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└ WWG 2017 to celebrate 二宮先生’s 17th 34th birthday!


BK: Villains are always fun to create and write for, so Book Three was a blast in this regard. Mike, Tim, Josh and I got to dream up a team of baddies who represented each of the four elements, but with rare and deadly skills. The designers and I hastily cranked out concept designs so the storyboard artists would have at least rough materials to work with at the start of the new season.

Designs by Bryan Konietzko, Christie Tseng, Angela Song Mueller, and Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf.


“Star Butterfly” Sketchbook & Digital, 2017.

A little lesser known, but I’m a huge fan of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, and with season three kicking off tomorrow I felt it was an apt time to give into the hype and sketch up this bountiful ball of energy. I opted for the full star on the wand in this one because I hope it all comes back together, but I’ll also settle for another episode with the Butterfly version of Star in season three. Also to note, it’s just not Star without some allusion to Narwhal Blast, I mean, c'mon ;)

A Talk of More
  • Ymir: Ya know sometimes I think we'll have children.
  • Sasha: Awh, shucks Ymir! You haven't even put a ring on me and you're already thinking about children!
  • Ymir: * eyes wide, cheeks stained pink* What! No, no, no, no, no---
  • Sasha: * pouts, mock glaring at Ymir* You don't gotta be so rude about i---
  • Ymir: * still going, almost out of breath* no, no, no, no, nope, no, indefinitely no. * inhales and exhales quickly, scowling at Sasha* Any kid of ours would drive me up the damn wall. I'm talking about me and Historia.
  • Sasha: * flips Ymir off* Whatever, we both know we'd have a freckled legend.
  • Ymir: * rolls eyes, bumping Sasha's shoulder* Sure, sure. My good looks and your eating habits. Now, can we be serious? * frowns* I'm feeling particularly vulnerable.
  • Sasha: * bumps Ymir's shoulder back* Yeah, hit me with these vulnerabilities of yours my partner in crime.
  • Ymir: * sighs* Alright, so. You know how I find children to be...uh?
  • Sasha: The stuff of nightmares. Nasty little buggers. Tiny, loud, demons that scare you in the night?
  • Ymir: *groans* oh, god. Yeah, definitely the last one! Fuck horror movies that use possessed children. I've had nightmares for months after the last one we watched.
  • Sasha: *sympathetically pats Ymir on the arm* There, there. *clears throat a moment after* Anyways, yeah you find children almost repulsive. Now what's that gotta do with Historia?
  • Ymir: Well... the more I think about it. The more I? I dunno? I mean she makes me want it. The house near the edge of the city, the stupid white fence. Definitely a dog despite His' being a cat person, and At least two. Don't just want to go for one and them being lonely.
  • Sasha: *cooing* Dawh, she gives you feelings for more.
  • Ymir: *sighing, giving Sasha a faint grin* yeah, she does.
  • Sasha: ...
  • Ymir: ...
  • Sasha: ...
  • Ymir: ...
  • Sasha: what brought this on exactly. Despite her having you feel like you want the domestic 2.5 children life.
  • Ymir: Uh, well. * pointedly looks at Sasha's abdomen* that really. You're my best friend and already knocked up with the power jacked Ackerman's kid.
  • Sasha: * huffs, softly tapping her bump* She has a name ya know.
  • Ymir: * groans, rubbing her face* Oh, don't I know it. It's the only thing you'd scream when she came over for your nightly "workout".
  • Sasha: *gasping, looking quite scandalized* Moi? You're the one who would be yelling Historia's name when you were alone in your room. So at least I was getting proper exercise in.
  • Ymir: *pales* Ya know, I change my mind. If Historia's as vicious as you are while she's pregnant I think we'd be better off adopting.

anonymous asked:

How about a langst where Lance gives himself to Lotor to save Pidge and when they find him again in Lotor's bed Chambers they try to get him out only to find out that his feet were drilled into the floor?

Hi! Wow! This is super dark! I might change it a bit so the implications are just a little different if that’s okay? I hope you like it!

Warning: This will be bit dark and gory, if this makes you uncomfortable please refrain from reading!

The team sits silently in the dining hall with solemn looks on their faces. Coran and Allura are at the head of the table, a damaged Galran drone in front of them. They share a look, one that seems to convey more than words ever could, before turning to face the paladins.

