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Missing You (M)

Request- Hi sweet pea! I would like to request a namjoon smut about public sex!!! Love youuuuuu!! 

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This scenario contains sexual and mature themes, you have been warned! 


Originally posted by nikatato

It has been three months. Ninety-four days. two thousand, two hundred and fifty-six hours since you left Namjoon. Your four year relationship with Namjoon was a whirl wind of emotion. 

Those four years consisted of some of your most cherished moments. When you left, you not only walked out on your love, your person. You walked out on your best friend. Months before the break up you and Namjoon had started to fight. You lost yourselves. You both were running away from one another, rather then confiding in one another. 

It wasn’t like you both. You had a close relationship, but it started to crumble. And you hated. Namjoon was there through some of your hardest times, as you were for him during his. 

You missed him a lot. You missed his smile, his laugh, the way he talked.. and everything in between. Going from being with someone everyday, to not seeing them at all. Was extremely hard, especially when its someone you love. 

Namjoon was going up and up in the world, you didn’t want to hold him back. The fighting had been draining him physically and emotionally, has it had been to you. That you walked out. Kissing his lips, for what you thought was the last time. 

You locked your feelings for Namjoon away, trying to get on with your life. It was probably the hardest thing you ever had to do. When you were having a bad day all you wanted to do was run into his arms, but you couldn’t. Which always made that day worse, knowing you couldn’t run to him anymore. 

Three months. Ninety-four days. two thousand, two hundred and fifty-six hours and you decided to get back out there. Not romantically looking for anyone, but to have a good time with your locked away feelings. 

The night was going well for a start. You watched your friends try to sexy dance with a group of very horny men, they weren’t hiding there boners. You stood next to the bar giggling at the sight in front of you. You were sipping on your drink slowly, not wanting to be to intoxicated. 

“What’s a pretty girl like you standing here alone?” You cringe at the strangers opening line. Turning with an awkward smile, he was much taller then you and very buff. 

“I’m just taking a break from dancing.” You turn back to the bar, taking another swing of your drink. 

“Let me buy you a drink. I promise I don’t bite, and I’m gay so I’m not trying to get in your pants. I’m just bored.” He sighs, taking a seat on the stole at the bar, you follow suit, sitting beside him. 

You learn his name is Minho and is a really nice guy. He makes your night, he shamelessly commented on anyone that passed by. Commenting on their clothes, looks and dancing. He even showed you have a slut drop is done. 

“Oh my god!” You scream with the laughter as he comes back up from the floor so fast. 

“And that’s how we do that.” He chuckles, taking a big gulp of his drink. “Oh honey, that guy over there is shooting heart eyes at you.” Minho squeals in an excitement. 

“How do you know hes looking at me and not you.” You giggle, eyes trying to find the man hes talking about in the crowd. 

“Honey, trust me, I know. This guy is looking at you how I look at nuggets. Now that’s real love.” You cackle at his statement. “He’s the one in the white shirt, beside the Dj.” Your eyes scan the floor, landing on a white shirt. Your eyes drift up to the man wearing the shirt. His eyes already on yours. It can’t be. 

“Namjoon.” You breathe out, not taking your eyes away from his, till Minho takes you out of your trance. 


“The guy, his name is Namjoon. I dated him, we broke up three months ago.” You say sadly, you glance back to where Namjoon was standing moments ago but hes gone. 

The box of stored away feelings as been opened. Just seeing him made all those feelings rush back to you. Even you were fighting a lot at the end of your relationship, you still loved Namjoon. It took a lot more then a few tubes of ice-cream and time to get over a lover. A lover that was truly amazing. Those sappy movies don’t let you know how hard it is to get over someone, it was a faux ami, (a false friend.) 

You decided to take to the dance floor, let loose. It is what you came to do. You thought Namjoon wouldn’t want to see you. Namjoon was always quite to forget and move on. It was his way of coping. 

You swayed your hips to the beat of the music, Minho krumping making you giggle. A few men took interest in you, but you shook them off. Your eyes kept drifting around the room looking for a certain long legged man. But he was no where to be seen, so you ignored the tightness in your chest, the want to see him. The need to. 

As you were getting into your grove, because the Dj played ‘Wonna be’ by the spice girls, you bumped into someone. You turn to say your condolences, but his hands on your hips keep you in place. His hot breath on your neck. You know exactly who it was.  

“I missed you, I do miss you.” His hands tighten around your waist, keeping you close to him. His lips pressing to your neck in a sweet kiss. It was like Namjoon was trying to show you how much he missed you through the small kiss. 

You moan for the little pleasure you were getting, you had missed Namjoon so much. Not just as a person, but sexually too. Namjoon knew his way around your body like the back of his hand. He spent so long studying your body, he still remember all your sweet spots. 

Songs begin to pass one by one, you still remain in Namjoon’s hold grinding up against him. His mouth kissing your neck and shoulder blades, his hands holding you tight. He grunted in your ear the harder you grind up against him, feeling his hard dick up against your ass. You moan when he sucks hard on your neck, loving how his lips were so soft on your neck. 

“Fuck, I need you.” Namjoon groaned, his hands on your hips, guiding you through the crowd on the dance floor. Leading you to the bathroom in the club. He ushers you into the little room, your happy to see its clean. Namjoon locks the door behind the both of you, hoisting you up on the counter, he spreads your legs standing in between them. 

He gazes into your eyes. looking into yours with a deep lust. His hand comes up to your face, putting his fingers through your hair. He kept his hand on the back of your head, pulling you forward to connect his lips with yours. 

