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BK: Villains are always fun to create and write for, so Book Three was a blast in this regard. Mike, Tim, Josh and I got to dream up a team of baddies who represented each of the four elements, but with rare and deadly skills. The designers and I hastily cranked out concept designs so the storyboard artists would have at least rough materials to work with at the start of the new season.

Designs by Bryan Konietzko, Christie Tseng, Angela Song Mueller, and Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf.



The white pyramid gem in Serious Steven is White Diamond. This explains why White Diamond is still included in the logo, they know she wasn’t shattered, but may be unsure of her whereabouts. They may assume she’s on some cosmic mission, spreading their empire and scouting new planets for resources, who knows. But the diamonds don’t mention that it’s odd that she didn’t show up at the trial. This leads me to believe they may think they know where she is.

In Egyptian culture, a pyramid is a tomb for a pharaoh, who were often seen as God like entities, much the way the diamonds are viewed by their subjects. This pyramid is in the middle a gem battleground.

My theory is that white Diamond was poofed, and the homeworld gems created this pyramid to keep her gem safe, hence the traps, while she healed enough to regenerate. If pearl can take 14 days to regenerate, a diamond of such massive size could easily take much longer. When the corruption song blasted the earth she became stuck in the temple.

Gems can still use some abilities while in gem form. Lapis could manipulate the images in her mirror, and the dessert glass could still build. Lapis was not corrupted but it was confirmed that the desert glass is. It stands to reason that the pyramid gem would still be able to use abilities while in the pyramid, using it as a beacon of sorts.

Many people have speculated that white Diamond has abilities over the mind, the same way blue has abilities over emotions and yellow has abilities over the body. The combination of these three blasts could cause all the symptoms we see of corruption.

I was unsure about this theory when it was originally circulating because of the size of the gem and shape in the pyramid, but as we’ve gotten a better understanding of the diamonds there seems to be more and more evidence to support. Blue and yellow both have different shaped diamonds. Blues is more tear shaped and yellows is longer and thinner, so there’s no reason whites couldn’t be more square. To combat the size issue- we’ve finally gotten an upclose comparison of Steven to blue diamonds gem in the hour wanted special. Both the pyramid gem and blue diamonds gem are roughly the size of stevens head, as pictured in the screen shots above. This assumes steven still isn’t doing much growing, like Greg shows us in stevens birthday photo book.

The shape of WD on homeworld was confirmed not to be a statue. I believe it’s whites ship. It’s entirely possible that her MO is to use a smaller more discreet ship for scouting.

TDLR: Pyramid Gem is WD, she’s was poofed and put in the pyramid as a safe place to regenerate. Gems can still use powers while in objects or corrupted, playing her part in the corruption song. As we’ve seen diamonds are not all the same shape. The pyramid gem is roughly the same size as BDs gem.

Hogwarts University: Part 4

Greek Life AU

((OOC: Draco played by: @space-marauder, Hermione played by: @askwhathasthiscometo, Harry played by: @siriusly-not-over-remus, Ginny played by: @son-0f-a-snitch, Ron played by: @lockhart-imagines

Part One // Part Two // Part Three))

*Lights flash, music blasts, the party is in full swing* *They make their way over to the bar*

Harry: Yeah, one sec!

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Reckless Part 2

SUMMARY: Years after a close call on a mission, emotions ran high, a reckless action, a reckless statement, made you leave behind the person you cared about most, who hurt you the most, Bucky Barnes. Can you and Bucky repair the damage and rekindle the spark that was once there? Or will it prove to be even more reckless than before? 

Word Count: 1426

Character(s): Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Nick Fury

Warning: Very Very slight angst.

A/N: Part Two of ‘Reckless’ I really really hope you enjoy this chapter. This is only the beginning so hang in there! I welcome feedback and suggestions, I truly appreciate the support. So, buckle your seat-belts and enjoy the ride, this is only the beginning…

Part 1

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There’s a overcast today, it looks like it’s a bit brisk outside today. The one day I actually can sleep in I wake up a lot earlier thanks to my internal alarm clock. No use in trying to go back to sleep. I stare out the window, watching the birds soar through the dark clouds. 

*beep beep beep beep* 

I reach for my phone on the nightstand, glancing at the name ‘Derrick’.

So much for an off day Derrick…

Zero, meet me in 15.”

Of course, because I never really want an off day anyway.” I reply.

Derrick chuckles “Mouthing off again you smart a-” 

I’ll be there.” I hang up the phone. I sit up on my bed, run my hands through my hair, ‘This can’t be good..’ I mutter to myself. I shower, put on my white v-neck T-shirt and black jeans, boots. I stand in-front of the mirror, ‘My how you’ve changed Y/N.’ I whisper taking in my new appearance. Glancing down at the matte lipstick on the table I apply the bright red, considering it is an off day being interrupted, a little pop of color doesn’t hurt.

