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I Just Don't Feel Incredible [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Hi Jules! Could I request some fluffy mess with Barry comforting the reader when she’s having a depressive episode? Like doesn’t wanna leave her house, mopey, etc and Barry just makes her feel better?? Love love love your work. No rush in this one. 💕💕💕

a/n: i need a barry…this is literALLY HOW I’M FEELING RN……..i need barry to do this ASAP

What’s the point of leaving the house? What’s the point of getting out of bed? Of eating? You’re pretty sure there is no point in doing anything. That is why you are laying in bed at three in the afternoon. It’s pointless. Everything is fucking pointless.

Holding the soft red square throw pillow to your chest, you squeeze your eyes shut at the gust of wind. Here he is, man of the hour; Mr. Barry Allen! Just who you didn’t want to see. Rolling over, you curl up on yourself, tucking your chin in your chest. Silently, you pray that the scarlet speedster will just leave you to suffer alone.

Much to your disappointment, he doesn’t. Instead, Barry flashes out of his regular button down and into a blue t-shirt and his gray hoodie. “Hey…” he mumbles in a soft tone as he climbs in bed with you. “What’s wrong, beautiful?” he whispers, playing with your hair. Ah, that sneaky bastard knows how much you enjoy when he does that.

Not a sound comes from you. It’s not like Barry’s surprised though. He… never gets a response on the first try. You exhale a sigh, moving your ‘Hakuna Matata’ tank top around when you roll on your side to face him. Ironic, isn’t it? You surely don’t feel very ‘hakuna matata’ today. For a moment, you focus on Barry’s eyes, watching how the cinnamon brown color mixes so well with the mint green.

Humming a song from his childhood, the brunette dries your cheeks with the pad of his thumb, thick eyelashes just barely touching his own cheeks. Good god, he is fucking beautiful. When he catches the sniffle and whimper that leaks from your lips, he shakes his head; not moving his eyelids. “No, no more tears, honey.” he coos in a gentle voice. “You don’t need to tell me what’s up…”

That’s one thing you love about Barry; he never pressures you into anything. Very slowly, you remove the pillow from your stomach, frowning when you set it aside. In a hesitant motion, which is really weird for a speedster, Barry snakes his thin, yet buff, arms around your waist. A small, but significant, sigh pushes past your lips and you mold your body against his. A picture perfect fit for the ages.

The speedster cracks a tiny smile, allowing his nimble fingers to curl at the back of your head, careful not to pull your hair. “I’m here, my princess…” he muses, dropping a kiss to the side of your temple, drawing you closer. You let out another sigh, lazily doodling on his slender hip; just above the waistband of his black boxer briefs. The ones that hug his thighs like a second skin and enhance his ass. “Tomorrow, I want to try to get you out of the house, okay, gorgeous?”

Instead of answering, you squeeze him tightly, muttering a barely audible ‘thank you’. Barry Allen somehow always knows just what you need. It’s amazing.



I’ve pretty much been in a shitty mood all day. It was just a dreary and bad Monday for me.

I worked from 8:30 to 3:30. I work in customer service, so even on days when I don’t feel like dealing with other human beings, I have no choice. I deal with them all day. I kept texting my husband, telling him I was tired of this job, and I want a career, etc. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born rich or a Kardashian, so something has got to change.

I got home from work, ate peanut butter m&ms, and laid in bed for three hours straight, and cried. My husband came home for his dinner break at 6 and laid in the bed with me and talked to me for a bit. He looked online for some jobs for me to apply to. Made me feel a little bit better.

He left to go back to work at seven. Instead of lying in the bed until actual bedtime, I decided to get off my ass, and work it out. Laced up my shoes, blasted my music, and got on the treadmill for 2.4 miles.

Took a hot shower, moisturized, and now I’m snuggling with my pup, and going to spruce up my resume.
Nothing is going to change unless I make an effort to change it. I feel a hell of a lot better.

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Headcanon: rick wakes up to the sound of giggling and opens his eyes to find Judith in between him and michonne, his daughter playing with her 'm' necklace, listing all the things she wants for breakfast. Rick pretends to be angry bc they're trying to get Judith to sleep in her own bed but michonne and her soon attack him with tickles and kisses. The three lie in bed, holding each other with Judith between them as she babbles on, smiling at each other


this is so cute!! thanks anon for all the feels♥

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tolkien’s/peter jackson’s elves are literally the most extra creatures ever. galadriel gets in a swan boat just for the aesthetic. arwen has at least three beds for dramatically moping. the elves have a whole land of immortality where they go when they just can’t even deal anymore. don’t even get me started on thranduil.


