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The Ultimate Dystopian Playlist

Need some music to get your creative juices flowing? We’ve got you covered!

1. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

2. Bones by Ms Mr

3. Uprising by Muse

4. We Are Responsible by Anna Johnson

5. Anything Could Happen by Elli Goulding

6. Renegades by X Ambassadors

7. Resistance by Muse

8. Stompa by Serena Ryder

9. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

10. Lantern by Josh Ritter

11. Human by The Killers

12. Final Masquerade by Linkin Park

13. Escape by Kongos

14. Drive it Like You Stole it by the Glitch Mob

15. Edge of a Revolution by Nickelback

16. Crystals by Of Monsters and Men

17. Hero of War by Rise Against

18. Search and Destroy by 30
Seconds to Mars

19. Secrets by OneRepublic

20. Monsters by Matchbook Romance

21. Invincible by Skillet

22. Gold by Imagine Dragons

23. Human Race by Three Days Grace

24. Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses

25. Vox Populi by 30 Seconds to Mars

26. Human by Christina Perri

27. Some Kind of Monster by Neon Trees

28. What I’ve Done by Linkin Park

29. Away From the Sun by Three Doors Down

30. State of My Head by Shinedown

31. Cough Syrup by Young The Giant

32. Sick Of It by Skillet

33. Centuries by Fall Out Boy

34. Mountain At My Gate by Foals

35. Castle by Halsey

36. Pompeii by Bastille

37. Save the World by Swedish House Mafia

38. Who We Are by Imagine Dragons

39. I Own You by Shinedown

40. Collective Amnesia by Rise Against

41. Viva La Vida by Coldplay

42. Inferred by Placebo

43. Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy

44. Burn by Elli Goulding

45. Derezzed by The Glitch Mob

46. You Make Me Want to Die by The Pretty Reckless

47. Glittering Clouds by Imogen Heap

48. Outcast by Shinedown

49. Oh, What a Life by American Authors

50. It’s About Time by Young The Giant

51. Kingdom of Rust by Doves

52. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

53. Kerosene Dreams by X Ambassadors

54. Recondite mixed by Wahbi Abderrahamane

55. Aftermath by Muse

56. Ready, Aim, Fire by Imagine Dragons

57. Empty Gold by Halsey

58. Believer by Imagine Dragons

59. Meet Me On the Battlefield by SVRCINA

60. Feed The Machine by Nickelback

61. The Bad in Each Other by Fiest

62. Warrior by Beth Crowley

63. Midnight City by M83

64. Not Afraid Anymore by Halsey

65. Yamaha by Delta Spirit

66. Beast by Nico Vega

67. Polarize by Twenty One Pilots

68. Gasoline by Halsey

An Offer He Can’t Refuse

Title: An Offer He Can’t Refuse

Summary:  The reader tries to make it up to Dean after they argue, even though she’s not sure what he’s angry about.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 2592

Warnings:  nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  Written for @avasmommy224 birthday challenge. It had to include smut and the prompt “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

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{synopsis} platonic relationship between reader and bucky until bucky decides to help reader relieve some stress

{warnings} male masturbation, a shit load of dirty talk (i might’ve gone overboard), vaginal fingering, tease!bucky, denied orgasm, dom!bucky, very lowkey hate fucking (more on the reader’s side than anything), metal arm kink

{pairing} dom!bucky x fem!reader

{word count} 2045

tags - @arabellaaurorabarnes , @firebendergirl33 , @justonenobody , @harrisbn @madbabie

   It had been two weeks since their little incident, and when Bucky said he wanted to get Y/N riled up, he wasn’t lying. It had been absolute torture for our poor girl; with the looks Bucky gave her when he walked into a room, the sinfully tight shirts he wore during training, the small moments when no one was looking that he would grind up against her, speak lowly in her ear and then leave like nothing had happened. Just this morning he pulled something that nearly made Y/N explode…

   Y/N grumbled as she made her way down the hallway to the elevator; the only thing on her mind being food. She had spent the entire morning cooped up in her room, particularly to avoid making any and all contact with a certain James Barnes (who happened to reside three doors down from her). She thought she had been doing a good job so far, and had actually gone as far as to ask FRIDAY about Bucky’s location throughout her time hiding out, just in case he decided to surprise her. So, as she passed his room, Y/N was quite surprised (and very alarmed) to hear low moans coming from inside. She thought she had made sure that Bucky’s room was clear before she set off on her escapade to retrieve food… guess she was getting lazy.