You could feel all Namjoons feelings in this kiss, you loved it. You wrapped your arms around his neck, fingers smoothing over the hair on the back of his neck. You were kissing Namjoon back with just s much passion, as he was kissing you with. Namjoon’s hand leaves your hair, moving to wrap around your waist, as his other hand his griping your thigh. 

“I missed you so so much.” He mumbles against your lips. Swiping his tongue over your lip, you part your lips. Letting his tongue enter your mouth playing with yours. Everything about Namjoon you missed. The way his hands danced over your skin, his kiss, his scent, his deep voice in your ear. Having him back was blissful. 

The hand that was resting on your thigh started to inch closer and closer to your core. Rubbing fast circles into your core, letting moan slip past your lips. You run your hands down along his torso, before you get to his pants. Popping open the button, opening the zip and pushing them down his legs, along with his boxers. Namjoon kisses your neck. 

“I missed you too, Joonie.” You wrap your hand around his hard erection, pumping him slowly. Running your thumb over the tip, making Namjoon groan into your neck. 

“Fuck, I need to be inside you.” Namjoon lifts you off the counter, turning you to face the counter. He hoists up your dress to lay around your waist. He swiftly pulls down your panties, letting them fall to the ground. Namjoon rubs the tip of his dick up and down your slit, teasing you. 

“Namjoon, please.” You moan out. He positioned himself, slowly pushing his dick into your throbbing pussy. He halted any movements when he was balls deep in your pussy, letting you adjust. 

“Y-you can move now,” You pant out, loving how Namjoon fills you up. Namjoon doesn’t waste any time, before his hips are slamming into your ass. Namjoons trusts are fast and hard, you’re sure any one in a 20 foot radius knows whats happening in the bathroom. 

“Mhmm, I love your tight pussy wrapped around me.” Namjoon pulls you up against his chest. One of his hands cup your breast, as the other plays with your clit. 

Namjoon was fucking you like hes trying to make up for lost time, whispering dirty comments in your ear. Your eyes roll back in your head in blissfulness, your head tilting back. 

“Baby your are so so beautiful, looking all fucked out. Did you miss having my cock?” Namjoon whispers in your ear, biting your ear lobe. He pounds into your harder, but slows down the pace, hitting your stop just right. 

“Oh, fuck. Joonie right there, keep going.” He trusts a few more times, before your walls are clenching around him, hard. 

“That’s it baby, cum all over my dick.” Namjoon grunts in your ear. Your moans are louder, as your orgasm takes over your body, making you shake. Namjoon thrusts hard into a few more times, pulling out and cumming all over your ass, grunting out your name. 

Namjoon grabs tissues cleaning his cum off you, pulling down your dress. He pulls up his pants butting them, taking off his jacket. 

“Here.” He wraps his jacket around your shoulders. He leans down to the floor picking up your underwear and putting the lace in his pocket, he smirks. You turn around to him, looking into his soft eyes, he pulls you into him, by your hips. You look up at him. 

“What does this make us?” 

I hope you enjoyed! I love feed back, so please don’t be a stranger x I don’t even know if that made sense, but okay. And Minho is gay in this fic~ I love Minho hes my heart <3

-Admin Abe x

anonymous asked:

Can I request for TFP Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Knockout, Breakdown, Shockwave and Dreadwing to have a bad day but shy human s/o wants to cheer them up! They're make sure they're at somewhere private, ask him to pick them up to give him a quick peck on the lips. How do they react?

Based on “how do they react,” I think you want a scenario?? My scenario limit is five, so these were randomly picked from your list. But you do get an avocado picture!


He’s been dealing with morons all day. These damned vehicons couldn’t do anything right! He walked through the Nemesis with his signature gait, slowly clunking through the corridors. He spots you beckoning him toward the small table you were standing on. How did you get up there? He approaches you, helm tilted to the right. You raise up your arms to be lifted, and he complies. 

You kiss him right on the viser, just over his mouth, and he’s shocked. He’s normally the one to initiate affection. Where did this come from? He playfully pokes you in the bellys, as if to ask “what happened to you?” His outlook on the day improves, and he looks forward to your time together in the evening.


Knockout didn’t have time for anyone’s shit. Not today. His short string of patience had all but burnt to ashes. You peek around the corner, and watch him rearrange some things on a table, grumbling about “bumbling idiots”. He was alone in the med bay. Perfect. You slowly slink over to his pede, and put your hand on it. He glares down at you with anger that was not meant to be sent in your direction. “Knockout? Can you lift me up? There’s something important I need to do.” Something important? He lifts you up to his face plates.

You kiss him on his thin, downturned lips, and he’s pleasantly surprised. “Well well well, S/O. I didn’t know you had it in you.” Suddenly his bad mood melts away like snow in the sun. 


Another Iacon relic! Stolen right out from under him! He couldn’t believe it! All that time, energon, and firepower, waisted! He ranted to you, while you listened patiently. Poor Megatron. He never seemed to be able to catch a break. Eventually he stopped talking, and slumped down in the chair in front of the desk you resided on. You tentatively step to the edge. You don’t need to ask. He wants to hold you anyway.

As he brings you close to him, you plant a kiss right on those scarred lips of his. He pulls you back, and looks down at you in alarm. His S/O kissed the most terrifying warlord the universe has ever known without a trace of fear or intimidation. His shy little S/O? He’s impressed. His hope in the team boosts back up a little.