Favorite Wonwoo Moments

The Auditory Hallucination Stage.

“I will draw a simple piece for my doodle before bed today” I say, as I sit down and wind up drawing the three dragons from Breath of the Wild.

I love their designs and how well Nintendo mixed the wacky Windwaker graphics with Skyward Sword and also gave it that touch of Volvagia from OoT. I’m also a sucker for Eastern dragons. :’D

Will more than likely do a full piece of these three in the future.

So because elves are Magic they don’t get cold like Legolas was hopping on snow drifts without proper shoes even. but Elrond is half human so what if he gets… chilly. Like not hypothermia or anything, but chilly like you wish you had brought a jacket. And the other elves see Elrond shiver like one time and flip the fuck out and just imagine:

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Hey Nai, hope you're having a peaceful day. I have three raised beds in my herb garden, currently rosemary is the only permanent fixture. How do you recommend I make the most of the three beds utilising witchy and edible herbs? 💕

So, the absolute best way to have an herb garden (in my opinion anyway) is an herb spiralThe main reasons for this are 1) It provides more surface area for planting, maximizing the space, 2) Simulates different moisture levels, temperature, and light levels (full sun, partial shade, etc). This means that you can grow a variety of plants in one spot, including some you may not be able to grow normally in your climate 3) After set up, it has minimal maintenance, but tends to produce more due to specific needs being met.

I plan on documenting the new one I build - I just got the bricks today! (There’s other materials you can use instead)

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Tips for flat beds/gardens in general:

  • Lasagna gardening. It sounds silly, I know, but it’s a method of farming that creates really healthy plants, with minimal weeding required. Read about it, you’ll thank me later.
  •  Look for companion plantsThis is more important if you plan to plant vegetables, as some vegetables can affect growth if planted next to each other, but another reason is pest control. A lot of herbs repel specific insects that tend to eat specific crops (like catnip, hyssop, rosemary and sage deter cabbage moth), so it’s a pesticide free way of protecting your garden. Some even encourage flavor or growth.
  • Make sure to pair plants with similar needs together - rosemary likes it a bit drier, so don’t plant it next to mint, which likes lots of water.
  • Actually it’s probably best if you left mint in a container. It’s a ‘weed’, as in it takes over everything and can be hard to get rid of. You should look into things like that as well before planting anything.
  •  If you have pets, please make sure to look into things that can hurt them. A lot of plants we like to use aren’t so good for our furry friends, some are actually deadly.

The Witchy side of things:

  • Talk/sing to your plants as you tend to them, and as you spend time in the garden. Some non-witchy people do this as well, because it encourages growth. Personally, I think the stronger your relationship with the plant spirit the more effective the harvest will be in spells, but that’s not verified or anything.
  • Making your own compost makes a wonderful offering/gift to thank the plants when you harvest them. It’s also good for them, and you can feel good knowing that you’re putting less stuff in a landfill.
  • If you’re the type to use sigils, lightly carving them on the surface of your garden is simple and invisible.
  • If you worship a certain deity, making a tribute garden can be a great gift to them. Some of the seeds I ordered are for that, actually.

  • Make a meditation space around your plants. If you work hard to make a healthy and peaceful garden, it can become your solace, and a sacred area for spellwork. A place to clear your head to focus on your craft is really beneficial! :)

The next day, after school

Tom: Matt! Stop running around the house, where are you going?
Matt: You two have a blog and your followers must see my handsome face!
Tom: Of course, don’t know why I ask
Edd: Let the boy be happy, Tom


[[He has finally arrived! ask him some questions if you want]]

High for This

High for This by evansrogerskitten

Dean x Reader x Sam, John x Reader

A witch’s curse hexes the three Winchester men and reader, leading to a night of desire that would change things forever.

Warnings: Explicit, Smut, Voyeurism, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Threesome (NO Wincest), Fingering, Language, Dom!John, discussion of being high, dirty talk, orgasm denial, squirting, spanking, mention of a panic attack, Feels, A lil fluff, lack of protection, canon divergence. To be clear- the characters have all consented to all sexual acts in this story. 

Word Count: 8408 | On AO3 | This is inspired by the song High for This by The Weeknd, and my first song for @mrs-squirrel-chester Album Fanficfion Challenge. 

