three dead americans

🌹 || Saw your eyes today in a memory painted in the sky. You smiled and said to me, “a love like this can never truly die.” So now the show’s over and I’ve got to disguise the thing I’ve become. I only wish I could stop laughing! I grin because the joke is on them this time! They don’t have a clue. Calm consumes me. I immerse myself in sick reflection… I shut my eyes and once again the pleasure shackles me. I taste the tears of sweet indulgence, pain and fantasy. Oh, the visions inside my head… The emptiness will haunt you… || 🌹

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In many ways I think we should be even more concerned with the state of the U.S.’s predominant propaganda/entertainment/distraction system/s than we were a month ago. 

Two actors, two different shows, each diminished in some way, each killed off, both are PoC. Are there ways that Black actors and their fictional characters in particular are mistreated, portrayed as expendable, as though their lives do not matter? Yes. Fear the Walking Dead killed three African American male characters in one fucking episode and earned a scathing article for it. The Walking Dead inspired a former actor to mock it for the same reasons. The other group most targeted are Lesbian or Bi characters who are actually with other women, and so far, The Walking Dead went to trope-ville with that shit along with a whole lot of other shows in the last month alone. So what the fuck is going on?

The dominant system is concerned with three things. Imperialism and ongoing war, domestic slavery and colonization (yes, still), and the upholding of heterosexist-patriarchal ideals. Women who commit to other women are a threat to that system. People/s of Colour are a threat to that system. Indigenous people are a threat to that system, but we’re so obscured in the dominant system’s narratives that most don’t even realize we’re being shown in some way. 

For example, The 100 continues to portray a group of ‘newcomers’ as superior to a group of ‘savage’ original people on earth. The Grounders ARE coded as Indigenous people and yet I don’t see anti-racist or LGBT commentary actually taking this on, in part because it’s so layered and so weirdly done that it’s hard to actually deconstruct. But my point is that it is as important for The 100 to continue to portray Bellamy as a Columbus-like figure, winning every skirmish, seemingly floating above morality or consequence, Clarke as an explorer (I mean really, her name made it obvious) and the Grounders as a ‘dying breed’ (now the women are raping the white guys, right, and portraying Indigenous people as rapists is as old a trick as any other, because it was basically projection). Same-sex relationships will continue to be held up as punishable by murder, and the conquering asshole will eventually conquer Clarke and make her submit to him. Watch for JRot to say something like ‘he broke down her walls’ (sounds familiar huh SWEN). 

What’s disturbing is that The 100 isn’t even the trashiest trash heap in town. 

Calls for diversity in media are being punished. Actors and fans alike are being slapped down for demanding more. Social media has been a force for change and the next stage of the game will be to snuff those movements out with sheer disheartening, frustrating mockery and cruelty. 

Orphan Black, a show celebrated for it’s ‘diversity’ has fucked up. Sleepy Hollow has fucked up. The Walking Dead has fucked up. It’s all deliberate and there are no accidents here. Showrunners are pretending that they didn’t get the problem in the first place. Fans are encouraged to say ‘oh well it’s ok, it’s a show about zombies/apocalypse/AI’ while white hetero male characters thrive. There is no use in digging into the escapism that television offers. The politics of representation are to high on everybody’s minds as actual human bodies fall in urban spaces, abroad, on Reservations. The United States hasn’t changed much in a lot of ways, but the people/s who make it up keep asking for something better. The stories told and the stories we tell seem to be a really important starting point in many ways.