three cats curling up in heart shape


shittiest make up tutorial i apologize but yeah 
someone asked for how i did my make up and this is basically what i do

1. clean face, apply primer to eyes / face 
2. concealer under eyes, corner of brows, lips (depending), center of nose, any other spots etc
3. foundation – i start with liquid and then back it up with powder. for contouring i focus on the cheeks, jawline, and forehead / hairline, i also do my temples and eye crease. i don’t do too much highlighting cause i don’t have a good thing for highlighting, but in any case, top off cheeks w/ blush
4. say small prayer, line brows. i have shaky hands so i try to go slow. line them first, fill them in, smooth out with small angled brush. i’ve been trying to start light from the center and dark towards the ends
5. i use a white eyeliner pencil for highlight under the corner of the brows, and blend with my finger (protip: always keep make up wipes handy)
6. FUN TIME this is usually the part where i procrastinate doing my liner by putting on freckles, hearts on cheeks, beauty marks, etc
7. eyeliner. i am a fan of the extreme cat eye. same thing with brows basically, just line the shape and fill them in 
8. mascara. i do just enough to make them dark, then curl. glue on false eyelashes. i wear three pairs stacked on top of each other for each eye 
9. do lips and add hair – FINITO. oh and line inner corner of your eyes with white to make them appear larger 

i wear a lot of products and i’ve basically learned from watching drag queens and just a lot of experimentation. so Y EP, that’s p much how i do my face. e n j o y~