Experiment number three hundred ninety four. Another failure. He might as well give up on this one. Nothing’s working, and he’s running out of both time and resources. He heads to his quarters, where you await his arrival. He walks saunters passed you, and sits on his berth, helm in hands. You clamor down from the table, and scamper over to his pedes. He stares down at you intensely. You very quietly ask to be lifted up. He grants your request.

You hesitate a moment, before closing your eyes tight, and kissing him, more or less where his lips would be if he had had any. He isn’t surprised, or shocked. he knew you’d do it sometime. He never did understand your hesitation. Nevertheless, the feeling fills him with a new found energy, and he decides to conduct just one more experiment.


Breakdown exits the medical bay, and rubs his shoulder. He’d gotten his ass kicked by Bulkhead. Again. He felt defeated and hopeless. His number one competition, and he couldn’t even pose a challenge. Pathetic. You popped around the corner, just in time to meet him. He looks down at you with a blank stare. When you ask to be picked up, he looks lift, then right, checking to see if anyone was watching. he lifts you up, and asks what you want.

You kiss him, and he’s more than a little taken aback. His shy little S/O just made a bold move. How about that? He’s proud of you. He knows that was hard for you, and he’s happy you overcame your fears. He carries this pride into the next battle with him, ready to finally come out on top.

The rarest possible instance in pokemon (via EnixLeDerp on reddit)

The rarest thing is probably encountering a horde of 5 shiny Spinda with identical spot patterns with perfect IV’s, same gender, a hidden ability, the same nature, and all with Pokerus, which is a 1 in 1.166516e+120 chance of happening.

To see that as a full number, that’s a 1 in 1,166,516,000,000,000,512,216,872,712,104,384,496,808,632,888,240,896,
040,352,200,480,240,248 chance of happening.

In words, thats a one in one novemtrigintillion, one hundred and sixty-six octotrigintillion, five hundred and sixteen septentrigintillion, five hundred and twelve tretrigintillion, two hundred and sixteen duotrigintillion, eight hundred and seventy-two untrigintillion, seven hundred and twelve trigintillion, one hundred and four novemvigintillion, three hundred and eighty-four octovigintillion, four hundred and ninety-six septenvigintillion, eight hundred and eight sexvigintillion, six hundred and thirty-two quinvigintillion, eight hundred and eighty-eight quattuorvigintillion, two hundred and forty trevigintillion, eight hundred and ninety-six duovigintillion, four hundred and eight unvigintillion, one hundred and seventy-six vigintillion, six hundred and forty-eight novemdecillion, four hundred and fifty-six octodecillion, one hundred and four septendecillion, one hundred and fifty-two sexdecillion, nine hundred and sixty quindecillion, seventy-two quattuordecillion, nine hundred and forty-four tredecillion, six hundred and forty duodecillion, eight hundred and eight undecillion, two hundred and sixty-four decillion, four hundred and fifty-six nonillion, five hundred and forty-four octillion, six hundred septillion, three hundred and ninety-two sextillion, sixty-four quintillion, forty quadrillion, three hundred and fifty-two trillion, two hundred billion, four hundred and eighty million, two hundred and forty thousand, two hundred and forty-eight chance of happening. You’re more likely to win the lottery one milion billion trillion quadrillion quintillion sextillion septillion times.

You’re more likely to guess what atom someone has chosen throughout all of the entire universe than this happening.

Pack Mom: Never Tickle A Sleeping Wolf (Part 1)

Request: Liam is having night terrors and is turning up to the pack meetings really tired. So Y/N tells him that he is to stay over her house to get some rest and she will look after him keeping safe and giving him lots of cuddles letting him know he is safe and getting him relaxed for bedtime. 

Pairing: Liam x Female!Reader (Platonic), Peter Hale x Female!Reader, Derek x Stiles, Scott x Malia, very very lightly hinted Liam x Kira

Author’s Notes: 

  • This turned out longer than I expected it to be, so I’m gonna be posting it in parts.
  • This takes place after the war, but in all honesty I haven’t finish watching 6B so things might not be accurate. I also included Isaac in here :)
  • …..this imagine is probably not what the anon had in mind when they requested it lol. I’m a terrible writer, but @allthingsteenwolf20 is an awesome one and has two fics with similar prompt here and here, and everyone should go read them!
  • Y/N - Your Name, Y/E/C - Your Eyes Color

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276! = 2 788 080 104 957 639 191 680 903 001 314 480 365 358 208 808 594 579 728 293 284 812 921 096 767 321 237 014 975 648 559 809 402 832 080 216 720 845 635 210 496 880 141 845 495 936 417 355 321 351 495 199 230 301 718 310 340 364 607 456 251 452 629 551 945 091 569 444 362 117 400 247 244 754 510 080 815 710 039 408 642 004 413 313 259 312 731 475 441 990 221 075 975 772 090 870 168 192 957 569 821 358 384 057 572 518 460 332 424 123 112 546 009 218 539 458 350 498 795 914 485 125 737 116 013 596 593 452 093 236 702 874 134 234 197 830 946 061 763 324 118 761 731 635 414 950 062 979 415 154 163 942 499 193 567 649 728 095 700 240 303 338 291 200 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000
Name: Two quattuoroctogintacentillion, seven hundred eighty-eight treoctogintacentillion, eighty duooctogintacentillion, one hundred four unoctogintacentillion, nine hundred fifty-seven octogintacentillion, six hundred thirty-nine novenseptu

