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Season 19 Renewal

As Season 18 went on, and I kept getting disappointed, all I could think was, “do the old writers and the cast also think the quality of the show is declining, or do they think everything is fine?”

Guess we have our answer.

The fact Rick Eid is leaving after just one season tells me that we were right all along. He was a bad fit for this show. Forget the scheduling mess, partly caused by the inability to produce episodes on time. He tried to turn SVU into a generic cop show, which is actually why I think he might be a good fit for Chicago PD. SVU was never generic. It’s an institution, and it was always about the characters, as much as it was about the cases,  as well as teaching the audience some sorely needed lessons.

Season 18 and its Struggles

In Season 18, the show lost track of that message. It’s not enough for Liv to sprout platitudes and give us Hallmark moments every week. A certain sensitivity and nuance is required, if you want to tackle SVU cases. Rick Eid lacked that sensitivity (if some episodes displayed it, it was because of the old SVU writers, in my opinion), and he couldn’t find that nuance. That’s why he effectively rewrote the same episode so many times. Rich white powerful man assaults rich white pretty lady. She is unreliable (or a liar, or a criminal, or it’s somehow her fault), and he is troubled. That’s it. We watched a variation of that, literally 13 times this season (I counted).

The T*rump episode alone perfectly demonstrates why Eid was a bad choice for SVU. The casual way in which Ice-T said it wasn’t one of their best, even though the (then) current showrunner had written it, that said it all. Showing women as liars is not what SVU is about, for me. Nor is it about showing rapists as sympathetic, or troubled figures, or innocent. Both can (and should) be done in moderation, in an individual episode or two, for the sake of a twist (or even realism, sometimes), but not all the time.  

Problem is, Rick Eid clearly didn’t know what else to do. What else to write. He didn’t know how to expand into non-rape cases, he didn’t know how to send the right message (and sometimes he’d even send the wrong message entirely), and (most curious of all) he didn’t know how to properly work the courtroom angle, despite the fact he’s apparently a lawyer, and the trial scenes increased tremendously in screentime. This season, despite its faults, could have given us a strong, take-charge Barba. If nothing else. Instead, he turned Barba into an afterthought who wouldn’t prosecute a single perp unless Liv told him to.

Season 18 and the Characters

This entire season, it felt like neither Rick Eid nor the other new writers ever watched the previous seasons. They totally misused Carisi, Rollins and Barba. They altered long-established portrayals. They changed these characters into generic cardboard cutouts, eliminating everything that made them unique (yet again, that’s another sight Eid might have better luck with Chicago PD). I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve written about this many times, most recently (and extensively) here.

I mean, I remain baffled by that one interview, when Eid kept saying “the Carisi character” and “the Barba character,” like he had never watched his own show and he had zero emotional connection to his “own” characters. Which was obviously true, as it turns out. He never connected to any of them, except maybe Liv.

Season 18 and Liv

Which brings me to this. To me, it’s clear that another showrunner change would have to be okayed by Mariska (if not demanded by her). This season had some very strong Olivia moments, but overall it was not the best for her, in my view. The focus was on Liv, but what she was actually doing, it wasn’t always something I could root for. I didn’t like that feeling.

It’s one thing if she does something that’s supposed to be questionable (like Season 17’s Black Lives Matter episode, and the way she instinctively wanted to stand by her fellow cops at first) or “flawed,” but it’s another thing to have her badgering witnesses and victims alike into testifying, for an entire season. Or telling Barba how to prosecute his own cases. Or thinking she can’t have a personal life and a child at the same time.

That’s not who Liv is, to me. I hope we can find that Liv again. And I’d like to think Mariska agrees. The fact she wanted (or at least she agreed to) a new showrunner despite the fact this season was “all about her” is a good sign. She’s the star, and she’s the reason most people watch, but she is also self-aware, and she must have known how Liv was coming off, at times. She must still want the best for Liv, like we all do, and I’m happy to know that.

Season 18 and Sonny

Lastly, when it comes to Sonny, I just hope we can find the old Sonny too. The one with the personality, and the whole bunch of sisters, and the niece who drools on him. The Sonny who is fantastic undercover, and has great instincts, and uses his affability to nail perps during interrogations, and thinks outside the box to solve a case (actually that last part is still there, even in S18, thank God). The Sonny who is empathetic and hilarious and quirky and interested in medicine and photography and Möbius strips. The Sonny who came into his own, and turned into a confident and experienced and badass detective. The Sonny who has some darkness inside him, but doesn’t let it turn him into yet another violent cop. The Sonny who is real, and has real relationships with his friends and colleagues, and isn’t just “Cop Number 1”, only there to deliver exposition.