Stepping off the elevator you slowly make your way to the Derrick’s office. He has the windows fogged, privacy, this is serious. I open the door, turning around to close it behind me.

“Right on queue, Zero. Have a seat.” Derrick states.

I’ve walked this hallway a billion times, it’s a nice distance from the elevator. But it feels like it’s 20 miles long this time. The floor looks like it’s twisting and turning, I feel sick to my stomach. I stop and lean against the wall, closing my eyes hoping I’ll wake up and I just dreamt everything that Derrick said. Maybe I just didn’t hear him properly.

A Hydra factory has been found, we’ve been trying to track this down for years. An undercover operative located it a few weeks ago. They were sending us as much Intel as possible, but we lost track of them, radio silence. We fear the worst has happened but it wasn’t in vain. Fury has assigned this mission to the Avengers, but they need all hands on deck. Unfortunately, he only wants someone they can work well with.” Derrick glances at me 

I have been instructed by Director Fury to contact the Avengers and inform them that you and I will be joining them.” Derrick pauses and looks directly at me. “I know you had a past with them Zero, I hope you can put aside your difference for this mission. We need our best sharp-shooter out there. Fury and I think it would be best if you pair wi-”

“They have Clint Barton, you don’t need another Marksman on the field.”

Derrick shakes his head “Zero, you are the best sharp-shooter, zero misses? You’re not called Zero for nothing. You and Clint watching our backs from above, we-” 

I cross my arms ,“He can handle everything just fine. You don’t need another sniper.”


 “I also no longer go into the field doing hand-to-hand combat.”


 “Therefore you won’t need me. So I’m going to excuse myself.” I stand up heading for the door.

Derrick slams his hands on the table, “Y/N!!!!! You are going, that is a direct order from Fury himself. He knew you’d decline this mission, therefore I have it here written that you will go or you will be reprimanded.”

I clench my jaw, digging my fingers into my chair.

“Zero, I’m sorry, but duty calls and we have to stop Hydra before anyone else gets hurt. They are planning something big and we have to stop them while we can.” Derrick sighs, he walks around his desk he pulls me into a hug. “I know you this won’t be easy for you, but you are needed and you are the best, Fury wouldn’t have requested you if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Heck, he was the one to sign your transfer papers. You’ve helped several squadrons in the past three years Y/N. Your old family needs you.” 

“This is bull crap Rick and you know it. Fury is just using this as an excuse to get back in that Tower.” I snap.

He pulls back, bending down looking me straight in the eyes. “I’ll be with you every step of the way, you don’t have to go back on the field. Stay in the shadows and cover us. I won’t force you on the ground, but you’re strong and you can do this, it will be a quick mission in and out.”

“Fury has already notified the team that he is bringing in me and one more operative, he hasn’t told them its you yet.”

“Fine.” I snatch away, opening and shutting the door behind me.

I think my stomach has settled, the room has finally stopped spinning. After three blasted years I was starting to feel at ease with my current life. The dreams didn’t occur as frequently. Why now? Why?

I make it back to my room and start to pack for the mission. Derrick notified me that we take off in 30 minutes. I try to make a mental list of what I’ll need for my stay, but my mind is in an utter fog right now. I change into my tactical catsuit and boots. 

After leaving my room I head towards the armory and grab my weapons and head for the hanger area.

You and Derrick board the jet transporting you to the tower.

The travel time from the Helicarrier to the Avengers tower is only a half hour. That only gives me a little bit of time to try and get myself in order.

My phone vibrates in bag, I unzip it and check the message. I take a deep breath after glancing at the name ‘N’. Of course she would be the first to check.

Nat: “Are you coming back?” 

I stare at your phone, contemplating if I should reply to the message. Turn the phone over and over between my hands I shut the screen off placing . Before I zip it in my phone vibrates again.

Nat: “We wouldn’t request additional back up if we didn’t need it.” The text pop-ups up quickly.

Y/N: “It wouldn’t make a difference if I did or didn’t come.”

Nat“You know that wasn’t and still isn’t true Y/N..”

‘If only that were true Nat..’ I mumble to myself.

                                                       Bucky’s POV

Fury called everyone directly to the boardroom after our away mission for an urgent meeting. We’ve all been trying to prep for the arrival of the two agents. Steve keeps trying to convince me that working with people we don’t know will pan out well. 

No one has been very vocal about these two new additions, that’s a sign that not everyone is on board with it. 

We take our seats waiting for Fury, something about this meeting, it’s making me feel anxious.

“You look like you’ve got a lot on your mind Barnes.” Natasha mutters

“I don’t think it’s a hidden secret that I’m uneasy about the two new operatives.”