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2999 = 5 357 543 035 931 336 604 742 125 245 300 009 052 807 024 058 527 668 037 218 751 941 851 755 255 624 680 612 465 991 894 078 479 290 637 973 364 587 765 734 125 935 726 428 461 570 217 992 288 787 349 287 401 967 283 887 412 115 492 710 537 302 531 185 570 938 977 091 076 523 237 491 790 970 633 699 383 779 582 771 973 038 531 457 285 598 238 843 271 083 830 214 915 826 312 193 418 602 834 034 688 — five novemnonagintillion, three hundred fifty-seven octononagintillion, five hundred forty-three septennonagintillion, thirty-five sexnonagintillion, nine hundred thirty-one quinnonagintillion, three hundred thirty-six quattuornonagintillion, six hundred four trenonagintillion, seven hundred forty-two duononagintillion, one hundred twenty-five unnonagintillion, two hundred forty-five nonagintillion, three hundred novemoctogintillion, nine octooctogintillion, fifty-two septenoctogintillion, eight hundred seven sexoctogintillion, twenty-four quinoctogintillion, fifty-eight quattuoroctogintillion, five hundred twenty-seven treoctogintillion, six hundred sixty-eight duooctogintillion, thirty-seven unoctogintillion, two hundred eighteen octogintillion, seven hundred fifty-one novemseptuagintillion, nine hundred forty-one octoseptuagintillion, eight hundred fifty-one septenseptuagintillion, seven hundred fifty-five sexseptuagintillion, two hundred fifty-five quinseptuagintillion, six hundred twenty-four quattuorseptuagintillion, six hundred eighty treseptuagintillion, six hundred twelve duoseptuagintillion, four hundred sixty-five unseptuagintillion, nine hundred ninety-one septuagintillion, eight hundred ninety-four novemsexagintillion, seventy-eight octosexagintillion, four hundred seventy-nine septensexagintillion, two hundred ninety sexsexagintillion, six hundred thirty-seven quinsexagintillion, nine hundred seventy-three quattuorsexagintillion, three hundred sixty-four tresexagintillion, five hundred eighty-seven duosexagintillion, seven hundred sixty-five unsexagintillion, seven hundred thirty-four sexagintillion, one hundred twenty-five novemquinquagintillion, nine hundred thirty-five octoquinquagintillion, seven hundred twenty-six septenquinquagintillion, four hundred twenty-eight sexquinquagintillion, four hundred sixty-one quinquinquagintillion, five hundred seventy quattuorquinquagintillion, two hundred seventeen trequinquagintillion, nine hundred ninety-two duoquinquagintillion, two hundred eighty-eight unquinquagintillion, seven hundred eighty-seven quinquagintillion, three hundred forty-nine novemquadragintillion, two hundred eighty-seven octoquadragintillion, four hundred one septenquadragintillion, nine hundred sixty-seven sexquadragintillion, two hundred eighty-three quinquadragintillion, eight hundred eighty-seven quattuorquadragintillion, four hundred twelve trequadragintillion, one hundred fifteen duoquadragintillion, four hundred ninety-two unquadragintillion, seven hundred ten quadragintillion, five hundred thirty-seven novemtrigintillion, three hundred two octotrigintillion, five hundred thirty-one septentrigintillion, one hundred eighty-five sextrigintillion, five hundred seventy quintrigintillion, nine hundred thirty-eight quattuortrigintillion, nine hundred seventy-seven tretrigintillion, ninety-one duotrigintillion, seventy-six untrigintillion, five hundred twenty-three trigintillion, two hundred thirty-seven novemvigintillion, four hundred ninety-one octovigintillion, seven hundred ninety septenvigintillion, nine hundred seventy sexvigintillion, six hundred thirty-three quinvigintillion, six hundred ninety-nine quattuorvigintillion, three hundred eighty-three trevigintillion, seven hundred seventy-nine duovigintillion, five hundred eighty-two unvigintillion, seven hundred seventy-one vigintillion, nine hundred seventy-three novemdecillion, thirty-eight octodecillion, five hundred thirty-one septendecillion, four hundred fifty-seven sexdecillion, two hundred eighty-five quindecillion, five hundred ninety-eight quattuordecillion, two hundred thirty-eight tredecillion, eight hundred forty-three duodecillion, two hundred seventy-one undecillion, eighty-three decillion, eight hundred thirty nonillion, two hundred fourteen octillion, nine hundred fifteen septillion, eight hundred twenty-six sextillion, three hundred twelve quintillion, one hundred ninety-three quadrillion, four hundred eighteen trillion, six hundred two billion, eight hundred thirty-four million, thirty-four thousand, six hundred eighty-eight (301 digits, 4100 characters)

Entranced Pt. 2 | Zhang Yixing Vampire!AU

Ask and you shall receive! Thank you to everyone who requested another part. I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you enjoy! Should I continue and make it a series? Let me know what you think!

- Admin Sarang

Warnings: language, frequent mentions of blood, GRAPHIC SMUT!! (Multiple orgasms, dirty talk, kinda rough)

Genre: Fluff and smut

With Yixing in your home and the door shut tightly behind you, you felt yourself become nervous at the fact that the two of you were alone. You blushed at your wandering thoughts, knowing that it was just because of how overwhelmingly handsome he was and the feeling of his lips on yours was still fresh that got you a little worked up. You shrugged it off as the both of you proceeded further into the house and into the living room.