Peter deserves better, much like all the actors. It’s a shame to have this great cast, and this rich history, and fail to utilize either of them properly.

In Conclusion

I’ve said it many times. SVU has had terrible seasons before, but it has always bounced back. So I hope we can all just all pretend Season 18 never happened, even though that may not be eas…

Wait, that’s very easy, actually, because literally not a single thing happened in season 18. All the characters are pretty much where they were at the end of S17, except Fin, who is an almost-Sergeant, and has an offscreen twitter-grandchild.

So let’s just start over, huh?


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That make-out ask for Neji was great! How about make-out HCs for Kakashi, Genma and Yamato? Thank you!

no, thank YOU! i love requests for all three of my baes :) (i lovingly refer to them as the bae triple crown i’m such a dweeb)

how bout some visual gifs instead of character gifs yeaaaah

Originally posted by sensualkisses


  • Kakashi is a dream to make out with. His lips don’t get a lot of exposure to the elements so they are always soft. 
  • He likes slow, lazy kisses and gentle, barely there touches, until he really starts getting into it, then he gets a lot friskier. 
  • LOOVES making out with you on his lap, he’ll settle his hands right on the small of your back and hold you as close as physically possible.
  • Run your hands over his shoulders, up his neck, and into his hair and he will just MELT.
  • When he starts getting really into it, he’ll start kissing you harder, with more urgency, and the next thing you know you’ll find yourself pinned to the couch or the bed and he’s copping a feel.

Originally posted by pleasingpics


  • Genma is a notoriously excellent kisser and he loves a fast, frisky make out. When he takes that senbon out of his mouth and starts kissing your neck, you know it’s on.
  • He loves it when he’s laying down and you crawl on top of him, straddling his waist and leaning down to kiss him.
  • He is SO DAMN HANDSY. He loves to run his hands all over your body. He’ll grip your thighs, grab your ass, slide his hands up under your shirt and clench his fingers into your back… He can’t get enough.
  • Start tugging on his hair and he goes crazy. Things start getting real naughty, real fast. He’ll start pressing hot, wet kisses to your throat, nipping and biting and sucking until your skin is bruised a tantalizing shade of reddish-purple.
  • When he sits up and starts tugging at your clothes, it’s game over baby, you’re done here those clothes are coming off now.

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  • Yamato doesn’t usually intend to start a make out session, but once he starts kissing you he just can’t stop. 
  • He loves to make out with you pressed beneath him on the bed, holding your hands up by your head with his fingers laced through yours.
  • When he’s not holding your hands, his touches are soft and innocent - he’ll slide his hands up and down your arms, your sides, the outsides of your thighs. If things start getting heated, he’ll let his hands roam a little more.
  • He’ll give you soft, slow, sweet kisses, starting at your lips and moving down to your neck, quietly telling you how beautiful you are.
  • If you want things to go in a more risque direction, or you just like seeing him blush, reach down and grab his ass. This man has got a donnkkk so make sure you get yourself a nice handful and just give it a good squeeze.
Carlos de Vil

So I’ve recently gotten back into Disney’s Descendants, because I have very little self control and when something I like comes back to life I tend to make grabby hands as soon as humanly possible. And since I’ve “matured” in the past yearish since I’ve last really thought about it, I’ve develop some rather interesting headcanons/reinterpretations for Carlos de Vil. Specifically that his character from the movie, and the books, is completely off for me. Yeah, yeah, he’s a sweet sinnamon roll and blah blah blah. Sure he’s cute, but he’s also the son of Cruella de Vil, a woman so extra and so completely devoid of subtly her name is literally Cruel Devil and lives in a place called Hell House.

So you know where they went wrong? They didn’t make him a fucking diva. I mean, they already lost a golden opportunity not giving Ursula a fucking son, because you bet your ass he’d be a fucking queen and that would be the single ballsiest thing Disney could possibly do, but this is a close second. So grab a soda, get comfortable, and buckle up bitches.