“Mmm.” She stares at me

“What?” I asked perplexed.

Fury walks into the room “Team, as you know I have requested two more operatives to assist on the upcoming Hydra mission. I’d like to introduce to you Derrick Dugan. He is the leader of the Elite Shadow Squadron. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all, I look forward to working with you all. I know this will not be an easy task, but I hope we can all make this transition go smooth. I’ve brought with me my second in command, Zero.

“Zero? As in he has zero tolerance for bad behavior? Or going to give out Zeros on all of our report cards?” Tony blurts out walking around the table

“No Mr. Stark, she never misses a target, and we have had zero incidents thanks to her outstanding marksmanship. Zero, is the codename we call her on the squadron, a title she’s earned.” Derrick steps to the side extending his arm, directing our attention to the door.

Fury walks over to the door greeting the figure in heeled black tactical boots with a fitted body suit to match. I can catch a glimpse of her short y/h/c hair, then she turns face to face. A face that I could never forget in a million years, even if I tried.

“You all know her as…”

My breath hitched in my throat, I mutter “Y/N” 

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See Clearly Now

“My eyes are up here.”

What? Was— was Louis flirting with him?

Harry looked up — much too slowly, probably — and saw Louis watching him, his mouth quirked up on one side, a grin threatening to steal the pretty curve of his mouth.

“What?” Harry squeaked.

Louis put his hands on his hips, almost challenging Harry to look again, “I said…my eyes are up here.”

Harry felt something electric pass between them. He felt the need to take a step forward, call Louis’ bluff, see if he was more bark than bite.

Biting sounded really fun right about now.

OR a five-times fic where two guys, one college dorm room and a faulty door lead to a few embarrassing situations and finding out more about themselves and each other than they ever bargained for.

Read the rest here.

This is part of a prompt challenge that a group of us are participating in for the prompt “Hinge”. To read the other amazing fics that were written by the others on this prompt, you can click here and to see all fics written as part of the challenge, you can click here.

and yet

After the Castle of Lions is reclaimed from Sendak, Coran finds himself left alone to his thoughts— guilt and sorrow for children who do not belong in a war.

written for voltron angst week | day one: smile | AO3

You cannot count age by numbers.

It’s something Coran has learned, something that his grandfather used to teach him when he was young. He’d carry Coran on his shoulders as he walked through the streets of Altea, telling him the stories of things that had come and gone.

You cannot count— you cannot measure.

Coran clasps his hands behind his back and paces. Forwards, back. Forwards, back. One foot in front of the other, step, step, turn.

There’s a crease in his clothing; Coran uses a hand to smooth it out and catches sight of his glove, stained a dark brown.

Forwards, back. One foot—

The floor is burnt in places, scorched by fire. Coran clenches his shaking hands into fists.

Forwards, back. Forwards, back. One foot in front of the other, step, step, step, turn, turn, one foot—

He stops. The silence that follows – the absence of his footsteps – is jarring.

“Alright, then, Coran, old boy,” he says out loud, the same way his grandfather used to. “Breathe now. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Count to five now. It’s alright— smile for me, yeah?”

He breathes, then says: “One.”

There’s nothing left to distract him here. The battle is over. There’s no paladin to talk to him, no Crystal to retrieve; he’s checked the systems six times over, has looked over the Castle’s statistics.

Now, while the Castle and its inhabitants slumber, Coran stays awake.

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A Guide to Lynel Slaying

As most of us know, Lynels have carried their “one of the most dangerous Zelda enemies” legacy into a game where everything’s already rife with danger. Staying two steps ahead of everyone here means having the best of all worlds: nasty attack patterns, crazy damage output, and a level of sturdiness that would make cockroaches weep.

But Lynel materials are necessary to upgrade some of the better armor, their weapon drops are among the strongest you’ll ever obtain, and if you train enough to tackle them, Silver Lynels may drop some otherwise-rare materials like Diamonds and Star Fragments. So here are some pointers I can offer to alleviate your gladiatorial labors.

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Things that remind me of Monsta x:

Shownu: a really calm summer night where you can see every star in the sky perfectly; drive in movies; visiting an animal shelter and seeing the cutest puppies; forehead kisses that make you melt

Minhyuk: running around the back yard barefoot trying to catch fireflies; coffee shops that always have the friendliest workers; flower beds filled with pastel colors; back hugs

Wonho: long road trips with the windows down and music blasting; three am pit stops to the closest and most convenient fast food place; waves crashing on the shore just close enough to cover your feet; non sexual neck kisses just to remind you of the love that is there

Kihyun; coffee and books; long nights in the library studying until way after dawn; handmade friendship bracelets that each of you have; walks through wooded trails; sweet words whispered into sheets at all hours of the night

Hyungwon: pure white bed with the fluffiest set of covers and pillows you could ever imagine; movies with someone where you pay more attention to each other than anything else; butterfly kisses when you’re too close

Jooheon: late nights with a pen and a pad; midnight adventures to where ever your mind and the gas in the car can take you; notebooks filled to the brim with words of endearment; holding hands in crowded places to ensure safety

Changkyun: pink sunsets watched over the balcony; staring up at the sky as bursts of fireworks mark your vision; falling asleep in the backseat of a car hands still intertwined; loving kisses pressed to every inch of skin found


Streamed today and when I was finished doing commissions I took some prompts form viewers. It was a fun way to end it. 

