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Experiment #6 - Request

Requested by the sinners and anon: I have a suggestion for the next experiment- sherlock x reader. Its where sherlock points out that he’s not just using the reader’s body… And their relationship gets a label. (If this isnt where you want the story to go, i totally understand tho) <3
& anon: Experiment idea: they use various items from around the flat as sex toys (yknow, like carrots and cucumbers, wooden spoons, things like that) 

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2.068

Warnings: Smut - spanking, ice play (Coldplay xD), food play, teasing, soft smut.

A/N: Thank you to the anon who mentioned this series ending, you did this. I’m not sure if you would consider this an ending but uh… Yeah, it’s up to you guys.


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“Why do people have the need to experiment?” She repeated, “That is what Lestrade asked after his phone call with Donovan… There is only one way to find out.”

“We’re not using cherries,” Sherlock stated.

“We don’t have cherries.” She winked and Sherlock grinned mischievously as he took the spoon off her hands.

“Turn around.”

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Cupcake Distractions

@supremeuppityone: more Gorgons, please!

This follows Pocket Full of Stones.

Klaus’ kitchen had become her territory.

It wasn’t like he actually used it. Cooking and baking weren’t particularly high priority activities for the family, and other than the occasional Elijah ordained dinner that turned into mayhem, the kitchen went unused. It suited her perfectly.

It was a crime, to waste such a gorgeous space.

Particularly on those nights she stayed over, and some minion or other interrupted them with some crisis management. Caroline rarely managed to sleep once he’d left to remove heads, and instead made her way downstairs to bake. Thankfully, Kol could be taught, so the time she’d woken to find only crumbs remaining of the cupcakes she’d left out to cool hadn’t been repeated.

But tonight, even baking didn’t really cure her boredom. Klaus had his collection of siblings had been gone for just over two weeks, and she was a little perturbed at how much she missed him. She hadn’t planned to crash at his mansion while he was gone, but a pipe had burst in the apartment above hers. Between the minor flooding and construction work, she’d been annoyed and restless. But it had been the unexpected invasion of ants that had her packing a bag and making herself comfortable in his room.

The series of text messages and complaints she’d sent Klaus had led to a truly spectacular round of phone sex. Caroline could deal with any number of creepy crawly bugs, but ants were where she drew the line. Klaus had been quite willing to assist in taking her mind off of the horror of finding them floating in the river in her bathroom.

Now it was Sunday night, she had three dozen cupcakes cooling on the kitchen island, and she was bored out of her mind. Reaching for the wine bottle she’d opened, she topped of her glass with a sigh. It wasn’t even the lack of sex that was bothering her, though that one bout of phone sex had been fun, but she found herself actually missing Klaus. Usually he’d stroll into her domain once she’d gotten the first batch of cupcakes into the oven and they’d spend the next hour companionably chatting while she flipped through cookbooks and he sketched.

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Rafael Barba / Good Neighbors

Per Request: HERE,
re: Living near Rafael in your 20s & losing touch, then meeting again.


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Okay, 20-something Rafael Barba? Sweet peach material, let’s play.

Please note: I don’t speak Spanish. I google-translated any Spanish, feel free to correct me. Also: You/Reader don’t know much Spanish in this go, either.

Who was at your door?

You hopped up off your chaise, and tip-toed around the scattered records on the floor. It was a Saturday, and you didn’t have any classes or other responsibilities to worry about today- a complete rarity in your life. Which would explain why you were in the position you were; lounging sleepily around in a simple little emerald sundress, nursing your second glass of white wine, and tapping out a joint that one of your friends from school had gifted you for helping her with a paper.

Up to your toes, and you took a peek through the hole in the door. A handsome brunette boy about your age was rocking from foot to foot, holding a little brown box in his arms. He didn’t look familiar, you thought absently, but didn’t think he looked particularly dangerous either. Kinda cute, not that it mattered much. Handsome strangers were rare, and rarely interested in you.

“Hello, how may I help you?” You lay against the edge of the door after opening it, and peered down curiously at his arms. “Whatchya got there?”