“We have… reviewed the footage once more, and we have come to a decision.” Allura pauses to look up at Pidge, “Pidge, I’m sorry, but I believe that it will be best if you stay at the castle for this mission.”

Pidge leaps up from their seat. “But Allura I-”

“No. My decision is final.” The princess’s voice is like ice. She turns to look at Keith, Hunk, and Shiro. “You three will lead this mission. Shiro, you will be in charge of keeping Lotor and his team distracted. I will help you. Hunk and Keith, you two are in charge of locating Lance and getting him out as fast as possible.” She stops speaking and turns her gaze to the table. Coran takes this as his prompt to start speaking.

“I know that we’re all worried about Lance, but we need to be careful. No one else can be captured, the universe can’t afford it. Lance has been in Lotor’s hands for several days now. You will have to get him to the medical bay as soon as possible.” Coran says. 

The paladins take everything in with a determined expression on their drawn faces. Their friend has been trapped on the ship of a monster for days on end. Will there even be someone left to save?

Allura takes their silence as acceptance and begins to stride out of the room, tossing a command behind her as she goes. “We will be within range of Lotor’s ship in five minutes. Get to your lions. Pidge, go with Coran.” The echo of her voice is lost amongst the sounds of scraping chairs and feet pounding against the floor as the paladins rush from the room.


Hunk fidgets anxiously in his seat as the other paladins begin to enact the plan. Allura and Shiro have their lions attacking Lotor’s ship right now. What if something goes wrong? What if Lance isn’t even there? What if-

“Hunk.” Keith’s voice breaks into Hunk’s thoughts. “It’ll be okay. We need to go now. Can you fly, or do I need to take control? Green would really prefer you…” He trails off and Hunk realizes that he expects a response.

“I’m fine Buddy. I’m just a bit worried. I can pilot Green. We should be grateful that she allowed us to pilot her, since this mission is too dangerous for Pidge.”

Keith nods in agreement. “Alright. Now let’s go.”

Hunk releases a breath and moves green onto the battlefield, invisibility cloak activated.

All around them drones are attacking the Blue and Black lions viciously. There are a couple of faster pods that could be being piloted by Lotor’s generals. The green lions sneaks past all of it as it makes it’s way to the under belly of the galra ship.

Once they’re sure that they are out of view Hunk and Keith exit the lion and begin breaking into one of the release doors that litter the ship. It’s not hard, and soon they’re inside.

Hunk looks around himself at the dimly lit tunnel. Keith nudges his arm and points in the direction of what appears to be a hallway for the cleaning drones and lesser ship members. Hunk nods and begins to follow him. That’s going to lead to every room on the ship.


After a while Hunk realizes that the corridor really does lead to every room on the ship. They’ve checked several room and haven’t had any luck locating Lance. Hunk is about to give in and call for help when Keith stops him.

“Look” He whispers, pointing towards a large door to the right. “That must be it.” Keith sounds so sure, and Hunk has to agree that this door does look very ‘prisoner-y’.

The each take a side of the door, counting to three before Hunk blasts it open with his Bayard. Keith rushes in immediately after, shield raised, but stops dead in his tracks. Hunk almost slams into him, but soon freezes in place as well.

The room before them appears to be some sort of twisted ballroom. The walls glow a dark shade of purple and the floors are made of steel. The only light in the room is coming from a chandelier made of balmeran crystals. There are several torn banners hanging from the walls and ceiling, shredded like something clawed at them.

Though, the room isn’t the only horrifying aspect of what the paladins are witnessing.

There, in the center of the dance floor, stands Lance. His body is frozen in position for the waltz, unmoving except for the rising and falling of his chest.

Hunk and Keith rush forward as soon as they register what they’re seeing. They aren’t prepared for what they see when he comes into focus under the dim lights. Hunk can’t hear anything but the sound of his own heart as he stares in horror at his best friend.

Lance’s armor is shredded and melted to look like a sort ball gown. The sharp spires of his destroyed pants form a dangerous looking skirt, coated in what Hunk really wishes wasn’t blood. Lance’s arms are held in positing by chains hanging from the ceiling. His hands appear to be completely drained of blood. The feet are even worse though. Instead of chains, Lance’s feet have been forced into metal heels that are attached to the floor. To keep that paladin from stepping out of them they appear to have been melted onto him.