You sat down first, patting the spot beside you as an invitation to Yixing. He smiled and thanked you, seating himself so near to you that your legs were pressed together. You felt your face heat up at the contact, but you didn’t make an effort to scoot away. It felt easy being this close to him.

“So, tell me more about Significants.” You pressed excitedly and Yixing smiled at your eagerness

“It’s a little different since your a human,” He started, “but the basics are still the same. We’ll be protective of one another, we won’t be able to stay away from each other for too long, the…attraction towards one another is undeniable,” Yixing hesitated at the last part, smirking slightly at his own choice of words, “and it might take you awhile to get used to the feeling that’s in your chest. It usually is difficult at first for humans because love is supposed to take time for them. Just know that the feeling is present in my chest too and I’m never going anywhere, no matter how quickly we move.”

Yixing’s hand reached for yours and squeezed it gently. His cool touch ignited your nerves, heightening the sensation of his skin on yours. It was such an innocent gesture, but you found yourself becoming embarrassed.

“So, how is it different for humans, besides it taking time to sink in?” You continued, instinctively lacing your fingers inside of his. He grinned at your skinship, lightly tracing his thumb over yours.

“Well, vampires don’t age and humans do. So vampires will transform their human partners, usually at the same age the vampire is stuck at. I’m ‘twenty-four’,” He did air quotes with his free hand, “but I’m actually about to be four hundred and ninety three. How old are you?”

“I’m twenty one,” You replied “you’ll have to tell me about everything you’ve lived through sometime. Maybe you can help me pass my college history class.” You teased.

“I’m sure I can.” Yixing showed off his dimple as he smiled brightly at you.

“Are there anymore differences?”

“Yes. Vampires develop an intense craving for their Significant’s blood if they’re human. But it isn’t like the human becomes prey. It’s a euphoric experience on both parts, from what I’ve heard. And it doesn’t hurt like it would if a vampire was just hunting someone.”

Your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. “Won’t I change into a vampire if you bite me?”

Yixing shook his head in response, “that’s actually a really extensive process.”

You hummed in understanding, not asking for any more details. Your mind crossed over everything that he informed you of, however it repeatedly tripped over one small part.

“A-are you craving my blood, now?” You asked in a small, nervous voice. Yixing’s eyes darkened ever so slightly at your question as he nodded.

“If you aren’t comfortable with the idea yet, I can hold off for a few more days.” He stated, but the look in his eye told you that waiting would be torturous for him.

“I’m a little scared.” You admitted. Yixing’s features softened and he caressed your cheek with his large fingers.

“You don’t ever have to be afraid of me, baobei, I will never harm you.” Yixing comforted you, pressing his lips softly to your temple. You breathed a sigh of relief.

“How will you know when to stop?” You rested your forehead on his shoulder.

“Your body will tell me. I won’t let you pass out. You’ll be drowsy, but with some food and a nap, you’ll be just fine. It’ll be like donating blood, but to a more direct source.” He explained. His fingers carefully hooked beneath your chin at brought your gaze up to meet his. “Just trust me, okay darling?”

“I trust you.” Yixing grinned at your words. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you onto his lap. You shuttered at the feeling of his chest pressed against your back as you situated yourself to lay against him with your neck exposed. You felt his fingers brush away any stray hairs that lingered on your throat.

“Are you ready?”

You braced yourself and nodded. Yixing grazed his lips against your earlobe, pressing open mouth kisses to your skin until he reached the crook of your neck.

You felt a small pressure against your delicate flesh and then an intense cloudiness overcame your mind. Yixing’s hands wrapped around your waist as your blood filled his mouth. You felt as if you were dreaming. You were lighter than air, aware of your surroundings, but distracted by the pleasing sensation of Yixing suckling on your neck.

You mewled involuntarily as his hands traveled from your waist to your thighs. You had never thought that this would be as erotic as it was proving to be, the heat between your legs causing you to press them together.

Yixing groaned as he removed his mouth from your neck. His lips were painted red with your blood. He admired you in your dazed state, your body flushed against his as it sent him signals of desire.

“Baobei, I can smell how wet you are.” He fingers traveled higher up your thighs, teasing the supple skin close to your core. You spread your legs for him, silently begging him to continue upwards. Instead, you felt yourself being pushed off of his lap. You whined in disapproval, causing Yixing to chuckle.

“Your so eager for me. Don’t worry baby, you’ll enjoy this.” He mused and he sunk to his knees in front of you. He pushed the bottom of your dress up to your hips and pulled your panties off, coming face to face with your wet heat.

You moaned as Yixing let his tongue dance over your clit, his arm holding you place so you couldn’t gain anymore friction than what he was giving you. Your legs were slung over his shoulders and your fingers gripped his hair.

You felt your stomach tighten when Yixing inserted two fingers inside of you effortlessly, brushing against your g spot with a come hither motion. You were getting close.

You opened your mouth to tell Yixing, but you were too late. A loud, vocal moan escaped your lips, and you felt yourself quivering around his fingers. He let you ride out your orgasm, licking his fingers clean of your juices afterwards.

“Every part of you is fucking delicious.” Yixing growled as he stood up, pulling his shirt off quickly. Your eyes ate up his toned form. He reached over you and tugged your dress over your head, leaving you completely bare in front of him. You returned the favor by leaning forward and unbuttoning his pants, pulling his underwear down with them.

Yixing’s large erection stood proudly and you bit your lip as he wrapped his hand around himself and pumped.

“Turn away from me and press your palms against the couch, baby.” He instructed. You did as he said, resting on your knees, bent over, presenting yourself to him.

