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WONDER WOMAN WAS SO GOOD. SO GOOD. (a lil cliche at the end, admittedly, but SO. GOOD.) ok lemme just

  • The little things. In the flashback to Ares corrupting man or whatever, it wasn’t just men fighting, it was also women. 
  • when diana landed at the very end and her thighs jiggled like a real fucking person i damn near started crying im. wow
  • THERE WERE SO MANY DIVERSE WOMEN ON THEMISCRYA! All sizes, colors, builds, it was so nice so so so nice
  • those entire scenes when steve gets out of the bath and also on the boat
    • uh side note “she came to the conclusion that men were necessary for procreation, but not for pleasure”
    • “I’m a bit…above average”
  • “where i come from, we call that slavery” “i like her” in short etta candy is?? a blessing?? i wish she could have had a bigger role than just pointing a sword at that one guy trailing them. obviously that was incredible but i wanted etta fucking up some shit
  • that plot twist with ares was pretty good, although i was half laughing bc the actor who played him was remus lupin and why would the god of war be a skinny white dude with a curly mustache i just. i cant
  • this may seem like a really small deal for anyone else but in the train scene when they’re at the station and other scenes as well there were Indian soldiers and a lot of people forget thousands of Indians were drafted and forced to fight as they were under british imperial rule at the time and you know what? when you’re so overlooked all of the fucking time? Even saying two or three faces in the crowd is fucking amazing? Because someone remembered  you existed?
  • out of that team of 5 2 were POC and hey. its not perfect but. its definitely. good™
  • Chief was portrayed so well?? no Native American stereotypes that I could catch (then again, I’m not familiar with any and wasn’t actively looking out for them, please correct me if I’m wrong) but he actually USED his knowledge and culture?? so good??? Also at least one sentence about how white men ruined Native Americans to a horrific extent. I would’ve preferred a conversation, but def better than nothing
  • I love how they addressed the “how come she speaks english”, because it wasn’t just some offhand “I speak thousands of languages, no biggie”, but it was pretty damn vital to the plot
  • It got really in touch with humanity as a whole and I fucking loved it. I think it’s also hella fitting for the current political climate - the whole “yes, they’re the bad guys, but it’s also partially my fault” - I can’t really phrase it, it was just - nice.
  • Honestly? I REALLY liked how they used WWI instead of II. WWII is a little overdone in the superhero genre, and WWI was the biggest war the world had ever faced. It was the Great War up until the 1940s. It was an enormous humanitarian crisis (not that WWII wasn’t ofc) but its really not talked about in the movies. I think this is really the first time the world as a whole saw such international, dangerous war, and it was perfect for the reasoning and the timeline. if it had been WWII, the world would already be war-weary. This way, it’s fresh for man AND Diana.
  • thank GOODNESS dc has upped their game and didn’t make the part where she was in no-man’s zone the climax and just drag it on from there (because that’s what they did with suicide squad and it was absolutely terrible). They actually had a mini climax then a rest and a buildup before the biG climax which made my plot chart loving heart happy. 
  • steve is a pure man who tried his best not to objectify diana and told off others who did as well and its not like diana was taking aNY of that shit and the ways he complemented her weren’t creepy or gross they were nice and genuine
  • if i recall correctly, charlie really didn’t show off his sharpshooting skills that much. he had problems. he wasn’t the greatest at what he did. But then diana was like “then who would sing for us?” and i just. even if ur not great at something. even if youre plagued by nightmares and ghosts and haunting wars. you’re still wanted. you’re still valued. sorry it was SO nice
  • “A BABY!!”
  • wonder woman saved both all of dc and my soul for superhero movies

off-with-there-heads  asked:

