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Love and Kindness {S.M}

non-requested// imagine where you and Shawn went to high school together and he wasn’t so nice to you, but you run into one another and things are different

author’s note// sorry i haven’t posted in like seventeen million years but i hope you guys like this one!! 


You were bullied your senior year of high school. Freshman through junior year were fine, since you lived in Texas, and you had friends and you were actually kind of popular and super good at volleyball. 

Then you moved to Canada for your senior year because your dad got some transfer in his job and you had to move to some stupid town in Canada. 

And jeez, those stereotypes about Canadians being nice isn’t all that true. 

There was a group of kids who just really hated you. Like for some reason, they hated every little thing you did. It started when you asked one of them who was in your Current Issues class, who looked pretty decent and kinda looked like one of the girls on your volleyball team back in Texas, when volleyball tryouts were. Turns out she was most certainly not the type to play volleyball, cause when the word came out of your mouth, she cackled and the other two girls who heard started laughing as well, as if you had just dropped the most hysterical line in all of history. Ever since then, they decided to make your life a living hell, especially that Lauren girl who you talked to that first day of school and her boyfriend Shawn. 

Shawn was simply the worst. Shawn was on the hockey team, and you could tell that the one you went to, which you were harassed at, he was extremely good. When you first saw him, he seemed like a nice guy. You thought you’d strike up a conversation with him during AP Humanities. Didn’t work out well. He made fun of your accent, which you didn’t really think existed and the fact that you were wearing a Beatles shirt. It still didn’t make any sense whatsoever, but it happened. And he also made your life a living hell, but it was whatever. It only lasted for one year, and as soon as you walked on that stage and got your diploma (Shawn and Lauren’s posse booed you, and they got shushed but it didn’t change the fact that you were legitimately booed at your own freaking high school graduation) you were out of there. You packed your things, and you were on your way to Stanford. 

Since you didn’t really have any friends and your rec volleyball team you joined was absolute trash, you had more than plenty of time to ace your SAT’s and keep a 4.5 GPA (cause of the honors and AP classes) so you got into Stanford. You were so happy to leave, in fact, you were ten times more than happy. You moved out before summer was even over, cause you couldn’t bear ever see these wretched people ever again. Your parents understood. Your parents loved you and missed you after you left, but they sure understood why you never wanted to come back to that town. 

And you usually didn’t. Stanford was great, the people there were great, there was a pretty good volleyball team, and you were getting your degree in Criminal Law. Like, life was pretty great. You went back “home” every holiday, and for some birthdays and surprise visits, but it wasn’t often. You managed to not run into any of them, for the most part. You saw Lauren once, but she didn’t see you and you saw Ian at Home Depot and he waved at you, a wave you didn’t return. And you saw Shawn all of the time, since he had kind of become a world famous pop star. So you saw his face a lot of places, but it didn’t bug you. You didn’t have to deal with him harassing you. For the most part. 

Your hands gripped the wheel of your car as you drove down the highway. You had just landed back in Canada, and rented a car. Your knuckles turned a bright shade of white as you clutched the steering wheel. You were back in town for your Dad’s birthday, you hadn’t been able to make his birthday last year due to some pretty important exams. And your Dad meant the world to you, so you made a big effort to be here this year, even though he wanted to go out to eat at the place that everyone always goes to for any and every event, so you’d for sure see someone you knew. Somehow. You were ten miles away from the restaurant, and your heart was beating a million miles a minute. You were nervous just to be back in the country. You were nervous you were going to see them again. You were nervous they were going to make fun of your Stanford hoodie, or the fact that you wore tall fuzzy socks over your leggings, or the fact that you breathe. Because those thinks aren’t above them two years ago, you don’t think they’d be above it now. You felt the air in your car getting thicker, and you couldn’t breathe. You felt all the words rush back. 

This hadn’t happened in a year. This hadn’t happened in a year, even when you came back just two months ago for Christmas, you hadn’t felt this way. Heck, last time you were here you saw Lauren, and this didn’t happen. Your vision started to get blurry, and you knew you needed to pull over. You saw the sign of a 7/11 and somehow managed to pull in and park without running someone over or hitting a lamp post by some stroke of luck. You quickly removed your seat belt at the speed of light and hopped out of your rental car, praying you didn’t throw up before you got out, so you didn’t have to pay to get it cleaned. By yet another stroke of luck, you make it out of the car before you threw up. All over the concrete. You threw up because you were nervous about the off chance of seeing some people you didn’t particularly care for. You heaved, trying to catch your breath and make your head stop spinning. The words they had said throughout that year started to fade from yells into whispers and you could again see the pattern of the birds on your shoes. 

“Y/n? Is that you?” You heard a voice call, and you knew that voice so well. You felt like you were going to throw up again. 

You looked up, your long hair flipping up, and pulling it back behind your shoulders and wiping your mouth as you looked in his direction. His arms were crossed over his chest, as he leaned back on his black jeep. His lips were turned up in a teasing smirk as he saw your face, white as a ghost. He was wearing all black, which you had noticed he had adopted after he became famous, because you never remembered him wearing black skinny jeans once. 

“Shawn?” You questioned, knowing damn well that it was him. He let out a chuckle as he pushed himself up from his car, talking long strikes towards you. You winced with every step that he took. You wondered what he would say. You wondered what he would make fun of you for. Would he remind you of something you did in high school that no one else would ever remember but him?

“You okay?” He put his hand on your back, not seeming so disgusted by the puke pooling at your feet. You craned your neck so that you could face him. You furrowed your eyebrows and gave him the most confused look you could muster. 

“Is this some kind of joke?” You laughed, shrugging his hand from your shoulder. He sucked in a breath, obviously not expecting that one, but he didn’t get angry or try and defend himself. 

