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Endless Summer Christmas headcanon thread

Because I am scared of and done with whatever is happening in the game.

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-Michelle wants to hold a party for her friendos
- She planned it all out and asked her parents if they could hold it in their giant house , three stories, two pools inside and outside
- She wants this to be special after the whole … experience on the island. She makes cute little invitation cards. All from scratch
- Michelle and Sean are back together so he helps her out with the preparations.
- (sorry Sean fans don’t hate me I have suffered enough)
- so she goes to invite everyone.
- even contacts Jake in Costa Rica and he agrees to come
- “hell yeah I could use some Christmas spirit right now” said MC
- “Rad. I was already planning my annual accidental reboot of Home Alone for Christmas” said Diego
- “Sure I’ll come ! I’ll make gingerbread houses !” Said Quinn
- “Oh uhhh I have never been to a Christmas party,,, this will be fun” Said Estela
- Raj just cries happy tears and hugs Michelle
- “What is that nonsense , Christmas is a celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth and should be celebrated in a chur–” said Aleister “a Christmas party sounds awesome, Meech!” Said Grace “I-uh- I mean yes of course we’d love to come” frantically answers Aleister.
- (also I agree with Aleister in my country Christmas is a strictly religious holiday , the gifts and awesome dinners are during New Year)
- “You know I’m Muslim, right?” Said Zahra “oh, Zahra I’m so sor–” “nah I am just messing with you , I will come, I am an atheist anyway.”
- Michelle keeps knocking on Craig’s door but he doesn’t answer so she calls Sean
- “hey, Sean I think your best friend has barricaded himself”
- “Nah he’s out of country, visiting his parents in Taiwan”
- Meech is a little upset not everyone will be there but she’s fine
- Christmas Eve comes , Michelle is nervous about her party but Sean calms her
- “hey, you did amazing, I am sure everyone will love this”
- the door bell rings. Michelle jumps to open the door.
- It’s Quinn “Hey, Meech! This is for you!” She passes Michelle a box full of beautiful gingerbread houses and other cute pastries" She enters and sits down on a couch “Hey, Sean!” Sean gives Quinn a friendly wave
- MC and Diego arrive next they greet and hug everyone and Diego looks around the fancy house decorated with snowflakes and other winter things and whistles
- “a real Winter castle” he says and approaches Meech “are you the ice queen” she lightly smacks his shoulder and shakes her head.
- Jake breaks through the door, shivering from the cold “Can’t believe I replaced Costa Rica with this wintery mass” he shakes snow from his coat “Hey , Maybelline” he gives a quick hug to her and waves at Sean “sup, Cap” also waves to Diego and Quinn at the couch and approaches MC
- “fancy seeing you here.” He says flirtatiously “at a party with all our friends” she answers with a laugh “was hoping I’d bump into you” he gives her a wink and they stare at each other.
- their gaze is broken by Diego slipping his hand in between them and raising it
- he has a little mistletoe.
- “see this?” this is my stop-teasing-and-kiss-already…nator
- Jake chuckles and wraps his hand around MCs waist and pulls her into a kiss.
- (prepare for a lot or shippy moments btw)
- Grace and Aleister arrive and Aleister’s nose that is like a dark shade of red from the cold becomes the laughing stock of the evening. Grace hugs him to keep him warm tho
- Michelle offers him hot chocolate nearly spilling it from the laughter.
- Estela arrives with Raj and they are both wearing reindeer ears
- “… he convinced me” was all Estela said
- Quinn exploded into a fit of giggles upon seeing Estela but the latter didn’t mind that much
- and lastly Zahra arrived, late, she was wearing a Santa hat and a sweater that said “All I want for Christmas is your absence”
- “wow , your sweater’s very jolly” Meech says “yeah my grandma gave it to me when I was 17” “Wait , really?” Michelle asked confused and Zahra rolled her eyes “of course not”
- Zahra greeted everyone and looked around.
- “so where’s uh.. ” she asked “Craig?” Michelle continued and Zahra protested “pfffft that was not what I was gonna ask I was gonna say uhhh where uh… Cocaine! Aren’t we having a White Christmas ?”
- “yah sure.. to answer your initial question he’s not gonna come he’s in Taiwan”
- “not like I was interested”
- so the evening starts they have snacks and hit chocolate they discuss what they’ve been up to during the break and they play games until the Christmas dinner is preparing.