Hunk feels ill as he turns his gaze to Lance’s face. Above Lance’s eyebrow is a cut, and from it a stream of dried blood cascades down into Lance’s eyes, his very own mask for the ball.

The two distraught paladins don’t even register when Lance lets out a strangled laugh.

“I know I look fabulous, but could one of you help me? These heels are killing me…”


The white pyramid gem in Serious Steven is White Diamond. This explains why White Diamond is still included in the logo, they know she wasn’t shattered, but may be unsure of her whereabouts. They may assume she’s on some cosmic mission, spreading their empire and scouting new planets for resources, who knows. But the diamonds don’t mention that it’s odd that she didn’t show up at the trial. This leads me to believe they may think they know where she is.

In Egyptian culture, a pyramid is a tomb for a pharaoh, who were often seen as God like entities, much the way the diamonds are viewed by their subjects. This pyramid is in the middle a gem battleground.

My theory is that white Diamond was poofed, and the homeworld gems created this pyramid to keep her gem safe, hence the traps, while she healed enough to regenerate. If pearl can take 14 days to regenerate, a diamond of such massive size could easily take much longer. When the corruption song blasted the earth she became stuck in the temple.

Gems can still use some abilities while in gem form. Lapis could manipulate the images in her mirror, and the dessert glass could still build. Lapis was not corrupted but it was confirmed that the desert glass is. It stands to reason that the pyramid gem would still be able to use abilities while in the pyramid, using it as a beacon of sorts.

Many people have speculated that white Diamond has abilities over the mind, the same way blue has abilities over emotions and yellow has abilities over the body. The combination of these three blasts could cause all the symptoms we see of corruption.

I was unsure about this theory when it was originally circulating because of the size of the gem and shape in the pyramid, but as we’ve gotten a better understanding of the diamonds there seems to be more and more evidence to support. Blue and yellow both have different shaped diamonds. Blues is more tear shaped and yellows is longer and thinner, so there’s no reason whites couldn’t be more square. To combat the size issue- we’ve finally gotten an upclose comparison of Steven to blue diamonds gem in the hour wanted special. Both the pyramid gem and blue diamonds gem are roughly the size of stevens head, as pictured in the screen shots above. This assumes steven still isn’t doing much growing, like Greg shows us in stevens birthday photo book.

The shape of WD on homeworld was confirmed not to be a statue. I believe it’s whites ship. It’s entirely possible that her MO is to use a smaller more discreet ship for scouting.

TDLR: Pyramid Gem is WD, she’s was poofed and put in the pyramid as a safe place to regenerate. Gems can still use powers while in objects or corrupted, playing her part in the corruption song. As we’ve seen diamonds are not all the same shape. The pyramid gem is roughly the same size as BDs gem.

Hogwarts University: Part 4

Greek Life AU

((OOC: Draco played by: @space-marauder, Hermione played by: @askwhathasthiscometo, Harry played by: @siriusly-not-over-remus, Ginny played by: @son-0f-a-snitch, Ron played by: @lockhart-imagines

Part One // Part Two // Part Three))

*Lights flash, music blasts, the party is in full swing* *They make their way over to the bar*

Harry: Yeah, one sec!

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Imagine...Trying To Help The Boys

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*Season 13x03 Spoilers

Pairing: Dean x reader

A/N: Sort of a continuation of this imagine…just some Jack kind of fluff after this week’s episode…

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neighbor! Minghao

admin seri: well jess wrote the first put off this about a month? after we started the blog, it’s crazy to see how far we’ve come :’) . here’s me finishing this as we open requests :) hope you enjoy!! (p.s. i think i have a thing for convenience stores, my bad hehe)

