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Let’s Watch Disney

Tittle: Let’s Watch Disney

Pairing: Robbie Kay (Peter Pan) x Reader

Requested: Nope

Rating: None

Warning: swearing

Plot: When Peter comes back from the underworld, much to the readers delight, she decides the best way to spend his homecoming was a Disney movie marathon. When they get to Peter Pan however, Peter is far from pleased.

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 “Love what is all of this?” Peter chuckled, raising an eyebrow when he noticed the scattered movies, pop corn, chips and soda on my table. I giggled and pulled him towards the couch, ignoring his protests.

  “We are going to cuddle and watch movies. I thought Disney, it seems funny. Watching the movies the people of the town inspired.” I explained, flopping onto the couch, pulling the still confused boy down beside me.

  “Why? We know them, I don’t see how I will like them anymore in a movie.” He grumbled, chuckling as I curled into his side.  His arm wrapping around my shoulders as he leaned down to press a kiss to forehead. “I mean I am sure Snow White is still just as annoying in your movie as she is in real life.”

  “They have one about you.” I giggled, watching as he instantly puffed out his chest, a proud smirk on his lips.

  “Well of course, I am Peter Pan after all.”

  “I warn you, it’s not very accurate.” I chuckled.

  “I don’t care, lets watch my movie.” I nodded, not wanting to argue with him. Plus I was quite excited to see his reaction when he saw his animated self. I pushed up from the couch, and ran over to the DVD player, placing the movie in and pressing play. Instantly the screen lit up, the movie dancing onto the screen. Instantly Peter let out a scoff.

  “Is that suppose to be Hook? I am not overly fond of the man but I think it’s safe to say that is an insult.”

  “I agree, the animated version is a bit off, but I enjoy them.”

  “Well I suppose that is all that matters than love.” He muttered, making me smile. I giggled happily as I turned to face the screen.  Letting the movie play out in front of me.  Through out it Peter made little snide comments, clearly unimpressed by the movie. He lost it though when Peter came onto the screen.

  “Tell me that.. that… whatever that is! Is not suppose to me!” He screamed, leaning forward so he could glare at the awkward green clad boy on the screen. “What is with that damn hat? And the hair? And is he always that cheery? Is that really how people see me?”

  “I think he’s cute.” I giggled.

  “Yes, but darling you also thought Hades three headed dog was cute. This, like the dog, is frightening. I am writing to creators of this movie, I can’t let this go on. They need to know who am I. I am not some kind hearted, overly cheery, red headed hero. Turn this off? Wait? AM I FRIENDS WITH A FAIRY?”