“No.” He answered simply. He looked down at his hands. He started to mess with his fingers. He seemed almost… nervous? 

“Am I on some television show? Is your manager around?” You kept going, probably going a little further than you needed to. But he went a little further than he needed to all of high school. 

“No, I promise.” He let out a little chuckle. He was about to put his hand on your shoulder but he caught himself rather quickly. 

“Well, I’m gonna go! I wish I could say it was good seeing you!” You started for your car door, but his hand grabs onto your wrist. You felt your pores seethe, but not necessarily with anger. 

“Y/n, come on.” You looked up, and you looked into his eyes, accidentally of course. 

Okay maybe not. 

“I’m sorry.” He started. His eyes bore into your soul, and you couldn’t tell if he was as good an actor as he is a singer. You looked down at his hand on your wrist, but you didn’t pull away. You stood there, his large hand wrapped around wrist, both of your eyes locked on your skin touching his skin. 

“That’s nice to hear.” You managed to get out before you shook your wrist away. Yanking it away seemed a bit extra. 

“Hey, how about I drive you to wherever it is you’re going, and I can bring you back afterwards. You’re sick, I don’t want you driving.” Was this Shawn? Was this the kid that joked around that for Halloween he was going to dress as you, but he may traumatize some kids. 

“Um.. I don’t know.” Your hand slid onto your car door handle, starting to open it. 

“It isn’t a trap or whatever. Like, I’m just worried about you.” He looked down at his hands again, this time very obviously nervous. 

“I’m going to dinner with my parents…” Your hand stayed on the silver handle, but didn’t open it. 

“I can go with you, or wait in the car, or go somewhere else. Please, I can make it up to you, since I was a little mean to you senior year.” He muttered. You let out a sharp scoff. 

“A little mean?” He looked up at you, wincing just like you were only moments ago when he was walking towards you. “You harassed me, Shawn.” He nodded. 

“I was. I’m sorry. Please, let me make it up to you. We can catch up?” He suggested. You contemplated for a moment. Why would you get into a car with this dude? He will probably lock the doors and start roasting you within three or four minutes. Once a jerk always a jerk. 

“Yeah sure.”

What the hell? Did you actually just agree to get in a car with a guy who caused you to go to therapy for two years? Honestly? What is wrong with you?

But his eyes lit up, and he took your hand, and laced his fingers with his. You were about to pull away but your skin started to crawl, but the feeling wasn’t disgust. If you didn’t know any better, you would’ve said that feeling was sparks. 

You made your way to Shawn’s car, your fingers still laced together, your entire body feeling alive. It was so weird. He even opened the door for you? Two years ago he would’ve probably slammed a door right on your face, breaking your nose. You got in, and he ran around to the other side, jumping in and turning on the car. 

“So, where are you going?” He asked, backing out of the parking spot. 

“Alo.” You looked out the window, trying to push that nausea back down your throat. But it felt a little more like butterflies than it did nausea. 

“Oh, wow. I used to love that place. I think Hannah works there, or maybe Lauren?” He looked off a little, thinking. “I don’t really remember. I don’t really talk to any of them except for Ian.” He shrugged. 

“Yeah I don’t really talk to any of them either.” You scoffed, looking away from Shawn quickly, in case he looked over. So he wouldn’t know you were looking at him. 

“Yeah, I mean, I’d understand why.” He laughed, trying not to make it awkward, but it was already too late. “So um.. How’ve ya been?” He didn’t look in your direction, which was good because you looked at him and it would’ve been extremely awkward if you made eye contact. 

“Good. Stanford is nice.” You stated simply, not going too into detail. He didn’t deserve to know all about your personal life. But you ached to tell him more. 

“Wow, Stanford? That’s amazing!” This time he did look in your direction, and when his eyes met yours, it wasn’t all that awkward. In fact, you could’ve sworn you saw him blush. But maybe it was just a trick of the light. 

“Yeah. Had plenty of time to study since I didn’t have any friends whatsoever!” You laughed, killing whatever mood it was that was there only seconds before. 

“Oh..” He trailed off a little. “I mean, you have friends at Stanford though, right?” He looked over for just a second, and then averted his gaze back to the road. 

“Yeah, plenty. Some of them asked me if I knew you, actually. There’s a few big fans of yours in my dorm. After I told them what high school I went to, I’m surprised they didn’t go into cardiac arrest.” Shawn let out a laugh, which surprised you. He had only ever laughed at you when he was making fun of you or making a joke at your expense. 

“You’re funny, you know that? God, why was I so mean to you?” He glanced at you again, and this time you were absolutely certain he was blushing. “I mean you’re actually not bad. Better than not bad. I mean you’re absolutely stunning. You’re funny. God, Y/n, I’m sorry.” He let out a breath. You weren’t sure if he was faking it. 

Did he just call you stunning?

“Oh wow..” You sputtered, trying hard just to get words out. “Thank you. I mean, not thank you, but I appreciate the apologies and the… t-the compliments” You scooted closer to the window, trying to move away. But it was a car, and it was actually kind of hard to scoot away from someone in the car. 

“It isn’t a problem. I mean, saying nice things and driving you. It’s the least I can do.” He chuckles, turning into the restaurant parking lot. “What do you say tomorrow I drive you to a restaurant again, but this time, I will actually go and eat with you instead of waiting in the parking lot to take you home?” He had parked and was looking right into your eyes, and this time, you were the one blushing. 

“Wait, you want to go on a date with me?” You probably shouldn’t have asked that. 