Yixing groped your round ass as he rubbed the tip of his cock against your entrance. You pushed towards him, wanting to feel him buried deep inside you.

With a snap of his hips, he was. Yixing let out a guttural moan, his nails scraping down your sides and he repeatedly pounded into you.

“You’re so fucking tight and warm, shit (y/n).” He sped up, the sound of his skin hitting yours filling the room. You were screaming, on the brink of another orgasm as your pressed against him, his lewd words encouraging you.

“I could fuck you for days. Scream my name baby, let everyone know who your pussy belongs to.”

You chanted his name like a mantra and your muscles began to tighten. He kept up his pace flawlessly as he snaked his hand around to rub your swollen clit.

Almost immediately, you reached your second orgasm, tightening around his cock rapidly. Yixing groaned at the feeling of your walls squeezing him, continuing his ministrations in order to reach his high.

“That’s. My. Girl.” He emphasized every word with a thrust, which became erratic as he came to the edge.

Yixing pulled out of you and let out a pleased whimper. You felt his warm orgasm land on the back of your thighs. His arm stayed wrapped around your waist, supporting you as you went limp.

He grabbed tissues from the box that you conveniently had on the coffee table, wiping up his seed from your sticky skin. Once you were clean, Yixing laid on the couch, pulling you onto his chest. He rubbed your back as you worked to even out your breathing.

“Was I too rough?” Yixing asked once you settled down. You smiled at his concern for you.

“No. But I’ll probably be sore in the morning.” You giggled tiredly. At that moment, however, you just enjoyed the feeling of resting against him.

“Can we get in bed?” You mumbled, dozing off. Yixing chuckled at your sleepy state. He lifted your body and his off the couch without a problem, cradling you as he took you up the stairs to your bedroom.

Once you were both tucked into your sheets, you slept in his arms peacefully. Yixing watched you quietly, in awe of your beauty, even when you were just sleeping. He watched you for hours, feeling you snuggle into him and breathe against made his chest swell.

Yixing had everything he had ever wanted right beside him. He thought about what he would cook you when you woke up and how he couldn’t wait to spoil you rotten with his affection.

It had been four hundred and ninety three years, and for the first time in all his life, Zhang Yixing felt complete.

Fandom GPS

No but imagine one where you could alternate fandoms each day;

Supernatural Fandom GPS Day:

Bobby: “Ya, idjit, go another half mile and turn back around.”
Castiel: “I don’t understand. There is a store called ‘Winchester Gear’? What do they sell? Salt shotgun shells?”
Crowley: “I run Hell and I don’t even want to go to this place. Why exactly do you want directions there?”

Harry Potter Fandom GPS Day:

Snape: “Take exit three hundred and ninety four.”
McGonagall: “Turn left now, you babbling, bumbling baboon.”
Luna: “If you look out your window more often, you’re much more likely to spot a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.”

Sherlock Fandom GPS Day:

Mycroft: “If you could manage it, a left turn this century wouldn’t be your worst decision ever.”
Mrs. Hudson: “I’m not even your landlady, dear, but if you want my directions, you’ll go back home and have a nice cuppa.”
Lestrade: “Right, what you want to do here is look out for the lane changes, because the traffic can be murder.”

Doctor Who Fandom GPS Day:

Amy Pond: “Ya bloody idiot, what ya wanna go that way for?”
River Song: “Oh, are we going somewhere? How exciting!”
Clara Oswald: “Drive. Drive you clever human. And remember to always wear your seatbelt.”

Lord of the Rings Fandom GPS Day:

Legolas: “My elf eyes see that you’ll need to turn west in 3 miles.”
Gimli: “Increase speed when you get off the interchange. Nobody cuts off a dwarf!”
Gollum: “Turn right here, Precious. Yes, right here! Gollum!

Marvel Fandom GPS Day:

Nick Fury: “I recognize that you missed the turn, but given that it was an important turn, I’m going to need to recalculate now.”
Loki: “You missed the turn. Well, I’m not exactly shocked. You must not be truly desperate to reach your destination.”
JARVIS: “May I say how refreshing it is to finally see you on the right course?”

  • Aries: Practice your Dutch this week. Not only will you seduce many women, men, and nonbinaries with your masterful use of indefinite pronouns, it will also look good on your resumes for Dutch companies. You may now indulge in Dutch chocolate without it being cultural appropriation.
  • Taurus: Signs indicate that you will be making a career change, from your current venture to an irresistible siren, naiad, skogsrå, or glaistig, depending on your location. If you live in an arid region, do not fear, simply locate your nearest waterpark or community swimming pool, although the various lifeguards on duty will most likely make drowning your seduced victims more challenging.
  • Gemini: What is love? Cannibalism
  • Cancer: Open the window. Breath the night air. Find a silver coin in an old pair of shoes. Give it to a two-headed owl in a lonely mist-filled grotto, in exchange for one prophecy. The right head will give you prudent financial advice while the left dispenses interesting brownie recipes. Choose wisely.
  • Leo: This week, your lucky numbers are seventeen; eighteen; thirty six; two; negative nineteen; eighty five billion, one hundred and twenty seven million, six hundred and ninety three thousand, four hundred and eleven; seven point eight five five to the power of five; and the number of pennies lost and never found in Cincinnati in 1967.
  • Virgo: Your past affects your future, but you are not bound by it. Your future guides your now, but you are not controlled by it. You can change your fate very easily. Night classes, plane tickets, and body-swapping fortune cookies are not that expensive.
  • Libra: Your friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, even complete strangers, just want you to be happy. Nobody is out to get you. You have no enemies. There is nothing to be worried about. You’re fine.
  • Scorpio: You will soon be filled with a deep dread of time, and the continual nature of sensory perceptions, and although of course it will not literally last forever, from your point of view there will be no practical difference.
  • Sagittarius: Always take time for yourself. Do all the things you know you want to do. Wake early in the morning, sing your heart out, spread your wings, gather twigs for a nest, and eat worms to regurgitate for your young.
  • Capricorn: The stars say hi.
  • Aquarius: This is the week. Do the thing. Be the one. Show them who’s boss. And do it wearing your reddest lipstick and meanest eyeliner.
  • Pisces: You are very perceptive and sensitive to people’s emotional states, and can tell when people are talking to you nearly every time. Use these special talents in situations like conversations with friends and family, purchasing goods at your local store, or invoking the void god-being HUNTOKAR to wipe out your enemies from all present and past existence.

