three fingered ring

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Overall denim dresses are everywhere this season! Pair them with a white shirt and some black shoes and you can easily DisneyBound Belle’s dress. I’ve added Belle’s bow accessory as a detail on her purse. In this scene, Belle reads her favorite book (about far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells … and a prince in disguise) to a flock of village sheep—which is why I’ve given her the book pendant and the adorable three- finger lamb ring.

When the Leaves Fall

“When the Leaves Fall”
T. S. Keen

At the mention of harming Elliana, a massive wooden hand with three fingers, each adorned with rings made from various precious gems, blasts out of the chasm and plants itself onto the edge. “NO TOUCH GIRL!!!”, a voice bellowed from the depths of the chasm. Yet another monstrous hand shoots up from the crevice and crashes down to the ground. The hands grip the edge with tremendous force causing the earth to shatter and crumble as the creature hauls itself to the surface.