   Sure, she had recently been in a state of constant hatred towards the man, but she still cared for him. It’s not like they didn’t have history. Therefore, being the gallant little Avenger she is, Y/N quickly darted to Bucky’s door and swung it open. The sight she was greeted with nearly knocked the breath out of her chest.

   Bucky Barnes was not in trouble; oh no, he was far from it. The man in question was sprawled out on his bed, the duvet kicked lazily around his feet, his body bare and his legs spread wide. Bucky’s chest was heaving as he took deep breaths between low moans and throaty groans, his metallic hand gripping the headboard and his human hand pumping his cock at a steady rhythm. Y/N was at a loss for words as her eyes traveled his figure, his skin covered in a light layer of sweat, his abs contracting as waves of pleasure washed over his body. He was like something out of myth; he was a fucking god. Bucky’s head was thrown back as a breathy “oh god” fell from his sinfully plump lips, his eyes scrunched shut and god his neck… how Y/N was alive at that very moment remains a mystery. 

   But before anything else could happen, Y/N closed the door as dramatically as she had opened it, and fell against it as she stared, wide eyed, at the opposite wall of the now eerily quiet hallway, her mind attempting to grasp what had just happened. A sharp breath left her in the form of what sounded like a panic-ridden sigh, and Y/N closed her eyes for a moment, trying to wipe her brain of what she had just seen. But did she want to?

   Bucky, on the other hand, had stopped his movements and was smirking triumphantly to himself. He heard her exasperation through the door, hell, he could feel it radiating off of her. So, just to make matters worse for our poor girl, he opened his mouth and moaned in the most pornographic way he could muster, “Oh, Y/N!”

   He waited for a response, and not less than a second after the words left his mouth, he heard a loud gasp and clumsy footsteps leading away from his room. Bucky threw his head back in silent laughter and grinned deviously to himself. Everything was going to plan…

   That moment was still haunting Y/N. It was most definitely still haunting her as our girl has her hand stuck down her panties, her pointer and middle finger pumping furiously into her wet core. She had been going at it, laying in her bed, for the past 10 minutes and so far she was receiving jack shit. She was just about to give up when a knock came at her door, reviving a flame that had settled in Y/N for the time being. Her voice was sharp and uninviting as she yelled out: “Who the fuck is it?”

   A low chuckle came as an answer, and Y/N was at a loss for words, her cheeks heating up as her mind immediately wandered to the morning incident. “Doll?” the smug bastard called out in an innocent, sing-song voice, “It’s me. Can I come in?”

   Y/N thought to herself for a minute, did she really want him to come in? Maybe he had come there to settle the tension that had been building between them for the previous two weeks… lord knows it was about time… But it was too late for second thoughts because before Y/N could overthink what was about to happen any further, her legs had already carried her to the door and her hand was already on the handle, turning the knob and then opening the door to reveal a very smug looking Bucky. Damn you, subconscious movements. Y/N rolled her eyes at the sight of his infuriatingly happy face, a sharp sigh falling from her mouth. Bucky’s face faltered for a moment and his eyebrows furrowed in a playfully offended way, “Good to see you too, dollface. May I come in?”

   Y/N rolled her eyes again, “Whatever, just don’t fuck anything up.”

   Bucky chuckled but followed her into her room, taking note of the messy bed covers and the lack of pants on the girl in front of him. She had so been touching herself. Bucky took a seat at her desk as Y/N curled up on her bed, an expectant look on her face. “Well? What do you want?” she asked him, an impatient edge in her voice.

