three males

For those who complain that ESC 2017 hosts were “three white males”:

- It was Stuart Barlow (who is British) - the producer of ESC - who chose them and there were no Ukrainians among people who chose hosts.
- Guys didn’t know that there would be three hosts, moreover that it happen to be three males.
- There were three main requirements for hosts: experience in hosting live broadcasting shows, fluent English and to feel comfortable in front of 25 cameras (and there are not many hosts in Ukraine who could handle that at all).

Also the script was written by British writers - who work in The Late Late Show with James Corden - so the argument that our guys’ jokes were “lame” is not really hosts’ fault. 

So please, don’t shit on Vova, Alex and Timur. They’ve done nothing wrong. Also they are very kind and SLIGHTLY funnier when they are off script.

P.S.: I you knew Ukrainian politics you would be able to appreciate Skichko’s parodies. He is brilliant! And Ostapchuk is just a ray of sunshine, really!

My top three feminist exploitations of male-default language:

1. “Valar morghulis. All men must die.” “Yes, but we are not men.” - Daenerys, Game of Thrones

2. “No man can kill me!” “I am no man!!!!” - Eowyn, LotR: Return of the King

3. “God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.” “Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth.” - Dr. Ellie Sattler, Jurassic Park


Jalak Bali

The Bali myna is a medium-large bird, almost wholly white with a long, drooping crest, black wing-tips and tail tip. It has a yellow bill with blue bare skin around the eyes and legs. The Bali myna is restricted to the island of Bali in Indonesia, where it is the island’s only endemic vertebrate species.  The bird was discovered in 1910, and in 1991 was designated the faunal emblem of Bali, its local name is jalak Bali.

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pynch things in Blue Lily, Lily Blue
  • Adam thinking of Ronan’s crush on him,
    See, Adam Parrish is wantable, worthy of a crush, not just by anyone, someone like Ronan, who could want Gansey or anyone else and chose Adam for his hungry eyes.”
  • “You want to see what i’m working on?” Ronan asked. All casual.
    “Sure,” Adam replied. All Casual.
  • “Unframed prints were tacked to the walls - a flier for some Irish folk band playing in New York; a vintage print of some children running on a faraway, older pier in a faraway, older country. It was so different from what Adam’s father had pinned to his work-space walls that again Adam considered Ronan’s admiration of him. Someone like him treating someone like Adam as someone worthy-”
  • The whole Day At the Barns, honestly.
  • In the Barns Chapter, Adam (current narrator) mentions Ronan’s eyelashes like ten different times like get a fucking grip, Adam
  • ““Blah blah blah. Right, I know. Hey, look at that,” Ronan said.
    The two of them observed a beautiful woman standing by the garden section, attended by three male store workers. Her cart was full of tarps and hedge trimmers and various things that looked as if they might be easily weaponized. The men held shovels and flagpoles that didn’t fit in the cart. They seemed very eager to help.
    It was Piper Greenmantle. Adam said wryly, “She doesn’t strike me as your type.”
  • the part where Ronan pushes Adam around in the grocery cart and crashes them both into the BMW
  • the part where he breaks into Adam’s car to leave him lotion for his chapped hands, even after they’ve just fought.
  • “The scent of Cabeswater, all trees after rain, drifted past Adam, and he realized that while he’d been looking at Ronan, Ronan had been looking at him.”
  • “It was possible that there were two gods in this church.”
  • Ronan leaving Adam a mixtape titled:

“Feyre!” Elain exclaimed. “Come quick! The fae ambassadors have arrived!”

Feyre looked up from her book and rose a brow, “So?”

“So,” Nesta said cooly. “We are to meet them. Mother insisted.”

Feyre sighed and stood from her chair, smoothing down her skirts. “Very well, lead the way.”

The sisters skirts rustled together as they hurried down the stairs. Feyre stopped short, Elain almost running into the back of her.

In front of her were three men- males. Two with membranous wings she would just love to paint, but between them was such a beautiful male. He had midnight hair and stars for eyes. Every thought stripped from her head.

The male’s sensuous smile faltered, his starry eyes widening just a little. A crack in his mask, she supposed. Rhysand. This must be the High Lord of the Night Court, if she remembered her lessons correctly. The other two males must be members of his inner circle: Cassian and Azriel. The High Lord of the Night Court is said to be a Nightmare made flesh. She believed it.

Her mother’s lips tugged into a disapproving frown. She cleared her throat. “My daughters: Nesta, Elain and, my youngest, Feyre Archeron.” She and her sisters curtsied at their names.

The long haired male had his eyes on her eldest sister. Nesta rose her chin, her icy eyes unimpressed by the savage grin given by the male. The shadowed male had a small polite smile on his lips and the High Lord…he was looking at her.


I saw this picture and this scene popped in my head. Hope you like it :)

  • Don’t forget about me, I just am under the weather and am not posting as often as I would like but I am still lurking. ;-;
  • New story character!! His name is Weslie Kline, a friend of Wednesday, IDK why it took me a year to finally start to introduce the other like 6 characters I made with Wednesday and Amelia. x)
  • Wednesday with shorter hair?? I’m testing it out for now. :))
Chopped drinking game

1 drink if:

- three males and one female 

- someone says something along the lines of “I’m too good for this ingredient" 

- someone garnishes with citrus

- someone fries an ingredient for a garnish 

- multiple chefs make the same type of dish

- only one person knows how to correctly prepare the ingredient

- someone forgets a basket ingredient until the last minute

- someone leaves off a basket ingredient

- an italian pronounces everything in a thick accent

- salad in the appetizer round

- ice cream in the dessert round

- someone panics over their baked dessert not cooking

- someone attempts to make a risotto

- someone talks about chopping something up and then cuts themself

- a competitor “has overcome a lot of obstacles and is not going to let this one take them down”

- “get it on the plate”

- sriracha

- “I’m looking down at my dish and I’m feeling good”

- a judge asks someone if they tasted their dish and they didn’t

2 drinks if:

- alex and scott are sitting next to each other

- a dessert isnt sweet enough for amanda

3 drinks if:

- scott conant’s chest hair is showing

- ted allen says “be well”

- someone describes food as “sexy” (+1 if it’s scott conant)

finish your drink if:

- that one asshole that you were rooting against wins


Baby sun bears are born blind, hairless, and helpless, and are completely dependent on their mothers for their first three months.  Their mothers will carry them in their mouths or, unusually, by cradling them in their arms while they walk on their hind legs, a behaviour seen in no other bear species.  The cubs nurse from their mother for around 18 months, and will stay with her until they are two years old.  Females are ready to find a mate of their own by the time they are three, and males reach sexual maturity at around four.

HARRY STYLES is hurtling towards chart domination in the UK and US this week with his critically acclaimed debut album.

But as he emerges to greet me — dressed head to toe in black — from the back of a trailer parked behind the venue of his first ever solo show in North London, it’s clear he is in a reflective mood.

Security have just ordered us not to move more than two metres from the modest caravan — where his band members are chilling after sound check — to avoid the ­hundreds of fans gathered nearby.

It’s for their own safety, of course. Who knows the reaction if they knew just a fence and four guards stand between them and the new prince of rock ’n’ roll?

The ONE DIRECTION superstar shrugs it off — this level of hysteria has become a commonplace part of his day-to-day life.

My first interview with the band, in the X Factor canteen seven years ago, took place as a number of teenage girls were climbing on the roof.

It was a sign of things to come.

This is the first time I have seen Harry since 1D went on an ­indefinite break at the end of 2015 and there’s a lot to talk about.

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