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You should do holsom for that 31 questions thing like do all of them

here we fucking go,

1. Who in your OTP is the serial butt-slapper and who is constantly getting their beautiful butt slapped?

theyre equal opportunity bros…if ur bf gets a killer shot at beer pong or aces his chem exam you have to slap his butt it’s the Bro Code

2. Who wants to be immortal and who wants to die before they’re old?

they had a conversation about this at 2am and they both decided that they would pick the same option (“i never wanna live without you bro” “BRO”) however, holster has tried to get his poptart out of the toaster with a fork three different times so dying young seems likely

3. Who smokes and who pulls the cigarette from between their lips every time they try to light one?

i mean they’re college athletes so neither of them smoke but i bet holster tried it once freshman year and ransom had to run back to his dorm to find his inhaler

4. Who always has cold hands and who is always warming them up for them?

ransom’s hands are freezing and holster breathes on em and gives them kisses 2 keep them warm

5. Who plays candy crush in important meetings and who elbows them in the ribs to make them pay attention?

when they have a lecture together they just snapchat each other uglie badly-angled selfies

6. Who can fall asleep anywhere (and does) and who has to put them to bed?

ransom is forced to survive on three hours of sleep during finals so he passes out mid-conversation and holster sets an alarm and rolls him into bed so they can nap together

7. Who is the genius procrastinator who wings every test but still comes away with straight As, and who takes preparation and conscientious work very seriously?

justin “4.0 but never goes to class” oluransi, a beautiful coral reef, is a strange combination of both, holster has seen his textbooks maybe twice this semester and manages B’s

8. Who takes their coffee black and who likes it with milk and two sugars, getting called a pussy by Person A?

ransom gets his with like six sugars and holster has been drinking black coffee since he was 6

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In sacrosanct meadows on lush green hillside courtyards of ever green and lily white snow sits

Jester holding cards he waits there with a sheepish grin. His wild eyes staring from lunacy beyond the grave of his long dead burned out mind. There really was nothing there rattling through his skull like a rats cage set on fire the fleeing rodents we’re wrapped up in disguise of “Ideas”.

He thunk himself brilliant and yet SAID he was humble which meant borrowing his neighbors coat to drape over mud holes waiting for the first fool to partake of his plastic.

The slipknot goat-head wheel turner

could have been but a single shot transfixed into a photograph hung center in Museum Of Cretin.

You shake the haze from the glare. There are no insights to see here, you realize now as they are just four blank mirrors void of a decent worthy expression. Only an echo from years previous this short track roller coaster is out to lunch. Permanently it imitates chatty Kathy in a make-believe world.

Just “Sit down”

one afternoon in a quiet breeze.

I was on a long list you see

waiting in line for


to see…


Whilst the Thief laughed, merriment began to rise and bloom in iridescent array that “smoke screened eye lids”* from never knowing the secret of unlocking beauties door.

When the moon made appearance from the dusk of cloud barren soldiers fighting in the cosmic dust of infinite spiral layers of possibilities. Love was at my door step, opening gates and so inviting.

This is the part of the story Wise even fear to tread.

Lets “talk” about love shall we?

Here, take my hand I will guide you now through the hallways of truth.

Love is always an open door speaking songs of forlorn angels and battle scars of internal injustice. It screams out choice as though it was not a biological drug, rather life induced until heart is being, not just falsely believing.

I myself am Wrapped up in nothing short of insanity, sleepless, penny brained, every word:

“Yes” as in “Yes my Love Yes!”

mind babbling beggar… using only first dimensional communication.

A day spent in concrete stoics with failing, words spilled in marbles at loves door.

Now, now now baby,

you will never shake

this off.

No not the

real deal.

Your going to change, ridding anything left insulting the soul, your gonna wash your face and look square in the eyes. Your gonna smile now “goldsmith”


Show me baby what loves all about.

Did you think it was white picket now holy un-rolling all the fears your momma and your poppa force fed.

Keep gagging on the stew its been passed around as old wine for generations.

You really think you know what loves all about?

Is it about jealousy for the testosterone forgiven from lily white to crimson dilate clothes from every other sister as she passes

Do you love em honey when every drool felt like nails into the coffin of self esteem. Fuck that! Man

Love to feel safe like the choking flavor of chap stick and gum, strangle-holding dignity on a silver plated fork three-prongs that I swear looks just like a bird. A fuck you flip this switch bird.

This….is a book now not a poem.

Like chapter one “first verse same as the first” where slave driver poet lords bang minds door with words hung across their arms fur trading in dark caves of fog

Where wise go together hand and hand to die.

Bleed it, sometimes you take a break to let it bleed.

Love is a ruthless, two edged sword

for polarities to balance a spinning pirouette effortlessly.

Love has a few freckles and sunspots on oceans of sea green, evergreen in redwood forests where it flourishes a dream within this dream.