   He sat in her chair silently for a few moments, eyeing her over, then he suddenly rose from his seat, and had her pinned to the mattress before she could even blink. His body was hovering over hers, Y/N’s hands trapped above her head, and Bucky’s steel blue eyes boring into her own. His voice was lower than she had every heard it when he spoke next, “I want you to drop the damn attitude. Understand, sweetheart?”

   Y/N understood clearly, and, though a surge of defiance struck her, she calmed it and slowly nodded her head. Bucky smiled and his eyes darted to her lips as he spoke, “Good girl.” Then, his mouth molded with hers and the game began.

   Their kiss was passionate, though their passion rooted from different seeds. Y/N’s was purely animal, raw need surging through her as she bit Bucky’s lip and grinded against his crotch. Bucky’s passion came from the desire to be in control. His was controlled and relaxed, his kisses calculated and thought through, just like everything else in his life. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he was playing off of Y/N’s lust and need. He was playing her like a fiddle, and they both knew it. Eventually, the kiss broke off and Bucky began to trail his lips down, planting kisses on her face and peppering her jaw, his teeth nipping at the taut skin of her neck and collarbone. His mouth didn’t go any farther than that, though, and this frustrated the everloving fuck out of our dear Y/N. So, she voiced her complaint: “Get a move on, you prick. What the hell are doing, huh?”

   Bucky stopped his actions and tsked, his eyes adopting a playful glint as he grinned. “I’m playing with my food, baby. Get used to it, games are my specialty.”

   She gasped, in an almost accusatory way, a fire lighting in her eyes. Y/N struggled momentarily against Bucky’s grasp on her hands, but gave up when she realized he truly was in control of her, and he wasn’t going to give up on his power as easily as she had hoped. Bucky got back to work, sucking marks on her skin and soothing them with his tongue, drawing hisses and gasps and moans from the helpless girl underneath him. He reveled in the power he had, how his mouth alone could create such angelic sounds and make a woman as strong-willed as Y/N squirm and whimper. He was in absolute heaven.

   Not soon after Y/N began to grind her crotch against his, Bucky’s metal arm released it’s grasp on her right hand and began to trail down her front, goose bumps being left in it’s trail. Y/N gasped at the contrast in temperatures, her hot skin mixing deliciously with the coldness of the metal, the prosthetic limb biting her skin playfully. Bucky smirked at the reaction and continued his hands decent until he had reached her pelvic bone. There, he let his pointer finger trace a continuous circle on the spot where her hip bone jutted out, slowly testing the stormy waters that were Y/N’s patience and tolerance. She moaned though, to Bucky’s pleasant surprise, and almost whined out when she pleaded, “Bucky, please…”

   The assassin couldn’t say no to that face. So, his metal limb snuck it’s way underneath the material of Y/N panties and quickly got to work on her pussy. First, he ran his pointer finger up her slit in a smooth path, collecting her wetness along the way. When his trail ended, he used the collected juice to lubricate her throbbing clit, and slowly began to trace circles on the sensitive nub with toe curling pressure. Y/N let out a low moan at the sensation, her now free hand grasping Bucky’s prosthetic arm like if she let go it would disappear. Bucky groaned at the sight, and decided he wanted to add a new factor to the game they were playing. He was going to make her melt with his words.

   “Doll,” he started, his voice gravelly, “do you know what I was thinking about this morning when you caught me touching myself?”

   Y/N’s breath caught in her throat and her voice came out as a whisper, “Y-you heard me?”

   Bucky sunk his middle finger into her core and she gasped, her eyes rolling back in their sockets. He chuckled dryly, “Super soldier, babe. Now, tell me dollface, do you know what I was thinking about?”

