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!We are all blessed to live at the same time as him! so please, do not hurt yourself…. f*** everybody who say to you, that you can not do something….just live your life how you want to!!! and remember there are always things, that are worthy to fight for! 



If The Sun Rises In The Morning
  • If The Sun Rises In The Morning
  • e petersmark

If the sun rises in the morning,
Don’t wake me up, don’t wake me up
‘Cause I’ve been working through the darkest hours,
Tending all those orphaned fires,
So if the sun comes up tomorrow 
Don’t wake me up

I’ve been tearing down walls
I’ve been building a harbor
I’ve been waiting for the night to answer me
There’s been no rest at all
No moment of shelter
Just the moon and I in the darkness, singing

If the sun rises in the morning
Don’t wake me up, don’t wake me up
‘Cause I’ve been working through the darkest hours,
Tending all those orphaned fires, 
So if the sun comes up tomorrow,
Don’t wake me up.

And I’ve been burying bones,
I’ve been swallowing sorrow,
And I’ve been trying not to close my eyes.
Keep on breaking those stones,
Don’t save the work for tomorrow
Because God only knows what waits on the other side

If the sun rises in the morning
Don’t wake me up, don’t wake me up
‘Cause I’ve been working through the darkest hours,
Tending all those orphaned fires,
So if the sun still comes up tomorrow, 
Don’t wake me up.

Darling, if the sun comes up tomorrow,
Don’t wake me up.

Sketch request from last week’s livestream. There were some great requests and we all had a lot of fun, but by far the best suggestion was for a heavy metal troll that soon spiraled out of control. Some brainstorming later we determined he’s a badass necromancer, raising the dead with his magical (three-stringed, because troll) guitar and some SICK SHREDDING!!

This one will definitely be modified, cleaned up, and made available as a T-shirt or print in my RB store in the future. I may even clean it up on a stream.

World of Warcraft © Blizzard
Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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if you’ve never been to a slfl show where Michael stops after the first verse in jet black heart, you probably don’t know just how exhilarating the feeling is. for about 4-6 minutes this boy, this talented and wonderful boy, stands on stage, ear pieces out, and listens to the thousands of people screaming just for him. Ashton is the only other one on stage, Calum and Luke leave, but he is the only one lit. and for that entire time your ear drums feel like they’re going to explode, you begin to wonder if maybe you have to be quiet for him to go on- like a teacher who silently tells the class to shut up- but no. he smiles, this happy little grin that makes everyone happy because this is the boy who stood on stage and told us he has his mental health problems and he has his demons- and now during this song he wrote with his best friend, he sheds a few tears and continues. just him and his guitar, three lights, and nothing else. until finally the rest of the stage lights up and the other two join, and everyone stands in awe of it all.

Take Me to War
  • Take Me to War
  • e petersmark
  • Demo

I’ve earned myself a reputation
That my bark is much worse than my bite,
But I keep snapping at Goliath’s hands with all of my tiny might.
There are no stones at my disposal,
There’s no god to award me a crown,
But I am always swinging at somebody I can’t knock down.

All of the fires I’ve swallowed, 
All of the sparks that went dark in my gut–
I am always burning up.

Dress me in red and throw your roses
And I’ll rankle the beasts with words,
It’s a graceless dance of epithets we learn to make someone hurt.
They will consume your sweet resistance
And they’ll carry your heart in their teeth,
But I am always feeding them the ugliest parts of me.

All of the words I’ve swallowed,
All of the sharp things I’ve kept in my mouth–
I am always bleeding out.

Take me to war. Honey, I dare you.
I’ll be the sweetest thing to ever scare you.
Give me a fight I can’t resist,
Give me something to break with my fists,
Take me to war, oh honey, I dare you.

I watched a weed usurp the garden
And it poisoned the rest of the crops,
It would take days of fighting stubborn roots to tear the whole damn thing out.
So I will leave it where it’s standing
And instead I will find me a match–
I’ll turn it all to kindling, I’ll burn it all down to ash.

All of the ire I’ve swallowed,
All of the coals that still sit in my gut–
I am always burning up.


The End demonstrates perfectly how much in tune they were with each other as a band (Ringo too). I’ve heard that during the recording of this, Yoko followed John in to the studio (as per normal) but John stopped her and asked her to wait outside so that this was recorded with just the three guitars and the drums present. Just the Beatles. #Repost @rocknroll_is_my_drug with @repostapp ・・・ Did you know that 3 of the Beatles played during the guitar solos in ‘The End’? This video shows you when each member is playing and how seamlessly they were able to blend their sound together.

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Robert Johnson and His Deal with the Devil

Robert Johnson, or at least the mythical version of him, is pervasive in American pop culture. He is considered a “Faustian” character, which essentially means the story surrounding him involves making a deal with Mephistopheles (a demon) or Satan himself. Deals like these typically were said to take place at crossroads, often seen as a metaphorical or actual liminal space, a place where change happens.

The legend goes that Johnson fell distraught after his first wife died in childbirth and he turned to his love of music to cope but he was horrible at the guitar with an unpleasant voice. Johnson was said to have disappeared for a length of time and then returned with great musical skill and a wonderful, mournful singing voice. At a crossroads, marked with the three guitar statue (above), Johnson supposedly met a man who gave him these abilities–in return for his soul. People point to some of his songs like “Cross Road Blues” and “Hell Hound on My Trail” as evidence that he had made the deal with the devil and the hellhounds were there to collect.

Johnson only recorded three records and died at the age of 27 in 1938 due to “mysterious” stomach pains. Of course, the legend would have us believe that the Devil had come to collect his dues. Most people, however, believe that he was poisoned (one way or another) due to flirting with or having an affair with a married woman. Either way, he died very young after putting out only a little bit of music and had only a couple of photos ever taken of him. He’s a figure shrouded in mystery due to how little is known about him but he lives on in our collective imagination, still recognized as the King of the Delta Blues.