  • somehow I see a display of nunchucks and a katana his fireplace mantle?
  • for scientific reasons only cough
  • somehow it fits into the aesthetics of his house though?
  • the coat closet houses skateboards and hats, “what else is that closet for?”
  • has a surprising collection of wine glasses and red a variety of red wines
  • cabinets have a dark earthy brown color, kind of a vintage countertop, but modern look overall
  • renovated either a room or the whole basement into a dance studio
  • goes skateboarding early in the morning
  • invites people over for lunch often
  • isn’t really a neighborhood watch kind of guy or welcoming committee person
  • but your doorbell rings and you open the door and there’s a bouquet of flowers and the sound of a skateboard fleeing the scene
  • has enough pillows on the couch to drown a man
  • the one with an intricate stone pathway in their backyard with lots of vines and interesting plants and a bench so he can sit on it and enjoy the beautiful green canopy of his private rain forest
  • parkours over all the garbage cans on garbage day and never knocks even a single one over
  • hosts video game nights, like just dance so y'all can dab at the wrong parts, and overwatch, or LOL
  • the one crazy enough to buy tiki torches because Jun dared him and nearly set Jeonghan’s cat on fire smh
  • plays jazz in his house, you can hear the sax solo every Tuesday night
  • goes “camping” in his driveway with Mingyu, Seokmin, and other 97 liners
  • pranks by the 97 line
  • ding dong ditches your house only to run by a few minutes later, excessively dabbing
  • except Seungcheol scolds them
  • so they apologize to everyone and bakes everyone cake instead
  • teaches the kids how to dance/ bboy and how to skate
  • imagine that cute grin on his face while doing so
  • leads adventures to defeat the Jun dragon for all the gold hidden (chocolate coins)
  • wears sunglasses indoors
  • “Minghao it’s 8pm, can you even see out of those?”
  • “nope”
  • broken cat doors and fences are magically fixed overnight with a little note saying, “97 line was here, your payment will be one dab”
  • flips water bottles onto the roof until they get stuck
  • and needs to borrow a ladder to retrieve them
  • but not Seungcheol’s oh no
  • “should we ask Seungcheol hyung…”
  • Minghao stares while Mingyu excessively shakes his head
  • yeah they don’t want to go through that time again
  • now if someone where to peek outside their door,
  • they’d see three adults wearing all black creeping down the hallway as if they were in a spy movie
  • until they reach Minghao’s place where the original plan was to play games until the morning and figure it out then
  • but then they see “suspicious” boxes stacked outside Minghao’s door
  • except now it wasn’t just out his door
  • because right across from him the used to be empty place’s door was being held open by those boxes
  • but they also saw a ladder being slower pushed into the doorway
  • “HEY MINGHAO! your new neighbor has one!!! go ask them!”
  • getting prodded forward, he gets a look at you
  • who was lifting one side of the ladder struggling
  • bending down, he picks it up
  • and you knew you didn’t just get super human strength so you glance up
  • flipping his hair naturally, Minghao puts on an embarrassed smile
  • “Hey I️ live across from you, welcome to the area!”
  • “Thank you!” you say brightly, then nod towards his hands hold the ladder,
  • “and thank you”
  • “it’s no problem” putting on that embarrassed smile again, he chuckles nervously
  • “actually, me and my friends would like to use it right now?”
  • “Oh!” your eyes widen in surprise
  • you laugh slightly, smiling
  • “go ahead”
  • “thanks!”
  • and with barely any effort at all, he takes the ladder by himself,
  • flashing you a small smile before maneuvering his way out your doorway and down the hall
  • you feel a little weak at the knees
  • and while you excuse it to the amount of lifting you’ve done
  • you know a small portion is because of your neighbors most adorable smile
  • and then there’s Minghao,
  • letting out a little giggle to himself
  • because damn his neighbor is cute
  • “what’s that smile for???” Mingyu raises an eyebrow at his different face
  • “what? nothing” Minghao shrugs casually
  • squinting at his face, Seokmin claps
  • “Ah! Were they a she? a pretty she?”
  • the both wiggle their eyebrows at Minghao
  • “Aye why do looks matter?”
  • walking past them carrying the ladder,
  • almost hitting them, not on purpose at all
  • he avoids the question well
