three layered necklace

The Old God- Initiates

As he headed through the temple elder priests bowed out of his way, the younger looked confused but followed suit, shooting him odd looks.  Maybe Cipher had been right about jealousy.  The fact he was still wearing the fine clothes the God gave him might have something to do with it too.  He felt suddenly self-conscious, wrapping his arms around himself and wishing he could cover his bare shoulders.

His self-consciousness was shirt lived as Mabel involved him in a hug on sight.  “Bro-bro you’re okay!”  She squeezed him tight.  

“Let him breath Mabel.”  Their dad chuckled, clasping Dipper on the shoulder while Mabel backed off so their mom could hug him.  “You ARE okay, right?”

“I am fine.  A little overwhelmed with everything but fine.”

“You LOOK fine.”  Mabel gave him a smile, looking him up and down.  “Can I borrow your clothes?”

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