three days in paris

I don’t have any hard feelings about who Rory should end up with. All I want from this revival is to convince me that one of these three idiots is good enough for her. Because let’s be real, I’m still waiting for the prince Luke mentioned in season 5. 


july 26th / /1:14 p.m.

joyful b/c my favorite french store in town just reorganized & got a bunch of new stuff in, including stationary for the first time! I snagged two vintage maps (san francisco & paris) for above my bed that were super cheap <3

2/3 things done. (scary exam is over! yay! only stupid calc III is left)
my last exam is tomorrow and then i’ll be packing up my room, helping my friend move out, and putting my things into storage

i’ll be leaving minnesota on friday, going home for three days, and then i’ll be in paris for 5ish months like HOLY SHIT this is happening

Inspired by this awesome ficlet (original post) (aesthetic J2au)

‘I don’t know, Jared.’

Jensen turned from the window of the Paris apartment. They’d been there three days, had flown in from the States as soon as they’d come out as a couple, and for three days they’d hardly left the room. It’d been an emotionally exhausting few weeks, and mentally too, trying to sort out the best way to handle all this; since arriving in Paris they’d slept and slept some more and eaten foods they couldn’t quite pronounce and drank more than was good for them. They’d fucked, too, on every halfway-horizontal surface in the place, and some vertical ones too.

‘Please,’ said Jared, ‘just for an hour. It’ll be fine here, Jen. It’s not like at home. Not like on set.’

Jensen hesitated another second, but his boy was standing beside him, hair pulled back into what was getting close to a topknot and dressed just in boxers - black silk ones, that Jensen had picked out himself. Jared nudged a little closer and bent so that his breath ghosted across Jensen’s neck.

'Please,’ he said.


They went into Notre Dame with the rest of the line of tourists, Jensen in jeans and a jacket and a cap pulled down over his face until they were in the church, Jared with his hair down - it was long enough now to brush over his shoulders - and wearing a giant black hoodie. Inside they followed the drifting crowd around the cathedral’s edge till they were standing in front of the Chapel of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Jared stopped then and put a hand light on Jensen’s wrist. Jensen didn’t say anything, just stepped a little nearer and turned his face into Jared’s, waiting. He looked at his boyfriend’s face, the bones running under the skin like clear-chiselled marble, the hood of his sweater lying across his shoulders like the heavy cowl of some black-clad medieval monk. It gave him a strange frisson down the length of his spine.

'What?’ he said, finally, gently.

'Knights of the Holy Sepulchre,’ Jared said, husky-voiced. 'They had lots of some weird privileges. Pardon a man on the way to the gallows. Legitimise bastards. Know what one of the other ones was?’

Jensen just waited.

'Change the name a man had been given at baptism,’ Jared said, so quietly Jensen could hardly hear him. His gaze slid from the chapel over to Jensen’s face. 'Jensen,’ he said, smiling a little under three days of scruff. 'Costar. Friend, lover, home. Boyfriend.’

Warning: Rant

I’m tired of people saying we shouldn’t support Paris, that the world shouldn’t be lit up in blue, white and red. I’m tired of people saying France brought the attack on themselves. I’m tired of people bashing the French flag as a symbol of oppression.

The flag was created after the Revolution, and stands as a symbol of liberty, equality and fraternity.

I’ve seen so many posts in the last three days arguing against supporting Paris in their time of crisis. The argument is always “Baghdad and Beirut were also attacked, support them, don’t support Paris because they’re white and they colonised places.”

Yes, we need to support Baghdad and Beirut. But the key word is also. All three places were attacked, all three deserve support.

 And the second part of the argument is simply illogical. Today, Paris is just as multicultural as every other major city in the world. The people affected by the attacks have international ties. Some who were killed or injured weren’t even French. They were foreigners. 

Blaming all of France for something that happened hundreds of years ago, and citing that as a reason against support is stupid. If you can do that, then you can say “don’t support Baghdad and Beirut because most of their population is muslim, and in the Middle Ages, muslims invaded the majority of the Mediterranean.” 

You see how irrational that is? You can’t just blame every single member of a modern society for something that they had no control over. You can’t preach the importance of recognising that religious extremism is the actions of a few, and then blame every French person for the actions of a few hundreds of years ago. Jean-Paul Dupuis, born in 1980, had no control over the French invading Quebec in the 1500s, and Kabir Houssain, born in 1982, had no control over what the Ottoman empire did in the 1400s. 

Don’t you dare tell me I’m not allowed to support Paris. Don’t you dare tell me not to post pictures of the CN lit up in blue, white and red. Don’t you dare tell me to ignore one city’s suffering and support another.

I stand with Paris, with Baghdad, with Beirut. I stand with all places affected by terrorism. And I also stand with Japan and Mexico, affected as they were by earthquakes. 

I stand with the world.

A Day In The Life - 19th January 1964: The Beatles perform three shows at the Olympia Theatre in Paris, France.

Unusually, The Beatles play three sets at Paris’ Olympia Theatre on this day. They normally perform two shows each evening during their concert residency, which began on 16 January 1964 and ends on 4 February.

The matinée performance is broadcast live on the radio show Musicorama, on the Parisian radio station Europe-1, between 1pm and 2pm. The sets by Trini Lopez and Sylvie Vartan are broadcast first, followed by five songs by The Beatles: From Me To You, This Boy, I Want To Hold Your Hand, She Loves You and Twist And Shout.

This is the fourth date of The Beatles’ residency at the Olympia.