- suddenly someone knocks on the door, Michelle opens it and it’s a man in a Santa costume.
- “ho ho ho, children!” The man enters and drops a bag of presents on the ground
- “Santa Claus brought you some gifts and could use some reward” Santa stood next to Zahra and wiggled his eyebrows , Zahra snorted and pulled the beard and let go so it snaps his chin.
- “Ow!” Santa pulls the hat and the beard off altogether and reveals Craig
- “Craig!” Sean exclaims and hugs his best friend “dude, you flew all the way back to here from Taiwan?”
- “Sure, bro! spending time with family is cool and all but you guys are my family now too!”
- “aww, that’s so sweet , Craig!” Quinn said “Yeah that was a very cliche Christmas thing to say” Jake continued
- “anyway, open the gifts, guys!” Craig said
- the bag was full of expensive alcohol jewelry and other souvenirs and gifts.
- Everyone pulled out some gift and Jake hurriedly picked up a bottle of Whiskey.
- “Hell yes, I could really go for some if this right now”
- Zahra pulls out a necklace with a polished obsidian and puts it on.
- “I got something else for you too” Craig told Zahra and gave her a cute teddy bear that was holding a heart.
- “are you serious?” she smirked “press it” she pressed its center and nothing happened she tried pressing at different places and finally pressed the area that could be referred to as the ‘crotch’ of the toy
- and it said “I love you” , he was already chuckling and she soon joined him.
- “did you change the place of the microphone yourself” he nodded while laughing “wanted to get something funny and unique… just like you” he said.
- she rolled her eyes and looked down at the ground to hide her blush
- “you know I got something for you too…” she said “what?”
-Zahra snapped her fingers and Diego approached, one hand behind his back and the other holding up a mistletoe “I have been at this the whole evening…” he said
- Zahra and Craig laughed and Zahra pressed a soft kiss on Craig’s lips.
- he kissed her back passionately but she broke the kiss soon
- “Merry Christmas” she said.
- the dinner was ready and everyone sat around a table to eat the food which was delicious
- “this is delicious, Michelle!” Grace said moaning a bit.
- “All thanks to Raj’s advice!” She answered patting Raj on the shoulder
- after they were done Michelle got very excited.
- “okay who’s ready to hang out at the pool”
- everyone cheered
- “I didn’t bring a swimsuit.” Zahra said “What ? I specifically advised bringing one didn’t you read the invitation?!” Michelle asked and Zahra chuckled nervously.
- Meech sighed “I’ll give you one of mine.”
- the girls went upstairs to change , Grace wore a mustard colored bikini with a green flower print, MC wore a strapless blue bikini, Estela wore a cyan one-piece Quinn wore a white bikini with a silky small swimming robe over it, Michelle wore a purple bikini with Louis Vuitton logos all over it.
- “okay Zahra let’s see what I can give you” Michelle passed Zahra a black one piece with cuts in some places and Zahra almost didn’t complain about it.
- “i still don’t understand the need of swimming in a pool during a Christmas party.”
- the guys were already in the pool. Besides Aleister who was waiting by the wall for Grace, his eyes lit up when he saw her and she ran up to him. She ran her hands down his abs and whispered something with a seductive look on her face.
- Jake noticed MC and smiled, she dived into the pool and swam up to him wrapping her hands around his neck. “Doesn’t this feel nice” he said , she ran her hands threw his hair and kissed him passionately “I’d bring the mistletoe but it would get wet!” Diego shouted from across the pool making the couple laugh. “Hope he’s not going to stay in our room holding up a mistletoe while we–” “shut up, Jake” she rolled her eyes.
- Zahra sat on the edge of the pool , her legs in the water. Craig splashed her with some of the water “you’re asking for it” she said but he continued splashing her. She rolled her eyes and ignored him, he pulled her into the water making them both go under the surface , he kissed her while they were underwater and when they returned to the surface they were still kissing, she broke the kiss and they stared at each other before she splashed him “okay, okay fair enough”
- Raj brought a water gun and was spraying Diego, Quinn and Estela.
- Sean wrapped his arms around Michelle
- “what a successful party, right?” Sean said
- “wouldn’t happen without your help, big guy” she stroked his cheek and was ready to kiss him “wait wait wait wait wait wait waaait” Diego shouted running up to them with the mistletoe “there, now kiss”
-Michelle and Sean laughed and gave each other a quick kiss

