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Pearl Parties Are Taking Over Facebook Live, But Buyer Beware

Pearl parties follow a basic formula: the host opens dozens of oysters, each of which was purchased by a party attendee. People typically pay around $20 per oyster, and get the pearl in return; some companies that run the parties charge anywhere from $29 to almost $200 to set the pearl in an item of jewelry.

Siebenaler, growing impatient and skeptical, decided to take a few of her pieces to a local jeweler to have them appraised, including her Three of Hearts necklace. The jeweler told her the necklace she bought for $94 was worth only $8.62, and the pearl inside it worth pennies.

Party hosts working with companies like Vantel often cite an “appraised pearl value” chart to explain how much each pearl is worth. That chart suggests there is a standard way to value pearls based on their size and color, which the experts insist is not the case. And the chart says its valuations are based on data compiled by the National Pearl Association of the United States, which does not exist.

A Singer/Winchester Christmas

Title: A Singer/Winchester Christmas

Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,309

Warnings: FLUFFY

A/N: This was requested by @wxnchexters and I hope I delivered well enough! I loved writing this so I hope you all love it! Submit your imagines/one shots to my inbox/ask box! You can even request from THIS Christmas drabble list! I love you all so much <3

Lately life with the Winchesters has always been crazy.  Even in the winter months, there were no breaks.  You were just happy to have Dean by your side through it all.  However, these past couple days had been silent.  Tomorrow was Christmas and you were excited.  The forecast called for snow tomorrow; to say you were excited, was an understatement.  

You spent the whole day yesterday taking Bobby’s car into town and getting a Christmas tree, grabbing a few presents for the three men.  They didn’t know about their presents, but that’s what made you even more excited.  You had their presents in your room, tucked under a blanket.  Not that they would come looking for them.  You decorated the tree not too long ago.

You shut the door to your bedroom that Bobby let you use when the three of you would stay at Bobby’s for longer periods of time.  You heard hushed whispers downstairs.  You stepped closer to the stairs, peeking your head out just enough to see the three men.

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Counting down the days till our wedding date 8.22.2015 with my custom gold bar necklace from @beyoujewelry and my three hearts necklace from @hellofab which represent myself, my fiancé and our greatly missed Hudson 🐾 Two sentimental pieces on the blog today, link in profile! #outfitoftheday #gold #goldbarnecklace #etsy #hearts #jewels #wcw #weddingdate #wearegettingmarried #becomingamrs by shesaid_hesaid