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Simon D - Three Words, Eight Letters

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“What are you doing here?!” Your eyes widened in surprise and your jaw dropped open upon seeing your boyfriend standing in front of your door. You couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear, since it has been a while since you last saw him because both of you were drowning in work.

“Don’t you want to invite me in?” He said with a chuckle and gently pushed you aside so that he had access to your apartment. You were still in shock; so you just stood there staring at him quietly as he closed the door and then turned back towards you.

“Why are you here?” You asked again as you tilted your head at him. You couldn’t help but being slightly suspicious towards his actions. It wasn’t like him to pay you a surprise visit. In fact, he never really did romantic stuff for you- it just didn’t suit his personality.

“I missed you,” he answered simply and shrugged his shoulders in a casual manner, flashing a warm smile at you.

“Don’t you have to work?” You gave him a skeptical look, furrowing your eyebrows. You still had a hard time believing he just dropped by without any ulterior motives or hidden conditions.

“I’m my own boss, I can come and go as I please,” he told you in a cocky manner, acting as if he was brushing off dust from both of his shoulders with a smug smirk planted on his lips. You rolled your eyes at him letting out a light-hearted laugh. You both knew that wasn’t true. He might be a CEO, but before that, he was a recording artist. In order to be able to release an album, a lot of sweat and time had to be invested. There were days he practically lived in the studio and didn’t even go home to shower or sleep.

“What’s the catch?” You arched one of your brows at him, giving him a wary look.

He looked at you in disbelief and shook his head at you, as if he felt insulted by your question. “There’s no catch. I just wanted to spend some time with my girlfriend. Do I need a reason for that?”

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Because I’ve seen six million posts mentioning storytelling Daddy!Killian, here is my fanfic contribution:

Killian inspires his daughter to fight using the story of his and Emma’s love.

“I can’t do it, Dad.”

She looks at him with Emma’s eyes, pleading and scared. Killian wants nothing more than to lift this burden from her shoulders, to protect her as he swore to do all those years ago when the doctor had placed her, red and squalling, into his waiting arms. But she is her mother’s daughter, and try as he might, destiny and fate have other plans.

“Yes, you can, love,” he tells her, not just because he is her father, but because he’s never seen her fail to overcome an obstacle before. He was there when she took her first tentative steps across the carpeted rug of her nursery, and later, as she stumbled and tripped across the three letter words at her first attempts to read. He had watched her struggle and succeed through magic classes, sword lessons, and her least favorite task, parallel parking. He even watched her stand at a podium, wearing a strange hat and colored robes, and she gave a speech at her graduation. And even as fear grips at his heart, he knows she will overcome this.

She has to.

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Three words. Eight Letters. Say it and I’m yours.
—  Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass
  • [Hermione is about to leave with Ron]
  • Draco: Please don't leave with him
  • Hermione: Why ? Give me a reason, and "I'm Draco Malfoy" doesn't count!
  • Draco: Because you don't want to.
  • Hermione: Not good enough.
  • Draco: Because I don't want you to
  • Hermione: That's not enough!
  • Draco: What else is there?
  • Hermione: The true reason, I should stay right where I am and not get in the car.... Three words, eight letters, say it. . and I'm yours.
  • Draco: I... I...
  • Hermione: Thank you, that all I needed to hear... [leaves]

This broke my heart I was sobbing! 😢😫

It’s such a simple word. How does a three letter word make you think of three thousand different things? His smile, his laugh, his voice. The tingles that are sent up your spine when he touches you. Your heart skipping a beat when he looks at you. Him, the boy who makes you happy, even when you don’t want to be.
—  Don’t lose him
Sometimes you just have to find new happy places, new happy memories, new people to rely on, new shoulders to cry on, new voices saying the same three words. And when you find it all, you move on.

Just Married by Charrrmed

For Alexandria to last past this generation, procreation must be a priority. When Deanna explains to Rick what’s expected of him and Jessie, he blurts out that he’s already married. To Michonne. And she’s expecting.
Rated T

Finding God by Enjoi88

AU - Rick is late back from work and wants to spend time with his family. Father Gabriel is visiting and interrupting his plans. 
Rated T

Eight Letters-Three Words by Winter Lake 

At the gates of Hilltop, Rick ponders upon the power of three simple words. 
Rated T

Invincible by alltothepen

Summary of the journey from the premiere of season 7 until mid-season finale.
Rated T

Three Letter Word

Prompt: “So here’s my idea: Queenie and Jacob are having a wedding (yes finally!!), and invite Newt and (reader) to their wedding (as best man and bridesmaid, respectively) and try to get them together? (Like through the preparation of the wedding?)”

Word Count: 2187

Warnings: Bad past relationship 

That three-letter word that you so dreaded.


You were thrilled that Queenie had said yes to Jacob’s proposal, but when the excitement had worn off you realised that now you were obligated to help Queenie plan her wedding. You hated weddings. It wasn’t because of a bad experience at one, or because you were bitter that no one would ever want to marry you. You just hated unnecessary extravagant occasions. You also hated dancing. You were a pretty negative person in general, ever since your last boyfriend. 

“Oh stop your whining (y/n), it’s not like you’re the maid of honour and you have to be dragged along to a cake tasting, colour scheme choosing, music playlist making nightmare every day.” Tina wailed. You did feel sorry for her, but only slightly more sorry than you felt for yourself.

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