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“Bending the knee”: The rationale- P1

Dany is super self-centered and obsessed with titles. Jon knows it. What can he do to secure her support when the lives of his family and his people are at stake?

Part 1:

1. Why did Jon “bend the knee”?   

2. It’s just a transaction

Part 2:

3. Who needs the ceasefire?  

4. Dragonpit meeting: Why did Jon reject Cersei?

  • 4.1. Cersei’s condition: Cersei as a master negotiator
  • 4.2. Jon’s choice: A cost- benefit analysis
  • 4.3. Would Jon have jeopardized the ceasefire by rejecting Cersei?

1. Why did Jon “bend the knee”? 

Some people think that it was due to Dany’s “good heart”. She came to the rescue. He was moved. He saw what she was capable of. He believed she would be the one to defeat the Night King. So he trusted her enough to submit his Kingdom to her. 

Other people, especially those who support Northern Independence, wonder why he had to “bend the knee” while she already promised to help. (Frankly speaking, do you think Dany is such trustworthy and committed to save human beings?) 

I find it a necessary move in a desperate attempt to ensure the survival of his people due to emergency. Jon didn’t have much option, and he had to secure Dany’s support QUICKLY and FIRMLY. 

Among the three main forces in Westeros, his Kingdom is in the most vulnerable position: the long winter, shortage of food, lack of military strength, while the death is marching on them. If the Dead Army passes the Wall, the North will be hit first. Million of lives including his family are in danger, and they have no where else to run. 

The situation became more urgent after the wight hunt mission went south. A dragon was killed and would be resurrected (Jon knew it). His long-lost uncle sacrificed himself to save him. On the horseback, looking back and watching his uncle being brought down by thousands of wights, Jon was heart-broken. If he cannot ensure Dany’s support as quickly as possible, Bran, Arya and Sansa will  suffer the same fate as Uncle Benjen. 

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Original Sin Story: Complete Edition Booklet (Full Translation)

Page 1

Eve Zvezda

  • A girl living in Nemu village.
  • Possessing high magic potential, she becomes the first ‘Ma’ candidate, becoming pregnant with the twins.
  • The Zvezda family is said to have inherited the blood of Held the Earth God but it’s not clear if that’s the truth.
  • Although being able to use magic techniques like mind and body manipulating technique and powerful lightning summoning technique, they are usually sealed away according to the village’s rule.

Adam Moonlit

  • Son of Queen Marry-Go-Round, scientist leading Project ‘Ma’.
  • Holding grudge that the Senate was using his mother like a puppet, he secretly plans revenge on them.
  • He attempts to make the children born between himself and Eve become the ‘god twins’.

Meta Salmhofer

  • One of the ‘ghoul children’ created by a certain scientist.
  • She was the lover of a criminal called Pale Noel and also a member of ‘Apocalypse’, an organization founded by him, but she was captured when Apocalypse was on the verge of destruction, and then she accepted to become a ‘Ma’ candidate in exchange for freedom.

Page 2

Project ‘Ma’… a project proposed by the Senate to prevent the world from ‘complete death’.
The objective is to artificially create ‘god twins’ to reincarnate the dragon god Levia-Behemo to bring salvation to the world.
What’s necessary to make it happen is a female ‘Ma’ who will become the mother body for the ‘god twins’.

‘Queen Marry-Go-Round’… Alice Marry-Go-Round, the ruler of Magic Kingdom Levianta and a prophet.
Her real name is Maria Moonlit.
She bore a child without a husband.
She claimed that it was a ‘virgin conception’, but without the recognition from the Senate, the child was born and dumped into the river, while its existence was buried in the dark.

Page 7

Elluka Chirclatia

  • A former priestess residing in Lighwatch City.
  • She possesses the ability to remove the malice gene from ‘HER’.
  • High valued for that talent, she became one of the candidates for the 7th Project ‘Ma’.
  • Her fiancé, Kiril Clockworker, used to be a ‘HER’, but was saved by her and is currently making a living as a musicbox craftsman.
  • There are also rumors that she is have been seeing Held the Earth God, but that is impossible since she has never set foot outside of the Magic Kingdom.
  • Year 013, she is murdered.

Irina Clockworker

  • A craftsman apprentice residing in Lighwatch City.
  • Her brother, Kiril Clockworker, is known as a ‘clockworker’.
  • Even though never trained in magic techniques, results of the Resident Inspection by the Kingdom Research Institute have confirmed she has high density in M-factor, and was thus chosen as a candidate for the 7th Project ‘Ma’.
  • Because the other three candidates have died, she eventually becomes the only official ‘Ma’ candidate, and is embedded with the god seed and conceives the children.
  • However, right after that, the god dragon is resurrected and goes berserk, leaving her in a near-death state with her whole body severely burned.

Page 8

‘HER’… a common way to call the hereditary evil raisers.
Also said to be the cause of destruction of the god world (second period), they, as sinners, have been devastating the current world.
Although it is difficult to cure innate malicious people, it is said that only a priestess from Lighwatch can remove the malice gene from them.
Almost all ‘ghoul children’ are also ‘HERs’.
The reason for that is probably because the original person of ‘ghoul child’ is the oldest ‘HER’ in the current world.

‘God Dragon Levia-Behemo’… the dragon form descending from Levia and Behemo, two of the four gods that created the current world.
They are regarded as twins.
Despite being the subject of worship in the Magic Kingdom, in reality they are the evil gods that tried to destroy the world when they were angry about getting dropped to the surface.
Together with six of the accompanied kin, they were sealed away in the white ark ‘Sin’ by the Sun God.

Page 13


  • One of the ‘god twins’ that Meta Salmhofer gave birth to.
  • He was raised by Eve and Adam.
  • He was taught by his father, but he was slow and didn’t understand at all.
  • The glass bottle he picked up somewhere was a treasured item.


  • One of the ‘god twins’ that Meta Salmhofer gave birth to.
  • She was raised by Eve and Adam.
  • Being too mischievous, she often drove her mother angry.
  • But in reality, it’s because Gretel knew that mother was not her true mother.

Seth Twiright

  • After Adam fled, the scientist was tasked with directing Project ‘Ma’.
  • He had bad eyesight on the left eye since birth.
  • While he got fatally injured from the Levianta Catastrophe, he still approached a girl while holding a red cat stuffed toy.
  • After that, it’s said that he headed toward the southern forest, and several months later seven lights soared up from the forest.
  • … He has never been seen again since then.

Page 14

The god twins… the ones who govern the endless cycle of life and death of the world.
‘Boy of the End’ destroys the world, ‘Girl of Creation’ recreates it anew.
―But, that’s not the legend of this world.

‘Original Sin’… because someone has reached out for the forbidden fruit, seven sins were released into the world.
However, the one who urges that someone, is a snake.
The snake has been living the the shadow of history. From the distant past, to the far future.
The snake always wears a mask.
A researcher of the parallel world, an assistant of world creation, a dragon kin, a “mad scientist”, and a demon.

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[On demanding to change real fur with faux fur on the set of Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon] When I can, I’m all about that. I also got into screaming fights with horse trainers on that set. You have to think about factors and education, but I saw a guy kick a horse and I was literally crying and screaming. They were like, ‘So what?’ I said, 'It’s not, So what!’ That horse deserves to be here in the way we deserve to be here. How about I kick you in the face and you tell me how it feels.
—  Maggie Q has no time for your bullshit behavior (Watch Magazine, December 2014)