  • so it somehow became who could chug the most
  • *but she was cute’ he thinks, smiling softly to himself
  • they manage to take hours getting the many many water bottles of the roof
  • “what a waste of water” Seokmin sighs, balancing a bottle on his arm
  • this is where you see three crazy guys on the roof fighting for water bottles
  • “well your gonna have to run for it” 
  • ever seen grown men running carefully and dramatically 
  • its hilarious 
  • what should’ve taken 10 minutes turned into a whole two hours 
  • already night time and sneaking down from the roof
  • and crowded inside Minghao’s place playing FIFA
  • “what are you gonna do about the ladder over there” Mingyu calls from the kitchen making snacks of course
  • “i’ll bring it over tomorrow morning” 
  • “you should bring her food too! as a welcome!!” Seokmin nudges Minghao wiggling his brows
  • making him shove back, trying to concentrate on the game
  • “YES! i’ll start making food!!” Mingyu claps excitedly
  • ‘oh lord, this is going to be a mess’ 
  • and that’s how he ends up at your door, a basket of food in his hands stacked almost up to his chin
  • you swing open the door, your breakfast sandwich in hand, still in your PJ’s, hair up into a bun 
  • “AH” you yelp, swinging the door close on reflex
  • and then opening it again cringing at the way you look
  • Minghao glances at the corner of your lips,
  • where a bread crumb lays
  • “your neighbor, remember me?” 
  • “yes the c-” you smile pausing, still flustered, “the guy borrowing the ladder” 
  • “i see you have it” you laugh slightly motioning to the ladder behind him
  • “and with a welcome gift” 
  • and grabbing the basket from him, you walk inside, letting him set the ladder down in your living room
  • “i would invite you to stay but…” 
  • he nods, “you just moved in, your busy i get it” 
  • Minghao smiles backtracking out the door
  • “i’m right across from you if you need anything” 
  • closing your door, you lean back against the wall, 
  • “oh my god i’m a mess” you whisper to yourself 
  • and smirking, opening the door just down the hall from yours, 
  • he shakes his head at himself
  • ‘nevermind, i’m a mess,’ 
  • taking a breathe, and grabbing his skateboard, he laughs
  • “well, she’s adorable” 
  • you, are well, going about your moving in process, 
  • occasionally letting the cute neighbor run though your mind
  • who, oh my god, you guys don’t even know each other’s names
  • taking a break from your many boxes, your run to the nearest convenience store to find dinner 
  • only to find it particularly crowded in the ramyeon section 
  • your eyes wonder to your neighbor, surprisingly
  • and your reaction is to blast your way outta there
  • until you guys make eye contact
  • making Minghao not very subtly leaving his group
  • “finding dinner?” he asks, tucking his hand into his pockets 
  • “just getting some necessities, like instant noodles” 
  • he chuckles, agreeing
  • sticking out your hand, “i realized we never introduced ourselves, it’s y/n” 
  • he shakes your hand, “Minghao” 
  • “well we’re kind of past the introducing stage aren’t we” he jokes
  • referring to your appearance this morning, or the ladder, or both 
  • either way, your cheeks heat up 
  • it feels sudden to you, but he hands you his phone
  • “let’s exchange numbers, i can help you with your boxes,” he smirks, “or show you around” 
  • “oh?” you, catch on to what he might be insinuating 
  • though your heartbeat makes you want to tell yourself not to read into it
  • “did you ask her out ye-” Seokmin comes out of no where swinging his arm around Minghao 
  • who elbows him into his stomach a little too late
  • nevermind, your definitely reading into it
  • smiling meaningfully at him,
  • “i’ll stop bothering you guys then”  you say spinning around
  • “you-” 
  • “call me!” you say without turning 
  • Minghao nods, smiling
  • “how does it feel to be cut off huh” Seokmin huffs, grinning
  • “how can you smile like that as if we aren’t here huh” Mingyu teases 
  • “quit” Minghao glares jokingly 
  • not stopping the rest of the guys from getting on his case though, 
  • “so when are we gonna hear the story of how they met” Seungcheol smirks 
  • “uhhh” 
  • the three of them say in sync
  • “gotta blast” 
  • the three of them take their food as Minghao skates away with the other three running behind him 
  • you happen to catch a glance at the three whiling checking out 
  • and laugh, covering your mouth, eyes following them out
  • ‘that’ll be a good conversation for next time’ 