He jumped, mostly surprised you had introduced the conversation with questions instead of… well, an introduction. “Oh, uh, this got delivered to my apartment, I’m new here-” The box was held out towards you, and he tapped at the name in the delivery field. “That’s not me,” he pointed out further, which you could have assumed- it was your name there, not his.

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anonymous asked:

Oh my god I love you and your Frank X Reader stories to pieces. Can you please write more? I would really love to see a fluff piece that turns into fun sexy times. Possibly with a guest appearance from Max for a hot second? I love seeing Frank being an actual teddy bear with the reader, but we all know that man can be smooth as fuck when he wants to be. Thank you for your time!

I was scrambling around my apartment on my cell having possibly the longest and worst day of my life. “Ms. Johnson, you asked for a two-layer cake and 24 cupcakes three months in advance; you can’t expect me to provide you with cake pops and another dozen cupcakes two days before your event.” I was shuffling through order receipts when there was a knock on my door. “Thank God,” I sighed, rushing to open the door. “Yes, I understand, but we already have other orders we’re working on at the shop.” I opened the door and in walked Frank, surprisingly with his dog beside him. “You brought Max?” I shouted in a whisper.

“I was walkin’ him when you called me over,” he explained.

“No, Ms. Johnson- Even if your party wasn’t until late afternoon there’s no way we’d be able to have all that done. Mixing, baking, cooling, decorating which takes hours in itself, setting; I’m sorry, it’s just impossible.” My other line beeped; Tyler, one of my decorators. “Ms. Johnson can you hold for just one second, please?” I took a deep breath before clicking over. “Tyler? Please tell me you fixed that wedding cake…”

You know how when your morning is hard, you expect the rest of your day to go to complete shit? Well, that’s what happened to me. From the moment I stepped outta bed my day went spiraling downhill and I haven’t been able to slow the momentum yet. I spilled my coffee, the only thing that powers me through the early morning, which I shoulda known was a bad sign. Because of that I was late to open up the bake shop, having to clean up the spill before leaving a sticky mess on my kitchen floor and then stop to buy a cup on my way to work. Then I realized I had an event in less than two hours to deliver and set up six dozen cupcakes for, so I’m speeding, and of course I get pulled over and ticketed.

Things calm down finally, but only for a few hours. I make it to lunch without pulling my hair out when I get a call from Ben and Tyler. They were delivering a wedding cake when the flower girl ran by and bumped Tyler into a wall. Luckily they didn’t drop the cake but it tilted and one of the wooden dowels tore a hole in the fondant. I didn’t ask how big or how small because let’s face it, on your wedding day a hole is a hole. I instructed them not to tell the bride until after the ceremony, fix the cake, and I didn’t wanna hear anymore about it unless it was good news. I needed good news on a day like this.

Or Frank. It was the Fall which was one of the two major wedding seasons and also the start of holiday season, which meant I was busier than ever. I was booked solid every day for this week and the next two. It was all work and no play around here and nowhere in my schedule was there room for Frank Castle. But today I needed relief, a break from all the chaos that was coming at me full force. I asked Frank to come over to help take my mind off things, not expecting Max to tag along. He was a big dog and my apartment couldn’t accommodate him. I had paperwork strewn about that I couldn’t handle him getting into. Paperwork and… and really expensive furniture! And of course the moment I thought it I stumbled over him, bumping into a shelf and knocking a decorative flower onto the hardwood where it crashed into a hundred pieces. “Damn it- Max!” I sighed and slid against the wall onto the floor, praying for this day to end already. I was just fucking suffocating. I felt like my own hands were wrapped around my throat, like I was the cause of my own stress.

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  • INTP: *smelling fresh baked goods from the kitchen* Whatever is making that smell I am eating all of it.
  • INTJ: No, you are not. They're cupcakes and I just made them and they're not ready. And you only get three.
  • INTJ: *Rips cupcake in half on accident* Gosh dangit. INTP!
  • INTP: What?
  • INTJ: Open your fat face.
  • INTP: Yeeeessss. Wait, does this count as one of my three?
  • INTJ: Ugh, no I guess not.
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (3/7)

Title: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: General Audiences (for now at least)
Warnings: None
Spoilers: No spoilers for Captain America: Civil War

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the likes and comments and reblogs and kudos. I turn into a squiggly little mess with each one! This chapter took a bit longer to finish, but I’m hoping it will be worth it. I’ll post the recipe for this chapter’s cupcake in a bit, and the recipe for chapter 1′s cupcake should get posted after the weekend.