Prompts in order were: Buff female shark wrestler, alien magical girl, and bismuth witch. 

While all three were a lot of fun to do, I’m very proud of The Mako Menace. She’s here to kick some butt in the ring! 

just college things:

  • someone flew a drone into the library’s open windows today. it hovered awkwardly while everyone in the library studying, myself included, stared at it, and then left very quickly
  • one of my apartmentmates had a talk with me around one in the morning where she very emotionally declared that the only thing she’s learned since coming here was how to properly cook ramen.
  • my physics prof brought a miniature pool table into class and set it up at the front of the room and got two volunteers to come shoot balls around to demonstrate collisions. bear in mind, this is a lecture hall that seats around 700 people.
  • one of my apartmentmates and i went out for boba and french fries at around one in the morning. this no longer strikes us as an odd thing to do.
  • i’m sitting in a courtyard as i type this post. on the other side of it there are three people blasting “boss ass bitch” and attempting to choreograph a dance to it. 
  • my roommate had a midterm this morning at nine. last night i made myself tea around 2 am and glanced over to her and saw her scrolling through google results for pictures of young joe biden and whispering i’ve lost control of my life
  • and my all-time favorite: a friend of mine once begged me to let him come over to borrow my clothes iron because he desperately needed to print pictures of his CS professor and put them on a t-shirt.

anonymous asked:

Dark sonic flirting with Amy? >:3c


So, which Dark Sonic is this? Haha, most Dark Sonics are either an animal that attacks until gained trust/cured, or Sonic fighting his inner, out of control emotions that chaos gives power too. Sometimes, like the Canon version of Dark Sonic from Sonic X, it’s Sonic alright but he can’t control his anger or let it go. So,.. yeah XD I’ll pick one and see how it goes ;)


After a conflicting battle with Eggman, Sonic found himself unable to control his emotions upon seeing a powerful beam from the egg-carrier get deflected onto a neighboring town.

Lots were hurt, but luckily, none were fatal.

Sonic’s eyes shook at the scene below him, his body turned just slightly to see the beam land and destroy more than livelihoods.

His super form began to quiver in it’s aura, and suddenly, as Sonic’s fist tightened and his eyes narrowed into a hostility not usually seen in the hero; his skin slowly formed a darker hue, as his teeth clenched and his eyes shifted to a dark blue…

Eggman daintily posed a hand over his mouth, “Oh? Oppsie.” Treating it lightly, he positioned the gun over, where Super Sonic once knocked it away.

It was his fault. He deflected the beam.

Below him, stood Tails and Amy, saved by the fast thinking, but horrified at the consequences. Holding one another, they turned their eyes from the scene in the skies to the disaster to their sides.

As the ship turned, it faced Sonic directly, though Sonic’s body was trembling at this point, and he felt the dark aura starting to advance up his body.

“What’s the matter, hedgehog? Realizing you can’t save everyone?”

The tone shook Sonic out of control, as his eyes widened and he yielded to the temptation of aggression.

With a swiftness of his head, rising up to the behemoth of a machine, his eyes fully shifted to glowing white sockets.

With a roar of distain and bewilderment, blaming more than Eggman for the scene of fire below, he charged the machine, dashing through it like it was paper-mache.

Eggman, not expecting such violent reproof, immediately squirmed in his seat, as Orbot and Cubot tallied the damages as they happened.

“Damages 70%. 80%-!” Orbot flinched at a blow that shook the whole of the Egg-Carrier. “90!”

“We’ve lost the engine!” Cubot exclaimed, clutching Eggman’s leg for dear life.

Eggman pulled back the sides of his open frown, realizing this wasn’t how him and Sonic usually ‘played’.

“He’s not letting this one go.” Eggman slightly muttered to himself, starting to realize the gravity of the situation. Sonic was usually very playful, but this time…


“Cut the engine, and let it go!” Eggman took control, throwing a jacket over himself, he rose up and boarded to the top of a pillared structure in the middle of the floor. Rising up the platform, the machine had handles, where Eggman gripped and looked down to the shaking floor below him, turning to address his robots.

“Get on! If you wish to save your metallic hides!”