“More or less.” He smiled, and looked down. “It’s only the least I can do.” He looks back up and the smile is gone, and only a look utmost sincerity was plastered across his face. You felt so many things wash over your body, and you couldn’t quite control your words or emotions. So all you could manage to get past your lips was;


The look of sincerity was overtaken with a look of pure excitement, that was obvious he was trying his hardest to suppress it.  

“Well okay. That’s great. So um..” He looked down again. He kept doing that. “I’ll wait here. You go eat with your family. And when you get back, we can make plans for tomorrow, eh?” You only nodded in agreement, quickly hopping out of the car and scurrying into the restaurant. 

You started to feel nauseous again.

Wait no, that’s butterflies

Yeah for sure, butterflies. 

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CS FF: Casual Fridays

A/N: For @lifeinahole27, who long ago left me the prompt of ‘Captain Swan - casual Friday.’ Thanks go to @lenfaz for reading this over.

Summary: It was supposed to be just another one-night stand, but somehow she got carried away with this one.

Words: 4000 | Rating: M | ao3


Emma was pretty sure that if she wanted to take the time, she could write a really useful guide on what not to do when looking for a potential one night stand. Forget warnings like not being too drunk, not forgetting to pack a condom, and texting a friend to let them know where you are, these seemed like a given. There was plenty of more useful advice that could be shared.

For instance, don’t go for the guy at the bar with too much hair gel. It will end up with him getting all too handsy before you’ve even left the bar, and you’ll be lucky if he’s ever taken the time to figure out where a woman’s clit is given how long he’s spent getting his hair like that. Or don’t pick up the bartender of your local bar, unless you have no plans to return. Ever. Or avoid the guy in the corner of the coffee shop with the ponytail, he’s definitely going to recite some sort of poetry in your ear while trying to get you off and it is just going to kill it for you.

Or, much like the bartender scenario, don’t fuck your neighbor. No matter how hot or enticingly accented he may be, if your entire goal is an orgasm (or two, if you were lucky) and to never see the guy again, fucking your neighbor is counterproductive.

Emma was pretty sure this point couldn’t be high enough on said guide.

(Even if said neighbor delivered three.)

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I also hate poison

Words: 1750
Warning: Swearing
Requested: no
Pairing: Josh Dun x reader
Sum.: The one where you and Josh had a fight about you apparently not having enough time for him and you decide to take a break

A/N: this is not proof read sorry I really didn’t have time. Gonna do it tomorrow though.
“I hate you”, your voice echoes through the hallway you were standing in. “How can you not see how much you’re hurting me? Why can’t you be good, seriously fuck you Dun.”, your voice dropped to more of a whisper. “I’m done with this; I can’t take this anymore”, you squeezed past him and went straight to the front door. “You can only hate something if you loved it once”, he stated as you gripped the doorknob. Your grip tightened and you clenched your teeth for a second. “I also hate poison and I have never loved him”, with that you left the apartment. He was right about you loving him, he knew, you knew, most people knew still it infuriated you.

It had been days since you had that argument, you did not even bother picking up the rest of your things from the apartment before you left the town. On the one hand you just didn’t want to see Josh again but on the other maybe your weren’t really ready to give everything up. It felt way to definite to you. When you left you filled your car up and drove eastwards. All you wanted to do was to get away from him from everything you needed to clear your head. You stopped your car at the first hotel you saw after the sun had set, all you had with you was your purse and whatever was in it. You booked the cheapest room they had for a couple of days so that you could figure out what to do next. You were spread out on the bed like a starfish and just stared at the ceiling for a while. Your phone rang, Tyler you knew by the ringtone. It took you a few seconds to get yourself to pick up,a voice inside you told you that if you just waited a little longer he would give up and you wouldn’t have to be confronted.
“Y/N”, he sounded worried, great Josh told him. “We need you here, please come to the arena”, he pleaded. “No, I can’t”, you felt like your voice would break if you said more. “Please, it’s not that far. I know you have worked tomorrow but please. Josh is so off and I think he needs you to calm him down”, then realisation hit you. He didn’t know. Josh hadn’t told him. And also fuck work, you had completely forgotten about that.“No….no Ty”, your voice broke and the first teats streamed down your face.“I can’t. I’m not coming.” The next time he spoke is voice had changed it was still full of concern but now it was far more soft than before. “Y/N. What happenend? Are you okay? Please tell me you are okay.”, he nearly tripped over his own words while speaking. You took a deep breath before talking. “I am okay, well kind of. Don’t be concerned I” He interrupted you, “Y/N, Josh…you and Josh. No, no wait what. You and Josh, did you…did you?”, you basically heard it click in his mind as he figured out what had happened. “Yes, I mean I don’t know. I think so. I didn’t mean it. I.”, your sobs echoed through the room, you had lost control over yourself. “Oh hun. No. Don’t cry. Please.”, he tried to calm you down for a little while, it may not have really worked but at least you felt a tiny bit better. Tyler had to eventually go because the show was about to start and you promised him that you would try and sleep or at least calm down.

While you didn’t sleep horribly that night it certainly wasn’t very good either. You were still unsure of what you should do now. You thought about going back and getting all of your stuff but then where would you go and also you didn’t want to risk seeing him. Deep down all you wanted to do was to not have human interaction for a while, just you and you.

