they didn’t like it they could quit. elide would run the cafe better than they even could imagine.

many throughout the room were now throwing glances at elide and this gang’s direction. kick them out, a quiet voice whispered, inside her head. kick them out.

the one smirking at her looked mexican, in his early thirties; the rest of his gang looked like a sepia-tone spectrum, she thought. from pale yellow to polished bark. their faces advertised trouble from the glow in their ears to the quirk in their smug expressions. kick. them. out.

multiple members had their hands behind them-she wanted to know what they were holding, if anything, but the other was that elide would be disturbed at whatever was revealed.

a couple customers had hurriedly left the cafe, and elide figured she knew exactly why.

so she made her mind-and took a calming breath. “i’m going to have to ask you to leave.” elide had no hesitations.

the gang chuckled-the man leaned in. “you can call me lorcan.”

she took a back-step from the register; she needed space between them. elide caught a whiff of his scent anyways, though-crisp wood and soft vanilla. he smelled…exquisite. elide had never encountered anything like him.

“let’s no make this hard, sir.”

lorcan found this surprisingly pleasing. “i think we should go as hard as we can.”

she closed her eyes, took a breath…“get out.”

despite how blatantly rude he was-she sensed the male only meant to flirt-lorcan simply had no idea how.

“honor me by leaving with me?”
he leaned against the counter. “please?”
“out. now.”
the man sighed. “fine-we could’ve had a lot of fun, though. i’m going to come here every day from now on until you say yes.”
elide couldn’t help but crack a smile-persistent. “leave.”
“must we?”
the band of merry robbers left first, but the leader, he turned around to wink at her before spinning back around to his colleagues with looking back again. elide put a hand on her hip, and let her mind wander a bit. getting off of the shift was forgotten.

hope you guys enjoyed it-please please please leave a review however-it helps me out tremendously! plus it lets me know that people are actually reading. thanks, loves!!!

Neighbors (16/?)

Summary: Kat is an Avenger and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and when S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the Winter Soldier in a domesticated life she is sent in to watch over him undercover as his new neighbor.

A/N: Here is part 16. I have the worst case of writer’s block ever. I’m not even exaggerating when I say I wrote this chapter four different times, each completely different from each other. I now have about 2,000 words of useless material on a word document. (I don’t ever erase anything I write. I cut and paste what ever I don’t use on a different document. I like to think of it as my “deleted scenes”.) The problem with me when I get a block is the same as when I am in a reading slump (my worst one was last year, I couldn’t finish a single book in thee months. Self promote time: my booklr is @longbooklist), if I force myself to read or write it begins to feel like homework and makes me hate whatever I am reading, or writing. That being said, I feel like this is some of my worst writing. Sorry. 

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“I should have told you,” Steve told me sitting across from me on the sofa.

“This is why you wanted me to take the mission,” I say hugging my knees to my chest. “You didn’t want me around.”

“I thought it would be better to let him get a feel of the team without you, for now,” he confesses. “To make the transition easier for him.”

“So he is on the team now,” I say more to myself than to Steve.

“I’m sorry,” he says.

“You have nothing to be sorry about Steve,” I tell him placing my hand on his knee. “This is what you wanted,” I smile. “You have Bucky back, and he is on the team.”

“But is it what you want,” he asks taking my hand in his.

“I can’t lie and say that it will hurt seeing him, and know that he hates me,” I sigh. “But he is a great addition to the team.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” he frowns.

“No it’s not what I want,” I frown. “I would have wanted our lives to have never crossed, but it’s too late for that. I can’t promise that this won’t be hard, but I will try to be professional. He is my co-worker and nothing more.”

“Are you sure you can do this,” he asked concerned.

“I learned my lesson,” I tell him. “I know what happens if I let my feelings get in the way of my job.”

It had been a week since James officially joined the team. I hadn’t talked to him much.

The last conversation I had with him was when Nat helped me break into the room he was being kept in when he was being evaluated.

I was walking to the training room when I ran into him. He looked down at me, but before I could say anything he turned around and started walking in the opposite direction.

“James wait,” I say running after him.

He didn’t stop until he was in front of the elevator and pressed a button.

“James we have to talk about this eventually,” I tell him grabbing his arm and turning him to face me.

“There is nothing for us to talk about,” he mutters frowning down at me and pulling free from my grip as the elevator doors open.

