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the evolution of hansol vernon chwe in sleeveless shirts, an appreciation post


“We should probably have a PG show tonight. We didn’t do a show for charity just for Gerard to call them a bunch of motherfuckers.” -Brian Schechter, MCR’s manager

Blender, April 2005 by Dorian Lynskey, photography by Lego. (save images to see larger size for ease of reading)

After they get married, at least 30% of Victor’s romantic gestures are done purely out of spite. Don’t get me wrong, Victor’s an affectionate person anyway who loves romance and loves being in love, but there’s something about being a contrarian that has him headed towards the next Gesture and Declaration of True Love™.

One time he stumbles upon a message board full of 30-something men complaining about having to buy flowers for their spouses for the next romantic holiday. So naturally Victor heads down to the nearest florist and pays an exorbitant amount of money for not only an arrangement for an upcoming holiday but also schedules daily deliveries for the next two weeks because he wants to spoil his husband, thank you very much.

After reading a gossip magazine, Victor tells Yuuri out of the blue, “I think we should renew our vows.”

Yuuri raises his eyebrows. “It’s only been two years, Vitya,” he reminds him. Victor pouts.

“They say I’m divorcing you, Yuuri,” Victor moans. “A divorce! Out of all the preposterous things.”

“Yes, well,” Yuuri replies, “Last month they claimed I was cheating on you, I suppose a divorce is natural.” Yuuri’s tone is flat, but the corner of his lips quirk up in an almost-smile.

“Fine,” Victor says dramatically, and flings himself on the couch. The next day, instead of calling venues to find a place for a vow renewal ceremony as was his first response to such a ridiculous article, he writes a letter to the editor of the magazine. It’s three pages long, the first of which is mostly yelling at the article writer about how offensive the idea that Victor would ever divorce Yuuri is, and the last two pages just detail everything Victor loves about his husband. There are two paragraphs dedicated to the wonders that are Yuuri’s thighs, and four paragraphs detailing how wonderful Yuuri is with animals and smol angry Russian teenagers.

Sometimes Victor will fling an offending article in front of Yuuri and expect him to be as equally annoyed. “Look, Yuuri, this article says that couples who split housework evenly don’t have sex as often, let’s show them.”

“I hope you don’t mean that literally,” Yuuri says, but he lets Victor lead him to the bedroom three times that day.

After overhearing someone at a coffee shop complain about how love notes were cheesy and couples who wrote them often were overcompensating, Victor goes home and writes a bunch of “I love you’s” on post-it notes. Yuuri finds them in random corners of their apartments for the next few weeks (he saves every one).

Yuuri tries not to encourage him, but of course, it’s a lost cause. At least their apartment is never in want of fresh flowers.  


Tom Hiddleston and more face heat’s Confessions from the Couch at the Three Empire Awards


Details on the first drafts of Chris Chibnall’s scripts for series 7 before editing, which are potentially the best looks we can get into what his version of Doctor Who will be like. I already quite enjoyed Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and The Power of Three (and Pond Life!), but these versions sound way better in many ways. NuWho novelizations when?!?