Your phone rang a few times since you woke up that morning but you never found the courage to answer it. You had wallowed in sadness and self pity for the whole day. You had sobbed and cried your eyes out, you had screamed into a pillow so many times you thought your voice would be gone. When night rolled by your stomach started to hurt, you hadn’t eaten the whole day but the only thing you could find was an granola bar in your purse, at least it was something. This night was far more torturous that the last, you woke up so many times with tears streaming down your face. You had dreamed of Josh being hurt, of losing him or of you two fighting again. In the end you gave up sleeping at around 4 am, it was easier to to just stay awake. Staring at the wall straight ahead from you you finally made your decision. You were just not yourself without him and you didn’t like that you. You felt like a piece of you was missing. However you also knew that you should not just come back begging on your knees for him to take your back because it was just as much your fault as his, you weren’t that desperate. You must have fallen asleep again since knocks on the door woke you up. You looked at the clock and saw it was half past nine already. The knocks repeated again and you shouted towards the door “I’m coming. Jesus Christ”, you opened the door after you made your way towards it. You expected room-service or someone like that but no there was Tyler. Before you could close the door again he had already slipped beside you and was now in the room with you. “Good to see you”, he said while sitting down. “Hmh. What do you want?”,you said defeated. “Thanks for the friendly hello. I just drove two states to find you. You know find my phone is not that accurate.”, he laughed but what he didn’t know was that that remark actually really stung. You had already felt aweful about potentially making then worry too much about you. “Well I didn’t ask you too”, you snapped back hoping he would realise his mistake. He stood up from his seat and walked over to you. “ I’m sorry”, he hugged you and patted your back.

10 minutes had passed since Tyler came and you had by now told him the whole situation from you view. “He’s an ass sometimes you know. I bet he didn’t mean it like that. He was just frustrated but I guess he did react like an idiot”, he tried to sound all empathetic but you still felt like he was taking Josh’s side. You jumped slightly when there was a knock on the door, this time more gentle. Tyler jumped up, looking back at you and whispering a “I’m sorry ”, before opening the door. As soon as your eyes layed on the two people outside you knew what he meant. Jenna and Josh, one J to much. “No Tyler. You close that door again”, you stood up and made your way towards all three of them. Suddenly you were engulfed in a hug by Jenna while you saw Tyler drag Josh into the room. Jenna let you go again and grabbed Tyler’s hand. “Both of you are miserable and you are gonna talk about it this until there is a real solution”, she sat down in front of the door practically locking all four of you in the room. You sighed and walked back and forth. “You look shit”, you exclaimed towards Josh when you finally looked up. “You aren’t doing much better”, Jenna interrupted from the side. You shot her a glance and then continued. “Fuck you Josh okay. I just wanna say fuck you…”, there was silence in the room for a while. You looked at Josh, his head hand low and he played with his fingers. You knew those words were ridiculous and unnecessary but it made you feel so good for a moment to hit him in such a state. “Now let’s talk about this like adults”, you stopped your pacing around the room to go up to him. When you stopped in front of him you heard Tyler sigh in relief you did not know if it was because you two would talk it out or if it was just because you stopped pacing up and down the same spot. You grabbed Josh’s chin and pulled his face up. “I do so much for you. You might not realise, I try to do my very best to always be there for you and to shape my life around yours. Sometimes that doesn’t work but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to go at me like that.”, he still didn’t look you in the eye and it kind of disappointed you. You wanted to see the defeat in his eyes knowing that you were right. “I don’t want this to be the end. All I want is for you to be more understanding and for you to work things out rather than run away. Because Josh, I want this”, your finger pointed towards you and then him.
It took him a minute or two before he finally answered you practically could see his brain work while trying to find the right words. “I want this too”, his lips slammed against yours, it wasn’t as gentle as normal it was as if he was desperate for affection. Affection you were willing to give him. So you kissed back and when you felt those sparks return to your gut you knew you had made the right decision. He pulled away and rested his head against yours. “I want to work this out. I am so deeply sorry. The last few days really showed me what you mean to me and how much you better my life. I want this to work out, us to work out”, this time you you kissed him and you heard a faint cheer in the background.

State Of Emergency (Glenn Rhee Smut)

Summary: With the world changing so rapidly, it’s hard to know if the knock at your door is going to be your death, or your savior. This time it just happens to be a squishy cute pizza delivery man who was oblivious to it all. Someone you thought needed your help, but ultimate helped you more than anything. Helped you smile; helped you learn that maybe you could start to change your definition of okay. Smut.

(A/N: please see the end for more notes, because i’m upset and i’m going to blabber on waaay too much about Glenn. but i did start writing this, and had most of it written long before i got the most devastating news in the world last night. this is set pre-season one, very early on into the apocalypse, before society has dissolved and before Glenn meets any of the other characters from the show. and for this fic, warnings for: blood, gore, ‘killing’, violence, mentions of violence, alcohol use, drunkness, Glenn being adorable, smut, mild dominance, extreme dirty talk, swearing, and pretty much every no-no thing under the sun. i really hope you enjoy reading this. -Tanisha<3)

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Hello, hello, is anyone there?" 

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Help me! Help me, please!” Bang, bang. “God, please someone open the door!”

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anonymous asked:

jonathan horror movies

Every Friday you and Jonathan would have a horror movie night. You would pick a movie, make dinner and enjoy the evening. This Friday it was your turn to pick a movie and prepare some food. You decided to make pancakes and watch A Nightmare on Elm Street. Jonathan came over at around 8pm just in time when you finished your pancakes.

When you opened the door you found him looking at the sky and trees trying to find the right angle to take a picture.  After he finally did he turned around as you wrapped your hands around his neck pulling him closer for a hug. He was your best friend and you trusted him with all your heart but sometimes you would question your friendly feelings towards him. Sometimes you would accidently fall asleep next to him during a movie night and wake up to beautiful messy haired Jonathan next to you on the couch who would make your stomach filled with butterflies. He was the only person who understood you more than you understood yourself. He also shared the same friendly feelings towards you too but was too shy to say anything about it, instead he would show you. He was always there for you and always making sure you’re okay…

First you had dinner, talked about school, people…life, and then went to your living room to watch the movie.

“I haven’t had a chance to see this one.” You said. “I picked A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

“I haven’t seen it either.”

