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So this is over a month and a half belated, but Happy Belated Birthday to @snow-into-ash! It’s become a part of my daily schedule to talk to you, friend and I couldn’t be happier. 

Also including this in Day Seven of CS AU WEEK. Writer!Emma and Librarian!Killian(Soft M toward the end and roughly 9700 words)

“Excuse me, where can I find books written by Chuck Palahniuk?” Emma looks up from her laptop screen to see the two new main characters in her story. If she were writing in script format there’d be some stage notes like ‘Enters the beautiful heroine, long dark locks and a thin physic. Evidently beautiful, but just doesn’t know it yet.’ There’d be a spotlight on her, a bright white light casting a shadow behind her that vaguely resembles angel wings or a halo. Something that says ‘this girl is it.’

And off to the left, the gorgeous, brooding librarian who hates his job as a shelver. He would be described as ‘tall, dark and handsome’ despite being close to the same height as the heroine who is also brunette. His spotlight would have some cool gel to it, creating the ambiance that he’s so blue and melancholy. Once the two meet in center stage, the whole scene illuminates, a row of library shelves behind them.

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.” The hero is British. Big plus, these accents are doing insane things to YA sales, as if the kids could actually hear them.

“What?” The heroine misses the obvious quote. Emma rethinks putting that in her notes. She doesn’t particularly want another ditzy novel where the male protagonist is so smart and the female is just hot. Sure, she wants it to sell, but she wants to also inspire a nation. A book that will, to quote the male protagonist(and Chuck Palahniuk by extension), ‘Live forever.’

“It was a…ah, it’s all fiction and organized by Author’s last name, so row 8 should be PAA-PAW. I would say mid row, the third shelf, but I may be off a book or two.”

“Oh, you were quoting him. Great, I’m gonna use that in my report.” Annnnnd the heroine is still in high school. Time to count her out.

Emma goes back to the story at hand. She’s in the middle of writing some post-apocalyptic thriller about a group of gifted kids, similar to the x-men only everyone is human-passing, who divide up what’s left of a nation and decide to rule. It came to her after a three-day cleanse her roommate forced her to go on. You think up the craziest shit when you’re starving.

“Oh, is this book taken?” an older guy, early thirties, takes a seat instead of the book. “I love this author, have you read Catcher in the Rye?” There’s a copy of ‘Nine Stories by J.D Salinger’ on the table but she’s not reading it.

“Did I read Catcher in the Rye?” Emma gets hit on from time to time by older men. They prowl the library for women reading books they can comment on. She’s not one of those women. She doesn’t come to the library to read, she comes to write, and more importantly, to people watch.

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Today is day one of my three day juice cleanse - I’m using ‘Healeo’ juices from one of my favorite juice shop here in Seattle. I’ve only ever done juice cleanses where I am the one making all the juice so I am excited to have this all done for me, no ‘ugh this is so much work to juice’ feelings!

Each day I have 6 juices to drink & am supposed to drink double that in water.


ORANGE GRAPEFRUIT. Organic orange, organic grapefruit, organic turmeric, organic cayenne pepper (spicy)

GREEN DRINK. Organic kale, organic cucumber, organic celery, organic spinach, organic parsley, organic apple, organic lime

COCONUT ALMOND DELIGHT. Fresh whole young coconut, organic almond, organic dates, organic cinnamon

SKIN DETOX. Organic cucumber, organic orange, organic pear, organic lemon, organic ginger

PURE. SIMPLE. HEALTH. Organic carrot, organic apple, organic ginger, organic lemon

LIVER DETOX. Organic apple, organic ginger, organic beet, organic lemon, organic aloe-vera juice

How to reduce heat damage when straightening your Afro hair

Never ever straighten your hair, if you are having frequent dry hair issues.

Simply deep conditioning your hair the day before you plan to heat straighten is not enough protection.

Hydrate and condition your hair 3 weeks prior to flat ironing or pressing your hair.

The higher the heat the more likely the damage. Professional heat tools are more effective but also harsher on the hair.

You should invest in a silicone based heat protectant. Silicones stick to the hair and help to protect the hair during the heat straightening. That is not the time to use natural heat protectants.

Regimen before flat ironing Afro Hair :

Day one
Deep cleanse your hair
Deep condition
ACV rinse

Day five
Deep condition
ACV rinse

Day eight
Deep condition
ACV rinse

Day twelve
Deep condition

Day fifteen
(such as aphogee 2 step)
Deep condition
ACV rinse

Day nineteen
Deep condition
ACV rinse


Day 22
Deep condition
Apply silicone based heat protectant
(ORS heat protectant serum is good)

More heat straightening tips:
Take your time
Untangle your hair well
Use the comb chase method (seamless comb)
Part in small sections
Use a ceramic flat iron
Keep temp below 410 degrees
Do not skip the silicone protectant
Complete only 1 or 2 heat passes

Source : 4c natural hair queens (on FB)

Nutrition is really important to me and I’ll sometimes do a three-day juice cleanse if I’m feeling particularly groggy. I think it’s important to overload your body every now and then with as many vitamins and nutrients as you can, and I always have bundles of energy afterwards.”

(Not my photo or recipes, but I love all of them)


Fresh, home-made juice is amazing for you if done correctly. It’s great for de-bloating, weight loss, flushing out toxins, clear skin, healthier hair and nails, and getting more nutrients. 

I sometimes have a juice or two a day, or I do a three day cleanse. It just depends on how I’m feeling. I think they taste amazing and make me feel great too. It’s best to have an all fruit one in the morning to jump start your metabolism, and the natural sugars will keep you energized throughout the day too (stay away from fruits later in the evening as it can keep me up). I love green juice, yes some look like a puke, but they don’t taste it when done correctly! There are many recipes online, so figure out what works for you.

Juicing can be completely different for some people, I know people who absolutely hate the feeling and taste. Every body is different!