A voice always a little above or below the wave of society, where a dance-floor joyously announces a heart in soul dance as that train of finally…

Love walks with or a step ahead for it is always there freely…

Not stoic-ally

When you come home stay

love walks with you all the way

Due to the unstable nature of the creation of Bogsneaks, many who attempt to turn into them end up with strange deformities like extra eyes, extra limbs, three-forked tongues, etc. These dragons often make their clans nervous, and some move to the Arcane flight, which welcomes dragons with peculiar features. Of course, there are plenty of clans outside of the Arcanist’s domain that think mutant Bogsneaks are totally awesome.


CHPT.  3/??

read: 1 | 2 | 3 |

A/N: This chapter is way longer than the first two but this is, without a doubt the best chapter yet. So sit back and read all about betrayal and trust issues hahahahahahahaha…

mentions: big thanks to @edsrich for reading the first version of this chapter (i rewrote it lol) and just generally showing interest and being nice:)

also a little mention to @tobzier for showing interest, you may not think you’ve done anything but you actually encouraged me by showing that you liked my idea so thanks:)

description: The losers are only 15 when Derry changes forever. The scars from It are barely faded when the newest threat hits the small town, Zombies. Most adults start getting infected one-by-one leaving many kids to fend for themselves, including the losers club. When Beverly is attacked and bitten by her father she can’t help but think she’s a danger to the club, there’s no escaping yourself.

Pairings: reddie, stenbrough, benverly

!!!!!!TRIGGER WARNINGS!!!!!!!!: description of gore and lots of it (it’s a zombie apocalypse), a lot of angst, so many swears oh mY GOD

this chapter: trust issues and angst

And without further ado,

Enjoy :)))))


“You’re hair is winter, fire january embers, my heart burns there too…”

“No not that!”

“Come on Ben think!”

“Ugh this is stupid!”

Beverly woke up with very little memories of what happened the night before, she didn’t even know what time or day it was. She slowly opened her green eyes to reveal a foggy vision starting to adjust. her headache rushed through her brain making her squint. Her stomach was in agony as she curled into a ball. It rumbled and made weird noises, she was hungry. She was so fucking hungry goddamnit.

She thrashed the covers away and used one hand to support her getting up by holding the end table, her other hand, of course, was clenching her stomach. Her legs were shaking bad and felt numb as they hit the floor with every small step. The feeling went from her feet up and caused a wave of exhaustion spread despite her sleeping more than usual.

“He- help…” her voice was raspy and broken. She attempted walking but she had to remain hunched over. This position allowed her to notice all the little things around the room. there was paper scattered along the floor and around the window they threw their trash out of. Along with that there were crayons and broken pencils, almost every typical writing utensil you could find. She didn’t have the time (or energy) to think about what that was all about and kept walking, very slowly.

she took off the giant coat that had been wrapped around her to reveal the bloodstained inside caused by her bloody clothes from the previous zombie wave. She was burning hot but once she took off the jacket she was cold, so she draped the coat over her shoulders without putting her arms through the sleeves. Her steps were slow and she swayed back and forth but she finally reached the door. Her shaking hand pulled the handle down and the door opened. She continued walking down the hallway.

“Bev, what the fucking hell?” Richie quickly finished the stairs and came to the girls side, “You look like complete shit!”

“Richie…” she said at a whisper, “I- I need food…”

“This is all because you’re fucking hungry?” he said surprised as she used his arm as a support beam, “What type of dreams are you having to make you this goddamn hungry?”

“Shut up…” he stomach felt like it was being stabbed and it made weird bubble noises.

“Bill! Get a plate of food!” He yelled. She squinted from hearing the loud noise and her ears started mildly ringing. He picked her up wedding style and carefully walked down stairs.

“Wuh-wuh-what’s wruh-wrong?” Bill said placing the plate on the table with stan resting his chin on his shoulder.

“Bev is starving? I’m not really sure what’s happening either to be honest,” Richie replied helping her in her seat. Eddie took a breath from his inhaler in shock of what he was seeing.

“Jesus Bev!” Stan said. She was gorging the beans as fast as she could with the small fork. The three boys stared at her with confusion that it made Mike confused when he entered the room.

“Um why are we all starting- the hell is she doing?”

She lifted her chin from her last bite and dabbed her napkin around her mouth, “Why is everyone staring?”

“Why? You were eating faster than any animal I’ve ever seen!” Mike said. She glared at him.

“I’m sorry i got hungry,”

“That’s seems like an understatement,” Stan said.

“Yeah that seems a little unhealthy,” Mike said.

