three hedgehogs


Dark humor at it’s finest, lol.

From Sonic Boom “Three Men and My Baby”

Date at Casino Park!!

(You can blame Shadow’s awed “Cool city” line for this entire thing lmao)

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Funny scene, where Amy tries setting up a lunch date with Sonic. from “Three Minutes Or Less”


Funny moment from “Three Minutes Or Less”, where Sonic has to deliver a meal for two at Amy’s house. Sonic gets nervous over the idea of Amy having lunch with someone else, especially when he sees she set a lovely table. Amy reveals it’s for him and her. Sonic is still working, and has to make deliveries, so he quickly eats and runs off, leaving Amy to feel bummed out, that she didn’t have time to spend with him.

SonAmy teasing at it’s finest. 


Thank you to CR-tist on DA for the request!

#30: TRIPLE THREAT BABY!!! These boys have been one of my favorite things to come out of the Sonic fandom since I got into it. @patar-fuifui is an amazing artist and one of my many inspirations when I was getting started. Go check ‘em out! You won’t be disappointed!

True to the original Triple Threat characters being the antis of the main three hedgehogs, I steered these designs to be more anti versions of the very first ones I ever did of Sonic, Shadow and Silver. They’re a quirky bunch, but some of my favorite designs! :^D

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