“Yes there is,” I say as he steps inside the elevator. I follow him in. Before he can step off I stand in front of the doors as they close and reach over to press the emergency stop button.

“You can’t ignore me forever,” I tell him crossing my arms in front of me. “Like it or not we have to work together. We are Avengers.”

“What do you want me to say,” he yells throwing his hands up. “Did you not understand what I told you last time?”

“I get it,” I yell. “You’re mad at me for what I did.”

“Mad doesn’t even begin to describe what I fell about what you did,” he growls. “I trusted you. I told you everything, and you lied to me.”

“I’m sorry,” I tell him.

“What did you expect would happen,” he asks. “Did you really think that there wouldn’t be consequences to what you did?”

“That’s the thing,” I tell him. “I wasn’t thinking. For the first time in my life I was happy, I was with some one who made me happy, and I didn’t let myself think about the consequences because then I would have to face them.”

“Well you are facing them now,” he mutters.

“Please forgive me,” I plead. “It’s still me. That was the only lie I ever told you. Everything I told you was true.”

“Except it’s not that simple Kat,” he frowns. “I don’t know if can ever trust you again.”

“Do you hate me,” I whisper.

“Yes,” he mutters reaching behind me and pressing the button to open the doors and walking away.

Be professional. I told myself I was going to be professional.

I stood up straight and wiped away the stray tear with the back of my hand before leaving the elevator and walking to the training room.  

He was right.
I knew there would be consequences for my actions, but I chose to ignore them until now. I would have been ignorant if I ever thought that what I did wouldn’t have ended badly in one-way or another.

Once I am in the training room I walk straight to the back into the shooting range.

Going for the punching bags would do me no good. It would only result in bruised knuckles. I look at the selection of weapons on the wall and reach for the pistol.

I set six clips in front of me and took aim at the target.

I emptied them all hitting the center of the target every time.

It wasn’t enough. There was still a rage in me that needed a way out.

I walked back to the wall and pulled out a belt of daggers and laid it out in front of a new target. I picked one up and twirled it in my hand a few times before throwing it at the target.

I did the same with the rest, all of them hitting their target.

“You have it bad,” a voice behind me startled me.

“How long have you been standing there,” I turn around to see Clint leaning against the wall behind me.

“Longer than you’d like,” he smiles.

“You’re judging me,” I glare at him.

“Can you blame me,” he crossing his arms in front of him. “Now as much as I like that you are taking your anger out with inanimate objects, it think it is time you actually talked to some one about what you are going through.”

“I don’t think you can help me with this,” I sigh moving to grab another weapon.

“I think I can,” he sighs.

“Then do enlighten me,” I exclaim dramatically pulling a bow and quiver from the wall.

“Well first of all,” he sighs, pushing himself off the wall. “The bow and arrow is my thing.”

I frown at him and instead reach over for a rifle.

“Secondly, I don’t think going though our entire arsenal is the best way to get rid of your frustration.”

“Then what do you suggest,” I frown.

“What you need are real moving targets,” he smirks pulling something from behind him and handing it to me.

I look at the object in my hand confused. The bright colors threw me off, but the thing in my hands looked very much like a gun.

“What am I suppose to do with this,” I frown looking back up at Clint.

I am answered with a foam dart hitting me in the face.

Clint is looking at me with a smirk, but the dart hadn’t come from him. Nat is standing next to him holding a gun similar to mine aiming it at me.

“You are so dead,” I say though my teeth.

“You have to catch us first,” she laughs before sprinting away with Clint behind her.

I load the Nerf gun in my hand and chase after them.

They turn into the living area and jump behind one of the couches before taking aim at me as I run after them.

Before they can get a good advantage on me I dive behind the bar as the darts nearly miss me.

Blue Nerf darts go flying through the air as we all fire.

“Come on Kat, all that target practice and you can’t even get one of us,” Nat taunts from behind the flipped coffee table.

I look down at my gun. I only had one dart left. I had to make it count.

I had my back pressed to the side of the bar when I saw a shadow moving behind me. Taking a deep breath I loaded the last of my darts and jumped up shooting at the shadow.

My smirk of assumed victory turns into one of panic when I see who was in front of me.

Standing in front of me with a small red circle on his forehead was a frowning Steve.

I open my mouth to apologize, but a small chuckle leaves my lips. The longer I look at Steve frowning in front of me my chuckles turn into full laughter.