“How many times do I have to say that I’m fine?” she got up with both hands on the table, “You don’t need to worry about everything that happens to me,”

“Buh-bev-“ Richie nudged him and gave him the “this won’t help anything so just stop talking” look and Bill nodded.

“I grabbed your guys’s backpacks while I was down there and two of the flashlights need new batteries- BEV!” Ben came from the basement and dropped everything in his hands to run over and hug her, “Holy shit I thought- well i didn’t know what to think!” Bev hugged back but needed to double take on what just happened.

“Uh.. Thanks ben,” she did the only thing she knew what to do when she liked someone and tried to ignore him and focus on something else before she made a fool of herself, “Are you guys going out to town?”

“We were planning on going to the convenience store on Woodblock street,” Mike said rolling up his map.

“Well then I guess I woke up just in time then,” she gave ben his coat back and hesitated but winked, “I’m not waiting up!” she grabbed her backpack hanging over a chair.

“Beverly you can’t be serious,” Stan said parting from Bill.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she gave the sassiest look she could.

“Bev i don’t think this is the best idea,” Ben said holding his coat real tight.

“You legit just died, stuffed your face and now you want to fucking go on an adventure? You’re fucking high, dude,” Richie said looking to Eddie to see if he agreed, he didn’t look at him but he could tell he did.

“Look are we going or not?” Bev said tapping her foot.

“Leh-l-let’s just guh-guh-guh-go,” Bill said walking towards the door.

“Bill,” he looked back to see Stan with his hand on his shoulder and the rest of the boys. All of them were staring at him with mixed expressions: angry and confused.

“Big Bill you might want to rethink this,” Richie said leaning with one hand on the table.

“Yeah you’re going crazy,” Eddie said shaking what was left of his prescription (he’s been saving it up since the apocalypse even though he knew it was all bullshit).

“Luh-luh- look, Bev just guh-got a little sih-sih-sih-sick, she slept all day, o-o-obviously she was huh-hungry,” everyone knew they should follow Bill- he was their leader after all- but in the back of their minds they thought it was wrong. Stan especially was wondering why he kept defending her. Ben was thankful for it but he was worried about his crush, he had spent the whole time she was sleeping making a poem about her just in case something… bad happened.

“We’ll wuh-wuh-wait about a-an hour t-to prepare some muh-muh-more, than we’ll go,”

“Sounds like a plan,” Bev said and threw her backpack on the table top and ran upstairs.

“What the fuck is up with chick,” Richie said out of the silence.

Bev stared herself down in the mirror of her room. Her overalls were covered in blood as for her skin. Her hair was starting to grow out more and it was halfway down her neck. She felt weak. She felt scared. She didn’t feel like herself at all. She started pacing. The feeling of terror hadn’t crossed her this bad in two years when she was forced to face her biggest fear. What was her biggest fear now?

She shook off the thoughts. Don’t be stupid, she said to herself and she did the only thing that felt right.

Exactly an hour went by and Bev came downstairs wearing the same outfit she had worn when they first defeated It. Everyone stared at her surprised, she hadn’t wore that dress since that day. Just seeing Bev in that outfit made them all shiver in fear.

“Is that hair on your shoulder?” Stan pointed out.

“Probably,” She shrugged and dusted it off. She had cut her hair as short as it was with worn down scissors she found in a closet. Of course she didn’t look like she did when she was 13 but, hell, it was close enough to make the rooms air fell thin.

“Wuh-wuh-well we better get going,” Bill said looking back at everyone as they gathered their stuff.

They walked in a in a horizontal line with Bill in the middle holding a fence post nice and tight (with Stan right next to him and the butt of his gun sticking out of his backpack).

Ben stood awkwardly at Beverly’s left (Bill was at the right) and tried to observe Richie and Eddie on the other side. Everyone knew they liked each other, especially after last night’s bonfire, and Ben wanted to see how they did it. How they would be so close and nothing was weird. Then he observed Beverly. That outfit made all her features stand out more since the last time she wore that was 2 years ago.

She had grown and he hoped he did too but he never noticed anything new with himself but the people around him seemed to be growing physically and mentally. That wasn’t always a good thing considering Stan was officially diagnosed with OCD and Eddie’s Anxiety got worse to the point where the pills weren’t (gazebos) placebos. His mental health wasn’t right after the event but his mother was too poor to pay for a medical bill to check if there was something they could do about it, but all they could was hope it didn’t get worse.

