three broom sticks

gryffindor!you and gryffindor!luke were sitting in the three broom sticks, enjoying a butterbear while talking about life when you got on the topic of people you used to have crushes on and you brought up the time in first year when someone was sending you anonymous love notes and before you knew it luke pulled something out of the pocket of his robe which looked awfully like one of the notes you were receiving in first year 

Cold Nights

It was cold that night, it was always colder at night…but this night was uncharacteristically frigid. He sat atop the roof of his master’s residence and business, eyes fixed on the sky. When Dementors came they brought with them cold like this. He summoned his broom through his bedroom window and into his hand, taking off with it he flew out over the town, looking down and up and around for any sign of them. He was sure he might have been being overly careful but it was better to be that than to let something slide and become a bigger problem. He didn’t really have any intention of pursuing one should he come across it, he just wanted to know why it might be there. 

He landed on a roof in town, crouching like a bird of prey studying the people milling about bellow. The building was the three broom sticks, even on a cold night, even so late at night there would be a lot of activity. He noticed a thin film of frost on the wall of an alley just across the street. He was about to fly after it when he heard someone call out to him, taking a moment to direct his attention their way…