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Mali the heroic military dog has been awarded the Animals’ Victoria Cross for his incredible courage after being blown up during a bitter Afghan firefight.The gallant Malinois was hit by three grenade blasts and suffered horrendous wounds but never flinched from duty in the heat of battle.As bullets zipped and ricocheted, Mali led British troops from the front as they stormed an enemy stronghold on the Afghanistan frontline.For seven hours Mali went above and beyond the call of duty, being repeatedly hoisted up into the insurgents’ six-storey, heavily-defended lair to sniff out the enemy and their explosives, and give British troops vital milliseconds to engage in close quarters combat.Two grenade blasts badly wounded Mali’s chest and front legs, while a third that detonated close to his face knocked out a tooth and injured his right ear. For such courage under fire and saving countless lives, Mali, now fully recovered, will be presented with the prestigious PDSA Dickin Medal, globally renown as the highest decoration a military animal can receive.

just college things:

  • someone flew a drone into the library’s open windows today. it hovered awkwardly while everyone in the library studying, myself included, stared at it, and then left very quickly
  • one of my apartmentmates had a talk with me around one in the morning where she very emotionally declared that the only thing she’s learned since coming here was how to properly cook ramen.
  • my physics prof brought a miniature pool table into class and set it up at the front of the room and got two volunteers to come shoot balls around to demonstrate collisions. bear in mind, this is a lecture hall that seats around 700 people.
  • one of my apartmentmates and i went out for boba and french fries at around one in the morning. this no longer strikes us as an odd thing to do.
  • i’m sitting in a courtyard as i type this post. on the other side of it there are three people blasting “boss ass bitch” and attempting to choreograph a dance to it. 
  • my roommate had a midterm this morning at nine. last night i made myself tea around 2 am and glanced over to her and saw her scrolling through google results for pictures of young joe biden and whispering i’ve lost control of my life
  • and my all-time favorite: a friend of mine once begged me to let him come over to borrow my clothes iron because he desperately needed to print pictures of his CS professor and put them on a t-shirt.

Pairing - Daveed x Reader

Word Count - 3541

Prompt - From @followingnaturespath -  Oh my god if its not too much trouble could you do gymnophoria with Daveed and reader? Or something of the sort? I hope it’s not too much of a bother! -💜

Warnings - SMUT. 

Tags - @serkewen12 @mysterywriter36 @hamilton-gaygod @daveedish @itsgarbagecannotgarbagecannot @crazypurplebananas @getupoffathathang @iluvnialljameshoran @hamilfamdd @drugsdiggs @daveeddiggsit @imagineham @fragmentofmymind @manuelmiranduh @americanrevelation @hamiltonwrotetheother51 @darling-danger @h3dgehogjohn @hamilton-canyouimagine @angryflowerengineer @raesof-sunshine @authorrjcity @satisfiedstoryoftonight @a-schuylerr @imaginebeinghamiltrash @diggs4life @cupofkauffie @spilledkauffie @authorrjcity

I’m redoing my forever tag list, so shoot me an ask if you wanna be on it! 

Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is undressing you with their eyes.

This was it. The big day. The day you’d been looking forward to ever since you’d found out about it.

Was it your wedding day? No. You weren’t even engaged.

Birthday? No.

It was the day you finally got to see your boyfriend after he’d been on tour with his band for the past month.

Clipping. was finally coming within driving distance, and you couldn’t be more excited. You loved to see Daveed perform, be it when you first started dating while he was in Hamilton, or now when he was on tour with his group, or anything he decided to take part in. He poured his heart and soul into every performance, and you loved it. You loved his intensity, his passion, the way he dropped his shy demeanor and took charge of the stage with utmost confidence. It was magnetic, drawing you to him that much more, and, if you were honest with yourself, it turned you on. You couldn’t always get him alone after a show, but when you did, the adrenaline from his performance made things absolutely electric. He usually left you with bruises or hickeys on your neck and chest, and when things were really intense, you were sore the next day. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t hoping that that happened tonight.

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If you think adding Lady Xiahou/Xiahouji  into Dynasty Warriors is a good thing, then from the bottom of my heart of hearts: Go fuck yourself.

I can’t fucking believe I have to keep talking about this fucking shit. 

This is going in every fucking tag related to this I can think of. 

Initially, in the fifth year of Jian’an [AD 200], at the time Xiahou Ba had a younger cousin who was only thirteen or fourteen years of age and lived in the same prefecture. After going out to gather firewood, she was taken by Zhang Fei. Zhang Fei knew she was from a good family and so he married her, and she bore a daughter who was later Liu Shan’s Empress (Empress Zhang). When Xiahou Yuan died, Zhang Fei’s wife asked to be able to bury [her uncle]. 

Now in the fifth year of Jian'an (200 AD), a female cousin of Xiahou Ba, aged thirteen or fourteen, while living in her native prefecture went out to gather firewood; she was seized by Zhang Fei, who knew she was a girl from a respectable family and took her to wife. She gave birth to daughters who became Liu Shan’s consorts. This is why after Xiahou Yuan’s death, Zhang Fei’s wife gave him his funeral.