Because it was the middle of December you both hid under the big warm blanket you brought from your room. Halfway through the movie and you were using Jonathan as a pillow. He of course didn’t mind. You didn’t want to admit but you were scared of Freddy Krueger, he was creepy and made you feel really uncomfortable.

“Are you enjoying the movie so far?” You asked him.

“Yeah it’s good and not that scary.”

“Yeah.” You lied. “Not scary at all…”

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you
Three, four, better lock your door
Five, six, grab your crucifix
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late
Nine, ten, never sleep again

When you heard that song you immediately covered your ears while shivers covered your whole body. You couldn’t help it. You have never heard it before and didn’t want to ever again. You snuggled against Jonathan as you wrapped your arms around his like a koala.

“Are you okay?”

“No.” You mumbled under the blanket. “I don’t like it.”

“We watched the Shinning last week and you were perfectly okay even though it’s was more scary than this.” He smiled.

“Because I read the book first and I knew what to expect.”

“Do you want to me to turn it off? We can watch something else.”

“No I’m okay I can do this.”

At the end of the evening you managed to watch the whole movie without jumping or covering your face. When it ended you realized you were alone with Jonathan because your parents went to visit relatives for a week.

“I like the movie.” Jonathan said trying to stand up but you didn’t let him. You were still like a koala wrapped around his arm. “(Y/N) are you okay?”

“Can I ask you something?”


“Can you stay for the night? I know it’s stupid but I’m freaked out. Please?”



“Sure I just have to call my mom.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” You jumped from the couch giving him the biggest hug and kissed his cheek. When you pulled away you could clearly see he was blushing.

“You’re welcome.”

Since that night you have moved on from horror movies and decided that Friday was a day for comedies.

“Who The Fuck Is Negan?” Part One.
Please let me know what you think [good or bad]. Thanks for reading!❤️

Before the world went to shit, Allison May had been a short and sassy ball of pop culture.

Standing at only 5ft 3" and looking six or so years younger than she actually was, no one would have thought she was scary.

Until you pissed her off about something.

Foul mouthed and ready to fight she’d become.

If you were lucky enough to be in good graces, she would share her world of television, movies, comics, books, etc. with you until you just couldn’t take it anymore and just walked away.

Which would in turn just make her laugh and probably like you more.

So when the world is shit and there is no longer new episodes or issues or ideas in general, what is a girl like Allison to do?

You because a badass leader and your followers are you entertainment, your soap opera, for a while at least. Until they get boring and it’s no longer fun to watch.

“Oh, Jackson and Tabby had a fight but are already got back together.”
“Eastern tripped and knocked over the water supply again.”
“Jacob kept watch outside my door all night again.”

It was like watching the same set of reruns on tv for months straight, she was going crazy.

And then Maddison came back from a supply run with more than just three or so bottles of water and few cans of corn. She had found another group, and damn did they have drama going on…

Ever since then Ali had Jackson, Maddison, and Jacob on shifts to watch the group and report back to her.

She was in heaven. Alexandria was her new fandom.

“Aren’t Maggie and Glenn just the perfect couple?” She sighed dreamily as Jacob came in to discuss something with her.

“Yes they are Ali.” He knew to agree with her no matter what. Honestly, he thought Rosita and Abraham were a better couple. Even if he had ended thing with her and went to Sasha.

“But Ali…” Jacob said softly, placing his hands on her knees and leaning in. She’d been sitting on the edge of her bed, kicking her feet that didn’t reach the floor.

At his close proximity she leaned back on to her hands and stared up at him.

Good, he’d taken her attention away from Alexandria and got her to focus on him.

Jacob was her first…

Her first follower. He’d been trapped in a tiny gas station by a small group of walkers.

She was just passing by, opposite the building. She had wondered why the walkers had built up, but she was just going to keep moving while they were ignoring her, until she locked eyes with Jacob though the only section of glass that wasn’t covered by this or that.

She gave him a thumbs up and pulled out her gun. It was pink and he almost died right then and there. How the hell was this little girl with a pink fucking gun going to save him?

How was she still alive to begin with?

“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you!”
She said just loud enough for the walkers at the building to notice. She smirked as they started to head her way.
“Three, four, better lock your door…”
She wait until most of them were in the middle of the street before taking aim. She only took out a few before dashing behind a building.

Jacob was completely lost as to what her plan was, but she had been enough of a distraction that he thought he could get out safely now. For the most part.

But before he could move anything from in front of the door, there was a noise at the back of the building, then a soft whisper right behind him.

“Nine, ten, never sleep again.”

She was giggling at herself as Jacob almost fell trying to turn around and face her. He’d been in love with her ever since. Now it was a year later and she still didn’t love him.

Jacob shook his head, pushing the memory back. He had a car waiting for her, and she was going to be pissed if he made her miss something this huge.

“Some other group we haven’t seen before has taken Rick and his people. They aren’t too far, Maddison rushed back to let you know. He… has them on their knees, in a line up. The leader, they called him Negan.”

Allison shoved Jacob away from her, grabbing her hoodie from the end of her bed.

She was hurrying to the door, trying to get it over her head, seething with rage.

“Who the fuck is Negan?”

If he hurt one of her babies before she got there, she was going to make this Negan son of a bitch pay.

flower crowns and pastel boots- chapter eighteen

pastel punk au

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“what are you doing?”

baz startles out of simon’s lap and onto the floor- his little sister is standing in the doorway, hands on hips. they both gape at her for a long moment.

“nothing,” says simon faintly. she frowns at him.

“yes, you-”

“mordelia,” interrupts baz hastily, “this is simon snow.”

mordelia looks decidedly unimpressed. she crosses her arms. “i expected someone… taller.”