This fic had a mind of its own but I love it. I hope you do too :)

The Impala rolled into a parking space on the street and Sam killed the engine. I straightened the sleeves of my navy fed suit, and looked over at him.

“You really think she’s going to know anything?” Sam pestered, looking through the window.

“Witnesses said two of the victims had been here to see her for readings.” I responded, climbing out of the car. I patted my jacket pocket to make sure I still had my fake FBI badge. “She does readings on love and relationships.”

Sam rolled his eyes as we walked up the sidewalk to the old house.

“What if she’s really psychic then? She’ll know we’re hunters.” Sam suggested sarcastically as he looked over his shoulder to the street.

“Then we’ll improvise. It’ll be fine, Sam.” I responded, looking around the front porch. A bright Psychic Reader sign lit up the front window.

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8 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as alcohol and violence, description of injuries

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Groaning in pain as your back slammed against the gym mat for the thirteenth time that hour, you steadied your movements to a gradual stop as you tried to catch your breath, admitting defeat and throwing your hands up to surrender, the burning sensation in your ribs growing impossibly hotter. Jackson stood above you, looking down at your body with an amused grin as you almost cried in agony. Again. This was your fifth self defence lesson and yet there you were, laying on the ground begging him to stop. Again.

“You know the whole fucking idea of self defence if that you’re supposed to defend yourself from the attacker, right?” He kicked his head back as he laughed at your struggle with no guilt or consideration lingering beneath mocking tone.

He was right. You’d never felt so weak before, so vulnerable and pathetic as your bruised body barely managed to get to it’s feet so you could look him in the eye.
“You’re not teaching me anything! You’re just hitting me!” You protested as you limped away from him to grab a well deserved drink of water. Bending down to get inside your gym bag was the very definition of pain, your body felt like you’d been hit by a truck and battled with a shark in the same day.

“Rule number two; always be on guard. You’re expecting me to tell you my every fucking move, my training isn’t about that. It’s about heightening your senses, knowing your surroundings, spotting your attackers weaknesses before it’s too late…” He spoke calmly as he quietly walked up behind you, earning you to turn around and catch his fist before it could strike your ribcage.
“Well would you look at that? You actually learned something. See; I don’t just hit you for the sake of hitting you.” Jackson smirked, effortlessly tearing his hand from your tight grip.

“What’s rule number one?” You frowned as you crossed your arms, trying your absolute best to conceal the proud smile threatening to spill over your lips. It was the first time since beginning training that you really felt like you could do this, that you could really take care of yourself without having somebody else save you.

“Never fall in love.” He stated nonchalantly, pulling you from your thoughts whilst patting his sweat-beaded forehead with a white hand towel, signalling the end of the session.

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Imagine that, during the possible CIA break out, after Amanda, Vogel have reunited with the rest of the Rowdy Three, they find themselves in a corridor; them lined up at one end and, at the other, the unlucky agents who’ve been sent to subdue the Rowdy Three. Just before they begin to attack, one of the agents notices Amanda – there are meant to be four members of the Rowdy Three, not five. Confused, and hoping one of their teammates knows which project Amanda belongs to, an agent shouts, ‘What does she do?’

           Hearing them, Amanda replies, ‘I play the drums!’

           All of the agents are now confused. Can playing the drums be a physic power? If so, how? Are the Rowdy Three actually a punk band? Is Friedkin really that incompetent? How did they get picked for what is definitely the worse assignment ever?

           Meanwhile, the Rowdy Three think that Amanda’s response is the best thing ever (and maybe a band isn’t such a bad idea) and takes it as the sign to charge.

           ‘I play the drums!’ becomes Amanda’s official battle cry.




warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, spanking, oral sex, masturbation, sub!hoseok + dom!reader, dom!hoseok + sub!reader

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Sitting on the brilliant white fabric sofa in the sexiest, most shameless silky robe and matching lingerie you possessed you waited impatiently for your boyfriend Hoseok. The two of you had been together for almost three years, your relationship was absolutely perfect but you couldn’t deny how much you missed him each time he worked away for promotions. Hoseok was the lead dancer of the famous Kpop group BTS, and ever since you laid eyes on him in an overcrowded humid nightclub in Hongdae, you knew he was the one.

