three four better lock your door


It’s halloween your favourite time of year! Except christmas of course but it was an excuse to eat candy and watch scary films. J was out on business as usual but you took this opportunity to sit in your pyjama’s with a blanket and stuff your face, You stick on a movie and tuck into some popcorn and m&m’s. You loved scary movies even though you were such a wimp your movie choice was a nightmare on elm street… You had the lights out and all you had was the flickering light of the tv you were fully immersed. You were deep into the movie by now blanket up to your chest and you clung onto it tightly “bitch are you stupid!” You shouted at the tv “this is how you die girl!” You continued, with all the immersion you didn’t hear j return home he stood behind you examining you and smiling at how into the movie you were. “One two Freddy’s coming for you three four better lock your door five six grab your crucifix seven eight better stay up late nine ten never sleep again” as the song finishes on the movie J grabs your shoulder. You scream loudly and shoot up from under the blanket “ha ha ha ha” J laughs clapping his hands together “what the fuck J!” You cross your arms “i’m sorry kitten i couldn’t help myself” J laughs. “It’s not funny J i almost had a heart attack” “it’s a little funny doll” J says while sitting down before patting the seat next to him “what are we watching baby” J asks, you pout and sit down next to him and you both finish watching the movie together. You are going to get him back for this.

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