“wh- excuse me,” splutters simon. baz closes his eyes.

“next time… please knock.”

she surveys them and nods thoughtfully. “yeah, okay.”

“and close the door,” baz calls after her. she sticks out her tongue at him, and slams it behind her.

“oh my god,” whimpers baz the second the door is closed, and simon bursts out laughing.

“that’s not how i expected to meet your little sister.”

baz joins in, giggling helplessly. “there are three more, don’t worry.”

“three- how many of you are there? and where do they go? i’ve not seen any of them-”

baz composes himself the best he can.

“well, there’s me, of course. and mordelia, who you just met-”

“met,” snorts simon, and baz hushes him with his hand.

“and there’re the twins, mari and bella- marilyn and bellatrix-”

bellatrix? what century are we living in-”

“hush, simon. my name is tyrannus basilton, you must have expected unusual names. and the baby is annora. nora.”

“marilyn escaped unscathed,” teases simon, and baz groans.

“we’re all jealous.”

“i like your name,” whispers simon. baz bumps their noses together.

“that’s ridiculous-”

“no, really! it’s cute. you’re cute.”

“and you’re a sap.” baz leans forward and presses his lips against simon, smiling all the while. “luckily, i’m in love with you.”

“luckily,” agrees simon, and draws baz’s head back down.

“is there a reason you’re throwing my clothes in a pile?” asks baz, in bored tones. simon ignores him, holding up a mint green t-shirt.

“i knew you had those,” he mutters, and tosses it into the heap. baz sighs.

“what is it with you and my closet?”

simon looks defensive. “okay, so i’m not, like, the most organized of guys, but you have these sorted by brand, not color. it’s annoying.”

“since when have you cared?”

simon whines. “i’m bored.”

“simon, you can’t rearrange my closet-”

“watch me. do you like this?”

he holds up a particularly ugly mustard yellow jumper, and baz cringes.

“god, no. maybe it is about due for a sorting.”

there’s silence, except for the sound of baz’s pen- he’s writing an essay- then simon clears his throat.

“ah, do you- ever wear suits?”

“i’m sorry?”

he turns, and simon’s holding up his emerald three-piece. he rolls his eyes.

“yes, for some reason my mother’s always giving me suits. i never wear them.”

“you should.”


simon turns, gives him a disbelieving look. “oh, come on- you’d rock the posh vampire look.”

“i’m not a vampire, snow,” baz drawls.

“you might as well be- super pale, widows peak, weirdly sharp canines-”

“why have you been looking at my teeth?”

“well, not teeth exactly,” simon mutters, blushing hotly. “general mouth area… anyway, the suit would really complete the look.”

“you are a closeted nerd,” baz informs him. simon clutches his chest dramatically.

“you wound me. dracula.”

baz throws a pillow at him.

“so, i thought you could stay. for actual dinner.”

simon looks up. “why?”

“because you always go in and out through my window- i think you used the front door one time, and that was because i locked my window.”

“okay, yeah, but why?”

“well, my father wants to meet you. as my friend,” he adds quickly. “of course.”

simon frowns. “i’ve spend the better part of the last four months at your house, how have i possibly not met your dad? or three of your sisters?”

“it’s a big house,” baz shrugs. “anyways, we spend most of the time in my room.”

simon nods, conceding the point. “so you do family dinners?”

“mmh,” baz hums. “and we have to dress up for them. it’s all very unnecessary.”

“you have to dress up? why?”

“some tradition of my father’s family,” he says, nose wrinkling. “it’s nothing extraordinary, just a nice shirt and pants. i can lend you some if you want.”

simon’s going to protest, but then he looks down at his leather jacket and ripped black jeans. not exactly appropriate dinner wear. “right, thanks.”

“and… he doesn’t know, okay?” baz takes simon’s hand, staring at their linked fingers. “he thinks i’m actually dating penny, and you’re actually dating agatha.”

simon raises baz’s hand to his mouth, presses a kiss to his fingers. “no problem.”

“nora might throw food at you,” baz warns, after a moment. “she sometimes does that, if we’re not careful.”

“i live for danger,” simon smirks, and when baz giggles he kisses him on the cheek. “hey, really- it’ll be fine. i can be cool.”

“you were calling me dracula earlier today,” baz points out- but he’s smiling, albeit weakly.

“that’s because you’re a vampire. a very moral, sweet vampire. who i’m in love with.”

“if i was actually a vampire, you would have been drained. several years ago,” baz grumbles.

“you love me,” grins simon.

“yeah,” baz admits, and kisses him. “i’m nervous.”

“don’t be. seriously.” he squeezes his hand. “you’re with me.”


Michael/Warlock: Another day with nothing to do. You’ve finished all  your homework and you  wanted to do more than just watch the same videos on youtube. You picked yourself up and told yourself you would excercise even if you hated walking, running or anything to do with physical activity. It was a clear day out so you decided that what was the harm   in getting some clean, cool, fresh air? You put on a pair of leggings and an old tank top you no longer use and tied your hair back to keep out out from your face and jogged down the stairs. You got a  jug  from when  you were 8 and it filled it up with clean, cold water silently cursing your brother for taking all the cool jugs and losing them whenever he used them.  You put on your favourite pair of trainers and jogged out of the house.

You started out walking first because you wanted to keep a steady pace. You looked at all the other houses  that lined the block.  They were decorated in the best Halloween decorations even passing one with a fake graveyard and wondered where people had the time to  put so much effort into it.  You took your Ipod from your pocket and started playing a song you’ve been listening to recently and silently mouthed the words.  You would never admit it but you were actually having a really good time just listening to music and smelling the  nice after-rain that was left over from the night before.