   Y/N bit her lip and shook her head. Bucky smirked, this was going to be fun. “I was thinking about how good it would feel to have your mouth wrapped around my cock, your eyes staring up at me innocently, your pretty pink lips going up and down, up and down. God, baby… you have no idea how pretty your moans would sound, muffled around my dick. I would grab your hair in my hands and fuck your mouth so good, darling” -Y/N moaned at that- “going in and out, deeper and deeper and deeper until I cum inside your throat. You would like that, wouldn’t you, baby? I bet you would, you naughty girl.” Bucky’s fingers pumped continuously faster as his words became lower, his mouth inching closer to her ear. The deep gravel of Bucky’s voice raised shivers on Y/N’s skin, and she was in absolute heaven.

   A familiar burning sensation began to spread from Y/N’s lower back to her thighs and stomach, reaching as far as her toes. She began to subconsciously grind on Bucky’s fingers, desperate for her release, and Bucky was almost convinced to give it to her. But he needed her to wait just a little while longer…

   “You know, love, I would adore the sensation of you cumming all over my fingers, but I think I need you to simmer just a little while longer…” and with those devastation words, Bucky slipped his fingers out of Y/N’s pulsating core, and was out of the room before Y/N could even sit up. With a devious smirk, Bucky sauntered down the hallway, sucking on his fingers and laughing silently. His shit-eating grin just grew as he heard an explicit line of swears leave Y/N’s mouth. This was too easy…

Jax Teller Playlist

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  1. Savior-The Offspring
  2. Cleaning Out My Closet-Eminem
  3. Throne-BMTH
  4. Just Like You-Three Days Grace
  5. Time Of Your Life-Green Day
  6. Heathens-21 Pilots
  7. How You Remind Me-Nickelback
  8.  Come Down-Bush
  9. Terrible Things-Mayday Parade
  10. Last Resort-Papa Roach
  11. In The End-Linkin Park
  12. Run This Town-Jay Z
  13. Numb-Linkin Park
  14. I Just Wanna Run-The Downtown Fiction
  15. House Of The Rising Son-The White Buffalo 
  16. I Don’t Love You-MCR
  17. Try-Simple Plan
  18. Never Too Late-Three Days Grace
  19. Come As You Are-Nirvana
  20. King For A Day-Green Day
  21. Oh Love-Green Day
  22. How To Save A Life-The Fray
  23. This Song Saved My Life-Simple Plan
  24. Monster-Imagine Dragons
  25. Kryptonite-Three Doors Down

lwoorl  asked:

Do you think the animorphs could have win the war if Eva had not been taken by the Yeerks?

Eva’s right about Marco: he’s a sweet kid, even to the point of delicacy, and he has no understanding of the vileness of the world.  He’s never tasted death, never watched one parent disappear while the other decayed.  The world has not yet made him hard, has not honed the sharp edges of his mind into razors and armored spikes.