The two robots looked at one another, frightened, realizing this was an ‘abandon ship’, and quickly did as they were told.

The open and small airship that was released flew silently into the cover of smoke and clouds, as the Egg-Carrier was stripped with Spin-dashes and continual distortions until the entire thing collapsed on itself into a fire of explosions.

Although venting, tearing up the Egg-Carrier wasn’t enough to satisfy the intense rage Sonic was feeling. Not only was guilt there, something he hadn’t truly experienced before, but now a great regret as he turned to see Eggman through the clouds.

Still reeling in emotional pain, he ducked his shaking head, his body following the motion and stored up dark chaos energy into the front of his body.

“EEGGGGMMAAANN!!!” He gathered the force into his hands, reeled it back as it charged and directed freely like a curved comet into the sky towards him.

His whole body flung with the motion, as Eggman gritted his teeth and his lips drew back, fear at once took hold and the three were blasted by the hit, falling through the air in spinning circles before landing to be stuck in a tree.

“Maybe you shouldn’t blast people so hard.” Orbot complained, leaning backwards with his back arched on the branch.

“Or maybe you shouldn’t blast people at all!” Cubot groaned in his metallic way, his belly bent as he lay over a higher branch than the three.

Hanging by his comfortable jacket, getting pulled up and down like a small spring, Eggman folded his arms, pouting.

His mustache burnt slightly from the connecting blast, he twitched it slightly as little ashes fell and shortened that side of his stache.

He gasped, kicking his legs in anger as he threw a tantrum, “THAT DARN HEDDDGEEEEHOOOGGG!!!”

Coming down, Sonic still felt the grief of the moment over his body, the quaking never seeming to shake, as Tails and Amy ran up to him.


Leave me…” he hunched his shoulders, as they sporadically bounced in his misery.

“Sonic…” They drew closer, wanting to help, Tails moving first with his hands out to try and comfort him…

I said leave me alone!” Dark Sonic flung a hand back, and suddenly, the aura shot like mini-bullets into Tails and Amy, shooting them back as little sharp air lines showed where the punctures were made.

Though none were truly injured, the pain of the pressure hits caused them to flinch on the ground, before Amy looked up in shock and worry towards him.

What has happened to him? What was happening?


After several attempts to calm Sonic, nothing seemed to work.

Tails was losing his patience with his friends, pulling out all the stops, he even tried to electrically hold him in place, and sent a electrocution to try and snap Sonic out of his emotional distress.

This only caused him to grow anger, wanting to be alone as he shot from his hands a powerful pressure force that increased gravity. Tails was forced down, and as he struggled, soon lost consciousness.

Sonic lowered himself from the now sparking instruments, glared almost indifferently at his friend who now carried shallow breaths, and walked away.

Knuckles, Eggman, even Shadow was hired by G.U.N to put an end to this ‘uncurable threat’, and as Sonic fought more and more, his state of mind became more twisted.


Because he felt guilt that was haunting his conscience,… they considered him a monster?

That’s when Amy came along…


“Sonic…” she approached slowly, her hands clenched together in what seemed like a plight.

His eyes had shifted to a darker blue, finally being alone to dwell on some things, but hearing her voice sent an irritation. It broke his concentration and thought, making him close his eyes, clenching his fist…

“Sonic, you’re not yourself…” She lightly approached, as he slowly turned his body, and made her quickly react by moving away, not knowing what his next move… or reaction for that matter… would be…

“Have you come to reform me too..?” His eyes opened, an icy look, almost as if it had lost all feeling… “To cure me..” he started to advance towards her.

In her fright, she stepped back, but then shook her head and stood her ground, leaning forward, stomping a foot down to try and stop him from advancing.

“No! I’m here to help you!”

“Help?” his eyes narrowed, as he re-balanced himself and stopped his advancement. “Why would I need help? Because I’m feeling now? Because I actually have a heart?” He motioned to his chest, bowing slightly, and mocking her request.

I don’t need any help.” he swiped a hand out, but no power came from it like the last time he had seen her.

“B-but… You’re fighting this alone… and you’re hurting people!”

Her outburst sent a jolt of anger through his being, as he growled out a bit of frustration and turned around, slamming a powerful pulse into the air.

I want to be alone!!!” he shouted. “It’s all of you who can’t understand that!

“You’re not understanding us!” Amy counted, squinting an eye as she flung her upper body in a twisted form up, before flinching and clutching her stomach, having been knocked down. “No one should suffer alone… let us help you… please… you’re not thinking clearly… you’re not yourself…”

Her voice faded slightly, but his anger forced his hands up, his head looming down at her with utter-


His eyes suddenly widened, and a faint chuckle came from his lips.

He shook his head, suddenly a darker expression upon his face.