“This is it!” Mike said almost triumphantly as they walked between an old flower shop to see at the other side of them was an empty convenience store. They had taken the path through the canal where less zombies roamed and kept a sharp eye out. They never talked unless they were in the building that was already checked for those rotten corpses.

Richie went in first and checked to see if there were any zombies in the front and the rest poured in and checked the isles.

“All clear!” Stan yelled after checking the last aisle.

“Oh-okay guh-guys, get wuh-whatever you want,”

“I love being able to take anything I want,” he breathed taking in the scene. Trash mouth Tozier adapted the easiest to the whole apocalypse, no one to miss and no one to miss him, except for his losers. Everyone thought that was sad but they couldn’t lie about the single moments of feeling free.

“Don’t take too much, Tozier we gotta haul this back to the house,” Mike said picking up more cans of baked beans in the third aisle.

“Do you think they’ll have jerky here?” Bev spoke up from the “female product” aisle. Mike audibly gagged at the thought.

“Since when do you like beef jerky?” Stan said while getting jars of peanut butter.

“I dunno, I was just kinda craving something,” Her eyes scanned the store in a hunt for the dried meat. Stan rolled his eyes, after that everyone figured it was just “that time of the month” so no one said anything. The simple sounds of shuffling and small talk was abruptly interrupted by the shrill voice of Eddie Kaspbrak’s high pitched squeal.

“EDS?” Richie yelled running to the other aisle.

“FUCK OFF ME!” He’s voice pierced through the air.

“Eddie?” Mike ran with Richie.

“What’s happening?” Ben yelled as loud as his timid self would allow him next to the girl he loved. Bev started to smell something.

Was that blood?

Why could she smell that?

It smelt like meat?

Did it smell g-

“GET OFF HIM!” Richie yelled interrupting her thoughts.

“Holy shit!” She grabbed Ben’s arm and ran past the empty aisles clutching a fence stick in her other hand.

“FUH-FUH-FUCK!” Bill yelled. When they finally got to the other end of the store they saw the bunch of losers swinging their arms. Eddie was being ripped through the wall by a pair of rotting hands tearing at his clothes and skin. Eddie had one arm on the decaying hand trying to choke him and his other arm was being pulled by Richie who was being supported by Mike. Stan was shooting hands best he could without hitting their victim, but nothing was working.

“Stay out of my way!” Stan was yelling to all of the conflicted teens.

“HELP!” Eddie’s voice cracked. Beverly felt something inside her switch.

“Sorry Stan!” She shoved him out of the way and did the only thing her brain would tell her. She got a good grip on one of those arms and yanked it.

“HOLY FUCK!” Eddie screamed.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Stan said. Ben stared in utter shock.

“SHI-SH-SHIT!” Bill stuttered out.

The arm had been ripped out and the blood was pouring everywhere along with chunks of skin. After the arm was detached Richie took his chance and wrapped his arms around the small boy’s waist and lifted him up with all his strength. He got him far enough from the wall that Ben could use the extra axe the store kept to cut off the arms. They were all running out of the horrific crime scene but Ben stopped at the door, “Bev?” he yelled. She was standing there shaking with the arm in her hands.

What the fuck have I done.

Why the fuck was I gonna do that…

“BEV?” Stan yelled louder.

“Oh shit! uh… sorry,” She threw the at the floor and stumbled into things on her way of running out. After everyone was outside Stan used his second to last bullet and shot the zombie in the head. After that they ran to the back hesitantly and continued along the stream.

“AUGH!” Bev screamed as she hunched over and fell down. Everyone turned to her.

“Uh… Bev?” Bill crouched down and reached a supporting hand.

“GO AWAY!” She swung her arm out and pushed him off balance into the water.

“Bev what the hell?” Richie walked towards her. she started to crawl backwards onto land, “GET AWAY FROM ME!” She was bent over due to the incomparable pain rising in her stomach.

“Bev calm down!” Mike tried to sound supportive.

“FUCK YOU!” She threw a rock at him.

“Beverly?” Ben said quietly walking ahead everyone.

“Bev stop!” Richie yelled. She stared at him with betrayal.

“Holy fuck,” Eddie said under his breath behind the trash mouth.

“AUGH!” She started to cry.

“Bev!” Ben ran to her. she lifted her head up to look at him in the eye. Her eyes started rolling back showing the whites in them.




Stan ran to the front ahead of Bill who was stunned and stuck in the dirt.

He pointed his gun at her.

“Bev what the fuck!” his voice cracked.

“Woah Stan!” Richie yelled, he motioned forward but Eddie grabbed his arm and gave him a scared expression.

