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SU Theory: Does Garnet’s appearance signal changes in her personality?

The reason I ask is, I rewatched The Answer (For the 11th time). And as you know, we’re introduced to the idea of Sapphire and Ruby first fusing. What we are given is a cotton candy haired fusion, with the most uneven outfit. While this is adorable, it also has subtext.

When we’re first introduced to Garnet as a character, she is perceived as cool, calm, and collective. She’s a leader, the rational, but straight forward mom to Steven.

Some even go to say she doesn’t really have that much personality at the beginning of the series. (Which they would have to fight me for that idea.) I feel a key reason to her shut down compared to the pre-Steven Era, to Our current Garnet is Rose’s ‘Death’. That’s another Theory for another time.

But as I see this, this is building up to The Return / Jailbreak. Yes, Garnet’s personality isn’t fully blossomed until the double season finally.

One of the key things I see with her during The Return, is the genuine fear and pain she’s in during the whole episode. While her visors are on most of the time, there is one part where they’re destroyed from getting the final blow from Jasper.

Do you see the fear and pain on her face as she looks back at Steven? She failed to protect him. She is about to be poofed because of her mistake. 

Skip a bit to Jailbreak. To when she reforms and Steven finds out she’s a fusion. Her first concern is Steven and the others. But we are also graced with this beautiful dialogue.

“Oh Steven, we already love you.”

After this little moment between these two, we go onto Garnet’s featured song (That everyone downloaded at least twice.) “Stronger than You”. The general sass Garnet is giving to Jasper is not only a step in her personality, but it also brings out how fun Garnet can while looking badass.

Now this is not to say Garnet hasn’t been sassy or funny in any way during season 1, but during season 2 to up to now, we’ve seen a lot of character growth for her.

We’ve seen go from happy-

To pissed off-

To sadness and horror,

Now back to cotton candy Garnet. She’s as she put it, “Lost and scared and happy.” She has yet to develop her own personality as her own being. Right now, it seems more of her switching between Ruby and Sapphire.

 As time goes on, she develops her own personality and style, making the Garnet we know today. The only time we see the two go from being synced to be almost/ or even forced out of their fusion from their emotions. There is only 2 times they were not in sync. The first being with the whole Sardonyx situation, and Garnet witnessing the fusion experiments.

Both were in the instances of which she was at her strongest point of the series where Ruby and Sapphire were most in sync up until being hit with these emotional bumps.

In conclusion? 

tl;dr Garnet’s reforms do show the idea of Garnet growing as a Gem. She is a three dimensional character.

This idea could even fit for the rest of the Gems. Amethyst and her reform episode, even Peridot if you’d like to count her. Pearl? Well, maybe, but yet again, another theory for another day.

Asked to select his choice of the greatest modern and future wonders, the electrical wizard refused to accept the popular notion of what is wonderful. His reply led to an onslaught on scientists and the popular science community.

“To the popular mind, any manifestation resulting from any cause will appear wonderful if there is no perceptible connection between cause and effect. For instance, through the means of wireless telephone speech is carried to opposite points of the globe. To the vast majority this must appear miraculous. To the expert who is familiar with the apparatus and sees it in his mind’s eye the result is obvious. It is exactly as though visible means existed to which the impetus is transmitted.

As I revolve in my mind the thoughts in answer to your question I find the most wonderful thing is the utter aberration of the scientific mind during the last twenty five years. In that time the relativity theory(Albert Einstein), the electron theory(H. A. Lorentz), the quantum theory(Max Planck/Niels Bohr), the theory of radioactivity(Marie Curie) and others have been worked out and developed to an amazing degree. And yet probably not less than 90 per cent of what is thought today to be demonstrable scientific truth is nothing but unrealizable dreams.

What is ‘thought’ in relativity, for example, is not science, but some kind of metaphysics based on abstract mathematical principles and conceptions which will be forever incomprehensible to beings like ourselves whose whole knowledge is derived from a three-dimensional world.

The idea of the atom being formed of electrons and protons which go whirling round each other like a miniature sun and planets is an invention of the imagination, and has no relation to the real nature of matter.

Virtually all progress has been achieved by physicists, discoverers and inventors; in short, devotees of the science which Newton and his disciples have been and are propounding.

Personally, it is only efforts in this direction which have claimed my energies. Similar remarks might be made with respect to other modern developments of thought. Take, for example, the electron theory. Perhaps no other has given rise to so many erroneous ideas and chimerical hopes. Everybody speaks of electrons as something entirely definite and real. Still, the fact is that nobody has isolated it and nobody has measured its charge. Nor does anybody know what it really is.

In order to explain the observed phenomena, atomic structures have been imagined, none of which can possibly exist. But the worst illusion to which modern thought has led is the idea of ‘indeterminacy.’ To make this clear, I may remark that heretofore we have in positive science assumed that every effect is the result of a preceding cause.

As far as I am concerned, I can say that after years of concentrated thought and investigation there is no truth in nature of which I would be more fully convinced. But the new theories of ‘ ’indeterminacy’ state this is not true, that an effect cannot be predicted in advance.

If two planets collide at certain time and certain place, this is to the student of positive science an inevitable result of preceding interactions between the bodies; and if our knowledge would be adequate, we would be able to foretell the event accurately.

But in the spirit of the new theories this would simply be an accident. ‘Indeterminacy’ introduces into the world of inert matter a principle which might virtually be compared with the universal illusion of free will.

Of course, there is no such thing. In years of experimenting I have found that every thought I conceive, every act I perform, is the result of external impressions on my senses.

It is only because the vast majority of human being are not observant sufficiently that they live in the illusion of perfect choice and freedom in their thoughts and actions. And if this holds true even in the most complex and involved manifestations of human life, it holds true with the same force in all the world of matter.”

Nikola Tesla

(“Great Scientific Discovery Impends.” The Sunday Star. Washington D.C., May 17, 1931.)

Like Two Softened Shoes by marie24

Rating : Mature

Warnings : No Archive Warnings Apply

Wordcount : 13k

Summary :

He sets his laptop on the bed, backing away and running his hands repeatedly through his curls. Okay. This is okay. This is fine. This is not real.

Will peeks his head around the door frame.

“Uh, everything okay in here?”

Harry tries to keep his breathing under control. “Yeah!” he says. “It’s, um, everything’s fine!” He can hear himself talking really loudly. Will looks doubtful.

“Are you sure? Because it really seems like -”

Harry barks out a laugh, cutting him off. “Okay! So this is going to sound really strange. But.” He looks at Will, with the same shiny fringe, blue, blue eyes, and sharp cheekbones he’d been writing about the whole last week. He worries his lip frantically between his teeth. “Um. I think I… I think I… wrote you?”

Or, Harry is a writer who gets through his writer’s block by pouring his feelings for his best friend Louis into a character. A few days later, the character lands in his bed, three dimensional and with no idea how to get back where he came from. He turns out to be very inconvenient for keeping Harry’s feelings to himself.

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Harry is a writer who gets through his writer’s block by pouring his feelings for his best friend Louis into a character. A few days later, the character lands in his bed, three dimensional and with no idea how to get back where he came from. He turns out to be very inconvenient for keeping Harry’s feelings to himself.

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