“Of course… Tails tried technology. Shadow, brute force. Knuckles, heh… tried Knuckles… and now, what do you try?” he tsked from the side of his mouth, walking dangerously close to her as she scooted back slightly, up against the first foresty tree that covered the cliff ahead of them.

He bent down, his eyes cold and mocking… Even his breath was a cruel reminder of how much anguish and uncontrolled aggression he carried.

“You come and try and to use the ‘power of love’ to cure me…”

What?” Amy looked insulted, slightly offended as her eyes furrowed in confusion.

He tilted his head, a wicked taunt upon his lips, as suddenly his eyes started to fade into the white around him, advancing towards her.

Well, go on then, lure me into submission… tempt me to desire your will over mine… push out these feeling with your love, Amy… you and your love alone, because that’s the answer to everything, isn’t it? Because there’s nothing love can’t do…

He was moving over her, as she kept trying to move back, more pressed to the tree as he came closer and closer, his voice a husky mockery of her pure intentions.

Make me fall for you… Amy…

“Stop it… Sonic,… Sonic, you’re not well!” She pushed him back, but he slowly hand his hand coming up, and pulled her down.

Tempt me…

He suddenly gripped her throat, as she sucked in air impulsively, and he smashed his lips into hers.

The mocking taunt was unbearable now.

She kicked and almost screamed through it, but he kept ramming her against the ground and bashing her head against the tree.


She finally had a second to take in more air, feeling the throbbing of her head, she summoned her hammer and whammed it into his head, forcing him off of her.

He quickly recovered though, getting back on her and the two tussled before she finally got a word out, shoving her hand to his chest.

“This isn’t love!!!” she cried out, her voice a shriek in the darkness, before Dark Sonic finally leaned away, his eyes still glowing white, but his expression… somehow intrigued by her response.

She gasped, grimacing at the painful fight and letting out some of the ache through her cries.

“I’m not trying to cure you, or to take away any of the pain! I’m trying to share it with you!!!”

His body flinched, as he quickly backed up and away from her.

“What!?” he spat out, listening…

She coughed, getting up and gripping her throat, before turning to glare slightly at him from the corner of her eye.

“You aren’t well… and the only way you’ll ever get better is to let it out. Let it go, Sonic!” She slammed the hand that was desperately trying to comfort her aching throat down, refusing to try and soothe it.

Besides, it wasn’t the time for worrying about herself.

Sonic stepped back, silently, before shifting his head around, gripping his head.

“No… no..” he felt himself returning, the guilt, the discomforting realization of what Eggman had spoken… “I.. I can’t.” he leaned against the back of a tree. “I can’t.. I have to hold onto it…”

“If you keep it… then you’ll never forgive yourself.” Amy, seeing a sudden shift of consciousness over his deeds in him, got up and slowly started staggering over to him.

She gripped her arm and tried to hobble towards him, seeing him continually move away from her.

“No!” he shouted, looking disoriented. “Stay away from me!!!

“Sonic… Please…” she reached a hand out to him.

In a flood of mercy, her touch on his cheek suddenly flooded him with emotion.

He lifted his head in defeat, the darkness fading, and waves of tears washed over his being as he fell to the ground.

He covered his face, holding himself up as he realized what he had done.

He had willingly given into his anger, submissively passed his free agency to the dark emotions of his heart, and because of that, he had lost who he truly was.

“I’m so sorry… I’m so sorry…” he kept repeating, each time envisioning the town, Eggman, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, and then…

He turned in such miserable grief up to Amy.

“I’m so sorry..”

The air escaped Amy’s lungs, but she fell and clung to him, holding him, as he let the last of the horrible emotions flow through him and pour out.

(Super AU, but Sonic will be okay after a good cry :3 Yeah, again, super AU XD -Sonic doesn’t cry XP nor does he yield his will, pass the torch, so to speak, to emotion.- But eh. -shrug- that’s the only way I could think of that would be Sonic X like ‘darker flirting’ since Dark Sonic is evil, you know? XP But… is he?)

Confession:  The Normandy has a powerful laser gun on it that destroyed the Collector ship in Mass Effect 2. It annoys me to no end that not once in Mass Effect 3 is that powerful laser gun used on a single reaper. I imagine that it would take one to three blasts of it to destroy a reaper. I’m just mad that it’s never used and seems to be another forgotten thing by the writers and designers.

EW: Go behind the scenes of Imagine Dragons' epic new video featuring Dolph Lundgren


Imagine Dragon’s new single “Believer” is a three-minute blast of pummeling drums, gut-busting bass, and one massive, shout-along chorus—so when it came time to film the music video, naturally the Grammy-winning Las Vegas rockers looked to cast a legendary heavy-hitter from the silver screen: Rocky IV pugilist Dolph Lundgren.

