three hours later and im done

Trying to do the unimaginable

Me: *after listening to nothing but Hamilton for three months*

Okay. I’m officially done being a raving fan of Hamilton. Imma be casual. Just casual about it. Real casual.

Me: *opens Spotify*

*sees Hamilton Cast Album*

*casually plays Non Stop*

Me: ye, im casual.

*casually plays the whole album on repeat for three hours*

*casually scrolls through Lin’s Tumblr and Twitter till 3AM*

*casually searches for Sebastian’s video snippets*

*casually watches this video 375257 times

*casually becomes Hamiltrash again*

Three months later

Me: okay. Im officially done being…

digital art did u mean
  • “should i line over this….. or just clip the sketch to black…….”
  • cant find any fucking pose references
  • cant draw poses without reference
  • fffffFFFFFFFFF
  • opens eight canvases in a day & doesnt finish a single one
  • playlist ended three hours ago and youre drawing with your headphones on for no reason
  • “oh shit wheres my pen HWRE THE FUCK IS MY-” *gets up* *small thud* “oh there it is*
  • “im gonna try something new!”
  • *20 mins later is crying on tablet*
  • tries to work on one drawing & ends up taking three hours because tumblr
  • “alright fuck this im done IM GONNA TAKE A BREAK” 
  • two seconds pass
  • *opens program again*