Tagged: @4theluvofall. If any of you want me to tag you in future chapter updates, drop me an ask.

Dedicated to my darlings @ursulaismymiddlename and @loup-malin.

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Ray Toro

anonymous asked:

mtl BTS, working at a bakery and things go very wrong...

1. namjoon
→ he knows what the ingredients are and how to operate the machines and all… he just has very bad luck. the owner will probably just hire him for anything else but baking.
2. yoongi
→ he was sleepy during the orientation, and now, he’s trying to find ways to clean the oven after the mini explosion that happened while he was baking a cake.
3. taehyung
→ he got distracted by a customer’s puppy and played with it for a while. may or may not have forgotten to turn off the stove.
4. hoseok
→ confused baking soda for baking powder and now three batches of cupcakes are ruined, owner makes him in charge of washing the dishes
5. seokjin
→ doesn’t know how to bake but ends up being good at it, he’s jimin’s assistant cook
6. jimin
→ actually likes baking, promoted to the head cook/baker, loved by the customers cus of his eye smiles
7. jungkook
→ earned a promotion in less than five minutes of working there, now is the store manager, laughs whenever another failure of a worker gets fired

anonymous asked:

Imagine stopping by Rafi's office to give him a little birthday present. He is touched because nobody else knows or even bothered to find out when his birthday is.

  • You stop by Rafael’s office on your way home from work; it’s close to 7 pm and there was a chance he already left work to celebrate, but you wanted to take your chance anyway.
  • A few weeks ago, you glanced at his driver’s license as he went through his wallet, and noticed that his birthday was coming up. As you weren’t close friends, you didn’t get him an extravagant gift, but you had to do at least something. So you pre-ordered three cupcakes with ‘Happy Birthday, Rafael’ spelled out on them, one word on each cupcake.
  • When you get to his office, you see through the blinds that he’s still doing paperwork. Carmen was not at her desk, so you assume she went home.
  • He asks you what brings you by the DA’s office at such a late hour, and you place the box with the cupcakes in front of him. He looks at it without making a move to reach for it.
  • You wish him a happy birthday, and that you hope he has a sweet tooth.
  • You start to back out of his office, you don’t want to intrude on any plans he has. What you don’t know is that he doesn’t have any plans to celebrate tonight.
  • Rafael, used to not showing his personal feelings at work, keeps a stoic expression on his face. He’s afraid to make any sudden movements. Nobody else wished him a happy birthday today; it ended up being a regular day at work. Not Carmen, not Olivia. Maybe his mother would still call him tonight.
  • He was going to spend as much time at work, before going back to his empty apartment, to have dinner alone. That’s what his last birthday was like, and the one before that. He was getting used to them, or at least he tried to convince himself that.
  • He finally snapped out of his thoughts as you were almost out the door.
  • “Would you like to have dinner with me?”
  • His offer surprised you. “I wouldn’t want to keep you from your plans tonight.”
  • He tells you he didn’t have anything important planned anyway. You smile and take him up on his offer, as you wait for him to put away his papers and put on his coat to go out.
  • The cupcake box in one hand, he offers you his other arm so you could link your hand through it. Maybe tonight will bring something more than dessert.

Caity Lotz calling Emily Bett Rickards during a panel.

Question: Hi, I’m a big Olicity fan and I know Emily does a phenomenal job on screen with her little puns and her little things. So I was wondering if she is as funny off screen as she is on screen?
Stephen: Yes. Yeah. Emily is great.
Caity: I feel like I should call her right now and put her on speaker phone.

There were two characters I always related to on a really personal level…Rory Gilmore and Riley Matthews. I am now adding Betty Cooper to that list, and I will continue to protect those three cupcakes forever