420! = 1 179 832 395 293 178 259 148 587 778 443 982 767 423 908 163 629 667 689 799 210 969 550 884 231 351 169 347 804 766 799 500 510 294 050 388 349 696 532 084 729 374 087 533 384 204 019 322 892 961 178 819 464 698 121 263 533 012 685 335 273 004 294 789 382 652 477 324 465 427 001 701 326 230 145 911 466 316 029 644 714 371 748 823 861 128 004 214 806 081 770 714 277 374 544 632 880 180 009 063 325 310 867 611 466 814 559 562 175 609 414 340 177 417 478 580 290 981 292 661 586 700 768 075 544 788 360 242 053 436 899 439 186 009 859 147 147 653 878 644 064 667 799 709 427 693 731 208 035 920 284 052 203 131 022 083 688 425 805 265 631 534 978 481 761 954 009 800 546 844 281 261 649 619 610 291 306 374 918 025 956 972 209 823 833 523 561 696 079 181 976 208 783 662 818 235 613 615 149 296 343 931 089 295 234 402 130 043 253 489 826 928 097 199 211 074 340 929 916 161 625 854 705 227 595 565 090 740 962 113 793 308 742 649 598 603 963 747 960 941 063 835 474 664 306 971 892 700 806

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21500 = 35 074 662 110 434 038 747 627 587 960 280 857 993 524 015 880 330 828 824 075 798 024 790 963 850 563 322 203 657 080 886 584 969 261 653 150 406 795 437 517 399 294 548 941 469 959 754 171 038 918 004 700 847 889 956 485 329 097 264 486 802 711 583 462 946 536 682 184 340 138 629 451 355 458 264 946 342 525 383 619 389 314 960 644 665 052 551 751 442 335 509 249 173 361 130 355 796 109 709 885 580 674 313 954 210 217 657 847 432 626 760 733 004 753 275 317 192 133 674 703 563 372 783 297 041 993 227 052 663 333 668 509 952 000 175 053 355 529 058 880 434 182 538 386 715 523 683 713 208 549 376 — thirty-five cennovemquadragintillion, seventy-four cenoctoquadragintillion, six hundred sixty-two censeptenquadragintillion, one hundred ten censexquadragintillion, four hundred thirty-four cenquinquadragintillion, thirty-eight cenquattuorquadragintillion, seven hundred forty-seven centrequadragintillion, six hundred twenty-seven cenduoquadragintillion, five hundred eighty-seven cenunquadragintillion, nine hundred sixty cenquadragintillion, two hundred eighty cennovemtrigintillion, eight hundred fifty-seven cenoctotrigintillion, nine hundred ninety-three censeptentrigintillion, five hundred twenty-four censextrigintillion, fifteen cenquintrigintillion, eight hundred eighty cenquattuortrigintillion, three hundred thirty centretrigintillion, eight hundred twenty-eight cenduotrigintillion, eight hundred twenty-four cenuntrigintillion, seventy-five centrigintillion, seven hundred ninety-eight cennovemvigintillion, twenty-four cenoctovigintillion, seven hundred ninety censeptenvigintillion, nine hundred sixty-three censexvigintillion, eight hundred fifty cenquinvigintillion, five hundred sixty-three cenquattuorvigintillion, three hundred twenty-two centrevigintillion, two hundred three cenduovigintillion, six hundred fifty-seven cenunvigintillion, eighty cenvigintillion, eight hundred eighty-six cennovemdecillion, five hundred eighty-four cenoctodecillion, nine hundred sixty-nine censeptendecillion, two hundred sixty-one censexdecillion, six hundred fifty-three cenquindecillion, one hundred fifty cenquattuordecillion, four hundred six centredecillion, seven hundred ninety-five cenduodecillion, four hundred thirty-seven cenundecillion, five hundred seventeen cendecillion, three hundred ninety-nine cennovemtillion, two hundred ninety-four cenoctotillion, five hundred forty-eight censeptentillion, nine hundred forty-one censextillion, four hundred sixty-nine cenquintillion, nine hundred fifty-nine cenquattuortillion, seven hundred fifty-four centretillion, one hundred seventy-one cenduotillion, thirty-eight cenuntillion, nine hundred eighteen centillion, four novemnonagintillion, seven hundred octononagintillion, eight hundred forty-seven septennonagintillion, eight hundred eighty-nine sexnonagintillion, nine hundred fifty-six quinnonagintillion, four hundred eighty-five quattuornonagintillion, three hundred twenty-nine trenonagintillion, ninety-seven duononagintillion, two hundred sixty-four unnonagintillion, four hundred eighty-six nonagintillion, eight hundred two novemoctogintillion, seven hundred eleven octooctogintillion, five hundred eighty-three septenoctogintillion, four hundred sixty-two sexoctogintillion, nine hundred forty-six quinoctogintillion, five hundred thirty-six quattuoroctogintillion, six hundred eighty-two treoctogintillion, one hundred eighty-four duooctogintillion, three hundred forty unoctogintillion, one hundred thirty-eight octogintillion, six hundred twenty-nine novemseptuagintillion, four hundred fifty-one