“UGH!” she grabbed her face and clenched her hair. She grabbed her bag and stuffed her arm into it. She grabbed the jerky and ripped off the top with her teeth and gorged on it, crouching over her knees. She whipped her head towards the losers club and as if fog had cleared in her eyes, the polished emeralds appeared again.

“I- What- I uh,” She tried to spit out.

“Hey,” Ben said timidly out of the crowd, “You’re okay. We’re- We’re all okay.”

She started crying against a tree as the rest of the gang dragged out of the water to comfort her.

“I’m so sorry…”

Ben was in the room with Bev, Richie was sure they were asleep by now. The rest of them sat on the ripped up couch in the living room. Eddie was leaning on Richie with what was left in his tear ducts stained on his cheeks. Richie was in the same disoriented condition, but everyone knew it was worse. This was the first real loss he’d experienced and she wasn’t even “gone” yet. Mike was in the kitchen cleaning up, it’s what he did when he stressed out. The three could hear Bill and Stan yelling at each other in the bathroom.



Richie squinted while listening to the yells. Eddie was squeezing his hand noticing the tense feelings.



“Whatever, Bill,”



“You’ve ah-always been jeh-jealous of Bev! YOU-YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN-”






“What the-“ Mike flinched.

Everyone jolted upright. There was a hole in the bathroom door and blood around the left splinters. Bill started crying uncontrollably and fell into Stan’s arms, the bird boy just looked at the door in shock while holding his lover close to his chest. All the while two emerald eyes were silently pouring rains from the hallway at the top of the steps.


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dead stars [CH.6]


WARNINGS: alcohol, eating disorder, ptsd, night terrors

AUTHOR’S NOTE: ok it got a little angsty again idk what you guys were expecting. it’s not too angsty, don’t you worry, no one’s dead, but touchy subjects hurt lmao. hope you like it 💕

by the end of the film, the bottle is empty, they’re both stumbling over the words to seasons of love and dancing awkwardly around the room. singing loudly, out of time with the music, they are more synchronised with one another than they are with the song playing on crackly speakers in the background, and the world outside seems to fade into insignificance. they are loud, so loud that their own thoughts are drowning, pushed under by the cascading alcohol-induced amnesia.

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I saw Thor: Ragnarok yesterday. Mild spoilers may follow, you have been warned.

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I liked it a lot. Easily the best Thor film, and one of my favourite MCU films for a while. Taika Waititi was a great choice for director, his sense of humour shines throughout the film but there weren’t too many misjudged moments of humour to deflate potentially emotional or exciting moments. (My main problem with Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 was exactly that - the humour wasn’t smoothly integrated into the film, it stopped moments dead in its tracks. Or maybe I was just in a bad mood when I saw it?) Taika’s role as Korg, the soft-spoken rock creature was also fantastic. He had some of the film’s best lines - “piss off, ghost!”, the thing about not printing enough pamphlets for his revolution, the giant three-pronged wooden fork, his confusion about how Mjolnir worked…

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Also I liked the score by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh. Guardians aside, most Marvel films don’t have partociualry distinctive soundtracks, and although this one doesn’t have catchy tunes either, it does have a nice synth-pop flavour which is unique to the MCU to date.

Apparently some folks are upset about the absence of Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard, and Kat Dennings from the first two Thor films, but I can’t say I missed them at all. And I much preferred the new characters anyway - the aforementioned Korg, the wonderful Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and Jeff Goldblum being his very Goldblumish self as secondary villain The Grand Master. Cate Blanchett was a good main villain too, though she could’ve done with a few more moments to shine.

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And if I may be exceedingly bi for a moment, I crushed on an absurd number of characters. For starters it’s good to see Cate Blanchett as a sexy dark-haired villain in something that doesn’t suck (*coughCrystalSkullcough*). Obviously the whole “kneel before your queen” business works for me… Also I loved Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie immediately. Idris Elba looked fiiine with the dreadlocks and salt-and-pepper beard. And though I’ve never particularly been into Thor, his haircut made all the difference. Short-haired Thor is my thang. (Sorry, Loki fans, I prefer Hiddles’ looks in other things. Since someone compared his new Loki wig to Tommy Wiseau, I can’t unsee it…)

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It’s slightly disappointing that you can’t tell just from watching the film that Valkyrie is bi, it’s only because Tessa Thompson mentioned it in interviews that I’m aware of it. Apparently a scene was shot which brings it up, but it didn’t make the final cut. For now she remains in the Footnote Closet. Here’s hoping it comes up in future appearances. (There had better be future appearances.)