  • This time around, when they’re all standing around arguing in Cassie’s barn, Marco becomes first the one to agree with Tobias.  “Think about it, man,” Marco says, grinning at Jake.  “Turning into animals? Saving the planet? It’s like something out of a comic book.”
    • “Our parents would kill us if they knew,” Jake says slowly.
    • “That’s why they’re never gonna know,” Marco says, laughing.  “How about it, huh?  We rescue Tom, we kick butts, and depending on how that goes we’ll talk more later.”
    • After the mission goes more wrong than they ever could have imagined, after they learn what hell looks like and lose a fight against the being who rules that hell, Marco misses nearly a week of school.  His parents are worried, of course, but neither of them can get a straight answer out of him.  Marco keeps his trap shut, because he knows this much: if Tom could be a controller, then anyone could be.  
  • Still, Marco loves his friends, and he can’t let them face danger alone.  He helps them infiltrate Chapman’s house, and the construction site afterward.  He goes with them to take down the yeerks’ supply ship, grumbling the whole time about how they’re all gonna die.  He rescues Ax, and does his best to stifle the nightmares that follow their encounter with the sharks.  Each time he gets home, he’s met at the door of his house by Eva, who is growing steadily more concerned and doesn’t know what to think of his increasingly-flimsy lies.  
    • He says to Jake, “This is going to be my last mission,” and this time he means it.  They barely make it out of that mission alive, and even then only because of the grace of Visser One (whose human host is a young engineer named Allison Kim) and her ongoing conflict with Visser Three.
    • Marco quits; Jake doesn’t try to stop him.  Marco agrees to stop morphing entirely, and so he walks home—and straight into an intervention.  
  • Eva and Peter don’t know whether Marco has joined a gang, started taking drugs, fallen in with the wrong crowd, or what.  All they know is that the withdrawn silences, the nightmares, and the free-falling GPA are all recent developments.  They have questions, and they’re not letting him get away without answers.  They tell him that they’re here for him, but also that they are going to leave town to go spend some time in Eva’s sister’s cabin in the woods for the next five days, and he doesn’t have a choice in the matter.  
    • “Actually,” Marco says, “five days in the middle of nowhere sounds like the best idea I’ve heard all year.”
    • Even this kinder, gentler version of Marco is still Marco: he watches both his parents carefully for the next seventy-two hours, and can hardly believe the relief he feels when they go that entire time without leaving their tiny corner of nowheresville long enough to access a yeerk pool.  
    • When those seventy-two hours are up, Marco sends a mental apology to Jake (who, although Marco doesn’t know it, is starving out a yeerk of his own at that very time) and then starts answering his parents’ questions.  He tells them where he’s been going lately.  Why he and Jake have missed so much school in the past two months.  What the nightmares are about.  
    • Eva and Peter think he’s crazy at first, because they’re God-fearing suburban Americans who have never once considered the possibility of aliens outside of sci-fi.  They start to listen a lot more closely, however, once he morphs a wolf in front of their eyes and then changes back.  
  • When the entire family gets home and Marco discovers that his best friend spent three days as a controller in his absence, he immediately rejoins the team.  Peter disapproves sharply of Marco continuing to fight.  Eva asks Peter, tears in her eyes, what choice they have in the matter.  It’s not like the human authorities are doing anything to combat the yeerks.  It’s not like they can fight back themselves.  And so they get in the habit of sending Marco out the door (or a window) any time Jake or Cassie calls, always begging him to let them know he’s safe the instant he can.
  • Funny enough, though, they do find ways to fight back. 
    • Eva listens to their description of the Veleek in careful detail, then she loads Jake and Cassie and Marco into the back seat of her sedan and instructs them to take turns morphing.  For nearly six hours she barrels up and down Highway 1 at speeds which leave Marco shrieking in terror at the turns, playing keep-away with the tornado monster until at last Visser Three calls it home in exasperation.  
    • Peter simply hands over his laptop to Ax and asks for help in “fixing” his code for the long-distance communications array.  Ax does one better and helps him design a program which gets them a permanent connection between the andalite home world and Marco’s own living room.  He stops by to call his parents twice a week, and once a month gives carefully-edited reports on the resistance to the andalite high command.
    • At first, Eva nudges Ax into staying for dinner after his twice-weekly calls home, on the grounds that she’s never in her life seen someone eat her cooking with that much enthusiasm.  However, it’s not long before she convinces him to bring Tobias by as often as he can.  It does them a lot of good, even though neither one of them will admit it outright, to have a safe place to get inside when they need it.  
    • Eva doesn’t love it, but she starts doing a lot of the kids’ homework as well.  She always does her best to quiz them on Algebra concepts or history dates when there’s time, but she also understands that sometimes the war has to take priority.