All of them :3 1,2,3,4,ect

  • 1. Any scars? - I have lots of scars from owning cats for so long, some self harm ones, and three on my stomach from a gallbladder surgery. Two one my side, one right under the breast bone and one in my belly button. 
  • 2. Self harmed? -Yeah. 
  • 3. Crush? - No
  • 4. Kissed anyone? - Family members and some dude in grade school. 
  • 5. Coke or Pepsi? - I can’t drink soda. Paralyzed stomach. 
  • 6. Someone you hate? - I don’t fully HATE anyone. But there are a few people who are really high up there on the “Can’t stand” list. Really REALLY high as of late. 
  • 7. Best Friends? - Her name is Aleah. She is my companion, my other half, my friend soul mate. Or blood runs in unison. 
  • 8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? - No drugs. I do drink occasionally, but I’ve never been drunk. Hurts my stomach and I get really grumpy, so I try to avoid going too far. Also drunk people give me loads of anxiety.  
  • 9. What’s your dream job? - I feel like I’m already there. Its simple and not very extravagant, but I really love making these clay charms, art commissions while doing Merchandising. 
  • 10. Ever been in love? - I can’t say that I have. I’ve had crushes, but I’ve never been IN LOVE. 
  • 11. Last time you cried? - A little over an hour ago. I’m a big baby.
  • 12. Favorite color? - Bordeaux red
  • 13. Height? - 5′4 I’m a shorty. 
  • 14. Birthday? - April 14
  • 15. Eye color? - Brown
  • 16. Hair color? - Dark brown/black
  • 17. What do you love? Art, my family, my friends, my birb…
  • 18. Obsession? - heheh…heh….*sweats and looks at the mountains of Smite Art*
  • 19. If you had one wish, what would it be? - My loved ones to be happy. 
  • 20. Do you love someone? - I love so many people. I have a lot to give. 
  • 21. Kiss or hug? - Huggles. I get kisses from my mum and my bestie and I sometimes give each other head smeeches. 
  • 22. Nicknames people call you? “Jackie” “Jackie Lantern” “Jac” “Four Eyes” “Mom” “Hanji” “Blue” “Sweetiepie” “Mamita” “Mi hija” “stupid” (affectionately) 
  • 23. Favorite song? - Right now its “Escapist” by Nightwish
  • 24. Favorite band? - Nightwish
  • 25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you? - Don’t really wanna go into detail, but I’ll chalk two things up to 1, having to cut off an entire chunk of my family including my father And 2, losing a very dear friend of mine to illness, and being in a chronically ill community where people die monthly and I know more friends of mine will pass on as well. 
  • 26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? - Meeting my best friend.
  • 27. Something you would change about yourself? - My horrible self-identity. 
  • 28. Ever dated someone? - Yes and it was the most awkward, boring thing ever. 
  • 29. Worst mistake? - Hooooo….. There is no way I can answer this without breaking down. So I’m gonna leave it at Ive made so many mistakes in my life that I regret. 
  • 30. Watch the movie or read the book? - Movie
  • 31. Ever had a heartbreak? - Yep
  • 32. Favorite show? - Attack on Titan
  • 33. Best day of your life? - My head keeps going back to the day lil 15 year old Aleah told lil 16 year old me she considered me her best friend. 
  • 34. Any talents? - I can kinda art. 
  • 35. Do you wish you could ever start over? - Daily. 
  • 36. Any bad habits? - I have a HORRIBLE issue with being a sensitive and easily butthurt piece of crap. 
  • 37. Ever had a near death experience? - Yeah. There was a time where my blood pressure tanked out really bad and the ER in my town were being morons. And just the other week at Con, there was a shooter arrested, thankfully, before he could hurt anyone. (See phoenix comic con news) 
  • 38. Someone I can tell anything to? - My bird
  • 39. Ever lost a loved one? - Yes. One f my best friends Danielle. She died in 2014 to several illnesses. She would have been 30 a couple days ago. I miss her every single day. 
  • 40. Do you believe in love? - Yes, but I believe in different KINDS of love that CAN BE JUST AS IMPORTANT AND STRONG as romantic love. You can love someone powerfully and unconditionally without being romantically involved with them, and I wish that was taught more in our society. 
  • 41. Someone you hate/Dislike? (see answer 6)
  • 42. Are you okay? - Eh. 
  • 43. Relationship status? - Single
  • 44. Selfie? - On July 1, there will be one. 

genj-ii  asked:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and 17 bc im a good friend and i must know a l l

All of these + 41

1- what are you wearing?: Im wearing an oversized tie dye tee shirt that was my brothers before I stole it from him. And then some polka dot teal pj shorts. They have pockets my dude.

2- ever been in love?: Romantically, no. Platonically ye, heLL YE. I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS.

3- Ever had a terrible break up?: nope.

4- How tall are you?: 5'0, just shy of 5'1 tho. So basically 5'1 (but not rly)
The rest is under the cut. Bc its kinda long.

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