three friends and jerry

mnina  asked:

what about you? what song did you first listened? :)

Thank you!!

Well, i’m pretty sure it’s creep and i don’t remember it i think it’s paranoid android! i remember me being tiny (4-5 y/o?) watching it on viva tv. it reminded me of the three friends and jerry series somehow (AND I WAS RIGHT IT WAS FROM THE SAME GUY), i was fascinated by that scene where the bald guy cuts all his limbs off a bit too much and i always forgot the name of the band!

i became a fan when they went to prague in 2009, the media went crazy about it, put their music everywhere and while watching the there there video (another song i knew) i got the mindblow of “oh wait all these songs i love are by the same band??” and a month later I bought both OK Computer and Amnesiac and my life went a little more depressive and i somehow ended in art school a bit later.

The crazy weaboo ex

Me - Sam
Weaboo ex - Sebastian (Seb)
Best friend - Jay
Boyfriend - Jerry

Now, this happened around three years ago.

I was dating this weaboo guy who we’re just going to call Seb, we clicked right away because we both watched anime, just that I wasn’t as obsessed as he was. 

During freshman year I had this phase where I desperately wanted to learn how to draw so I could draw my OC’s, so I used anime characters as a drawing practise. When he noticed that I was drawing Soul from Soul Eater, he started asking me which anime I’ve seen so far, which is my favourite and so on.

I was more than happy to talk to him because not a lot of people in this school watch anime, we pretty much clicked right away.

Then some time around February he asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him, and I said yes. Little did I know back then that he is the clingiest person ever.

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Watched Radiohead’s video for “Paranoid Android” and recognized the animation.. it’s the same creator of the series “Three Friends and Jerry” I used to wake up so early in the morning to catch this everyday before school! :)