The End, where everyone is healed, no one is dying and they’re not on a deadly island, yay

Unwanted (final part)

Summary: The reader is kidnapped by Hydra and finds out that she is Tony Stark’s daughter. She is taken under the wing of the Avengers with Bucky and Steve acting as her protectors. The reader discovers the truth about her family while trying to grieve over the death of her mother, who died during the events in Sokovia. Will she be able to forgive the people responsible for her mother’s death? Will she survive the danger that has fallowed her all her life?

Bucky X Reader X Steve

Words: 1570

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

 part 6

This is the last part because I wasn’t feeling the story anymore. I know that ending is kind of bland but I just wanted to tie off the story. I hope you like it.

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Dog Days

“Why is that whenever we hunt witches they always live on the top floor of their apartment buildings.” you huffed holding onto the railing. 

“Why didn’t you take the back exit with Sam?” Dean asked grinning at you. 

“Because I’m a glutton for punishment.” You said closing your eyes trying to catch your breath. Dean smiled at you readying his gun you stood outside the apartment door counting on three you two busted inside. About 20 minutes later you met Sam outside.

“So I take you got her.” Sam asked looking at you

“Yeah sort of.” You said looking up at him.

“Where’s Dean?” He asked looking at you.

“Well he’s here.” You said stepping aside to reveal a brown and black German Shepard. You gave a sheepish grin, as Sam burst out in a fit of laughs. 

“This is gold.” Sam finally said walking over to Dean patting his head.

“We should get back to the bunker and figure out how to change him back.” You said looking at him.

“Sure thing.” Sam replied as you handed him the keys to the Impala. You slid into the passenger seat as Dean got into the back.

“Should we get dog food?” you asked looking at Sam, you heard Dean whine in the backseat.

“Why don’t we go to the bunker first do some research and then go from there.” Sam said looking at you. The three of you made it to the bunker Sam went straight to the library while you rested on the couch. You’d just gotten comfortable when you heard some whining you opened your eyes to see Dean staring up at you.

“You want the couch?” you asked with an amused grin, you adjusted your body allowing Dean on the couch, he stayed still for a moment soon nudging you to be pet.  

“Hm Dean I didn’t know you were so affectionate.” you smiled rubbing his head. Sam sighed as closed his book before walking into the living room.

“Hey Y/N I haven’t found anything, it’s getting late I’m going to get some sleep.” Sam yawned.

“Yeah, go ahead I’ll be going soon too I’ll see you in the morning.” You smiled. 

“You going to be okay with Dean like that?” He asked looking at you.

“Yeah, he’s pretty cute this way.” You smiled as Dean rested head on your lap. Sam smiled walking to his room,  after watching some television you headed off to bed with Dean on your heels. You stopped short.

“Where do you think you’re going?” you asked looking down at him. He tilted his head to the side, giving you an innocent look. 

“Alright fine.” you sighed opening your door wider letting Dean inside as he trotted around your room. before hopping on the bed and lying down. You smiled to yourself you’d had a slight crush on the eldest Winchester for quite some time now. Would you ever admit it? No you wouldn’t mostly because you knew how Dean felt about relationships and how he wouldn’t want to endanger you just because you wished to pursue a romantic relationship. You knew that if something were to happen to you he’d carry that weight. So you enjoyed every moment of Dean being a dog, enjoying the fact that he wanted your undivided attention that he was been more affectionate with you in these last couple of hours than he had been since you’re growing romantic attraction. 

You sighed softly cuddling up next to the doggy Winchester, soon drifting off to sleep. The sun’s rays filtered in through your blinds at just the right angle to blind you. You grumbled softly pulling your blanket over head. You sighed in frustration something heavy was on your blankets preventing you to shield your eyes. You turned only to remember you were sharing your bed with a giant German Shepherd. You smiled to yourself opening your eyes only to be greeted by a naked Dean Winchester grinning at you. 

“Dean?!” You half yelled.. 

“You must really like me mumbling my name your sleep.” Dean said a coy smile on his lips. You could feel your cheeks heating up. 

“It’s not like that.” You tried explaining. 

“You look cute when you blush like that.” Dean continued his fingers grazing against your cheek. 

“You are…when did you change back?” You asked trying to change the subject. 

“Late last night.” Dean confessed.

“So you didn’t bother to put any clothes on?” You asked trying to keep your gaze on his eyes and not on other parts of his body. 

“Alright fine I’ll go.” Dean said with a smile as he sat up heading to the door. Your eyes exploring his body, I mean when would Dean ever let you see him naked again. Dean stopped at the door turning to face you. 

“You like the angle of my dangle?” He smiled posing in the doorway. You scoffed throwing a pillow at him

“Get out before Sam see you and thinks you and are I-hooking up or something.” You said attempting sound unimpressed. Dean grinned at you. 

“Maybe I should stay.” Dean said taking his hand off of the door knob. 

“Or you should go and we’ll discuss this later.” You said focusing on his eyes again.