A smile plays on Steve’s lips and soon the entire room is laughing at the situation.

I throw myself on the couch clutching my stomach from the laughter.

“I told you I could help,” Clint smirks.

“Thank you,” I say once I have caught my breath. “I really needed that.”

“You’re welcome,” Nat says sitting on the couch next to me. “Now I have three more darts left, what do you say we go look for Tony and put them to good use.”

“I’m right behind you,” I laugh and we take off in search for the billionaire.

Part 17

anonymous asked:

coulson drags fury to darcy and bucky's wedding. he is entirely unsurprised when it turns into a shootout.

“It’d be nice to have you there, sir. It’s a show of goodwill, sir. Wear a tux, sir.”

“I feel like a lot of that is sarcasm again.”

“I am fucking out of rounds, Phil.”

“Got another mag here.”

“I also got shot. Again.”

“I noticed. Not even any tearing in the fabric. Pretty cool. Is that Stark’s new nano-weave?”

“Damn straight it is. You think I show up to something like this unprepared?”

“It’s a wedding, sir.”

“It’s a magnet for crazy people, is what it is. What the hell is Natasha doing?”

“Distracting them. Yeah, look, Barton’s on the gazebo.”

“Where the hell did he hide that bow?”

“No clue. Duck.”

“I count six over by the arbor. Another five hiding behind the cake.”

“Three trying to swing around the pool.”

“Those don’t count. Rogers is on them.”

“Where is he? Oh, never mind. Darcy’s going to yell at him about that. She really liked that grill.”

“Boo fucking hoo. Okay, make that two behind the cake. Or what’s left of the cake. Who’s that going to upset?”

“Barnes, probably, I think he made it. Oh, yeah, there he goes. Gee, I didn’t know the arm came off like that. I wonder if I can get Fitz to do something similar with mine.”

“That is too damned creepy, Phil.”

“I don’t know. It’s kind of neat.”

“You spend too much time with Lewis.”

“Well, she is a base commander, it’s only right that we stay close.”

“Who’s that kid over there with the robot? The one hiding behind Stark?”

“That’s Rico, he’s the head of computer sciences and security at NY ops. You’ve never met? Good kid. Also, Darcy’s dude of honor. Her term, not mine.”

“Her term? Really? I wouldn’t have guessed. Got another mag for me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“It’s a wedding, what are you doing with all that ammo?”

“Well, it’s these two. May wouldn’t let me come without at least three full mags. Remind me to tell you about their first date sometime.”

“I don’t want to know.”

“It was pretty good, though. Plus, I found one of Natasha’s caches. You know how she is.”

“A damned fine agent who is more paranoid than both of us together.”

“Yep. Boy, if Thor makes it rain, Darcy will cause an intergalactic incident.”

“The drunk Asgardians aren’t enough?”

“They did get started pretty early.”

“I should’ve joined them.”


“Three more coming around the gate. I’ll go left, you go right?”

“Sounds good.”

Not Okay. Part 2. (Ashton Irwin.)

Requested - A lot actually. So here you go. 

Prompt - After the fight with Ashton that turned physical.

Warning - May contain some mild language. 

Words - 1,093.


Part 1.

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if the colors on this look super weird to you too, you’ll just have to trust me that it looks REALLY OKAY in print form

at least the colors, I make no defense for the basic structure

Anyway LAST OF THE BOOKMARKS…FOR NOW, with bonus Marius, who I drew with the general idea of having him reacting to *gasp* ANKLES or something equally scandalous but then he wound up surrounded by SCANDALOUS PEOPLE so goodness knows what he’s on about. Maybe one of the World’s Worst Law Students has suggested that it might be okay to KNOW A WOMAN’S NAME.  The horrors! 

anonymous asked:

you say the question was POSED in Upstate. Not answered. um?? it WAS answered. when maya interacted with lucas LOL

Um?? The question was about MAYA’S feelings. Which were not discussed—or even mentioned—when Maya talked to Lucas.

I don’t know if you saw the episode or if you actually have the full details or just random spoilers from mixed sources, but I’ve had the entire thing described to me in detail: the episode makes it VERY clear that while Maya may be entertaining the notion that Riley’s assumption/question is correct, she hasn’t actually sorted it out yet. She’s going to have to head back into Mayaville to figure it out. (Although it definitely seems clear that Maya thinks Lucas only ever liked HER “as Riley.” Which of course she’s wrong about, but anyway.)

