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Hi! I just wanted to let you know I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Your art is fabulous! You're so talented and you've inspired me to start drawing again :) I would love to see an inktober doodle of Scorpius and Albus who drifted off together during a study (cuddle) session in the common room with books and parchment scattered all around them :) Anyways if this inspires you I would be super happy to see it, if not I'm sure all your inktober art will be great and I can't wait to see all of it :) Thank you!

[ Inktober 2016.10.23 - Scorbus study snoozes ]

@bloodyginny asked: Hi!!! Love your blog to bits and I was just wondering if you can draw Albus making tea for Scorpius while he’s studying late at night? Thank you so much and have a nice day!!!:3

+ I also have an older ask from @damnyoumoffattttt regarding tea and snuggles, so I thought I’d pile all three prompts into one drawing! I really love doing backgrounds and creating nice warm atmospheres so common room doodles are my favorite to draw. Throw in some tea and your best friend by your side, and you’ve got heaven :D

Christmas Shopping

gift for @hazelandfrank

Worrying about whether his sort-of-daughter would eat a Barbie if she was given it for Christmas was not a problem Adam had foreseen having to deal with, yet here they were.

“I don’t think she’ll eat it.” Ronan was saying. “I mean, she might. But I’ve told her not to eat shit that cost money.”

“Not that that did any good.” Adam argues. “She ate the iPod you got her.”

“Only the first one.”

The woman shopping next to them gives them a strange look before pushing her cart quickly out of the toy isle.

Ronan glares at her as she leaves.

“Is there anything she doesn’t eat?” Adam asks.

“Green beans.” Ronan answers.

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Finally finish this,but still not sure I drew a dog.. well.. it has three legs so.. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (?)

Idea from @keith-and-shiro-were-dating post and the ‘’dog’’ race from here or at least is sopposed to well anyways there you go~

If I misspelled something I’m sorry,my native languaje is not english ^^’