It was the way his body moved rhythmically to the music as he danced, thankfully alcohol provided him with enough courage to steal you away from your friends and show you a good time. Your bodies were hot, sweaty and fuelled entirely by an unquenchable thirst for each other; you didn’t remember much else about that night, mostly just the feel of Hoseok’s glistening back muscles beneath your desperate fingernails. Who knew that wouldn’t be the last time your bodies were lost beneath his bed sheets. 
Three years later here you were, the same desire for him circuiting your body.

He would be home soon.

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How jumin and seven would react if MC turned into a cat for a day? 😻

Umm ok sure heh^^;; hope you like~


  • Jumin is more than a little freaked out 
  • But something about this cat…he just knows its MC 
  • He hadn’t even told anyone about what had happened when he got a message from Saeyoung 
    • “You got a new cat?!! I’m coming over!” 
  • Before he knew it, the doorbell was ringing 
  • He bee-lines it right for you and you try to run away but he’s scooping you up 
    • “She’s so cuuuute!”
    • “Hands off,” Jumin snatches you away from Saeyoung 
  • Saeyoung pouted 
    • “I don’t believe I gave you permission to come here,” Jumin scoffed 
    • “I saw her on your security cameras and couldn’t help myself! Come here, girl,” he pulled a toy from his pocket and dangled it in front of you 
  • Jumin glared in annoyance 
    • “She’s not going to want to-”
  • Suddenly you jumped out of his arms and ran to the toy to bat at it with your paw 
  • Saeyoung looked super pleased with himself 
    • “What was that, Jumin?” he said smugly
    • “Ugh, MC…” he caught himself a little too late 
    • “You named her…after MC? That’s a little weird, even for you Jumin. Does she know about this?” he laughed 
  • Jumin actually smiled a bit seeing you play with the toy
  • Until Saeyoung began petting you 
  • First it was your face 
  • Then he moved down to scratch at the base of your tail and he heard you purr as you rubbed your face on his leg 
    • “Alright, that’s enough!” 
  • He hadn’t meant to shout, and he cleared his throat in embarrassment as his cheeks flushed
  • He picked you up from the ground gingerly 
    • “I was about to eat dinner, so I’ll be asking you to leave now,” Jumin pushed him back towards the door 
    • “Ughhh, stingy…Alright. But I’m coming back! You didn’t even let me say goodbye to Ell-”
  • Jumin slammed the door in his face 
    • “Are you hungry?” 
  • He held you up to his face and your noses touched 
  • After some thought he had some Tuna prepared for you 
  • And a bowl of milk 
    • “Don’t lap so fast. It isn’t very ladylike, watch Elizabeth 3rd.”
  • He could tell you were glaring, even as a cat 
    • “You’re still cute, though,” he stroked your fur with a smile 
  • When it came time for bed all three of you snuggled in under the covers 
  • He let you sleep on his chest 
  • Your small breaths helped ease his anxieties and the thoughts of how to get you back to the way you were 
  • Your little face was nuzzled into the crook of his neck and the vibrations of your purrs put him to sleep 
  • He woke up to find your body back to normal, most of you laying directly on top of him 
  • He sighed in relief and ran his fingers through your hair 
    • “Welcome back…” he whispered when your eyes began to flutter open 
    • “Jumin…” you yawned, “should I start breakfast?” 
    • “No…let’s lay here a while longer, kitten,” he smiled and kissed you 

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I wish you would write a fic where CAPTIVE PRINCE

Damen sleeps deeply and fitfully, which, if you ask Laurent, is an infuriatingly symbolic reflection of an infuriating aspect of Damen’s personality: too trustful for his own good, though by no means so trustful as to be considered naive.

Laurent sleeps neither deeply nor fitfully. Out of the two of them, he’s the one most likely to wake up during Damen’s bouts of tossing and turning. Sometimes he’s already lying awake when the sheets start rustling beside him, a cuffed wrist landing perilously close to his head as Damen forcefully changes position–heaves himself from his back onto his stomach, or from one side onto the other–without waking.

It’s not like Laurent particularly minds, though. He’s always been prone to wakeful nights, and he enjoys the opportunity to observe Damen at leisure. To watch his brow furrow and the corners of his mouth twitch, his fingers curl and uncurl into the sheets; to listen to his chest rumble as he exhales, or to him mumble half-formed words in either of their languages.

Laurent enjoys knowing from experience that Damen’s hand would stop flexing restlessly if he covered it with his own, and that Damen’s brow would smooth out if he stroked his thumb down the center. He enjoys knowing that, were he to respond to Damen’s unconscious murmurings, Damen would sigh in his sleep and (softly, sweetly) mumble Laurent’s name.