three little pigs cartoon

I drew all the Scrooge in this short but I got to take a stab at drawing all the cameo characters during the end shot of “No”! It was like a puzzle figuring out how to position all the characters just right. At the time. I had nothing but the storyboard panel to work off of. Then once I had the bg layout it made it easier to move everyone in a good spot. 



A Mickey Mouse cartoon

Guest-voices Alan Young, Jim Cummings.  Guest-appearances Pete, Practical Pig, Mortimer Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

This day in toon history

7/31/1997: The court date finally arrives for the Three Little Pigs from the cartoon “Bonkers” who, JUST like they did in the TV show, attempted to frame gym owner Mean Old Wolf (who was neither mean, old, or all that tall) for huffing and puffing down their recently built housing development. Poor workmanship was blamed on the Wolfs allergy to pork. The pigs didn’t get away with it, based on their character history. This led to a lengthy jail sentence, which they’re still serving. And the passage of a law that prevents all toons from planning schemes that were identical or any way similar to schemes that are in the knowledge of the public. Meaning that if a toon is known for tying blondes, specifically, to railroad tracks cause he did it on TV, he can’t do it in real life even if the blonde consents. -Greasy