So sure, you can go on ahead and cling to the HOPE that this whole thing resolves with Maya’s feelings just being a little whoopsie because she “wanted to copy Riley.” But you’re gonna have a MUCH better time if you don’t do that to yourself. And even in the verrrrry unlikely event that Maya’s feelings for Lucas don’t actually exist (😂)…well…

The thing some of y'all STILL don’t get is that even if Lucas and Maya never speak another blessed word to each other for the rest of their lives: Riley and Lucas are still doomed as a romantic couple. The show couldn’t telegraph it any harder. Riley and Lucas’s romantic incompatibility has nothing to do with Maya. They’re friends. That’s what they’ve always been. A couple just isn’t what they are to each other.

Maya could disappear from the face of the earth forever and Riley and Lucas still wouldn’t be a happy long-term romantic couple. Maya was never in the way of Rilucas until Riley put her there in Texas. Before that, Riley and Lucas had 20+ episodes of season two to develop and deepen their romantic connection. But they didn’t. Because how they THINK they feel isn’t what they actually FEEL. There’s a reason their entire “romance” has been steeped in “supposed to,” and “should,” and “think.”

Anyhow, the question Riley posed to Maya was not actually definitively answered in Upstate. If it were, the situation would be resolved, this part of story would be over, and we wouldn’t have three more episodes and a major plot twist left to go in the arc.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you write about you and Calum getting into a fight because you got jealous but you guys make up in the end? Thanks💜


ok so you know how i take prompts and i twist them so much that they don’t really fulfill the request but they sort of do? thats what happened here i am so sorry

You weren’t jealous. You were not jealous.

At least that’s what you tell yourself as you watch Calum and his new love from the other side of the room.

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Vacation Twitcam (Ashton)

request: Hi can you do an imagine where your dating Ashton and you guys go on a vacation and do a little twit am and just make it fun pleaseeee. Thank you


“Babe just set the camera down against the beach bag!” You demanded Ashton. He giggled and did as you said and laid it against the bag so the camera would detect both of you. 

“Hi guys! I’m in the Bahamas with (Y/N)! It’s been a blast so far, the other boys are at the hotel because they are party poopers and don’t want to enjoy the vacation! So I thought I could do a twit cam to show you guys what’s happening.” Ashton spoke to the phone. You both sat criss-cross-applesauce on top of your beach towel. You smiled and added a few points to what Ashton was saying. 

He talked about how you guys went swimming with Sea Lions and got kissed by a dolphin. You would add little key points like when swimming with the sea lions, the sea lion thought it would be funny to swim under water and poke it’s noise, really hard, into Ashton’s area. It left you dying. 

“Babe could you get me some grapes from the cooler?” You asked, Ashton. He nodded, opening it up and handing it to you, not bothering to close it as he went on with the story he was talking about. That was a bad idea not to close it because a seagull came flying by, and stole your open bag of chips.

“No no no no no! Not the chips!” You yelled as you got up and ran to go get your chips from the seagull. Apparently Ashton found this the funniest thing he had ever seen and made sure to put it on the twitcam. You were running around in circle. You could hear your faint yells and Ashton’s laughing in the twit cam. You finally gave up and came back to your spot pouting.

“I heard you laughing dipshit.” You said. He was laughing his ass of at this point. You let a few laughs come from your mouth and you playfully kicked sand at him. 

“Hey! You can’t do that!” He exclaimed getting up. 

“I can do what I want!” You answered. “Watch me." 

You quickly took the phone out of his hands and ran, making sure to record him from behind you. He was running at quite the quick pace but you zoomed by your original spot, place it down in the same standing position. 

"You are so going to pay.” He said, smirking. He grabbed you from behind and started tickling you, as you slapped his hands repeatedly. Nothing worked though, he just kept on tickling. 

“Okay okay! I’m done. I surrender.” You said, out of breath. He let go and you raced to sit down and he followed after. 

“That was quite the adventure.” He said. You smiled and nodded. After about three more minutes, he finally ended it and you both left to go back to the hotel, only to see the boys keep rewatching your reaction to the bird stealing your chips. You just rolled your eyes and laughed along.

hopefully this is good idk i feel like its kinda bad but i really hope you enjoyed it