And that’s the end of my unstructured Thor ramble.

Rhea really hadn’t thought through the whole ‘impulse adopting two rodents’ thing, when she’d been back in England. As in, at no point had she been thinking of the hassle it was going to be when she had returned, to carry in the three tier monstrosity she’d forked out for. Her luggage and the rats themselves were already safe back in her room after a couple to and fros from the car, but, it was now that she was beginning to struggle, the huge cage in her arms towering over her head and wobbling, dangerously, with each hesitant step she took towards the door. The door which, upon getting close to it… she realized was pull, not push. “Hey! Hi, hello, greetings–” trying to flag someone down would have been so much easier if she actually had hands free to do so, “I hate to ask, but– well, I kinda have to!– could you catch the door for me, please? I can’t put this down or it might never get picked back up again..”

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Why is the three pronged fork repulsive? Asking for a friend.

The Three-Pronged Fork is an unholy being for many reasons, there is a long history of it’s disobedience, but this can all be traced back to its original sin.

It has corrupted the teachings of the Fork. The Three-Prongs mark the misuse of a very important philosophy to us. It is the same power and greed that the Three-Prong Fork has that turned responsibility to self-satisfying pride.

The Four-Prongs of the Fork mark four things. Determination, Understanding, Ambition and Compassion

It is when we remove our forth prong, our compassion, that we devolve to that of someone who understands nothing of tolerance, forgiveness and who is over-all concerned for nothing but themselves.

The Three-Pronged Forks original sin was Intolerance.

The Strange Inspirations For Popular Superheroes!
  • SUPERMAN: Superman was first written by Jerry Siegel after he read Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” in which he talked about a superior type of human being that he called an Übermensch, or “Super Man.” Siegel thought the philosopher’s concept would make a fun action hero and the rest is history.
  • THE HULK: The big green beast was created by Jack Kirby after he stubbed his toe on Stan Lee’s dining room table. He was furious and rampaged through Lee’s house for several minutes, throwing furniture. When Lee pointed out that in his angry state Kirby was able to throw a 275 pound sofa, Kirby had the idea and the rest is history.
  • SPIDER-MAN: Steve Ditko had wanted to work for Marvel for several years, but had no good ideas for superheroes until he was bitten by a spider in 1962. The spider bite inspired him to create Arachno-Dude, a 50ft tall ghost who could shoot spiders out of his nose. The character was altered slightly during editing and the rest is history.
  • WOLVERINE: Wolverine was not originally intended to be one of the X-Men. He was invented when Len Wein was hired to create a mascot for Wally Verine’s Three Pronged Fork Emporium. The Fork Emporium went out of business after only three months, but Marvel art director John Romita, Sr. was a regular customer in that time and when the business folded, he bought the rights to the mascot and the rest is history.
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA: The first avenger was a real captain in the U.S. Army during World War 2. Captain Peter P. America fought and died on the German Front in 1943, killed by a sniper on August 15th. His last words were, “Tell ‘em to name a comic man after me, a good comic man who does good by his country. I want all the kids to remember the name Pete Puspimple America.” Though only his last name was kept past the editing process, the rest is history. Also the original part was history, because it’s historical.
  • BATMAN: On the night of July 1st, 1932, Bob Kane and Bill Finger were tasked with babysitting for cartoonist Charles Addams, watching his newborn daughter. The two noticed that over the child’s crib had been placed a mobile of bats. When Finger mentioned the bat mobile, Kane misheard him and imagined a bat-themed automobile. It took them another six years to design a hero to drive the Batmobile. The hero they designed was Dick Grayson, or “The Robin.” The Robin had a sidekick called “The Chiroptera Kid” whose name was shortened to “The Bat Boy” when the characters were bought by Detective Comics. In time, The Bat Boy grew into The Bat Man, later shortened to Batman. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Next Week: Wonder Woman, Thor, Aquaman, The Fantastic Four, and Jesus.

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"Excuse me, Padre. But one of my dearest friends says she's been hearing the voice of the Three Pronged Devil speaking to her. Would just praying the voices away work, or should I have her come to the church for an exorcism?"

Everybody has thoughts that make them uncomfortable and sometimes scare them, the biggest thing you have to remember is the the Three-Pronged Fork cannot make you do anything. 

The best thing you can do is remind your friend they are a good person by nature and that as long as they know the things the Three-Pronged Fork is saying to them is wrong they will still be pure.