In the clip, directed by Matt Eastin, singer Dan Reynolds spars with the 59-year-old Swedish actor in an epic, blood-soaked boxing match. Interestingly, this marks the first time Lundgren, who broke out playing the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in 1985’s Rocky IV, has starred in a music video—but Reynolds tells EW it wasn’t a huge feat to convince Lundgren to participate. “He’s a friend of a friend, but we basically cold called him,” he says. “He was into it once we told him he could punch me in the face.”

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There should be more Combaticon art. @tailgatemtmte plays the BEST Blast Off. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw the rest of the team sometime soon.

Still can’t believe I drew that gun? I’m happy with it.

daedriclys  asked:

Have you done a kuroo x readers first time yet? If so, could I just have some overall hc of kuroo or maybe a scenario where he's being ignored and trys his best to get her attention again? I'm down for litteraly anything kuroo....or Lev....or tsukki

Kuroo’s first time:
“__, call me helicase…”
“‘Cause I really wanna unzip your genes.”
Kuroo rested his head down in between the dip of her hips, idly watching her facial expression go sour.
“Tetsurou, that was so bad.” She snorted, propping herself up on her elbows.
“Oh c’mon, it wasn’t that bad.”
“It was so bad you didn’t just turn me off, but you managed to destroy my entire reproductive system. I can feel my uterus failing by the second.” Kuroo couldn’t help but laugh, rolling his eyes at his girlfriend’s words. He knew she was lying through, her red cheeks contradicting her subtle poker face.
“Oh please, I know you want me.”
“I want you as much as a muscle wants lactic acid.”
“Now that’s just mean!” Kuroo snorted, lifting up the hem of her shirt and pressing a soft kiss to her stomach. She smiled at him, her fingers finding their way into his hair and pushing his bangs back. He pressed another kiss and, without warning, blew against her stomach, hard. She screeched, arching her back and attempting to slide away.
“You’re seriously giving me a raspberry right now?”
“Oh yeah baby, you like that?” He cooed, mock seductively. She giggled, covering her mouth with her free hand. His hands gripped onto her hips to keep her down on the bed as he blew another raspberry against her stomach. Her shrill giggles caused him to laugh himself, breaking his blowing for a moment or two. “You like that, huh?”
He continued to watch her with a silly smile. A fond swelling erupted in his chest just watching her, and he swore in that moment he’s never loved anyone more. He took his hands off of her hips, placing them by her head and pulling himself up on her body. He met her face to face, and lowered himself onto his forearms to kiss her lips softly.
“I love you…” He muttered through a broken kiss, lowering one of his arms to grab her hand and interlace her fingers with his.
“I love you too, Tetsurou.” She replied as she dipped out of the kiss. They kept kissing, his hand slipping away from hers and returning to the hem of her shirt. He tugged at the fabric, fumbling awkwardly as he pulled it over her head and onto the floor. She giggled, sitting up and grabbing his own shirt and pulling it off a little more deftly than he did hers.
“God, I can’t even get your shirt off without struggling, how am I gonna manage this thing?” He snorted, fumbling with one of her bra straps between his index finger and thumb. “You might as well put a rubix cube on the back of that thing, goddamn.”
“You’re an IB chemistry student yet you don’t know how to take apart some clasps?” She teased.
“Honestly, yeah. I’ll deconstruct an atom before I learn how to undo this.” He shrugged, leaning back into her and kissing the junction between her neck and shoulder. He rolled his hips against hers experimentally, and when she sighed in content, he continued. She leaned backwards, unclasping her bra and letting it fall off of her. He went red in the face, his eyes following it as she threw it on the floor.
“Goddamn…” He muttered, becoming captivated in her naked chest. “Can you tell I’m a virgin?” He laughed awkwardly.
“Oh don’t worry Tetsurou, we’re all virgins here…” She sniffled. “Just wait until I see your dick. I’ll cry.”
Kuroo laughed, placing his hands on her bare back and tracing comfortable circles into her shoulder blades.
“You wanna take your pants off for me?” He muttered, the words making his cheeks flare redder.
“What happened to wanting to unzip my genes?”
“Oh, yeah. Forgot about that.” He ran his fingers along her torso and down to the button on her jeans. “Actually, I can’t do this. Please help me.”
With a nervous laugh she slid off his lap, and pulled off her jeans, her hands evidently shaking. She was getting nervous now, he could tell. No matter how sarcastic or aloof she acted, he could see straight through whatever facade she put up against him.
“It’s ok to be nervous, __.” He muttered, kicking off his joggers easily. “I’m so nervous I could vomit.”
“Ok, please don’t.” She stared at him with wide eyes, sitting across from him with crossed legs.