octoseptuagintillion, three hundred fifty-five septenseptuagintillion, four hundred fifty-eight sexseptuagintillion, two hundred sixty-four quinseptuagintillion, nine hundred forty-six quattuorseptuagintillion, three hundred forty-two treseptuagintillion, five hundred twenty-five duoseptuagintillion, three hundred eighty-three unseptuagintillion, six hundred nineteen septuagintillion, three hundred eighty-nine novemsexagintillion, three hundred fourteen octosexagintillion, nine hundred sixty septensexagintillion, six hundred forty-four sexsexagintillion, six hundred sixty-five quinsexagintillion, fifty-two quattuorsexagintillion, five hundred fifty-one tresexagintillion, seven hundred fifty-one duosexagintillion, four hundred forty-two unsexagintillion, three hundred thirty-five sexagintillion, five hundred nine novemquinquagintillion, two hundred forty-nine octoquinquagintillion, one hundred seventy-three septenquinquagintillion, three hundred sixty-one sexquinquagintillion, one hundred thirty quinquinquagintillion, three hundred fifty-five quattuorquinquagintillion, seven hundred ninety-six trequinquagintillion, one hundred nine duoquinquagintillion, seven hundred nine unquinquagintillion, eight hundred eighty-five quinquagintillion, five hundred eighty novemquadragintillion, six hundred seventy-four octoquadragintillion, three hundred thirteen septenquadragintillion, nine hundred fifty-four sexquadragintillion, two hundred ten quinquadragintillion, two hundred seventeen quattuorquadragintillion, six hundred fifty-seven trequadragintillion, eight hundred forty-seven duoquadragintillion, four hundred thirty-two unquadragintillion, six hundred twenty-six quadragintillion, seven hundred sixty novemtrigintillion, seven hundred thirty-three octotrigintillion, four septentrigintillion, seven hundred fifty-three sextrigintillion, two hundred seventy-five quintrigintillion, three hundred seventeen quattuortrigintillion, one hundred ninety-two tretrigintillion, one hundred thirty-three duotrigintillion, six hundred seventy-four untrigintillion, seven hundred three trigintillion, five hundred sixty-three novemvigintillion, three hundred seventy-two octovigintillion, seven hundred eighty-three septenvigintillion, two hundred ninety-seven sexvigintillion, forty-one quinvigintillion, nine hundred ninety-three quattuorvigintillion, two hundred twenty-seven trevigintillion, fifty-two duovigintillion, six hundred sixty-three unvigintillion, three hundred thirty-three vigintillion, six hundred sixty-eight novemdecillion, five hundred nine octodecillion, nine hundred fifty-two septendecillion, sexdecillion, one hundred seventy-five quindecillion, fifty-three quattuordecillion, three hundred fifty-five tredecillion, five hundred twenty-nine duodecillion, fifty-eight undecillion, eight hundred eighty decillion, four hundred thirty-four nonillion, one hundred eighty-two octillion, five hundred thirty-eight septillion, three hundred eighty-six sextillion, seven hundred fifteen quintillion, five hundred twenty-three quadrillion, six hundred eighty-three trillion, seven hundred thirteen billion, two hundred eight million, five hundred forty-nine thousand, three hundred seventy-six (452 digits, 6198 characters)

Mycroft Holmes imagine: Trapped in an elevator

(I was encouraged to try a drabble by timelady35 so forgive me for the length and any mistakes shown. The post I’m starting off with is: Imagine being stuck in an elevator with Mycroft Holmes and he tries to lighten the mood with a dumb joke.)

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1748! = 685 557 129 020 136 728 739 109 554 073 677 018 906 446 731 497 173 347 064 598 482 154 513 406 345 300 621 818 463 659 060 241 335 350 332 536 696 363 295 401 248 668 817 806 898 245 259 790 514 105 601 866 185 689 289 237 319 142 968 316 077 746 606 414 871 225 754 097 980 350 402 278 474 236 679 957 711 129 729 121 494 248 343 250 559 477 384 498 826 553 495 794 147 415 652 651 551 183 124 225 759 915 726 195 397 531 093 151 833 403 112 806 836 881 511 479 434 979 696 662 030 622 670 493 148 766 767 098 705 692 354 070 680 068 431 477 375 932 554 589 515 277 383 061 128 223 916 822 865 865 682 161 941 558 640 037 956 915 681 313 217 701 390 228 000 185 381 312 788 888 437 220 125 842 483 085 611 604 857 401 609 576 268 928 122 944 776 047 812 977 087 366 430 783 288 150 400 785 970 836 065 654 998 751 070 857 143 847 712 624 209 570 110 190 437 975 650 481 833 757 256 133 268 494 267 932 435 180 812 144 803 281 374 726 048 695 955 281 887 473 055 638 791 722 515 207 450 699 9

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