You rounded the corner and  saw a pale figure in the sunlight. His hair  as white as his skin. He was collapsed on the floor near a lamp post and he wasn’t moving. You were scared and panicked and didn’t know what to do. You wanted to run back the way you came but questions stated popping up inside your head.  Should you help this guy?  Was it a hoax of some kind?  Was this some kind of prank?  Did he just have a crazy night out?   These questions ran through your head but you realized you were being silly and unreasonable and this guy needed help. You ran up to his figure and felt for a pulse.  There was a faint heartbeat but irregular.Nevertheless,  you knew he was still alive.  You  reached for your phone and felt nothing. That’s right. Your leggings had no pockets and you left your phone on the kitchen counter. Typical that you would remember your Ipod but  forget your phone. The guy moved and let out  a soft cry but fell back into his previous quiet state.    A  few joggers jogged past  but completely ignored him but greeted you. You asked them for help but they would say they didn’t see what was wrong and  hurriedly jog past you thinking like you’ve lost your mind and continue on.   You decided to pick him up and try bringing you home yourself because hey you were out of options and you had to admit you wanted to feel like that superhero  in that movie you watched from the night before. Surprisingly he was as light as a feather.  Seriously, he did not weigh anything.  You were a bit confused at this, but this only made your job easier. You carried him to your house with great difficulty and luckily you met noone on the way.  You layed him on the sofa gently.  And that’s when he opened his eyes. You saw what a nice shade of green it was before  he stood up so quickly it made you dizzy. Apparently, it made him dizzy too because he clutched his head and  fell back on the sofa.  He still had his eyes open and took in his surroundings. They looked from the sofa to the ceiling to the paintings on the wall before  they layed on you.

Calum/Ghost:   You had another long day and put your  house keys on the kitchen island. You got your favorite tub of cream from the freezer and a  spoon from one of the kitchen drawers. Feeling tired like always you plopped down on the couch and started spooning little bites of sweetness into your mouth.  You took in the surroundings of your new house. Curse your dad for getting that new job and having to move.  On the coffee table were books that your family have collected over the past few generations. You’ve  always wondered what was in them. You started browsing  and just casually flipping through the pages.“(Y/N) could you please  come up?” your mom sounded from upstairs.  You sighed heavily and put the book you were looking at back on the table and headed up the stairs of the two-floor apartment.Your mum was unrolling a newly- bought oriental rug she probably purchased from a little store downtown. “(Y/N) could you bring that little  box to your room. They look like old textbooks you used to own. Just put whatever you don’t need anymore back into the box once you’ve finished sorting through it.”You sighed at the thought of doing another chore. You had had to do so many things because of the move. Scrubbing the dust off the floors.  Taking the dust away from the curtains. Fluffing pillows to remove dust. SO MUCH DUST.  You headed to your room and changed into a more comfortable attire. Bicycle shorts and a plain old black T-shirt. You tied your hair back and started sorting. Most were useless old textbooks, but some were great stories you used to read as a kid which you put back into your bookcase. As you were putting back one of your favorites,  you spotted a black book you’ve never seen before. It was old with age and looked  worn out. you took it and started  silently reading it. It was an old family book  you concluded later on as you browsed the pages.   You went to the most recent entry. A family tree.  You noticed how this must be somebody else’s family book probably forgotten by the previous owners.  You skipped to the most recent person. A guy named Calum who looked about your age.  You wondered if you would have known him.  He died only 3 years ago. You felt sad.  He looked like such a  nice guy.   You wondered what kind of guy was he. What  was he like? Where were his parents? Did they actually live here? They must have.

 “ Calum.” you said lost in your own thoughts, wanting answers.

“Yes?” he said materializing in front of you. You screamed and dropped the book.  

Ashton/Shapeshifter: Walking home on a Friday night wasn’t one of your better ideas, but it had to be done. You had stayed late at work again and now had to go to get some dinner for your family according to  the text your mom sent you three minutes ago. You sighed, feeling exasperated and wanting nothing more just to curl up in bed and sleep, but now you  had the added responsibility of getting food  for four people. You  approached a convenience store and tugged at the door. Locked. Closing time was 6:00. You took out your phone and pressed the home button. 6:30 the time read, and you sighed and continued restaurant hunting. You looked up at the sky and saw the buildings and how beautiful they were at night with all the colors and lights that seemed to give the city that friendly glow you learned to love and enjoy.

Walking along the  road, you passed a KFC and noticed that the lights were on and their poor attempt at decorating for Halloween was a spooky  ghost holding an open  sign in neon lettering. Chicken and mashed  potatoes wouldn’t be a bad dinner you said as you entered the store. The little bell rang alerting the employee at the back of the shop. When you reached the counter, the employee made his way to you and gave you a small smile .  He had sandy blonde hair that was curly and cut short and eyes that were green and hazel at the same time.  He was a bit sweaty and he looked tired, but still he greeted you happily. You caught your breath and felt yourself blush a little.

“ Hey! Welcome to KFC. Can I get you anything?” he asked with a small smile.

“ Can I have number three please?” you asked

“Sure, Take out I’m assuming?”

“Yeah, thanks.” you said.

You don’t know why you were being so polite. You should have said something cooler. How though? Omg.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the paper bag he handed you . You took it carefully  and balanced it with all the other stuff you were carrying.

“Thank you and see us again.” he said and gave you a small wave and another smile.

“Thanks– Ashton. “ you said looking at his nametag. He gave you a small grin as you exited the store.

You walked along for 5 minutes breathing in and out, finally happy you had taken  care of the responsibility and could now enjoy some  chicken and sleep when someone blocked your way.

Marissa. She was a bitch to say the least and  always teased you and called   you out for the stupidest things.