“I won’t. I just want you to be comfortable, okay? We don’t have to do this if you aren’t ready…” He sighed. “It was an honor just to see your boobs, to be honest.”
With that she broke out laughing again, more out of nervousness than hilarity.
“Tetsurou, I love you.”
“I love you too, __.”
The next turn of events had Kuroo’s heart pounding. She pulled off her underwear daintily, although she kept her legs shut. He looked upon her for a moment and licked his lips, his eyes darting between her body and his. He got lost in his thoughts, coming back from them when his eyes met hers.
“Yeah um…” He stuttered, grabbing the condom from the nightstand and fumbling with its package. “I’m really nervous, if you can’t tell.”
“Are you gonna vomit?”
“Your words, not mine.”
“Oh, yeah, right…” He trailed off again, staring at the elastic band of his boxers. “Here goes nothing…” He pulled them down quickly, like he was ripping a bandage. He sighed down at his crotch, hesitantly meeting her eyes. She looked down at his dick, then up to his eyes, then back down to his dick.
“Kuroo Tetsurou, you are going to kill me with that thing.”
“Wait, can that really happen?”
“No, no, but…” She sighed, covering her face with her hands. “It’s scary, Tetsurou…”
“Do you wanna stop?” He suggested.
“No, I definitely do not want to stop, it’s just that…I’m scared.” She sniffled. “Can I get a hug?”
Kuroo smiled setting the condom down on the bed and shuffling over to her. He scooped her up into his arms, letting her nuzzle into the crook of his neck.
“I’ll try not to hurt you, okay?”
“Damn, you better not hurt me.” She slid away from him, eyeing him up and down and nodded. His smile never faltered as he slipped the condom on, watching her as she crawled on top of his lap.
“Do you mind if we do it this way?” She inquired, her eyes never meeting his. She was beet red, her focus solely on his thighs.
“Whatever makes you comfortable, baby.”
She nodded, gathering up the courage to lift herself up and settle on the tip of his erection.
“Fuck…” She whispered into his ear as she lowered herself a bit lower. “Tetsurou, just slam into me. I think its gonna hurt more if I sit here for three hours trying to do it myself.”
“You sure?”
“I’m sure.”
Kuroo sighed, grabbing a hold of her hips with trembling hands.
“Ok…” He mumbled. “Three… two… one… blast off!”
He pulled her down as quick as her body would let him, and when her hips collided with his, she stared at him with wide eyes, her mouth utterly agape.
“Holy shit, fuck, heck…“ She hissed, leaning her head against his shoulder. “I don’t know if I should be complaining about how bad it hurts or how upset I am that I’m losing my virginity to a guy who said ‘three two one blast off’ as he put his dick in me.” She whined, regaining her composure as she looked him in the eyes.
“I know I’ve said this a lot today but I really love you, Tetsurou.”
“Enough to forgive me for saying ‘three two one blast off’?”
“Enough to forgive you for anything.”
They sat in silence for a moment, the cautious grinding of her hips bubbling up a warm feeling inside of him. Slowly, slowly, she brought herself up on her knees, then lowered herself back down. She started at a steady pace, Kuroo’s hips bucking up to meet hers. Her face was convulsed, out of pain or pleasure, he didn’t know. She was completely focused in her movements, and nothing else. Her hands were tight on his shoulders, using his body as a crutch for hr movements.
“Am I doing ok?” She pondered, getting used to her steady pace and increasingly picking up her speed.
“You’re doing…” Kuroo wasn’t used to the new wave of pleasure that ran over him, and involuntarily, he moaned. His bit his lip bashfully and nodded. “Wonderful…”
“I can’t tell if I hate the feeling of this or love it.” She breathed. “I’m gonna say both.”
They fell into another drawn out segment of silence, the only noises in the room were her soft moans, his groans, and the whirring of the furnace.
His eyes never left hers as they continued, their heavy breathing in sync. He leaned forward and kissed her neck, making her jolt, suddenly. She sighed, leaning into him as her hips never faltered. He left a bruising trail from one collarbone to the other, then kissed her pulse softly.
“__, you’re the only person on earth who will ever make me feel this way.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Mm…” He moaned out, his hips stuttering as he jerked forward a bit, a louder moan then escaping him.
“God, __…” He panted, his fist balling into her hair. “I… I just…” He whined again, a little quieter this time. “You just made me…”
Kuroo sat there for a little while longer, watching as she came to a high of her own, her reddened cheeks growing redder as she chanted his name like a prayer, her hips slowly coming to a stop.
“Did we just?”
“We totally just…”
“And I didn’t die?”
“Me neither?”
“Holy fuck.”
Kuroo laughed, glancing down at their hips.
“I might just cry, __.” He exhaled, running a hand through sweaty hair. His eyes met hers again, and he had to bite down on his lip to hold back something.
“Babe, you know what?”
“You must be RNA, cause you really help me uncoil.”
“Really, Tetsurou!”