    • Peter installs an air mattress on Marco’s floor on a semi-permanent basis, and gets in the habit of lying to Jean.  Because Jake’s just a kid, at the end of the day, and there are a lot of times at the end of the day when he’s too wrecked or exhausted from yet another mission gone bad to face the thought of lying to his family.  
  • Eva dislikes David right from the moment Marco first brings him home, but she keeps that opinion to herself.  She sits patiently through the entitled little brat asking her where she’s from (implying, of course, that “San Diego” cannot possibly be the full truth) but also tells him that if he even thinks of borrowing their phone without permission she will make him regret it for the rest of his life.  With effort she ignores his repeated attempts to undermine her authority (she’s not his real mom, as he feels the need to remind her constantly) but when she catches him stealing money from Peter’s wallet, she snaps and grounds him on the spot.
    • David immediately morphs into a lion, unsheathing hooked claws as a growl builds inside his throat.  It takes a force of will Eva didn’t even know she had, but she stares him down without flinching.  Cold sweat is running down her back, but there’s not even a trace of a tremor in her words when she orders him to demorph now, young man, in her best Mom Voice.  
    • Miraculously, he listens.  He sulks about it all afternoon, whining to Peter and to Marco (neither of whom is remotely sympathetic), but the fact is that he can’t bring himself to kill a human.  Not yet, anyway.  
    • When David disappears two days later, Eva asks Marco only once what happened.  He tells her in two or three halting sentences, and afterwards she hugs him until he finally stops shaking.  She explains what happened to Peter, and neither one of them ever brings it up again.  
  • Marco’s house becomes the natural convergence point for all their meetings.  It’s only three doors down from Jake’s house, a five-block walk from Rachel’s, and close enough to Cassie’s usual bus route that she has little trouble getting there.  They don’t really converge there for the location, though.  They come for Peter’s willingness to cobble together a fake Bug fighter distress signal on the fly, for Eva’s no-nonsense questions about whether they’re sure it’s a good idea to attack Joe Bob Fenestre’s house before they know what they’re getting into.  They come for the cinnamon cookies that Ax eats by the trayful and the links to forum discussions about the latest yeerk activity.  
    • It might be a cliche, but the truth is this: at Marco’s house they are safe.  And in that small bubble of safety, they have freedom.  The freedom to talk openly about new morphs without fear of being overheard.  The freedom to come and go through the sunroom skylight that Eva leaves open at all times.  The freedom to be vulnerable and scared and not sure where they’re going with this war.  The freedom to be kids, and to ask an adult for help.  
    • Eva talks to Rachel for nearly three hours about her own parents’ divorce, and what it was like to realize she’d probably never see her dad again.  Peter keeps a stock of paperback novels in the living room, never minding when Tobias tends to return them with talon marks in their spines.  Eva teaches Ax how to cook cinnamon cookies and churros, chicken fajitas and western omelettes.  Peter becomes ever more convincing when assuring Walter and Michelle on the phone that Cassie is simply a delight to have around as she and Marco help each other with homework.  
  • Marco kills Visser One, and Allison Kim along with her, one sunny afternoon in May.  Visser Three witnesses the whole thing, not lifting a finger to intervene.  The kids have gotten in the habit of telling Peter and especially Eva absolutely everything, but this is the one thing Marco can never bring himself to tell.  
  • The war ends eventually.  Maybe it’s not better, or worse, than it would have been if Visser One had chosen a different host.  They take longer to figure out how to defeat Visser Three without Eva’s insight to the way yeerk leadership works, but they get there in the end.  Tom dies.  Rachel dies.  James and Kelly and several thousand humans and hork-bajir and taxxons die.  Seventeen thousand yeerks meet a terrible icy death in the vacuum of space; Eva finds out about it later and can’t bring herself to disapprove.  
  • One week after Rachel’s funeral, Eva is watching Marco’s latest NBC segment when she hears a knock on the door.  Muting the TV, she goes to answer it and finds Jake on her doorstep once again.  This time he’s got a backpack over one shoulder and a worn duffle bag with the name of a basketball team that rejected him tucked under the opposite arm.  
    • “Hi,” he says softly, voice hoarse as if from tears.  “Things with my parents are kind of a mess right now, and I was just wondering…”  
    • Eva pulls the door open all the way.  “Of course, honey.  Stay as long as you’d like.”

genre: fuckboy!au

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 2,378 words

author’s note: finally. after three days it is done. super big shoutout to @chittaporno for helping me out with the plot and stuff :)

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opening line: “The worst type of guy to be attracted to is the one who only wants you for the thought of the chase… yet you’re still hopelessly and helplessly attracted because you can’t help but ponder on the possibility of there existing something more.” 

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