“Hey Y/N, I heard you and Ian are on the rocks  right now.” she sneered.

Ian was  your  ex-boyfriend who was a dick , so you dumped him. Still, it hurt to think about.

You tried to move past her and carry on, but she blocked your way again.

“I heard he broke it off with you. Is that true?” she asked in an offensive manner.

“I broke it off with him. “ you said and said nothing more because you knew she just wanted to make you angry and you weren’t going to give her that privilege.

“How p-”  Marissa stopped and stared at the growing shadow behind you.

Connor,  Marissa’s  ex who she still clearly liked, the guy who never even talked to you before ‘til today , put his arm around you and relieved you of the heavy KFC bag you were holding.

“Is there a problem here?” he said as he put his arm around you affectionately.

Marissa’s jaw dropped and she just looked back and forth between the both of you.

She looked like she was about to say a rude retort until she put on a fake smile and said cheerily:

“No. I was just on my way home.” Marissa gave  Connor a small smile and you a subtle glare as she pushed past you and started walking the way you came.

You looked up at Connor with his dark hair and shining blue eyes.  He grinned down at you and dropped his arm from your shoulders.

“Thank you, Connor.  You didn’t have to do that, I co-”

“I’m not Connor.”

“Oh.” you said. How could you have been this stupid? You tried wracking your brain for  the name, but noone crossed your mind. This had to be Connor. Then you realized, he was kidding.

“ Hahahaha.” you let out a nervous laugh, but you realized his face stayed completely serious.

“ If you’re not Connor.. Do i know you?”

“Yes.. just not this way.”

And he changed.

The dark  hair became sandy blonde and started curling  at the edges and his blue eyes became the green you had only saw a few minutes ago. His form grew taller lankier and he handed you the KFC bag  with the same cheeky grin.

“Hi. I’m Ashton. Can I help you?” he says nervously.

Luke/Vampire: You picked up your duffel bag filled with boardgames, sweets and stuffed toy animals and headed down to the street opposite your house. You were babysitting today and needed the extra cash so you could go out  with your friends and for once not have to leave early due to your lack of  cash. You’re sure that only a few hours of entertaining children would be worth the dough as you headed up the porch steps and rang the doorbell. Your parents weren’t that keen on you visiting other people’s houses but you assured them you knew what to do. Anyway, the house was literally right across from yours and if they turned out to be bad people, you could easily ring up your mom and she’d come crashing through the door.  You went up the porch steps and knocked on the door.  You waited patiently humming out the tune to the song that was stuck in your head.  A  blonde woman’s head popped out and greeted you with a smile. She was wearing a nice little pale blue dress and beside her you thought was her husband who was dressed in the same blue colour, but with work pants and a necktie.  They both smiled at you and introduced themselves as Liz and Andy. They invited you in as they told you  what to do in  case of an emergency and how they would be gone  for two hours for their anniversary dinner and how their  youngest son needed taking care off. You nodded your head  and sat back down  on the couch. They said their son would be down in a few minutes and he was just finishing up his shower.  They waved a goodbye to you, handed you a couple of bucks then exited the door.

You took in your surroundings. The house had a very old-feel to it with dark wood Victorian-style furniture. It had high ceilings and looked clearly ancient. There were velvet curtains hung on the windows and a nice, quaint fireplace blazed with life. Tables, chairs and sofas were everywhere, but you made your way over to the oriental rug where a  black dog lay and stroked her head. She woke up at once, looked up  at you and licked your hand. You laughed at her friendliness and rubber her belly which she seemed to enjoy.

“ I think she likes you.” a silky voice comes from behind you. 

You turned around and your mouth dropped open expecting a 6 year old in a onesie. You  saw a tall boy with blonde hair still wet from his shower wearing black skinny jeans and a  band t-shirt. He had very pale skin and striking blue eyes.  He looked about twenty. He extended his arm in greeting.  

“Hi. I’m Lucas. Looks like you’ll be taking care of  me tonight.” 


A/N: Hey guys! That was part one. This is  my first seires that im starting so pls bear with me on some things haha. Michael and Luke don’t  really reveal their “true form” until Part 2 but  If you have any comments or suggestions pls visit my ask box which is always open btw!   Part 2 will be more on explaining why they are what they are/  so stay tuned for that. Also, I’ve started  on additional parts so if you want part 2 pls request bc i would really like to see if you want it or you enjoy the story. Thank you and I love and appreciate all of your support! :)  Love you guys! 


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It’s halloween your favourite time of year! Except christmas of course but it was an excuse to eat candy and watch scary films. J was out on business as usual but you took this opportunity to sit in your pyjama’s with a blanket and stuff your face, You stick on a movie and tuck into some popcorn and m&m’s. You loved scary movies even though you were such a wimp your movie choice was a nightmare on elm street… You had the lights out and all you had was the flickering light of the tv you were fully immersed. You were deep into the movie by now blanket up to your chest and you clung onto it tightly “bitch are you stupid!” You shouted at the tv “this is how you die girl!” You continued, with all the immersion you didn’t hear j return home he stood behind you examining you and smiling at how into the movie you were. “One two Freddy’s coming for you three four better lock your door five six grab your crucifix seven eight better stay up late nine ten never sleep again” as the song finishes on the movie J grabs your shoulder. You scream loudly and shoot up from under the blanket “ha ha ha ha” J laughs clapping his hands together “what the fuck J!” You cross your arms “i’m sorry kitten i couldn’t help myself” J laughs. “It’s not funny J i almost had a heart attack” “it’s a little funny doll” J says while sitting down before patting the seat next to him “what are we watching baby” J asks, you pout and sit down next to him and you both finish watching the movie together. You are going to get him back for this.

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