three males

Thing I like about Yuri on Ice:

The three main male characters specifically mention embracing their feminine sides as something empowering to them.

Victor recalls having long hair during his early days, and thus tapping into both masculine and feminine aspects of himself in his routine.

Yuri realizes that in the story he’s skating out, although he started out portraying it from the male character’s POV, he relates to the female character’s POV more

Yurio, a teenager, realizes puberty is going to start changing his body soon so he wants to embrace femininity in his skating while he can.

I mean, I’m paraphrasing and all, having only watched the episodes once (also I haven’t seen #12 yet), but how often do you see shows where the male characters openly LIKE and emphasize their own “feminine” sides instead of being insulted about it?

You can talk about how White supremacy is killing Black people with Black men all day but it the minute you bring up how the Black patriarchy is killing Black women niggas get silent and defensive.

Niggas can reblog about police brutality against Black men but leave out the Black women that were killed or put into silence with sexual violence.

Beyoncé drops an album that lifts of so many Black women and then niggas break they back to bad mouth her while people are connecting to it

And never ever try to bring up how Black women have disproportionately higher sexual Assualt rate(black girls before the age of 18 have a 1 in 4 chance of being sexually assaulted) with many cases being incest and the majority of perpetrators being Black men they know.

And apparently bringing this up is Black male hatred even though the people who have been out on the streets since the civil rights movement has been women fighting for Black men. That 70% of the Black panthers were women and that BLM was created by black women responding to the death of three Black males. I will always fight for Vlack people of all genders but I will not ignore the violence against Black women, cis and trans, done by Black men. I won’t “fix” white supremacy first then deal with that. My ancestors didn’t fight and die for y'all to also tell us wait our turn.


Baby sun bears are born blind, hairless, and helpless, and are completely dependent on their mothers for their first three months.  Their mothers will carry them in their mouths or, unusually, by cradling them in their arms while they walk on their hind legs, a behaviour seen in no other bear species.  The cubs nurse from their mother for around 18 months, and will stay with her until they are two years old.  Females are ready to find a mate of their own by the time they are three, and males reach sexual maturity at around four.

Back story.
If you notice Nick is wearing a wedding ring and Judy isn’t. That’s because Nick is a single father of three male kits. His wife (Skye) past away due to complication of birth with their third son. Judy is a mother of three girls and she doesn’t wear her wedding ring because it reminds her of her husband (Jack) abandoning her. Before Judy got abandoned she was super rich. But since he left Judy and her daughters had absolutely no money. They had to move to a new neighborhood. They moved into a huge house but she only lived in one half of the house. In the other side lived the landlord (the sly fox we all know and love).
But since she doesn’t have any money she can’t pay the rent. Soooo… I guess this is what the drawing represents.


Late night skype conversations with a friend about my frustrations about my farm husbando lead to this. I’m not even sorry.

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