three into two won't go

  • Me: Once exams finish, I'll be active on Tumblr, I'll make gifs/edits, just overall do the stuff I didn't have time for.
  • Me also: Doesn't go on her laptop for 2 weeks

final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Cater ➟ Land Mine.

despite what you’ve been told (pt 3)

sometimes when I’m writing a fic like this it just goes and does things on its own and i’m left to stare at it like “Oh. Oh. That’s what that’s about.” so here’s an interlude with Phichit bless everything

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A little over eighteen months ago Phichit shoved an advertisement under Yuuri Katsuki’s nose with a grin and watched him read over it, blinking behind his glasses at first, then wide-eyed with interest.  Phichit gave it about twenty minutes to settle in, watched Yuuri curl up against the rink barrier, protein bar stuck in his mouth, green-guarded skates tucked under his thighs, tapping the web address from the brochure into his phone.

Then, “Let’s enroll together!” Phichit said, rocking back and forth on the bench, and Yuuri’s expression shifted from curiosity to vague horror.

“N-no, I’d rather not.”

Two days later Phichit tried again, but his roommate shuffled away from him, waffling, “It’s really not me, you know?” and pretended to study until Phichit dropped the topic.

But he’d seemed intrigued at first, Phichit thought, then after another two days of frowning to himself he realized the problem and tried again, after draining his water bottle mid-practice, this time holding up his pinkie when Yuuri came to a stop at his side.

“If you enroll with me, I solemnly swear to put my phone away, not take a single picture, and never tweet a word about it.”

Yuuri wasn’t wearing his glasses, so his squint might have looked more suspicious than it actually was.  “Really?”

“Of course!”

There are probably people who think Phichit is genuinely incorrigible and unscrupulous when it comes to social media, but he does actually recognize that boundary between teasing your friends in ways that are harmless and actually hurting their feelings.  So when Yuuri smiled and linked his pinkie with Phichit’s and said, “Deal,” he made sure his word was as good as the gold he’ll one day wear around his neck.

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took my drafts down from 78 to 44, and saved a bunch more newer drafts to a doc to write those at another time - if I can manage to clear them to 20 or below soon, I’ll bump the queue to two a day and see how I handle that

I am so sorry if you’ve been waiting six years for a reply to something from me but honestly the muse is up and down a lot currently and also my queue is 150+ full of replies so things take their time in dropping from it at the moment but you can always request threads if you’re that desperate for something! I will happily manually drop things or schedule them to post early

an annoyed older nico looking at his sister being all lovey dovey with thalia in the distance (to be drawn later stay tuned xoxo)

~bianca survives au~

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okay so, question- how the frick do you have so many styles? and keep making more??? like TpoH is totally different from Fox Song and TpatJ and then these two crazy new MP100 looks you got going and I like, just, what? how.

ahaha omg I actually, uh, I don’t know?! I am real glad you like it, I think it’s mostly that I just, I dunno, I’m never 100% happy with the way I draw and I love the way other people draw, so I look at their work and try to suck out the parts I like and smash them together, and also I play? a lot. Playing a lot is really good for you man I can’t endorse the health benefits of Pure Mucking About and I guess really that’s what it boils down to. yeah.

no, but if by some miracle Moffat doesn’t kill off Mary or get the baby out of the way, then maybe

Sherlock the godfather?